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Chapter 714. They were arrested

"You just wanted to run away with your mother from this dysfunctional family. It was a kind of resistance to the shackles. It's not selfish." Said Shi Xiaonian.

He just wanted to run, just like that.

Hearing this, Feng De's eyes were red. He looked at her and said, "Xiaonian, can you believe it? I didn't really want to kill her. I always thought she was so popular. Many people would plead for her, and those young masters wouldn't hurt her. They just wanted to get her. I thought she wouldn't die. I've tried my best to go back to her. I didn't want to When she died, I really didn't think of... "

Feng de has said something incoherent.

"I believe in you, father." When Xiaonian looked at him and said, "you are such a warm person. I believe in you. I really believe in you."

Hearing this, Feng De's mood was slowly calmed down, and Xiao Nian said, "I believe she must still be alive."

Feng de turned his eyes to her and nodded, "yes, it's good to live, whether she hates me or not, as long as she lives."

Even if he carries guilt on his back for a lifetime, it's not worth her life.

"You will see her." When Xiaonian comforted him, "Gong ou and I will help you."

"The young master is very disappointed with me. In recent years, I've really done worse and worse." "I'm probably too old to take care of you any more," said Fengde

"Don't be such a fool, father." "When small read a way," Gong Ou is what kind of person you don't know, the mouth said so ruthlessly, the heart than who are worried about you

Hearing this, Feng de couldn't help laughing. "It's true that I'm used to the ugliness and hypocrisy of human nature. Only the young master can live a very real life and look at me with great airs. But he never really treated me as a servant. Even when other housekeepers pushed me out, he resolutely brought me to China."

It's totally different from what he had in the borgs.

"Well, it's too late. Please go to bed early. We'll find someone tomorrow." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Feng de nodded.

When Xiaonian accompanied Fengde back to the room, she turned and left. Suddenly, she stopped and looked at Fengde. He was carefully putting the pocket watch on the cabinet.

"What do you mean by small trees and small sea?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"That's the pseudonym we used on the island after we left the borgs." She said that her wish is to be a tree by the sea. I don't know what it means. I asked. She just smiled and didn't say it


Make a tree by the sea.

When small read a nod, didn't say anything, turn around to leave.

This night, shixiaonian couldn't sleep. She lay in Gong Ou's arms and thought a lot. She thought how heavy the life of her adoptive father had been. She thought whether Angelina was alive or dead, and how they would find the man.

"Don't think about it. I have a way."

Gong Ou's deep voice sounded in her ear, reassuring.

"You didn't sleep, either?"

In the dark, Xiaonian asked softly.

"You've been moving around in my arms, and I can sleep?" Gong Ou said, he put her in his arms. "You don't need to think about anything, just sleep for me! Don't sleep and become ugly, see how I teach you! "


After a moment's silence, shixiaonian couldn't help asking, "how can we help the adoptive father find someone tomorrow? Sneak in, or? "

"Stealing? Why steal? "

Gong Ou sneers, like hearing a big joke.


"My housekeeper's father was tortured here. What face should I give to such a family?" Gong Ou said coldly, "as soon as the people of the palace arrive tomorrow, we'll go in straight and square, and we won't play with changing clothes!"


That's right.

Before, I was afraid of causing unnecessary troubles. Now, what else should I be afraid of? This family is so cruel and conservative. It's better to go out for the adoptive father.

The next day.

When Xiaonian didn't wait for the palace family to arrive, the yacht was already surrounded, and it was the Berger family.

The islanders did not know what had happened, so they came to watch.

When Xiaonian was led off the yacht by Gong ou, he saw many people in guard uniforms standing on the island, with weapons in their hands, a large group of people.

The leader was a black haired man in a black uniform, about the age of Feng De.

The old landlady was explaining to him, "they are my guests. They are not bad people. They come to the island with permission. They didn't enter the Burke family. You can't catch them. If you want to catch them, you should catch me first."

When listening to the old lady's words, Xiao Nian was not moved. The landlady and them were just one day away, so she protected them.

"The landlady."

I read aloud when I was young.

"Don't be afraid." The landlady said and looked back. She was stunned at the turn. Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian came down from the yacht hand in hand, followed by Su Yaoyao and a man with gray hair.

When I was young, I was elegant in a long skirt, dark in long hair, straight in a suit, without puffy short hair, black framed glasses, and even a beard. I didn't look like a middle-aged man.


The landlady and several islanders who had seen them were stunned and stared at them.

The first black haired man came up and looked at Gong ou with a sneer. "Why don't the second young master of the palace come here and let him know in advance? Our master specially sent me to meet you. "


Come to trap them. The palace family and the Lancaster family have a deep feud. The borgs are dependent on Lancaster to survive. How can they be friendly.

"Well, I'm going to meet your master."

Gong Ou cold tunnel, when holding small read to go forward.

Su Yaoyao and Feng De also came down. Feng de and the man with black hair passed by. Suddenly, the man with black hair stared at Feng de as if he had seen some monster.

"Ekla, don't worry."

Feng de stopped and bowed to the black haired man.

The man named ekla hears the words, roars loudly, grabs Feng de madly, "it's you, it's you who killed my sister! How dare you come back? I killed you! "

When Xiaonian looked at the past in amazement, he heard from the whispers of the people around him that he was Angelina's younger brother and now the guard chief.

Feng de knew he was ashamed and stood still.

Gong Ou's face was heavy. Without hesitation, he raised his leg and kicked the man.

After kicking, countless weapons came to them and trapped them in the middle.

Ekla was kicked to the ground, and he got up from the ground in embarrassment. He stared at them angrily, "go, take them away, and go to see the master!"

"Let go!"

Gong Ou raises his foot and kicks the person to the side. He kicks away the guard who took the weapon from shixiaonian.

Seeing this, Feng de had to defend himself. He had to protect Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian. Ekla was very fierce and glared at them. In order to maintain the reputation of the borgs, he didn't argue with the islanders. He just said, "go, take them back first!"

"We'll go by ourselves. You can put these long guns and short arrows in front of me again?"

Gong Ou looks at the man coldly, with black eyes. He is not trapped at all, as if he is the one who occupies the favorable situation.


The warden, ekla, was frightened by his eyes. He raised his hand and made a gesture. The guard at the bottom immediately stepped back.

Gong'ou walked forward with Xiaonian in his arms.

When small read Cu Cu eyebrow, "then what should we do now?"

"Are you afraid?"

Gong Ou looks down at her and hugs her.

When small read thought, then seriously said, "I really don't seem a bit flustered, maybe you are beside me."

Even if their yacht is surrounded, even if they are now heading for the enemy's lair, she is not nervous or afraid at all.

"That's what I like about you!"

Gong Ou lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. He said in a low voice, "it's nothing to be afraid of. It's just our unusual honeymoon!"

He still comforted her.

"Small read from the speech can not help chuckling voice," then this is too unusual, who spent his honeymoon to be caught by the enemy

"It's not that we were caught, it's that I wanted to bring you." Gong Ou said, "since you have come to the island for your honeymoon, how can you call it a vacation if you don't go into the Berger family deep in the woods to enjoy it?"

I always want to see the whole island.

"All right."

When small read this is even more relaxed mood, follow Gong ou to go inside.

The Burke family is deep in the island, far away, separated from the woods like two worlds away from the islanders. When I read, "the scenery here is not as good as the seaside."

"It's more defensive here. They put their family here for security." Gong Ou said, a pair of black eyes swept around sharply, observing the terrain.

"The house here is quite old."

"How good can a broken family expect?"


The guards behind them are speechless. They are both arrested and still saying that their family is not good. Don't they know how to be afraid?

Ekla brought them into the borgs' house, which was an old castle. There were people growing crops in the fields outside. They were all yellow and skinny, and they worked in rags.

Others stood in the field, whipping and urging them to work.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, Fengde's face had become very ugly, and his breath was heavy. He looked at him with hatred, "I didn't expect that they still call slaves like this!"

Feng De's fist was clenched tightly.

When Xiaonian looked at the people in the field, he could not help frowning. The borgs family really shouldn't exist in the world, and no one was in charge of it.

Before they came into the house, Su Yaoyao suddenly came out, bowed his head respectfully towards ekla, and the guard chief ekla also bowed his head toward her, "you can help yourself."

When I saw this scene, Xiaonian was not too surprised.