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Chapter 1029 premature birth at the most inappropriate time

When Feng de forces Xiao Nian into the car, he hesitates to look at bit.

Xiaonian also turns to look at bit.

Bit stood there quietly.

When Xiaonian put his hand on the door and smiled at him, it was bitter. "In fact, I really want to leave you, but I don't know why, I can't force you, I just hope you don't regret your decision. And... "


Bit looked at her worried and sad.

"And, if you can, give N.E a chance in your research results." Shi Xiaonian said that Feng de urged her to get in the car again. She smiled at bit and said, "goodbye."

With that, Xiaonian stooped to bear the pain and got into the car and sat down beside Gong ou.

Bit watched her sit up. He couldn't help but reach out with one hand to catch her, but he couldn't catch anything. He could only watch her get in the car.

She knew that he was very important, or she didn't force him. Just like the last time, she could ask Gong ou for help but gave up. He knew that she was only thinking about his safety.

"I'll give you the pulse." As soon as she got in the car, Feng de gave Shi Xiaonian a pulse, and she sat there with her face pale and full of pain. She bit her lips tightly to endure.

The wind came into the car and made her feel worse.

When Feng de saw it, he pulled on the door, and bit looked at them stupidly. There was a blank space in his head, only one thought left.

Once the door is closed, Xiaonian will be far away from him. He doesn't know if she can be healthy and safe.

More importantly No one will be so nice to him.

Never again.

At the moment when the door was completely closed, bit suddenly opened the door and went up. This is a big car. It's more than enough for four people.

He got into the car and took a seat. Xiao Nian and Feng de both looked at him in surprise.

Bit leaned over to look at them and asked Feng De, "how is she? Why does it bleed so much? "

Wen Yan, Feng Dedai continues to focus on the pulse of Shi Xiaonian, and then reaches out and presses her stomach. Her face is very ugly. "Xiaonian, you need to be prepared psychologically. You are going to give birth prematurely."

Premature birth.

These two strange words made Xiaonian stay there immediately. She unconsciously grasped Gong Ou's hand beside her, but Gong Ou didn't wake up to give her a word of comfort.

"Will the baby be ok? Can, can live? " Then Xiaonian stuttered and asked in fear.

She can't let little pumpkin do anything. This is her baby and Gong Ou's baby. Gong Ou has been looking forward to it for a long time

"So we need to go back and make preparations. We need to send people to the hospital to collect blood bags and incubators. We need to make full preparations. We can't evacuate." Said van der.

No evacuation.

Isn't that a bunch of people with her at risk?

"Send Gong ou and bit away first!" When Xiaonian said abruptly, Fengde can't understand Chinese very well, but when he heard his name, he guessed something and said immediately, "I'm not going, I'm going to accompany you."

"Adoptive father..."

At that time, Xiaonian did not care about bit, just looked at Fengde with request.

Feng de sat there and comforted her. "OK, you don't have to worry about this. I'll arrange it. You can adjust your breathing and don't be too nervous. I'm not professional enough. I'll go back and ask the doctor to see you. "

Fortunately, the young master also took the doctor of gynecology and obstetrics with him.

When Xiaonian nodded and leaned against Gong Ou's side and breathed deeply. However, the pain still hit her head and made her blood color on her pants deeper and deeper.

"She's so miserable, can't you give her painkillers?" Asked bith excitedly.

"She's going to be ready to give birth. How to take painkillers."

Feng de said that he could only accompany her to adjust her breathing again and again to make her feel better.

As the car drove forward, it was hard to avoid bumps on the road. Every time the car bumped, Xiaonian was in pain, moaning and groaning uncontrollably. He tightly held the long finger of Gong ou.

It's too painful.

When she gave birth to twins, she didn't feel like this. Every time she bumped, she felt that she was going to die.

Seeing that she was getting more and more painful, Feng de almost had to carry his back and said, "why don't I wake up the young master?"

"It's OK, I'm ok."

Shi Xiaonian shakes her head desperately. It's not natural for her to give birth. She can't ask Gong ou to help her. She'll only be nervous and flustered. His health is not good these days. It's just to add unhappiness to him.

He is also a person who likes to wake himself up regardless of means. It's no surprise to see her like this, let alone cut her finger and put a needle in it. He cut off his arm.

When the pain hit her, Xiaonian leaned against Gong Ou's body. Her hands and feet were cold. She was struggling with the pain, but she couldn't help it. She wanted to change her posture and sit down. As a result, she felt more pain.

"Xiaonian..." Feng de looked at her anxiously, turned his head to look out of the window, and said, "soon, we are almost there."

When Xiaonian's face turned pale, she held Gong Ou's hand tightly and held it until it turned white. His fingers moved. She immediately released her hand for fear of waking him up.

Bit sat there, rubbing his hands nervously, looking at some wet marks on her pants. Though he didn't understand too much, he became more and more worried.

"Is she really OK? Is she going to be ok? Will she be all right? " Bit asked three questions in a row.

When Feng de looked at him, he didn't answer. He was just teaching with a deep breath.

Suddenly, Feng de had an extra hand on his arm.

When Xiaonian holds him hard, his face is full of cold sweat, his eyes are floating, and his lips are trembling, "adoptive father, we must save my baby, we must live."

No good doctor can guarantee that a child born prematurely will survive healthily.

When looking at Xiaonian, he desperately tried to bear the pain. He couldn't bear to say anything. He patted her hand, "don't worry, the adoptive father will die."

"Be sure."

When Xiaonian bit her teeth and said, the car bumped again, and her whole body suddenly seemed to be writhing in the ocean. She desperately wanted to go upstream, but a big wave came and made her constantly sink and float in the sea.

The sea rolled her body, not gentle, but full of pain.

There is no place in her body that is intact, except for pain or pain.

"Drink some water, come on, stay awake." Feng de looked at her eyes more and more floating, quickly opened a bottle of water and handed it to her, "be sure to stay awake."


When Xiaonian took over the water bottle, the car drove forward on the uneven road. She endured the pain of drinking water. She didn't drink a few mouthfuls of water, but half of the bottle was spilled on her body.

She has so much pain that she can't hold the water bottle.

"It's OK. It's OK. We'll be there soon." Feng de comforted her and said, "in fact, it's nothing different between premature delivery and full-term delivery. As long as you are born, you can live if you put the baby in the incubator. You must live. Don't be afraid."

Hearing this, Xiaonian's face was slightly better, and he tried harder to resist the pain. His hair was all wet.

I don't know how long it took for Xiaonian to feel that her legs didn't exist, so the car finally stopped.

Feng de and bit get off one after another. When Xiao Nian presses his seat to get down, he is so weak that he can't stand at all. When his foot touches the ground, it's like stepping on ten thousand sharp knives.

She was almost the whole person from the car to fall on the body of Feng de and bit, bit saw the shape of a cross embrace her, go inside.

When Xiaonian is held in his arms, he turns back subconsciously.

Gong Ou is still sleeping in the car. He sleeps heavily. There is no expression on his face. His head is slightly drooping. His chin is tightened. His thin lips are pursed. His eyes are closed. The deep outline makes a light shadow in the light.

He's still sitting like that, he's still sleeping.

Gong ou

When Xiaonian's lips moved, he didn't shout at last.

Bith holds her in his arms and hurries in. When Xiaonian no longer sees Gong ou, she drops her eyes. If she can, she really hopes that Gong ou will accompany her.

But she couldn't bear to let him watch her for a while.

Under the guidance of Feng De, bit rushed into the high wall with Xiaonian in his arms, and then rushed into the temporarily prepared operating room. Unexpectedly, no one expected that Xiaonian would suddenly give birth prematurely.

Several obstetricians and gynaecologists had already put on their surgical clothes and waited there. When they saw them, they immediately greeted them. "Mrs. Gong, this pill is in your mouth, which can make you more energetic."

When Xiaonian obediently holds the tablet, the faint taste of Chinese medicine spreads in her mouth, she is put on the operating table, the strong light is turned on in an instant and stabs her eyes crazily.

"Why not go to the hospital for surgery? It doesn't look like an operation here. You'll kill her. " Bit looks around and yells with excitement.

Hospital? Where is the hospital safe now? At least it has always been a safe haven for them. It's appropriate for them to advance and retreat.

"We have sent people to the hospital to pick up the necessary things. The rest of the equipment here will only be more complete than the nearby hospitals, and the doctors are also the best." Fondra retreated with bit. "Master bit, you'd better wait outside. I'm going to change my surgical suit."

Feng de decided to accompany Xiao Nian and give the doctor a start.

Bit was forced out of the operating room.

When Xiaonian was lying on the operating table, he wanted to ask Feng de why he didn't take away biter and Gong Ou first, but before he opened his mouth, a sharp pain hit her.

"Ah --"

when Xiaonian cried out in pain, his hands clutching at random, it was too painful.

"How is it?" Feng de put on his surgical suit and came up to him. A doctor replied, "I have to wait a little longer."

"She's in such pain that she can't live?"

Asked Feng de with great concern.

When Xiaonian was lying there, she didn't hear what the doctor said, but she thought the doctor must have shaken his head, because Fengde sighed softly.

After a while, Shi Xiaonian suffered another hour of torture. The pain made her completely forget her normal health.

Pain all over the sky.