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Chapter 419 I want to go to the seaside

"I like it very much. It's very beautiful. When Xiaonian said frankly, "it's just that I've been wearing high heels for too long, and my feet are a little sore."

These shoes were selected by him. They were matched with the clothes. Even the hologram of the wedding was designed into those clothes. He was not busy with other things for more than a month, so he stared at the engagement ceremony.


Gong Ou is still discontented with the cold hum, black eyes up and down to sweep her, thin lips tight.

When the night wind blows, Xiaonian stands barefoot on the ground with high heels and looks at Gong ou, who stares at her.

The night was very quiet.

Four eyes are opposite.

Inexplicably, the air is a little more awkward.

When Xiaonian didn't understand that she and Gong Ou even had children. How could she be embarrassed? Her eyes turned and her mouth broke the silence. "Can I contact my mother now?"

"Today is our wedding night. All you think of is the man who yearns for qianchu?"

Gong Ou's face stinks.

"I didn't mention qianchu." Even though, in her heart, she did have unspeakable guilt for mu qianchu.

She is too indecisive. Since this period of time, she almost acquiesced to go on with mu qianchu. I didn't expect that this would happen suddenly. I don't know what mu qianchu thinks.

She owes a lot of money and doesn't know how to pay it back.

"You didn't mention it, but you thought about it!"

Gong Ou gave her a fierce look, and her face sank horribly.

"I just want to know how my mother is now." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Don't think about it!"

Gong Ou growls at her fiercely, calmly raises his legs, walks out five or six steps. Gong Ou steps back, turns his face and stares at her, and sullenly asks, "why didn't you respond to me just now? It's hard for you to say a word, isn't it. "


When small read a face inexplicably to look at him.

No response.

Did she miss any sign in his eyes?

"When I finish playing, why don't you give me a voice?" Gong Ou stares at her and asks, full of deep displeasure.

When small read blinks eyes, "I am not holding you?"

She was so moved that her voice couldn't be heard. She had to hold him instead. Isn't that reverberation?

"It's not a reverberation!"


Cuddling doesn't count?

When Xiaonian is about to speak, Gong Ou stares back at her words in a vicious way and says, "shixiaonian, I know you are not willing to marry me, but at least you are not allowed to dream of qianchu tonight! Or I'll kill you! "

"Tonight?" When does small read repeat his words, when does he become so tolerant, that can think of today?

"Every night!" Gong Ou leaves with a word.


When Xiaonian stood there, he could not help chuckling when he heard the words. His mood seemed to be somehow relaxed.

This is the first time Gong Ou has been in such a relaxed mood since she broke up with her.

She walked barefoot into the light in the night, looked around, and saw no figure of Gong ou. She heard the sound of the waves in the distance, so she stepped on the stone ladder and went down.

The stone ladder is spiral.

Gong Ou suddenly appeared on the stairs above, staring at her with low eyes. "Today, even my mother and the Lancaster family dare not treat me in the Beibu Gulf. Do you think you can escape?"

"I didn't want to run." When Xiaonian looked up at his tall and straight figure, he said loudly.

"Then you don't go back to your new house?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

New house?

Where does she know where the new house is? Is there a new house for engagement? That doesn't mean "I want to go to the seaside," said Xiao Nian, her eyes a little embarrassed and her cheeks a little hot

"Why, afraid to sleep with me?"

Gong Ou sees through her at a glance.

"I didn't."

"Don't pretend to be a pure girl there!" Gong Ou sneers.

"I didn't pretend." When Xiaonian raised his face and glared at him, he was about to get angry at him. But when he thought that he was repenting for her in public today, offended the Lancaster family, and broke up with the palace family, he was so soft hearted that he didn't argue with him. He just said, "go to the seaside with me. I haven't seen the sea in the Beibu Gulf."

"What's good-looking? It's all water!"

Gong Ou stood there and said.

What's beautiful about the sea? It's all water. the true saying.

"Because you've crafted the Beibu Gulf, I should see more." Shi Xiaonian said seriously that the whole Beibu Gulf is his work.

From the very beginning, he was ready to build it for her.

This heart is too heavy for her to bear.

Under the night, Xiaonian's voice is soft, especially Qingrou, like a clear stream around Gong Ou's body, making him comfortable with every pore.

"It's like a human saying, I'll take you away, so that you don't fall into the sea."

Gong Ou said, take a few steps quickly and rush to her side.


At night, the sea was very calm. The water brushed the white sand beach gently. It was so gentle, like a general of iron armour fighting turned into a general of soft fingers.

They sat on the beach facing the sea.

Gong Ou put the suit under Shi Xiaonian's body. He sat there in his shirt, reached out and untied his tie. He loosened several buttons, and the wind moved his collar. His face was cold and his lips were thin. His black eyes looked straight at the sea in front of him.

When small read silently staring at him, softly asked, "what are you thinking?"

After thinking about them?

Betrayed all people must be together, married, and they must face the future.

"You don't have to know what I'm thinking."

Gong Ou is so cold that he doesn't even look at her.

When Xiaonian smiled bitterly, she was forced to get engaged by all means, but her heart still couldn't get past her and mu qianchu. If so, why do you still be so desperate.

She really doesn't understand what he thinks.

"Are you after the trouble? Can I help you?" Asked shixiaonian.

Smell speech, Gong Ou turns head to look at her, black Mou is deep, "you think much."

"Then what are you thinking?"

"Of course I want to think about the wedding night." Gong Ou said directly.

After what good trouble, betrayal are betrayed, how can it be.

“……” When small read speechless congealed to look at his burning eyes, "engagement is not the night of marriage, marriage is."

"Even if I'm here!"


Come on, when she didn't say anything, she turned her head silently, reached out to pick up a white stone from the ground and played with it.

"You don't think we're just a couple when we're engaged?"

When Gong Ou saw her turn around, her voice suddenly cooled.

"Is it not an unmarried couple?" When small read low head way, how even husband and wife.

"Unmarried husband and wife are husband and wife. If there are husband and wife, there must be husband and wife!" Gong Ou naturally said, and looked at her coldly. "You don't want to, do you?"

She's thinking about it.


He is really fierce. He made such a big noise today, and he still looks like a nobody.

She didn't know how to finish next, but he didn't worry at all.

When Xiaonian didn't speak, she lay down on his suit. As soon as she lay down, she could see the stars all over the sky, which was very beautiful.

Beibu Gulf is more open, unlike the city center is full of high-rise buildings, sometimes you can't enjoy a good night view.

"It's beautiful."

When small read heartfelt praise way, have the sea, have the starlight, have the favorite man beside, nothing is more romantic than this.

If they were just two simple engagements, that would be great.

But it was her fear that hid the beautiful starry sky.

"You're too hard on the subject!" Gong Ou doesn't like the tunnel.


When small read helpless, then how can she do, and he in-depth discussion, what is the reality of husband and wife?

"Here you are."

Gong Ou looks down at her and suddenly takes out a mobile phone and hands it to her.

When Xiaonian lies there and looks at him incomprehensibly.

"Don't you worry about your mother? Call! " Gong Ou shoves her mobile phone into her hand, and then adds, "don't call mu qianchu!"

She was just used to being in touch with mu qianchu.

When Xiaonian took over his mobile phone, she couldn't help saying, "I don't remember my mother's phone."

"It's all inside."

Gong Ou sits there in the cold tunnel.

All of them?

When Xiaonian was lying on the beach and turning on her mobile phone, she saw that her mother, her mother, and even her maid and bodyguard were all in the phone book.

He really looked her through.

It's hard to ask for privacy in front of Gong ou.

When small read thought, dial out the maid's mobile number, maid quickly pick up, "hello?"

"I'm Xi Xiaonian. Is my mother awake?"

When Xiaonian lies there and asks.

Gong Ou sat there, expressionless, for a second, two seconds, three seconds. He suddenly lay down beside her, his head against her, his ears against her cell phone, and listened in a reasonable manner.

On the beach, a suit is spread out, and their heads are leaning together.

Not far from them are the words "on engagement ceremony" piled up with stones.

When Xiaonian could feel Gong Ou's breath beside her, she didn't push him away, so she lay quietly.

Over the phone, the maid has handed over her mobile phone to Xu Bingxin. Xu Bingxin picks up the phone. "Xiaonian? It's so late. You can rest at home if you feel sick. You don't need to call. "

Mother really woke up.

When Xiaonian listened to her words, she understood that it was her father or mu qianchu who didn't let her worry, but said that he was uncomfortable and went home to sleep.

"How are you, mother?" Asked shixiaonian anxiously.

"It's much better. I feel like I've been sleeping for a long time in a daze. I also dream about your brother and your brother and sister playing there. They are very naughty." Xu Bingxin said with a smile.

When I heard about my brother, Gong ou, beside Xiaonian, suddenly froze.

For Xi Yu, even if he has passed away, Gong Ou's heart is still uncomfortable.

The name Xi Yu is a thorn in Gong Ou's heart. When he hears it, he will think of his brother's death.