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Chapter 145 you can'st stop loving me

"What's the matter?" He asked carefully.

"This angle is 1 degree out of my design draft!" Gong Ou said calmly, "a bunch of rubbish!"

"One degree off?" Small read a face dazed, "then what?"

"What's the matter?" Gong Ou glared at her, "my design draft clearly states that the angle is 36 degrees, and they made it for me once!"

When small read a way, "slant to slant to slant to go out, just once."

What's the big deal? Who will pay attention to that?

Why does he look furious.

"To deviate is to deviate, and once was a mistake!" Gong Ou said, angrily, staring at the robot in front of him, "no, this robot has to take it to fix its appearance!"

Damn it.

He actually took such a semi-finished product and sent it to shixiaonian.

"So we need to fix it?" When Xiaonian looked at him strangely.

"Of course, such a serious mistake will come back!"

Gong Ouli took out his cell phone and turned over to make a phone call. As soon as the phone was connected, he swore, "call me the wastes from the design department to the conference room for a meeting!"! Don't you bring your brain to work? Let them give me 20 jin pig brain tonic! "

When Xiaonian stood behind him and listened to the familiar palace style swearing, offering deep sympathy to the people in the design department.

It's just a deviation for a while, but it's furious.

It's sad to meet such a paranoid boss.

She now understands why when she was in tianzhigang, Gong Ouyi broke the furniture every time. When Fengde changed the furniture, she had to measure the angle with a ruler to place the furniture.

It was for fear of Gong Ou getting angry.

All evil paranoia.

Shi Xiaonian thought silently in his heart, looking at the robot in front of him.

The R palace lowers its head, a pair of dark eyes are scanning her outline, it seems that it knows that it will be corrected, and the electronic voice sounds, "master, I am going to cure the disease, please allow me to serve you after recovery."

When Xiaonian didn't feel anything at first, he suddenly felt sad when he heard such words.

"Gong ou will make you more perfect." She can only comfort it like this.

"I know."

There is no emotion in the tone of R palace.

"Hold it." When Xiaonian reaches out his hand to him, Mr palace moves back quickly.

Xiao Nian's hands were frozen in the air in embarrassment.

"Master, only Mr. Gong can hold you."

Said the palace.


One second back to the original.

It must be another program designed by Gong ou. Even the robot can't hold her.

When Xiaonian looks at the robot resentfully, what it wants to fix is not the angle problem, but the character problem.

Another character is perfect.

The robot was packed into a box and taken away. Gong Ou also went to the meeting room for a meeting. No, he went to scold the people in the design department.

In the past month, Gong Ou has done well in front of her. I don't think he's overdone it.

An irritable paranoid can hold his anger for a month People in the design department have to take it.

When Xiaonian stood alone in the pure white world and looked around.

She went to her desk and found that there were many manuscripts on it, some of which were copies of hand-painted drawings.

She recognized Gong Ou's notes.

He participated in the whole development process of intelligent robot, and even sketched his own design.

According to Feng De, he started to prepare for robot research and development in the UK and bought the most advanced and mature related technologies.

When Xiaonian picked up the stack of documents and turned them back, many of which were clumps she couldn't understand.

Inadvertently turning to a page, she was stunned, only to see that the main program of Mr palace was named nnbw note: niannianbuwang.

When Xiaonian was shocked.

Never forget.

The robot named Mr palace, and the main program named Mr palace.

Gong Ou really developed Mr palace because she liked Mr Jiang in the movie.

She was just a word.

He has to do so much to make robots.

When Xiaonian's heart was severely shaken, suddenly she couldn't read it. She put the document back in her hand.

A heart, inexplicably heavy.

She told herself over and over that some principles could not be broken.

Some touched Absolutely not.

When Xiaonian turns around and leaves her desk, her mind is full of the main program named "never forget". She closes her eyes and doesn't let herself think.

She stayed alone in the science and Technology Museum. For a long time, Gong Ou strode towards her from outside.

When small read is sitting on the white sofa, alone playing checkers on the glass tea table, fingers holding checkers randomly, a complex heart.

"A long time?"

Gong Ou came to her, picked her up, looked down and kissed her soft lips.

A kiss, kiss the earth.

When Xiaonian is in his arms, she can't hide even if she wants to. Her lips are tightly covered by him. She reaches for his shirt.

Gong Ou tossed and turned on her soft lips, as if she couldn't kiss enough.

It took a long time for Gong ou to let go of her and put her on the sofa, staring at her face with black eyes, then burying her head between her neck, breathing hard and smelling her breath.

"I'll take you to a meeting next time."

Gong Ou sighed contentedly, smelling the fragrance of her body.

"What am I going to do when you have a meeting?" Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"You don't have to do anything, just follow me." Gong Ou opens her thin lips, with a kiss mark on her white and delicate neck. Her voice is dumb. "I can hold it when I want to, and kiss when I want to."

He can't live without her for too long.

At the meeting, he would have scolded more words, but when he thought that she was not around, he didn't even have the mood to scold, just wanted to come out and see her as soon as possible.


Hearing this, Xiao Nian's eyes stagnated and he suddenly remembered the stack of manuscripts on the desk.

He treated her It seems to sink deeper and deeper.

Gong Ou leans on her and holds her for a long time. When she holds her, Xiaonian feels numb. Gong Ou just lets her go. "Go, take you to another place."

"Where to?"

"You will know when you arrive."


Selling again.

When Xiaonian looked at him doubtfully, he would not have a robot to send?

When Xiaonian is hugged out of the science and Technology Museum by him and sits on the car, Gong Ou forces her to lean against him all the way, so that she can feel the hot temperature of his chest all the time.

As the car was driving, Gong Ou began to feel uneasy. He moved his hands and feet towards her and kissed her face with thin lips. He never let go of any part of her face.

To kiss and worship.

"Come on, the driver and Feng de are still there."

When small read helplessly grasps his hand, he installs a small meeting to all not be able.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou domineering to open, "Feng de."

"Yes, sir."

Do not need to wait for specific orders, sit in the copilot's Fengde to clearly press a button, and the front row will lower a curtain to separate the front row and the back row.


When small read headache, look to Gong ou, frown way, "don't make trouble in the car."

"It's going to be a long time. Who will I do without you?" Gong Ou's hooligans are rightfully upright.

"No way." She insisted.

"Xiaonian." Gong Ou lowers his head to approach her ear, half embracing her earlobe, and says silently, "you haven't experienced it yet. It's very exciting."

The warm wind of his lips filled her ears and made her shiver.

When small read to turn over, way, "listen to this meaning, you have already realized, since so, I do not need to realize."

She doesn't need stimulation either. Who knows if the curtain can block the voice, even if it can.

She's not as shameless as he is.

"Who said I did?"

Gong Ou Dao.

"You have so many women, you should have experienced all the excitement." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Are you jealous?"

Gong Ou cradles the corners of her lips, and her long fingers lift her chin. "Don't worry, I'm a woman now, and I'll only have you in the future. I'll do all the original stimulation alone with you."

He spoke so plainly as if he were in love.

When Xiaonian still disagreed, he got out of his arms and shrank to the door. He looked out with his face against the window.

"Shixiaonian, are you rejecting me?" Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

"Mr. Gong is very wise. You can see it when I express it so gently." When small read pretends to smile, in the corner shrinks into a regiment, does not look at him, only looks outside.

"You are not graceful!"

Gong Ou stares at the back of her head. He is very unhappy, and suddenly his eyes pass outside.

His eyes are deep, when he pulls, Xiaonian turns around, his long hand covers her face, and his black eyes stare at her deeply, "don't do it, don't do it, where are you looking, look at me!"

Gong Ou's tone has always been domineering to only himself.


As long as she doesn't play with the thrills, she can.

"Look at me. If you don't look away for more than three minutes, I'll let you go this time."

Gong Ou stared at her.

When small read hesitated two seconds, nod, "good, come."

She closed her eyes, settled down, opened them and looked at him.

She saw in his deep eyes that his pupils were dark, with a kind of beauty that did not distinguish gender. It was like an endless abyss sucking her soul.

Less than a few seconds later, Xiaonian regretted the proposal. She wanted to turn her head and was pressed by Gong Ou's hand, forcing her to continue to look at him.

Shixiaonian never thought three minutes was so long.

Four eyes are opposite.

When Xiaonian stares at his black pupil and looks at it, her world seems to be only that dark.

Her calm heart rate grew.

If Mr is in the palace, he must be honest and say her abnormal heartbeat at the moment.

It turned out to be a terrible thing to look at Gong ou.

Gong Ou stares at her deeply, and the thin lips of surname sense draw up a radian

He exposed her without mercy.

"I didn't."

"You have."

"I didn't."

"Shall I touch your heart?" Gong Ou opens her mouth, her hands still on her face.

Touch your heart?

That's not to touch her

When small read defeat to the array, discouraged tunnel, "No."

"Shixiaonian, I said earlier, you can't not love me!" Gong ou can't live in the world