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Chapter 868 Gong Ou's bad heart


When small read slightly opens the lip to stare at him stupidly, good has the reason, has the reason she all speechless.


Gong Ou stared at her.

"Can I ask why?" Asked shixiaonian.

"Li Qingyan wore a suit that day..."

"You really care about her, don't you?" At that time, Xiaonian was like a cat being provoked. Gong Ou saw that she was so spoiled and hooked her lips. "I just want to know how someone can dress the suit so ugly. If it's my Xiaonian, it must be very beautiful."


When I was small, I tried to pucker my lips?

Gong Ou pulled on her loose sweater and said, "I like you to wear skirts. How long have you been wearing these clothes? They are just like those you robbed."


It was that she thought she was fat and didn't want to show up in front of him. She even despised her sweater. What's wrong with it?


Gong ou can almost imagine how sexy she is when she changes into a secretary's outfit.

"Gong ou, are you a uniform controller?"

When small read to look at him, doubt ground asks a way.

"Don't worry, I'm a normal man, not a fetish. I don't have any interest in uniforms. I'm only interested in..." Gong otun leaned towards her, stretched out his hand and pulled her down. His black eyes were staring at her directly. His thin lips were lifted lightly, and a touch of evil spirit was aroused. "When I put on my uniform, I will read a little."


When Xiaonian stares at his face at a close distance, the heat on his face blows off his hand, then shakes his head, "I don't want to change."

She's fat. She's ugly in that Secretary's dress, especially her waist is thick.

Gong Ou must have been disillusioned after seeing her change.

"Why?" Gong Ou says, "then you just don't want me to work hard. You don't care about the image of N.E. if this optimization doesn't work well, I will apologize to the public and be laughed at by Lancaster."

"It has nothing to do with me."

When Xiaonian wanted to struggle.

"I could have been dealing with business at this time, but it's because of you. I want to tangle up this problem with you and waste my time. I will get angry and want to find someone to come in and scold again." Gong Ou picks up her eyebrows, takes a look of her and calmly picks up the phone to make a phone call.

When small read see appearance to press his hand hurriedly, "good good, I change still not?"

Besides, he can blame global warming on her not changing her secretary's clothes.

"I'm obedient."

Gong Ou is satisfied with the way. He presses a few keys, and Xiaonian looks at him in a dull way. "I've agreed. Do you want to find someone to listen to you?"

Why is his temper so strange.

Gong Ou takes a look at her, pushes away her hand, continues her hand, with a curl on her lips and a cold voice. "Yu secretary, you and your car can be scrapped on the road. Don't rush to come here!"

He already has a temporary secretary.


Smell speech, when small idea earth caresses forehead, put down the hand moment, Gong Ou is fixed to stare at her, that eyes red fruit, almost as to eat her.


She points to the computer.

"Oh." Gong Ou looks at her and obediently turns to work.

Two hours later, Fengde put the fresh secretary in a bag and sent it to shixiaonian. Fengde said with a smile, "I'm old, and I'm a little backward in craftsmanship. Xiaonian, you should take care of me."


I made it myself.

"You don't have to do it so fast."

Can't a pure hand tailor do it for two or three weeks?

When Xiaonian took the bag and held it in her arms, she looked at the white shirt folded in four directions and wanted to cry.

Why does Gong Ou bother her so much.

"Well, the young master asked me to deliver it quickly." Feng de looked at her and said.

When Xiaonian looked at him plaintively, "adoptive father, can you help me find a way to avoid wearing this suit?"

"Don't you want to wear it, Xiaonian?" Asked Feng de in disbelief.

When Xiaonian held the paper bag for a long time, he finally whispered, "I've gained a lot of weight recently, and I don't look good in it."

When he heard this, Feng de smiled and clapped her on the shoulder. "You're not fat. Trust me, change it."


When Xiao Nian saw that Feng de didn't help her, she had to go to the bathroom with a paper bag in her arms.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui also came with Feng de. Gong Kui and a little butterfly flew around the crowd, causing numerous favors. In a short time, they held a hand of sugar, which was confiscated by Gong Yao before they could eat.

Gong Kui rolls on the floor wrongly.

When Xiaonian wants to talk to her two children, her cell phone rings, and she picks it up. Gong Ou's powerful voice rings in her ear, "change clothes!"


"Change! Otherwise I won't work! "


Why can this man threaten her with his job? It's abnormal. At

, Xiao Nian was tucking away in the heart of the palace, then went to the bathroom and put on the white shirt. The effect was somewhat unexpected.

She thought that with her present figure, wearing this white shirt would be extremely ugly, and the buttons would be strained, but after wearing it, it would be very fit.

My adoptive father's skill is very good.

When Xiaonian put on a narrow A-line skirt, arranged her white shirt and went to the front of the mirror. In the mirror, she looked like a group of professional elites. The white shirt should be wide, and the narrow place should be narrow. With the black skirt, her waist has become thin. Under the black skirt are two thin white legs.

It's amazing.

When Xiaonian passed her body, the curve on the side was not as exaggerated as she imagined. Seeing this kind of self, Xiaonian relaxed, raised his hand and curled up his long hair. As soon as he raised his hand, the button on his chest stretched.

She didn't care. She put her hair around and buttoned it up again. Then she went out.

Along the way, Shi Xiaonian got a lot of amazing eyes from her colleagues. Although her figure is not as hot as Li Qingyan's, she is much better than she used to wear the sweater pants.

Shi Xiaonian pasted the newly developed typesetting in his hand on the bulletin board and looked at the person who asked her with a smile. "I'm a temporary secretary and a temporary colleague of all of you. My work ability can't guarantee how good, but I can guarantee that the chance of everyone being scolded is reduced by 85%."

The crowd cheered at once.

When Xiaonian walked upstairs with a smile, he pushed open the glass door and saw Gong Ou sitting at his desk, looking straight at her. His eyes seemed to emit sparks.

Knowing that because of the tailoring, the effect of the upper part of the clothes is not bad. When Xiaonian was a lot more confident, he went around Gong Ou's desk and asked, "how is it?"

Gong Ou looks at her, his eyes become deeper, his voice is low, and he reaches out to compare with her across the air.

When Xiaonian was about to ask, he listened to Gong Oro's thinking and said, "the chest is big and the hips are big."


Small read a black line, went to his desk, "OK! Clothes on! Can you work hard now? "


Gong Ou responds obediently.


When Xiaonian picked up the pile of data and went to the far sofa to start sorting, she had to stay away from the radiation as far as possible.

So many documents are too difficult for a person with simple professional knowledge. When I read them carefully, I tried my best to ensure that they were not classified wrong and focused very much.

But even though she was too busy to raise her head, she could still feel the gaze from Gong ou.

The eyes on her back seemed to penetrate her, when Xiaonian doubted whether her clothes had been burned.

"Female secretary, get me document N009 on the shelf."

From the voice of Gong ou.

Female secretary?

Whether she has a name or a surname? Do you want to call her a secretary, which makes her uncomfortable.

When Xiaonian didn't argue, she was afraid that Gong Ou would ask for more strange things, so she stood up obediently and went to the bookshelf, glanced at it again, and found that the documents were on the comparison.

Subconsciously, she stood on tiptoe and raised her master to take it.


The button on the front of the chest is stretched again.

When Xiaonian frowned, before he could straighten it, he saw Gong Ou standing beside her, his black eyes staring at her Business line.

"Female secretary, you understand the temptation of the workplace."

Gong ouxu leaned against the bookshelf, his eyes fixed on the temptation bound by the white shirt. His throat was a little tight and his mouth was dry.

"I don't have it. It's about clothes."

The adoptive father must have failed to sew this button.

When Xiaonian took the document into his arms, reached for it and buttoned it up to go. Gong Ou's voice came back, "take the n117 document for me again."

Still coming?

When Xiaonian glanced at the bookshelf and saw that document 117 was on the top again without any accident. She covered the button on her chest and said, "here you are. Take it by yourself."

Gong Ou glanced at her. "If you were a secretary, I would have put you on the barbecue."

"The president knows about barbecue?"

When I read it, I choked.

Gong Ou's eyes swished at her. When Xiaonian had to go to get the document, she raised her hand, and the button on her chest stretched out again. The white plumpness loomed. She quickly took the document and then buttoned it.

As a result, Gong Ou enjoyed playing this game and kept asking her to get information. She just stood by and enjoyed the process of opening, closing, opening, closing and opening her buttons.

Then Gong Ou looks at her in the eyes as if he is saying to her: when Xiaonian you are seducing me, you are seducing me, you are seducing me repeatedly.

"It's true that the adoptive father is close to me everywhere. It's just a tight place. I'll ask him to help me change it when I go back."

When small read some knot tunnel, but it is the chest this piece of tight, is not tight, is a raise hand will stretch open.

"He won't change it."

Gong Ou said with a document in his arms.

"Why?" Asked shixiaonian.

"I gave you all the sizes from top to bottom. Without my permission, he would change them?" Gong Ou said, his woman is really naive.

When small read this just understand come over, "Gong Ou you intentionally?"