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Chapter 1040 naming pumpkins

Gong Ou opens his five fingers, as if he is holding his baby's little hand in his palm through a board. When he is stunned at this scene, he reads carefully. His heart seems to be filled with something warm, mixed with unspeakable shock.

It seems that Gong Ou performed a magic drama in front of her.

"Maybe it's father and son's feeling. Every time the second young master does this, the baby will lean his hand over." The doctor said with a smile.


Is it inductive?

This is what doctors call interaction.

When Xiaonian looked at it stupidly, for a while, she walked around the incubator to Gong Ou's back, bent down slowly, and leaned against Gong Ou's back, put one hand on his shoulder, and raised one hand to touch the incubator.

Gong Ou pulls his hand aside, and Xiaonian leans over. He touches his fingertips little by little, and feels moved when he can't touch his hand.

"His hands are so small." When Xiaonian felt magical.

"Your hands are not big, either."

Gong Ou said, crawling towards her little finger by little, pressing it on her white and slender finger, she "grabbed" the pumpkin, and he grabbed her hand.

Suddenly, a shutter sound sounded.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou look back, Gong Ou frowns discontentedly. The doctor holds a very light and simple camera and says, "I'm sorry, second young master, I just feel that the picture just touched me. I can't help but take a picture. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt the baby. "

"Give it to me!"

Gong Ou coolly opens his mouth.

The doctor was frightened by his attitude and handed over the camera with fear. Gong Ou pressed the photo he took, and Xiao Nian stuck it on his back and looked at it with low eyes. His eyes were bright.

The doctor only clapped the hands of the three members of their family. Gong Ou grabbed her fingers. The hands of the two people pieced together on the wall of the incubator to form a heart-shaped shape, and the little fist of the pumpkin was in the middle of the heart-shaped shape.

No wonder the doctor said that it was not easy to take this picture. The baby was born prematurely, she had massive bleeding, and Gong Ou was shot. No one can take this picture if he is not lucky enough.

Shi Xiaonian hugs him from behind Gong ou, feeling the warmth of his body and cherishing it.

Gong Ou is in a wheelchair, his body is tense, and his black eyes have been staring at the photos in the camera. For a while, he looks up at the doctor, his eyes are quiet and indistinguishable from joy and anger.

The doctor stood there in a hurry and looked at him for help.

When Xiaonian was about to speak for the doctor, Gong Ou said, "go and tell Fengde that your salary will triple."


The doctor stays.

When Xiaonian smiled, he put his arms around Gong Ou's neck and asked, "do you like this picture, too?"

"It's OK, average."

Gong Ou is calm.

This is OK. Gong Ou usually hangs the photo on N.E's official website. The last time he did this was when they were engaged

This move caused a lot of noise. Gong Ou publicly admitted that he had a third child, so the headlines of the major media were occupied by Gong Ou again.

n. E's products open the global price of parent-child carnival, and buy three products with more discounts than before, so all technology fans start to open the carnival collection mode for the birth of little pumpkin.

Netizens' comments are various, some of them are crazy about buying, some of them are worried about how to distribute their family property after Gong ou.

When Xiaonian looked at these crying and laughing, her body was getting better and better in these boring comments, and her face was getting more and more ruddy, although she had always doubted whether she had made up too much.


When Lancaster's letter arrived in Gong Ou's hand, Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian were discussing the name of little pumpkin.

"How about palace city? It's better than your name. " I'd like to propose.

"The size of the city is too small. Looking to the world is my son's style." Gong Ou said lazily.

"Oh, Gong Qiu?"


"How about Gong Zhiyuan? Is it a well-known expectation to be quiet and distant, to be indifferent and to be wise? " Shixiaonian proposes again.

"Why is Gong Ou's son indifferent?" Isn't that a joke? She gave birth to a son, not a monk.

"Oh, that's Gong Xiongzhi?"


Two people are sitting in the hall. There is a pile of snacks on the table. When I was reading it, I couldn't go to eat it. I was holding a book and flipping it over and over. "It's really hard to get names. It seems that there isn't a special and meaningful one after taking so many names."

"Think about it slowly. I heard that my wife reads books and names every day at home."

Feng de poured water for them and said with a smile.

"We've been taking them for several days, but we still haven't settled." When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, who was also reading the book opposite him, "Gong ou, you take the name of the little pumpkin, and you take the big name."

Anyway, he was against, against and against the names she put forward. He thought that she had taken the size of the children's names smaller.

In fact, the name is a promise for the child. In her opinion, little pumpkin is so hard to be born. She really doesn't want his life to go through any big waves, as long as it is smooth, healthy and healthy.

Besides, it's not good to say that the child's name is too big in her hometown.


Gong Ou answers with a turn of the book.

Should it really come down? When Xiaonian and Fengde look at each other anxiously, Gong Ou really won't take the child's name to the big one, right? The starting point is to take the name of a hero. How much pressure he will have in the future.

No, she has to limit gong'ou to some rules and regulations. She can't let gong'ou get whatever he wants.

"I have several requests for the name." When Xiaonian sat opposite to Gong ou and said.

Gong Ou is turning the book carefully. Hearing the words, he looks up at her. His black eyes are deep, "you say."

"First, the big name and the small name have something to do with each other, which sounds good." "Second, since the pumpkin is our third child, it has to have something to do with the names of the first two children," Shi said solemnly

"The name of the monk you just took is related to these two points?"

Miyo asked.

“……” Who took the monk's name? When I read the black line on my face, I insisted on saying, "anyway, it has to do with the sun. You can see that the names of Gong Yao and Gong Kui are all related to the sun. The sun rises with Yao, and the sunflowers are also open to the sun, so the name of little pumpkin is best related to the sun. After that, how neat their brothers and sisters are going out."

Well, with the rules and regulations set, Gong ou can't get what he wants. He can't get too big for naming a pumpkin. That's not good.


Gong Ou took a look at her and then answered.

Smell speech, small read a sigh of relief, low head cunning smile, this name is more difficult, but also with small name, and also with brother sister's name, she would like to see what name Gong oeneng took.

"Do you have only these two requirements?" Gong Ou suddenly asked.


Doesn't he find it difficult?

Shi Xiaonian nodded seriously, "as long as you can do these two things, I will give both hands for any name."

Gong Ou looked at her across the table, and suddenly he saw a hook on the corner of his lips, which made him smile pitifully.


When Xiaonian suddenly felt a bit of scalp numbness.

"Second young master." A bodyguard came in from the outside and delivered a letter with a solemn face. "Lancaster sent someone to deliver it."

Smell speech, when small read whole body blood all coagulated, hurriedly straightens up the body to look at that bodyguard, willow eyebrow slightly frowns.

Lancaster is finally starting to move. I don't know what the other side wants to do.

Feng De takes the letter from the bodyguard and goes to Gong ou. Xiaonian's eyes move nervously with the letter. Gong Ou sits there and doesn't take it. He closes the book in his hand.


Gong Ou opens his mouth and says, black eyes look deeply at shixiaonian.

"What?" When Xiaonian is stunned, his attention hasn't left the letter.

"Your son's name."

Gong Ou hooked his lips and was proud to think of such a beautiful name.

When small read at a loss, "Palace North?"

It sounds very simple, but it seems that it's not as good as Gong Yao and Gong Kui.

"Well, Southeast, northwest, and his nickname deserve it. This is your first request. " Gong Ou said in a low voice.

Well, even if that makes sense.

"How does that connect with my second request?" The North word doesn't seem to have the meaning of the sun. If the sun doesn't rise from the north, it's better to call it Gongdong.

Gong Dong, how does it look like an onomatopoeia?

So Gong Ou jumped the name Gong Dong?

When Xiaonian was thinking, Gong Ou stared at her deeply. She took up the water glass and asked provocatively, "how is it? Can't you tell?"

Gong Ou's facial features are as handsome as sculpture. Hearing this, he said slowly, "you should have heard a song. One of the lyrics is like this - the golden mountain in Beijing is full of light."

That light is the light of the sun.

"Poof --"

when Xiaonian just held a mouthful of water, all of it spouted out and couldn't help it.

What the hell?

Feng de stood by holding the letter and chuckled, while Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's serious face strangely, "do you know this song?"

Didn't he grow up in England?

"Why can't I know?" Gong Ou asked, reaching out and taking the letter from Feng De, "I've achieved the two points you asked for. The naming meeting is over. You can go back to have a rest."


"If you say I meet the requirements, I will approve." Gong Ou Dao.


When Xiaonian looks at him gloomily, but he can't ask who knows the meaning of the child's name in the future. Let the child tear up his voice and sing?

Come on, it's just north of the palace. At least it's a nice call.

Wait a minute. This song praises the emperor Taizu. Then she defends everything, or let Gong Ou get the name of the child too big

It's terrible.

There is no defense.

Gong Ou did it on purpose. Seeing that the scale of naming her children was too small, she went all out to get a big name. It's just a word of "North". It's so terrible that she can get such a big name.

How can she look at this song in the future?