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Chapter 95 telephone porridge across two continents

How can mu qianchu not understand her words, "you think I was cheated by Shi Di, so you want to play with me?"

When Xiaonian didn't speak, but the expression on his face was just like that.

Mu qianchu can't help but wry smile, is he such a scum man image in her eyes? For a moment, he almost wanted to say that he had recovered his memory.

Here, he is no longer the husband of Shidi, but just admiring qianchu.

Suddenly, his eyes turned around in his eyes, thinking for two seconds, he asked with a smile, "didn't you always want to be with me?"

"But I have given up." Said Shi Xiaonian at once.

She had been pestering before, but it was just to restore his memory.

She gave up, is to give up and find his memory.

"To give up is to give up completely? Even if I finally find that I've been wrong and want to correct it, it's useless? " Mu qianchu asked.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and heard this, the whole person stayed there, like an electric shock.

"What do you mean by that?" She asked.

What do you want to correct and go back? Where to go? She didn't understand.

"I'm just asking." Mu qianchu stared at her and said.

For a long time, she lowered her eyes and her voice was very low. "It's useless. You can't correct it."

Unless he can pick up the memory and change back to the original dream.

But after so many years of hard work, he couldn't recover his memory.

"Is it?" Mu qianchu smiled softly, "nothing in the world can be said."

She expected him to change back, didn't she.

As long as she has a little bit of this expectation, he is qualified to fight with palace Europe, but it is not the time yet.


At that time, Xiaonian looked at her.

"Go to bed early, I'll go."

Mu qianchu didn't say anything more. He left him a mysterious look and turned away.

When small read to see him leave, face some doubt, reach out to close the door.

She really didn't understand what mu qianchu was thinking. Everything he did made her confused. He also said that he would give him a week to help her

Change her character, she is direct alarm pull down.

Is there a better way than to call the police? What do you want to do.

When Xiaonian touched her stomach, she was hungry. She was about to enter the kitchen when her cell phone rang again. This time, it was a call from Fengde.

As soon as the phone was connected, Feng de said, "Miss Shi, the maid has arrived at the port of heaven. Would you please go out and pick it up?"

"I don't need a maid."

She just wants to be alone.

It's rare that Gong Ou is not here. She is finally free, so she doesn't need to get people in.

"No, it's from the young master. It's a little late now. Let the maid make you some supper. You always have to eat." Feng de said, "otherwise, the young master will not be happy to see the young lady lose a circle when he comes back."

"I really don't need to, housekeeper. You know I don't like too many people in my family." Gong Ou is not happy because she is thin. He grabs her food every time.

Feng de sighed a long time, "but Miss Shi, you also know the young master's temper. In case... "


When it comes to Gong Ou's temper, there is no need to talk.

Who can afford to have such a bad temper.

When Xiaonian hung up the phone, went out and brought the maid back to the security office of tianzhigang.

Gong Ou has arranged two maids for her. They are very beautiful and smart. When they show up, they hand in their resumes attentively. "Miss Shi, you can give us anything you want."

When Xiaonian opened it, OK, both maids have higher education than her.

As soon as she entered the door, the maid began to be busy, asking her what she liked.

"You can do as you like. I'm not very picky about food, but I'm very hungry now. Just get some fast food for me, please." Shixiaonian said to them.

Originally, she wanted to cook by herself, and Gong Ou didn't allow it.

"Yes, Miss Shi." The maid nodded respectfully and went into the kitchen and began to be busy.

When Xiaonian looked at the empty mansion, suddenly two more figures were helpless, so Is she free?

The two maids were very capable. In a short time, they made a bowl of noodles full of color and fragrance, and brought them to her in a steaming manner.

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian sat in the living room eating with his face in his hands, turned on the TV news and watched it bored. All the things in his mind are today's events.

Follow Shidi;

the secret talk between Shidi and Tangyi;

if moqianchu is ambiguous;

and All of a sudden, they flew to the palace of England.

Gong Ou didn't know that Tang Yi was the one who climbed into his bed. He didn't know what would happen if he knew it. Did he punish Tang Yi like she did or severely?

She hopes the latter.

When Xiaonian bit the noodles in her mouth and thought, didn't she really think that Tang Yi would put her in the position of lacking money? She was betrayed by Shi Di as soon as she was hooked. What are her good friends and classmates It's all fake.

Late at night.

In the living room where the TV news voice was left, Xiaonian bit his face and fell into deep thinking.

Suddenly, the phone rings.

Shi Xiaonian gets down from the sofa, sits down on the carpet in front of the tea table, puts the noodle bowl on the tea table, continues to eat while answering the phone.

In the middle of the night, it's not someone else who calls. It's Gong ou.

"What are you doing?" Sure enough, as soon as it was connected, Gong Ou's voice rose in her ear.

"Eat noodles and watch the news."

When small read to suck a face, ambiguous tunnel.

"I'm hungry, too!" Gong Ou is at the end of the road. His voice sounds a little tired.

"Then you eat."

He is back to his real home in England. After he is a noble, he should have more to cook for him.

"I'm going to eat what you've made. Those people are too bad." Gong Ou scolds a large number of cooks.

"Why, don't be picky about food."

"I'm not picky about food. It's because they make it so bad that I'll bring you with me when I go abroad." Gong Ou's tone was very agitated. "I'm really hungry. Why are you not around me?"


When I was reading, I listened silently.

There must be a tendon in his body. He treats her food as a natural food and only eats what she makes.

She hurt her hands these two days, and he would endure not to eat. He had to eat when he was hungry. If he went on like this, he would get stomach disease sooner or later.

"Hey, why don't you talk?"

Gong Ou is even more upset when she can't hear her voice, and her nerves are all wrong.

"I'm eating." When small read to bite off the face of the mouth, lightly said, tone through a trace of perfunctory.

"You can chat with me when you eat, or you can stop eating!" He's still hungry. Why should she eat.

What's there to talk about on the overseas phone in the middle of the night.

When Xiaonian took his mobile phone and put it in his ear, he said, "you must be very tired after flying so long. Why don't you go to sleep? It's jet lag. I'm going to sleep after eating noodles."

"I can't sleep." Gong Ou's voice rang in her ear, and he could be heard from afar, "so don't sleep, chat with me."

He can't sleep she can't sleep? Barbarian.

Make trouble out of nothing.

When Xiaonian really wanted to throw his cell phone into the garbage can and pull it down. It was over.

After taking a deep breath with patience, she said as calmly as possible, "so what do you want to talk about?"

There was a little noise in the phone, a little like the small sound of the quilt and pillow rubbing.

At that end of the UK, in the luxurious retro arc-shaped bedroom, Gong Ou lies in the middle of the bed, with two long legs overlapping on the delicate quilt, one hand holding the mobile phone, the other hand holding it behind his head, and saying, "I'm too hungry to think about it. What do you want to talk about?"

Too hungry to think.

But he didn't want to eat anything else. He wanted to eat what she made. He just wanted to hear her voice if he didn't have to.

Shi Xiaonian couldn't help turning a white eye and perfunctorily saying, "I want to talk about sleeping."

I can't think of anything to talk to.

He's really bored.

"Talking about sleeping?" Gong Ou's voice suddenly became excited, with a smile of evil spirit and a magnetic voice? I like it. Let's start. "

"Who said to talk about that?" When small read depressed.

What is his divergent thinking.

"You said it yourself. Come on, come on, call it up. " Gong Ou urges her. In reality, I've heard enough of it. He hasn't heard her voice in the phone yet.

Call your sister!

When Xiaonian waves a fist at the cell phone, imagines the cell phone as Gong Ou's pretentious face. After venting, he takes the cell phone back to his ear, clears his throat and shifts the topic, "why did you suddenly go to England? Is there anything urgent? "

There was silence on the phone.

Long, long.

When Xiaonian looked at the mobile phone with some doubts, he was still on the phone and was not hung up. How could he suddenly stop talking.

She just wanted to ask, just listen to Gong Ou's voice suddenly sink down, "nothing, just come once, I'll go back in a week, you can wait for me at home."

"Oh." When small read low to answer.

"I'm just going abroad. Don't think about it." Gong Ou suddenly added another sentence.

"I don't think about it. I don't think about it."

Xiaonian said casually, looking down at the cold noodles in his bowl, skimming his lips. "I'm finished. I'll take a bath and go to bed."

A phone call cooled my face.

"Bath?" Gong Ou suddenly sits up from the bed, a pair of dark pupils immediately outline a kind of confused color, sexy thin lips slightly lift.

"Well. Then I'll hang up. "

"No way!" Gong immediately ordered her to "put the cell phone in the bathroom."

You're a pervert!

Shi Xiaonian roared out in his heart, trying to maintain calm on the surface. "Gong ou, this is a cross-border call. We are now one in Asia and one in Europe."

I don't have time to listen to her take a bath on the overseas phone? Would he like to have a brain like this.

"What do you have? I have money. I will!" Gong Ouli is straight and strong.


When small read a black line, really not afraid of men abnormal, afraid of abnormal also have money!

She wanted to argue for the last two sentences. Suddenly, she had a brainstorm. She agreed, "OK, you wait."