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Chapter 1069 the eighth honeymoon stop

Be reborn.

She can imagine how comfortable Xi Jue will be in the future. Let the name of bit disappear.

"Hello! Have you had enough talking! "

A voice of discontent came.

When Xiaonian looked at the lake, Gong Ou sat there and gave them a cold stare. Then he shook the fishing rod in his hand and said with a blue face, "there is no fish in the lake!"


It seems that all the fish in this lake don't like Gong ou. I can't catch any.

When Xiaonian walked to Gong Ou in a brisk way and hugged him from behind, "no fishing, watch the sunrise."

"What's good!"

Gong Ou is still fighting with the fishing rod in his hand.

"We came here to watch the sunrise, and left here to watch the sunrise. It's a beginning and an end." When small read ring he said, lower his head in his face next kiss, "Gong ou, go, let's go home."

Gong Ou's hand is stiff, then he throws the rod into the lake and stands up with her hand. "Go home!"

The fishing rod drifted pitifully on the lake and sank slightly.

In the early morning, the sun was shining softly, and Xiaonian took Gong Ou's arm and walked along the lake.

Bith on the bank was looking at the sunrise with concentration, and there was no more gloom in him.


The white fog covers the whole palace castle. The water surface is covered with trees high into the cloud peak. The farmland in the distance is the most beautiful picture of nature.

In the courtyard, the little pumpkin lies yawning in the rocking bed. Gong Kui dances in front of his rocking bed in a beautiful skirt. He raises his legs from time to time and claps his hands to fight for the sight of the little pumpkin.

"How do I dance? I'll teach you how to dance when you are a little older. It's as good as your sister. " Gong Kui turned around and said happily, swinging her skirt.

Gong Yao sits on the carpet and fiddles with his bow and arrow. From time to time, he pulls the bow to try his strength. Hearing this, he turns his head and looks at his sister. His little face has no expression. "He's a boy and doesn't like dancing."

"Boys have dancers, too." Gong Kui tooted his lips. "Besides, how do you know he doesn't like dancing? What does he like?"

"He likes to eat."


"Because his name is pumpkin."

"It makes sense." Gong Kui held his chin and pretended to be meditative. While thinking, he walked to Gong Yao and nodded frequently. "Should I, as an elder sister, make more food for him?"

As soon as the voice fell, Gong Kui stepped on the edge of the carpet. Before people planted it, Gong Yao quickly put down his bow and arrow and stood up to hold Gong Kui.

Gong Kui blinked knowingly, without any fear, and smiled foolishly, "you are fierce, and you know that I will fall down."

"It's induction. You walk well."

Gong yaosong starts to play with his precious bow and arrow.

When Xiaonian sat under the sun umbrella and turned over the magazine, he couldn't help laughing at the sight.

Looking at these three children, her world is completely filled, and her smile will be unconsciously put on the corner of her mouth.

"What are you laughing at, so happy?"

A gentle and moving voice came.

When Xiao Nian turned her eyes, she saw Luo Qi walking towards her in the crowd of servants. Luo Qi was wearing a royal blue cheongsam, which made her slim and graceful. The complicated embroidery process matched with the beautiful face.

Luo Qi walks to her, bringing her own light.

"Mother." Shi Xiaonian stood up from his seat and said with a smile, "children are just like living treasure. It's hard to laugh or not."

"Only we Xiaokui is a treasure. Holy, I don't think he's too mean to laugh. He's not like a child." Luo Qi said, the tone is not hidden spoiled, walked to and Gong Yao, Gong Kui one by one lightly hugged, and then in the little pumpkin side to stay, this just went to Xiaonian side to sit down.

When Xiaonian sat down with him, "my character is like this. As long as it doesn't affect his normal growth, I don't want to interfere too much."

"Well, that's what the teachers said." Luo Qi smiled and nodded. Her beautiful eyes looked at her carefully, and she said, "you've lost a lot of weight. You need to be mended by the kitchen."

"I'm a good mother." When Xiaonian turned her eyes to look at the three children, reached out and pulled her hair, "once the matter with the Lancaster family is solved, everyone is relaxed. So am I. sooner or later, I will be fat again."

Luo Qi was amused, "OK, I'll see you fat."


Smile when reading.

"By the way." Luo Qi astringed her smile. "I want to tell you something. Your brother, Xi Jue, took the initiative to go to China. She wanted to learn there and practice in N.E. she had already agreed."

I nodded.

"He's afraid that you won't bear it. He's afraid that it's hard to see you leave. He left an hour ago." Luo Qi said, waiting for her response with concern.

When the smile on Xiaonian's face disappeared, "already gone?"

"Well." Luo Qi should say, and then laugh aloud, "the child is very thoughtful, when he left, he said that he would learn from N. E. he would learn all the skills of gong'ou and create an M.E to defeat gong'ou in the future."

"Is it? What did Gong Ou say? " He asked lightly.

"He said, young people dream to be more practical."

"It's really Gong Ou's style." Xiaonian said with a smile. She smiled bitterly. It sounds like Gong Ou sent bith himself, but she didn't know anything about it.

After biter changed his name, the two were more close to each other. She always thought that if Xi Yu was still alive, the three of them would be as happy with Gong Yao.

I didn't expect that bit would have an idea to leave so soon. It's no wonder that I asked her the other day if N.E was too big or not. It turned out to be a test.

"Very sad, isn't it?" Luo Qi holds Xiaonian's hand on the table and looks at her anxiously.

"Of course, his life is his own decision, which is what I would like to see the most, but I would like to let him go to China after we went traveling together."

The two families' affairs have been solved. The reason why Gong ou and she haven't returned to China is that they are going to have a family trip before they are delayed.

I didn't expect that bit had a big idea. Let's go first.

"It's good for young people to have faith, and you will go back later. There are plenty of time to meet." Luo Qi comforted her and said, "it's us. We can figure out where to travel. When Gong Yu comes back, our family will start."

Roy has been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Smell speech, when small read then lift to separate sad, beat up spirit way, "I have a choice these two days some places, just want to ask your opinion."

Finish saying, the maid behind Xiaonian takes out a blue hard book and hands it to Luo Qi.

As soon as Luo Qi opened it, she was stunned there. This is a travel guide. There are many pictures of different places in the hard volume. Beside each picture, there are cartoons and simple words to describe some local contents that can be played, including the weather, and the star level.

The cartoon is cute and witty.

Even Gong Kui and Gong Yao can see it at a glance. Luo Qi's eyes are full of surprises. When she looks up, she says, "you are so thoughtful. It's hard to draw these things."

A full volume, do not know how much effort.

"Since it's a family trip, of course, I'd like to ask everyone's opinions. First, I'll ask you, then I'll ask my brother. Finally, I'll let the two children choose one of them." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Hearing this, Luo Qi nodded his head with great care. "You don't need to listen to Gong ou. As long as you are here, he doesn't care about any scenic spots."


When Xiaonian is said to have a slight fever on her cheek, what's wrong with the world? Even Luo Qi teases her.

"I'll make a good choice." Luo Qi chuckles, turns over the hard book and starts to choose the place to travel. From time to time, she discusses with Shi Xiaonian. They are talking and laughing.

For a long time.

A servant whispered, "Madame."

At the same time, Luo Qi and Shi Xiaonian look up and look towards the servant. They see Lori standing not far away in the doctor's robe, his hands in his coat pocket, pacing back and forth there. There is anxiety on his ugly face.

"Dr Lo has been waiting a long time." The servant whispered, "he's here for the little lady."

Wait a long time?

When small read stupefied.

Luo Qi closed the hard book in her hand and stood up. "I'll take this book back and have a good look. Let's talk."

Thinking about it, Luo Qi added jokingly, "by the way, don't talk too long, I don't mean anything else. I'm just afraid that the furniture will suffer again for a while. My new sofa."

Gong Ou is so upset that she wants to smash it all.


When small read helpless, Luo Qi is to make fun of her when it's fun, right, once can't still come twice.

Gong Ou has rarely smashed the furniture, OK.

Luo Qi saw that her face was red, so she didn't go on talking. She just left with a smile.

Luo lie stood there and bowed his head respectfully to Luo Qi. Then he walked quickly to Xiaonian. His eyes behind his glasses lost their usual coldness and arrogance. He opened his mouth and asked, "why hasn't Gong Yu come back? You don't mean that if the two families reconcile, he will come back when the matter is settled? "

When Xiaonian sat there and frowned, "Dr. Luo, please sit first."

Lori sat down across from her, eyes still pressing on her, waiting for her answer.

When Xiaonian bit his lip and didn't want to lie, he could only say truthfully, "in fact, I don't know what's going on. It's said that elder brother should come back at this time. Maybe there is any delay on the way."

"Will George find out? Will George..."

"I don't think so. The hundred year cooperation plan has been signed. It's not right to kidnap this set of names. Moreover, according to the current situation of Lancaster family and Gong Ou Dou, it can be said that they are seeking their own death." Said Shi Xiaonian.

This is what Feng de told her.

Luo lie's brow tightly tightens, "that palace is not returned how?"

"Don't worry, Gong Ou is busy with this matter these two days. He should have an answer soon." When small read pacify him, "perhaps we chat this meeting, elder brother has come back."