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Chapter Let's break up

Fengde and the bodyguards are standing by the wall.

When Xiaonian sat by the floor to ceiling window, she turned her eyes and looked out. In the light of the night, the young people slipped by the side of the road on skateboards and pulleys, showing all kinds of fancy skills. The old people walked slowly hand in hand with each other.

Time passed by little by little. She was the only guest sitting in the Korean restaurant.

For a long time, Gong Ou came late.

The door of the restaurant was opened by the young waiter in white shirt and black vest. Gong Ou came in from the outside and stepped on the light of the ground. It was very charming.

When small read to look at the past, did not see Mona behind him in a good mood.

"How can I eat out?"

Gong Ou came over and sat down opposite her. There was no expression on a handsome face.

His face has been smelling these days, and Xiao Nian is used to it.

"It's not interesting to eat at home all the time. I have to find some food outside occasionally." When Xiaonian smiled, "I suddenly want to eat barbecue today."

Speaking, there are waiters carrying all kinds of raw seafood and meat.

Fengde came forward, and the gentleman politely put the dishes on the table.


Gong Ou answered in a low voice. He sat there still, his long hand on his face. His black eyes swept her face and turned away quickly.

"Let's go for a walk after a while."

When small read while holding a clip to clip a few seafood to go down, said at the same time.

That Mona always takes him out. I don't see how much pressure Gong Ou releases.

It must be someone's fault.

She took Gong Ou out for a walk. He must be OK.

"Oh!" Gong Ou answered without expression and looked down at her baked seafood. Her white and delicate hands fell into his sight, and his eyes deepened.

"Come on, Gong ou. Here you are."

"This is a good roast. You can eat it."

"I've got a lettuce ball for you. You can eat it."

"It's not bad. Gong ou, you must be very tired after a busy day."

When small read busy constantly for palace Europe folder dish.

Gong Ou took all the orders and ate all the meat she handed over. After eating, he found that she had not eaten a chopstick of meat. "Why don't you eat it, shixiaonian?"

"I'm not hungry. I'll feed you first." When Xiaonian smiled at him, his eyes flashed like stars.

Gong Ou looks at the smile on her face, and her chest shakes hard. "Why are you so nice to me?"

She used to be cold faced with him.

"You are my future husband. I'm not right. Who are you good to?" When Xiaonian put the meat into the lettuce, he wrapped another one and handed it to him, "eat it, today you are allowed to eat 1 / 5 more food."

She has strict control over his appetite.

Gong Ou takes the lettuce and puts it into his mouth. Black eyes look at her. She is concentrating on the barbecue again. After the barbecue, she carefully checks it and hands it to him.

From the first resistance to him, to now she takes care of him.

She takes care of him as if she were taking care of a child.

If it goes on like this, one day, she will become inseparable from him, and then he will do everything late.

Gong Ou put the last mouthful of meat into his mouth. His face was gloomy. His dark eyes were staring at him. He had a deep voice and no feelings. "When he was staring at him, he said," let's break up. "

When he said this, Xiaonian was checking a baked shellfish seafood.

Smell speech, when small read's action is stiff, then lift eyes to see to Gong ou, her face brush ground white come down, still white than the wall, "what do you say?"

Did she hear me wrong?

"When Xiaonian, we broke up."

Gong Ou stared at her and said word by word.

Feng de and his bodyguards stood at the back and opened their eyes in shock.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he couldn't respond at all. It was this handsome face that proposed to her in the Lake Pavilion not long ago.

It's only a few days now.

Breaking up?

She tried to think back to their state these days, except that they were not particularly glued together, there was nothing wrong, what was worth breaking up? What's wrong with her? Is there anything wrong with her?


When Xiaonian asked this sentence for a long time, it was hard to utter. Every word was like a knife cutting his throat.

"Because..." Gong Ou stared at her pale face, his voice stuck, his eyes fell on the scallops on her plate, and then he said seriously, "because you ordered scallops, I hate scallops most!"

"What?" When small read stupefied.

"I hate you ordering scallops!" Gong Ou said, with a dignified face, as if to say something more serious.

"But you just ate at least eight." Said Xiao Nian slowly.

I didn't see him spit out.

Is he playing with her.


Gong Ou's face suddenly looks a little embarrassed. He stares at her with a dead eye, points to her face and says, "you plain face! I hate women so much! I want to break up with you! "

He said it with great justification.

"I put on makeup, makeup, and eyeliner today. Would you like to have a closer look?" When small read sits opposite him and says quietly.

For today's date, she dressed and made up meticulously.


Gong okaton, staring at her, couldn't say a word.

Seeing him like this, Xiaonian's heart beat again. She looked at him speechlessly. It seems that Gong Ou is just having a draught today.

The company is under great pressure. Is it necessary to break up with her?

Can you say a better reason for breaking up? Is he joking with her?

Yeah, kidding.

It must be a joke, shixiaonian told himself.

"Eat your scallops."

When Xiaonian put the scallops on his plate, he made some efforts.

Gong Ou stares at her dead, and then takes it to his mouth. He doesn't mind that his act is a face act of red fruit.

When Xiaonian continues to cook for him busily, he doesn't care when he blows.

Gong Ou stares at her. There is complexity in the bottom of her eyes. He swallows the meat in his mouth. Then he says, "when I read..."

When xiaoniandi gives a piece of bacon to put into his plate, glances over the hanging TV, and lightly says, "unless you say you have a terminal illness, I won't listen to your reasons for breaking up."

What wonderful reasons he said.

Incurable disease?

Gong Ou sat there, a flash of light in his pupil, and his voice was deep: "I have leukemia, advanced stage."

Words fall, the TV also rings the sad voice of the hero, "Sean, I have leukemia."

When Xiaonian listened to this line, he wanted to throw the roasted bacon on Gong Ou's handsome face.

"I don't want to hurt you. Leave me alone. I think you have a better life."

Gong Ou sat there, as if he didn't hear the voice on TV, unaffected by Korean dramas, and said with a solemn face.

His eyes were dark and deep, as if he could see her heart.

If I had seen him for the first time, Xiaonian would have thought that he was terminally ill. But now, she is really speechless and doesn't know what to say.


There was nothing to say. When Xiaonian sighed helplessly, he continued to turn the meat with his clip.

Seeing her expression, Gong Ou immediately became dissatisfied and stared at her sullenly, "what expression do you have, shixiaonian? I'm incurable. Don't you even shed tears? "

Does she love him or not?

"Gong ou, it's a waste of saliva for me to talk to you now."

When Xiaonian looked at him helplessly, he said after a pause, "manager Feng just showed me your physical examination report today. Your physical data is so good that you can make a health benchmark book."

Gong ou, a high-ranking figure, has a regular physical examination. Let alone leukemia. Even thrombocytopenia can be detected immediately.

His stomach was not good because of overeating, but now it is not good under her care.

He's not sick. He can make it up.



Look at the physical examination report!

Gong Ou sat there staring at her, staring at her. His face was very ugly. He put up his chopsticks, picked up a piece of bacon and sent it to his mouth.

Turn depression into food.

When Xiaonian looked at him like this, he was speechless. What was he doing?

Gong Ou stares at her and wants to talk again, when Xiaonian interrupts him again, "Oh, can I have terminal illness?"


Gong Ou's eyes brightened.

"Oh, I forgot. My physical examination report was also sent today. My baby and I are very good. Gong ou, none of us can die. Don't worry. " When small read quietly said, hands continue to roast meat.

The smell of the meat spread over the table and in the air.


Gong Ou stares at her with his eyes straight, "when I read it! I'm serious about breaking up with you! "

What's her attitude?

"Well, then you can give me a convincing reason, and I will recognize it when you say it."

When small read when he is pure wind, tone very perfunctory said, clip a piece of roast meat into his plate.

Do you have a girlfriend like her? Talk about breaking up with her, and she will bring him barbecue. She hasn't eaten a piece of her own yet.

Gong Ou stares at her, stares at her face, silences for a long time and forces out a sentence, "Shi Xiaonian, I don't like your lipstick color today!"

"I made up today, but I didn't put on lipstick for dinner."


Gong Ou's whole face is overcast, staring at her and saying, "shixiaonian, your upper and lower rows of teeth are so strange! I can't stand it! "

"Gong ou, you have enough!"

She's still biting. She's biting like that.

When Xiaonian put the clip in his hand heavily on the table, a pair of black and white eyes glared angrily at him, "what do you mean when I ask you out for dinner and you talk about breaking up all the time?"

“……” Gong Ou is silent.

"I know you've been under a lot of pressure recently. There are so many things in the company that you need to be cured. I'll bear with you. Do you still have to make progress?" He said angrily.

“……” Gong Ou is silent.

"You've been in such a bad temper these days. You're still yelling at me. I'm a pregnant woman. You should have some morality without love! What should I say I should listen to you? Why should I listen to you? Especially to hear you say this kind of messy reasons for breaking up! " Shixiaonian stares at him, "why should I be bullied like this by you? Do you know what gentleness is? "