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Chapter 930 a long established Bureau

"Xiaokui, come out. When. "

Xiaonian calls to her in a low voice and reaches out to touch her.

"Ah!" Gong Kui screamed in horror, reaching for her desperately, while Xiaonian's hand was scratched with several bloodstains.


Gong Yao stands aside and looks at shixiaonian's hand in astonishment.

But palace Kui sits in desperately screams, that miserable cry lets when small read listen to wish to die immediately.


When Xiaonian looked at his daughter in a daze, his eyes were red, and he tried to suppress his emotions to appease gongkui. "Xiaokui, don't be afraid, I'm a mother, don't be afraid, OK? It's all right, it's all right. "

Gong Kui screamed desperately and hugged her body tremblingly.

When Xiaonian reaches out and hugs her, Gong Kui opens his mouth and bites her hand. When Xiaonian aches, his fingers tremble, but he still doesn't shake her. He resolutely takes Gong Kui out of the car and comforts her. "Xiaokui is my mother. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. It's OK. It's really OK."

Gong Kui opened her eyes, but she could not see anything. Her face was full of fear. Suddenly, she opened her mouth with blood. She reached out and hugged her neck.

When Xiaonian was pregnant, it was very hard and painful to be held by gongkui, but she was reluctant to let go, so she let gongkui hold.

See the children were all pulled out, a group of gunmen stood in front of them, "search."

Then someone took away the gun and searched their mother and son three times. All the mobile phones, rings and jewelry were thrown away.

When Xiaonian can only watch the ring being thrown into the grass, "do you want to throw the ring?"

"Gong Ou is a high-tech player. Who knows how many positions you have?" Some people said in nonstandard Chinese, arrogant, "when you get to the car, you have to change all your clothes and throw them away, so that you can't convert them here to give face to the foot palace."

After that, a group of people laughed, full of ridicule.


Gong Yao's piano box was also thrown away. Gong Yao was about to grab it and a man was about to smash it at him when he picked up his gun.


When Xiaonian hurriedly called for him.

Gong Yao stops, turns his eyes to look at Shi Xiaonian, and then comes back with his eyes fixed on the piano case.

A man suddenly seems to think of something. He kicks open the piano box. The box is empty, and the man stops.

When Xiaonian was confused, he didn't say anything.

"Why is there nothing in the piano box?"

The man asked in a loud voice.

"All right." The head of a group of people came out and made a sign to them, "it's not safe here. Soon the palace and the police will come after us. Let's go first."


In response, someone pointed to the Motorhome on the narrow road. "Please, Mrs. Gong ou."


When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yao with low eyes, he then walked to the car with Gong Kui in his arms. The blood on his hands continued to flow down, and the cracks between his fingers were all red.

As soon as he got into the RV, Gong Yao was kicked in, and then a pile of clothes was thrown at them, and the muzzle of the gun was aimed at them, "change quickly! Hurry up! "

When small Niang holds palace anemone and labors hard, he sits on the seat aside and looks anxiously at Gong Yao, "holy."

"I'm fine."

Gong Yao got up from the ground without fear in his voice, which was the only consolation of Xiaonian's guilt.

"What nonsense! Change quickly! "

Two men cover their faces, only show their strange eyes and stare at them fiercely, the muzzle of the gun has been aimed at them.

Gong Kui holds Xiaonian's neck so tightly that she can hardly breathe.

"How can Gong Ou's wife and children change clothes in front of you? You can go down to me."

When small read cold tunnel, a pale face, black and white eyes are still calm.

"You are our prisoners now. Be careful to kill you!"

The two masked men laughed wildly.

"Since we haven't been wiped out just now, it means that we still have utilization value." Xiao Nian said coldly, "if you want to kill me, just try to see if I can frown."


The two men are angry and look at each other. After exchanging eyes, they choose to compromise. "OK, Gong Ou's woman is a bit of a coward. I won't waste time with you. Let's wait below. The clothes, including underwear and underpants, will be thrown down to us one by one! Otherwise, don't blame us! "

Then two men went down, closed the door and left the three of them in the car.


Gong yaochong reaches out to Xiaonian and holds her wound.

When small read pain all over a tremble, hard to hold up a smile to look at Gong Yao, "don't be afraid, will be OK."

"I'm not afraid."

Gong Yao looks at her firmly, and then looks up at Gong Kui, who is shaking constantly on Xiaonian's shoulder, with worry on her face.

"Change your clothes. If you slow down, they will come up."

Shi Xiaonian said, the trap stepped in, she can only desperate to keep two children, must keep, or she can't die in peace.


Gong Yao turned to her back and began to undress herself.

Before, when they were on langhuayu Island, they still needed Gong ou to change their clothes for them. Now they do it by themselves.


Gong Yao takes off his coat and something falls off.

When she was changing clothes for her daughter, Xiaonian saw that a bundle of small arrows fell on the ground, and Gong Yao was tied with folded bows and arrows at his waist.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, "how did you take it with you? Did the search go undetected? "

Gong Yao looked at her and said calmly, "I pretended to rob my music box when they robbed me. Later, they forgot to search me."


Shi Xiaonian is surprised at his son's IQ. At such a time, he can even think of these and take his own weapons with him.

The child grew up, but she was still so stupid, stupid to bring two children into a desperate situation.

At the thought of this, Xiaonian hated to kill herself painfully. "I'm sorry, holy."

Why did she make such a big mistake.

She promised Gong ou and Feng De to be careful. She promised.

Gong Yao suddenly scolded herself for nothing. She stepped forward and patted her arm with her little hand. She firmly said, "don't be afraid."

The son comforted her in turn.

When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, his mood almost collapsed. "Change clothes."

After all three of them put on their clothes, during the process of changing clothes for their daughter, Gong Kui kept screaming. After changing, she tightly hugged Xiaonian's neck. The whole person almost sat on her stomach.

When small read's face more and more white.

Gong Yao knowingly throws all his clothes out of the car, and then returns.

The two masked men came back to the car, aimed guns at them, and monitored them all the way.

When Xiaonian looked at them, he held gongkui and said, "where are you going to take us? This is s city. Do you think you can take us out of the sight of Gong Ou? Dreaming. "

"Don't worry, it's a place that Gong ou can't find."

Two men said with a smile, relaxed.

When Xiaonian thought that the route they took would certainly hide from them, for example, they would cover their eyes, but they kept her eyes open all the way.

When he arrived at his destination, he was completely stunned.

Hill tribe.

Back to the hill tribe.

One of the men laughed. "What do you think?"

"Hill tribe is Lancaster's industry? Since it was built, it's a cage for me? " Shixiaonian understood.

Therefore, the hill tribe mainly focuses on high-end brands, which are not affordable for ordinary people, but also makes extensive publicity, which leads her and Gong ou to come here.

Even those four dresses are a kind of subconscious seduction.

"Yes, it was built for you." The man said that they were very happy to finish the task and said a lot, "you are going out of the hill tribe. This is the first stop to check, but anyone will think that if the hill tribe is the base camp, they will not try their best to lead you outside, so this is the least detailed place for Gong ou to check."


When Xiaonian sat there in silence.

What a big layout.

Hill tribe was not established in a day. Lancaster decided to arrest her long ago.

"Even if Gong Ou turns the whole s city upside down, the place he checked is the safest." The man laughed, "and hill tribe is a foreign-funded enterprise, some foreign employees are too normal, our identity has been done well, no one will doubt."

All the situation has been settled for a long time, waiting for Xiaonian to fall into the trap.

"Well, what can I say to her? It's time to go down and change all the clothes. They smell like smoke."

Another man said, pushing the door open and going down.

When Xiaonian returned to the hill tribe, this time, she didn't come to buy anything or play with the children, instead of being a prisoner.

When she went in, she carried Gong Kui in her arms and was pushed all the way by the muzzle of the gun.

In front of a door stood Shizhong, her head white, staring at her at the moment, her face full of happiness after revenge.

Beside him stood minqiu Jun, who had just been in a coma all the way. Now minqiu Jun was standing there, looking at her with tears in his eyes.

When Xiaonian looked at the two of them, he didn't even want to ask why. He was so cold that he couldn't stir up a ripple.

She went on, ignoring the two men directly.

"Xiaonian." Min Qiujun cried out to her. He covered his face with his hands and cried excitedly, "I don't want to hurt you, but why did you kill your sister? Xiaodi is your sister. How can you do that?"

Kill your sister?

When Xiaonian understood, she turned her eyes to look at the crying min Qiujun, "I killed Xiaodi, who told you? Lancaster, the enemy of Gong Ou? "

"Xiaodi has no hatred with others. Who did you kill? Pity our white haired people for black people... "

Min Qiujun cried to tears and crouched down.