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Chapter 153 decision to confess

So she would rather not think about it.

She would rather fight her life to restrain herself.

After listening for a long time, the R palace crooked its head and said, "I can't understand the master's complicated words."

When Xiaonian smiled, "you are developed by Gong ou. Your three outlooks are the same as his, so you don't understand."

Gong Ou doesn't understand either.

The r-house lowers its head.

When Xiaonian looked at the fried rice with eggs on the plate with low eyes, his heart felt like he was stabbed by something, which made him dull and painful. "But recently, even I don't understand it."

"What does the master not know?"

"I don't understand myself. Is it true that there is no way to restrain my feelings?"

Otherwise, how could she, who always recognized the principle of death, shake her heart for Gong Ou once and again.

This wavering made her more and more frightened.

The R palace lowers its head, turns its head to move in place for a while, suddenly looks at her again, "master, if you are not happy, make yourself happy."

"How to be happy?"

Asked Xiao Nian with a wry smile.

"Only by solving the unhappy things can we be happy." Mr Gong said that the electronic sound sounded with the sound of the waves.

"Solve the unhappiness?" When small read shakes his head, lies back, the voice is bitter astringent, "how to solve? Do I go to ask Gong ou to let me go and give me freedom, or do I ask him not to get married and then chase me like a normal person? "

"How can I know if I haven't tried?"

The R palace stood there and asked.

A strong wind blew, Mr palace suddenly came to her in front, for her wind.

"Why didn't I try? I said more than once that he let me go..." Shi Xiaonian said, the voice suddenly stopped.

She tried to ask Gong ou to let her go too many times.

But she never tried to ask Gong oubie to marry. She has always been entangled in her own principles, but never tried this, because she never dared to face her heart.

"Mr palace, what did you just say?"

"How can I know if I haven't tried?" Mr quickly replied, "but..."

How can she say that if she really likes her, please give up the marriage, and then chase her normally, she can open her heart and face his feelings.

Can you say that?

"Master, you should fight for yourself. It's right that people who are not willing to take the initiative to solve things are not happy." Mr Palace said, continue to wind her.


This latter sentence is really like Gong Ou's tone.

Fight for it.

Is she OK?

When small read suddenly some jump bath test, perhaps, she really should strive for one more for themselves, "Mr palace, do you think I can?"

"Of course the master can." Mr Palace Road.

"What if it fails?" Gong Ou is taking responsibility for his brother. Can she let him down that responsibility?

"I'll depend on you." Mr palace stretched out his arm to make a strong movement, which made Xiao Nian laugh.

"Well, I'll try!"

When Xiaonian was encouraged by Mr palace, he got up from the reclining chair and ran to the wooden house.

In the middle of the race, she suddenly realized what she was going to do. She asked Gong ou not to marry. In fact, she told him in disguise that she could not control her heart.

Her heart was wavering, wavering toward him.

But what about that?

As Mr Gong said, people always strive for it once.

It's useless for her to tangle with herself. If Gong Ou insists on marriage, her wavering heart can cool down, right?

But If Gong Ou is willing to give up the marriage for her, she thinks, she will fall completely.

"Master, you can." Mr palace came up to cheer her on.

When Xiaonian looked at the robot, bit his teeth, and then nodded hard, "well, I'll fight for it once!"

No matter what the answer is, at least, she doesn't have to struggle like she does now.

"Come on, master!"

The R Palace said, dancing Jackson's dance for her.

When Xiaonian was amused and encouraged, he ran to the cabin and saw that the cabin was near, and his cell phone suddenly vibrated.

She picked up the phone. "Hello?"

There is a strange voice, "is that miss when I dragged the manuscript to the Pacific Ocean?"


When Xiaonian was stunned, he immediately remembered that it was Xia who made up the comics and sent them to her. The recipient's name actually wrote this

Xia Bian is really talented.

She said to her mobile phone, "yes, I am."

"There is a package for you. I'm outside the resort. Please come out and take it." Express brother said on the phone.

"Oh, yes."

When Xiaonian looks at the wooden house where Gong Ou works and sips his lips, he will first solve the problem of cartoon.

If Gong ou can see the cartoon, it's useless for her to fight for anything. Wait for her to be shaved.

In this way, Xiaonian ran to the gate of the resort. Far away, she saw a van parked there, and the courier was carrying a heavy package.

When Xiaonian ran over, he was stopped by two bodyguards.

"Miss Shi, Mr. Gong said that you can't go out for your safety." The bodyguard stopped her.

When Xiaonian stops and gasps.

The paranoid locked her up again.

"I'm just taking a delivery." When small read point to the outside express brother said.

The bodyguard looked at the big package and frowned. "Miss Shi, can we check it first for your safety?"

For her safety.

"You think there's a bomb here?" When I was young, I said nothing.

"Miss Shi, we are responsible."

"Come on, come on, come on." Said Shi Xiaonian.

The bodyguard took the package and cut it with a Swiss Army knife, revealing a pile of comics, half a bag of drawing paper, writing boards and other tools.

"Any questions?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Miss Shi, can we check the contents of the cartoon?" Asked the bodyguard.

"No way!" When Xiaonian hurriedly said, the bodyguard looked at her, and she said with a smile, "in this way, this pile of comics is for me to sign. In this way, can I just ask the courier brother to take it back after I sign it?"

The two bodyguards have a look at each other.

"That's the decision." When Xiaonian didn't care about them, he squatted down and began to sign on the cartoon.

One by one.

It's really nothing to be tired of. The two bodyguards didn't say anything more. They went to check the half pack of paper silently.

When Xiaonian repackaged the comics and handed them to the courier, he looked at the bodyguard doubtfully, "what are you checking? Is there a bomb in this bag of paper? "

How she feels like they're not checking for dangerous goods.

"Nothing, Miss Shi."

The two bodyguards immediately withdrew and handed the paper to shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian looked at them suspiciously, he picked up half a pack of paper and said, "don't tell Gong Ou about my comic books, do you know?"


The two bodyguards look ugly.

When I saw this, I had to pretend to say, "you should know my position in Gong Ou's side now. You have also checked this pile of comics. It's really nothing. If you dare to file a complaint, I'll let him fire you! "

Hearing this, the two bodyguards looked at each other and lowered their heads. "We see, Miss Shi."

Alas, it's hard to be a bodyguard these days.

Prevent being fired by boss, and prevent being fired by boss's woman.


When small read nods, leaves contentedly.

She went back to the bedroom with something in her arms. Mr palace was standing at the door to meet her. He saw her bow her head, bend her arms, and say, "master."


I nodded and went in with something in my arms.

The eyes of R Palace are scanning the things in her arms and standing aside in silence.

When Xiaonian put the writing board aside, he took out the half bag of drawing paper from the bag, and then he was ready to throw away the gray packing hard paper bag. A sound came from the bag.

She looked down and couldn't help but see the black line.

This summer's knitting is too careless. It must be that we don't check it. Just take a cardboard bag and put the paper in it.

There is also a bitten stone and a crumpled newspaper under the bag.

It's terrible. Don't break her drawing paper.

When Xiaonian hurried to check the paper, in a hurry, the stone and the newspaper fell out of the bag. She frowned to throw them away. Suddenly, she saw that there were four words in the crumpled newspaper: "Mu group".

Murdoch group.

I admire the beginning.

For more than a month, the name has become more and more distant from her, and she has also forced herself to stop thinking about qianchu.

Cherish life, stay away from Gong ou, stay away from time and small thoughts.

She thinks so.

When Xiaonian's eyes stagnated, he was about to take it up and throw it away. His eyes fell on two words -- bankruptcy.

Stunned, she stretched out her hand to open the paper with the smell of peel.

Obviously, the newspaper is used to cut and put the apple peel on it.

When Xiaonian opened the newspaper and looked at the news --

since the announcement of the breakup by mu qianchu, the president of Mu's group, it has been involved in a series of scandals. The stock has repeatedly fallen and stopped, and the shareholders have lost blood. Cosmetics containing a large number of over standard chemical ingredients were exposed, and Mu's cosmetics instantly became a poison on the market. The internal strife of Murdoch group has been exposed one after another, and many scandals have been made worse.

President Mu qianchu held a press conference a few days ago, saying that it was a malicious attack. The group will not go bankrupt and everything is still under control.

However, in my opinion, mu qianchu's mental state is very poor. Although he deliberately uses makeup to cover it up, the blood in his eyes cannot be covered up. Obviously, he is not sleeping enough and is not in control at all. Moreover, there are rumors that mu qianchu has been seriously ill and is unable to support the Mu group as it is today.

Experts have analyzed that the group is not far from bankruptcy.


When Xiaonian was shocked to see this news, people could not help shaking, almost fell, the newspaper slipped from her hands.


The R palace reported her back.

When small read to stay, the complexion is pale, "how can this be?"

"What's the matter, master?"

Asked the R palace.

When small read low eyes, once again look at that line of words - Mu qianchu has been seriously ill, simply unable to support today's Mu group.

No, it won't.

No way.

When Xiaonian took out his mobile phone, his fingers shuddered inexplicably, and he wanted to bring mu qianchu's number out of the blacklist.

As a result, Mu disappeared from her blacklist.

I can't see a number.


When Xiaonian stood there stupidly, opened the news client with his mobile phone, and turned over several pages without any news from the Murdoch group.