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Chapter 329, Xiaonian is robbed


Gong Ou stood there, his tall body froze for a moment, and the expression on his face seemed to be frozen by the moment.


Sunglasses fell from his long fingers.

Gong Ou retreats two steps, then runs, takes out his cell phone and dials Xiaonian's phone, and returns to the ward. Before he gets close, he hears a cell phone ring coming from the drawer of the bedside table.

Gong Ou's eyes sharpened at once.

"Eh? Where is Xiaonian? Have you checked it? "

An unfamiliar voice came.

Gong Ou goes to the door of the ward. Xia Yu and brother Li are standing in the ward with bags in their hands. Seeing that they are all in a daze, they immediately bow their heads and pay homage to each other unconsciously. "Mr. Gong is good."

"What about shixiaonian?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"Mr. Gong, did you come to visit Xiaonian?" Xia Yu is a little surprised. Does he know how to care.

"I'm asking you!"

Gong Ou's tone was covered with a layer of displeasure. At this time, he could not listen to any nonsense.

Xia Yu was frightened by Gong Ou's attitude. Brother Li stood in front of his wife and said, "Mr. Gong, we don't know. My wife just called shixiaonian and said that she would send porridge and let her wait, but we didn't see her here."

Gong Ou knows that their husband and wife are rare real friends of shixiaonian, and they have accepted his kindness and won't lie.

When Xiaonian is gone.

Damn it!

He quickly dialed Feng De's phone and ordered in a poor voice, "Feng De, bring someone right now!"


Within ten minutes, the private hospital was sealed up, and there was no one in front of the busy hospital gate.

In the huge conference room of the hospital, it was very empty and silent, and there was a little sound that could be heard clearly.

In front of the long conference table, Gong Ou sits on a swivel chair with legs folded and his body leaning back slightly. A handsome face looks like frost and his eyes are full of violence.

A group of bodyguards stood behind him, all of them dare not go out, all with their heads down.

Xia Yu and brother Li are all worried when they are sitting in the chair beside them.

Xiao Nian's cell phone is in a hurry when Xia Yu holds it.

All of a sudden a sound of footsteps came.

Feng de came in, followed by ten men in casual clothes.

All the men came in dejected, blue noses and swollen faces. They pressed their hands on their necks and walked into the meeting room. When they saw Gong Ou sitting at the meeting table, they all took a breath of air conditioning.

"Gong, Mr. Gong."

The men bowed their heads.

Gong Ou sat there, silent, with a chilling chill all over him.

"Young master, when I found them, they were almost comatose. Two of them were OK, but they were far away from Miss Shi's ward." Feng de stood there and said there was an accident in his eyes.

He didn't know until today that after the break-up between the young master and Miss Shi, the young master secretly sent a team to protect Miss Shi.

He didn't even know these things as a housekeeper.

Elder brother Li and Xia Yu were also stunned.


Smell speech, Gong Ou's face is colder, slowly raise the eyes to look at them, the eyes gradually appear frightening cold.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Gong."

One of the seriously injured men came out and apologized to Gong ou. "We followed her well, and she was good at lurking in the hospital. Who knew that someone would suddenly cheat us into the room beside us and knock us all down."

"Down? "Ah."

Gong Ouxiang hears a big joke and sneers. He gets up from his seat and walks slowly to them.

The men all bowed their heads.

Gong Ou stood in front of them, his face sank quickly, his smile stopped, he raised his leg and kicked a man hard, then attacked a group of people left and right, desperately venting his anger.

A group of people were beaten to the skies.

Gong Ou doesn't like to vent enough. He picks up a chair beside him and smashes it at a man.


The chair disintegrated on the spot.

The man was smashed to the ground and blood ran down his forehead.

Gong Ou glared at them, and said, "knock them down? How much did I pay you? Think you can protect a woman without heart? You think my Gong Ou's money is so easy to take? "

In order to ensure that the old story will not be revealed, all the people he invited this time were not from the palace family, and he paid a large price to hire another bodyguard.

But these people can't even protect a woman.

"Mr. Gong, we are wrong. We will find someone for you."

A group of people were beaten and dare not say a word. They lowered their heads to make up for it.

They are the most expensive bodyguards on the black market. Some of them have had mercenary experience. Mr. Gong asked them to protect a woman. They all received them for money.

But they do think that there is no difficulty, so there is no sense of tension, and they are all very casual, so they will be cheated and have an accident.

It's their fault.

"Come back? Do you think I'm going to trust you all? " Gong Ou stared at them coldly, almost gnashing his teeth and saying, "Feng de!"

"Yes, young master!"

"Remember the names and identities of these people. I don't want them to have a good day in their next life!" Gong Ou's voice was furious when he gave the order.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded and raised his hand to the bodyguards on the other side. The bodyguards immediately rushed forward to press out the wounded men.

Those people dare not resist offending Gong ou.

Feng de stood there with some doubts.

In fact, the palace's bodyguards are at the same level as those in the black market, but the background is clean and loyal enough. Why does the young master invite outsiders to protect Miss Shi?

Gong Ou stood there, full of rage and no place to vent, smashed his fist on the conference table, "hurry up, bring me the monitoring video of the hospital! Right away! "

It's so slow to monitor for a while!

What do you eat!

"Yes, young master." Feng de has full of questions, but he can't ask them at this time, so he turns around and leaves.

Xia Yu and brother Li are sitting by, looking at Gong ou with some trepidation.

How do you look like Gong Ou is still very concerned about Xiaonian? Didn't he get rid of her?

After a while, Fengde sent people to bring several computers, put them all on the conference table and wipe the electricity. "The people in the security room of the hospital are all people who don't know much about computers. They can't be transferred out for a long time. I brought three computers here."

The three computers show the power on pattern at the same time.

Gong Ou sat down in front of the computer, with a gloomy face.

"By the way, young master, and the police are here. They say they are willing to file a case now." Feng de said sideways.

"Who called the police?"

Gong Ou's face is gloomy. Does it depend on the police's slow handling ability?

"Yes, it's me."

Summer rain weakly raised his hand.

When Xiaonian disappeared, of course, it was the police.


Gong Ou glanced at her coldly, and didn't say anything for her sake.

But Xia Yu is still scared by his eyes.

Several uniformed policemen came in and saw Gong ou with a frightened face and a low head. "Mr. Gong, we are willing to file a case now. Can you tell us the specific situation?"

"By you?" Gong Ou gave them a disdainful look.


The face of the police is depressed. What's wrong with them? What's wrong with them.

Gong Ou takes back his sight. His long fingers are beating fast, which makes a group of people have a dazzling illusion.

After a while, a computer screen showed all the monitoring images of the hospital.

Gong Ou presses several keys on the keyboard.

Enlarge a picture, only see a group of doctors in white coats walking towards the ward, pushing the wheelchair, when Xiaonian opened the door of the sick room, the figure flickered in the lens, a pale face was all tired.

They froze for a moment at the door of the ward.

When Xiaonian the woman seemed to notice something wrong, she wanted to close the door, and the group of "doctors" rushed in directly.

After a while, Xiaonian was pushed out of the wheelchair without any resistance. One of his eyes was closed, and he obviously fainted.

Looking at this scene, Gong Ou's hand is placed on the conference table. The more tightly he holds it, the more tightly he clenches it into a fist. The blue tendons on the back of his hand are obvious.

These people come here with flags and drums, and the black market bodyguards he hired are useless!

Gong Ou's fist smashed on the table, his eyes were ferocious and red, as if he wanted to kill people.

Dares to move his woman, good, good very!

Feng de stood by in silence.

Several policemen were standing there. I didn't know whether to leave or stand here for a while.

Gong Ou clenches his teeth, and his temple jumps violently. His index finger and middle finger quickly click twice on the keyboard, and the monitor jumps to the other side. When the doctors push, Xiaonian walks to the side door and gets on a car.

Gong Ou glanced at the time.

It was almost the same time that he entered the hospital.

Why doesn't he go by the side door! Why go to the damn front door!

Gong Ou's eyes were so deep that he reached for his cell phone and called his secretary. His voice was gloomy. "Go to the technology department and ask them to send me the software to capture the details."

Finish saying, Gong Ou also does not wait for secretary to have to hear clearly, hung up the phone, smash the mobile phone mercilessly in one side.

Gong Ou stares at three computer screens. His chest is full of anger, which makes his whole person panic inexplicably.

He couldn't help but smash the meeting room.

Suddenly, Gong Ou turned his eyes to stare at the policemen in front.

The police were shocked by his eyes. Their legs became soft involuntarily. Gong Ou's aura was so powerful that they suddenly wanted to escape.

Gong Ou's eyes fell on the alarm signal of a police uniform, his thin lips slightly lifted, and he asked coldly, "what's your password for logging into the police system?"

"Me? Me? " The policeman froze, and then reported, "335678."

Gong Ou takes back his sight, sits on the swivel chair and moves forward. His fingers move clearly. Then he pulls a keyboard and puts it in front of him. His fingertips hit the keyboard hard.


It's too fast to see what he's doing.