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Chapter 875 threw her up

"If you can do it, you can keep turning it off." Gong Ou looked at her coldly and said, "if you shut me up for an hour more, I will make your death more painful."


Li Qingyan's eyes to Shanggong Ou show that he doesn't have the ability to resist, but she doesn't doubt the truth of his words. He will really kill her.

Looking at each other for a long time, Li Qingyan smiled stiffly, "Sir, I do so much for you. You can't do this to me."

"For me?"

Gong Ou sneers.

"I would like to go back to the past campus time with the seniors. I would like to stay with the seniors all the time." At the same time, Li Qingyan took off the hair circle on her head, and the long hair curled up fell on her shoulder.

Gong Ou stares at her gloomily. He secretly uses his strength, but he can't find it.

Li Qingyan pulled a long hair, then pulled down the zipper of his clothes, took off his coat, and revealed the white vest inside. The vest was almost transparent, which made her body hot. Then, she walked to Gong Ou step by step, took off her shoes, and went to Gong Ou's bed barefoot.

"What do you want to do?"

Gong Ou's eyes are cold to the extreme, and his voice is cold.

Li Qingyan continues to take off his trousers in front of him, revealing two slender white legs, kneeling down in front of him, looking down at him, eyes with endless charm and sexy, "President's wife is obviously pregnant, how can a pregnant woman satisfy you? What's more, I don't think her serious appearance is very popular with the seniors in bed. "

"So you're whining in front of me?"

Gong Ou leaned on the pillow and looked at the woman with ragged clothes and hot body. "You have courage to look so ugly and coquettish."

Li Qingyan was said to have a white face, but soon she put down her emotions.

Gong Ou is deliberately stimulating her. She can't give up.

She doesn't believe that at present, men are completely indifferent to beauty, and Gong Ou is not vegetarian, is he.

"As far as men are concerned about women's attitudes, I should not be less eager than when I was a child. Besides, she is pregnant. I'm afraid that the senior has been lonely for a long time." Li Qingyan kneels in front of him. A beautiful face slowly approaches him. His fingers touch his face a little bit with the taste of seduction. The plump chest is close to him through the quilt.


Gong Ou's eyes sank, and they grew darker.

See, Li Qingyan thinks that Gong Ou is seduced. He lifts the quilt on his body, spreads his white legs and sits on him directly, looks at him affectionately with low eyes. "Senior, I just like you. I know you have a family and children. I know current affairs very well. I'll be a woman outside you. I will never fight for anything, as long as you can accompany me occasionally OK. "

Gong Ou tried to raise his hand, but he still couldn't lift his strength. His body was soft and weak, and he could only let others do what he wanted.

"You do so much to be my lover?" Gong Ou asked coldly, in a weak voice, "why do you think I will agree?"

"Food and color, do you want me to be a senior? I don't know after tasting it?"

Li Qingyan said the most explicit words, the teeth bit the lips and made the most beautiful gesture.

"You are so mean."

Gong Ou looks at her deeply.

"In a moment, I will be more humble, and promise to let the schoolmaster linger." Li Qingyan said with a smile, licking his red lips in front of his face and tongue, sitting on Gong Ou's body, he began to take off the nearly transparent white vest, and his hands raised the corners of his clothes to slowly pull up.

"You can't stop now."

Gong Ou warned her for the last time.

"Senior, there are only two of us here. I know you are dissatisfied with my arrest, but I will serve you to your satisfaction. I want to satisfy you more than when I was young."

Li Qingyan takes off his vest and wears a white bra inside, which sets off the fierce business line. She presses against Gong Ou little by little, reaches for his collar, and begins to untie the buttons on his clothes, revealing a large, tight and sexy chest. She holds his hand and puts it on her chest, smirkes, "how, is it better than Xiaonian's hand?"

In response to her, Gong Ou suddenly turned over. She was so soft and weak that he tried his best to keep her under pressure.

Li Qingyan smiles successfully. As soon as he wants to hold him tight, Gong Ou spits her out. There are a lot of filth on her white and delicate skin.

And he was still clean and spotless.


Li Qingyan cried hysterically. Gong Ou looked at her, raised his hand and wiped the corners of his lips. He looked at her face sarcastically. "It's so ugly that it's disgusting."

"Gong ou, are you still a man?"

Li Qingyan screamed, her hands were shaking, she took off to seduce him like this, he vomited her all over? He is a homosexual at all!

"If I'm a man, I just want to know. You are not qualified. "

With that, he fell back powerlessly.


So tired.

Gong Ou turns his head and looks at the window. His eyebrows are tightened. Damn it, where is this? He has to go out. He must go out.

Xiaonian is waiting for him.


When Xiaonian was standing by the lake, he had been standing for several hours and could not wait for good news.

"Xiaonian, it's not good!" A confused voice came.

When Xiaonian's palm was cold, he turned his eyes and saw Fengde running towards her in a hurry, panting, "the news of the young master's disappearance has been spread out. Now there is a chaos outside. There are a large number of journalists who want to enter the country to inquire about the young master's whereabouts."

"Didn't they all sign the confidentiality agreement? Who sent the news?"

He asked nervously.

One wave of injustice, another wave of rise, how can this be.

"Now it doesn't matter who gets out. We have to stop this storm immediately. As soon as the news gets out, there will be some fluctuations in N.E's stock market, and a large number of media suddenly visit. It's very strange." Feng de said, "there are too many things involved in my absence, just like that year..."

That year, Gong Ou left, and at last, they saw what N.E collapsed into.

"I'll see the media."

Said Shi Xiaonian at once.

"What do you say? I'm afraid the media will not give up until they see the young master. " "I'll spend money to clean up the news," said Fengde

"We must press it down, but Gong Ou is missing twice this time. I'm afraid it's not easy for us to let it go unless we give them a convincing reason to prove that Gong Ou is not missing."

Shi Xiaonian said that she just wants to find Gong Ou now and doesn't want to pay attention to these things at all.

"No one can believe it until you see the young master."

Feng de sighed.

"Let's go first." When Xiaonian had no way, he left with Fengde.

When they arrived at the sealed section of the road by car, Xiaonian saw all kinds of long guns and short guns in the car. Countless cameras stood there, sealing the intersection tightly, and the police were controlling the situation.

When Xiaonian was about to get off, he was stopped by Fengde. "Xiaonian, look outside."

When Xiaonian looked outside, she saw only a group of people. She was wondering how many people had let her go. Then she saw a pair of her baby twins standing in front of the crowd. A group of reporters squatted down and handed the microphone to the two children.


When Xiaonian frowned, how did they come here?

"When they got the news, they were both there. Why did they come?" Feng de said with some concern.

When Xiaonian was about to get out of the car, he heard Gong Yao's voice coming from a loudspeaker. "I don't want to tell you that dad and mom will take us out to play later."


When Xiaonian looked at the other side in a dazed way, she seemed to hear Gong Yao speak in this innocent tone for the first time, just like an ignorant child.

"Are you dads really there?" A reporter asked eagerly, hoping to get some information from the two children.

"Yes." Gong Kui followed and looked at them stiffly. "You are so strange. Why do you want to stop our car? Mom says you can't talk to strangers. "

The two children play ignorance incisively and vividly, and a reporter leads them not to give up, "children, why don't you ride with your parents?"

"We're going to take the seat. If they can't, they'll go first."

Gong Yao said with an innocent and lovely face.

"You mean your parents just passed by?" The reporter looks at them inexplicably, so everyone missed the interview with Gong Ou?

Passing by?

"No, let's go, Xiao Kui. I'm going to see the little fish that Dad fished for us in the morning! Let's go! Let's go Gong Yao pulls Gong Kui and struggles to walk out of the crowd. No matter how much they are blocked, they won't talk.

All the reporters in the audience were confused and looked at each other in front of the society. Did they all receive the fake news?

Such a small child should not cheat.

When Xiaonian watched the two children walk to the car hand in hand, relieved, and Feng de sat by and nodded approvingly, "it's worthy of being the master and your child. It's really smart."

Can rely on the identity of children to solve problems for parents.

"When I was eight years old, I didn't have this kind of intelligence," he said softly

It's probably all genetic.

Back at the base, Xiao Nian knew that Gong Yao had thought of it after hearing Feng De's anxious narration. He pulled Gong Kui together to play a play in front of the reporters.

Journalists are now afraid to write down the news of Gong Ou's disappearance.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and hugged gongkui, gongkui also hugged her. "Mom, how am I doing today? Holy said Mom would be happy and dad would be back. "

"Well, dad will be back."

When Xiaonian said in a low voice, he turned his eyes and saw several men standing in front of Fengde, "manager Feng, Li Qingyan..."

"Well, now you can't be in the mood to control that woman. Go down first."

Feng de interrupts them.

When small read to see past, thought to say, "wait, what do you want to report?"