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Chapter 559 death of the flute

A man was standing there with a gun.

"Time whistle!"

Shi Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock and rushed to her.

How could this happen.

When the flute lies on the ground, the blood stained wet coat on her chest, her eyes are open, her eyelashes are trembling, and there is still a breath left.

"Shidi? How about Shidi? " When Xiaonian squatted down and looked at her unbelievably.


When Di sees her smile, she raises her hand and grabs it tremblingly.

"How are you? I'll take you to the doctor. " Shixiaonian holds Shidi's hand instead, and the gratitude and resentment between Shidi for so many years seem to suddenly become completely unimportant at this moment.

She only saw the blood on the flute.

"Come on."

When the flute spoke, the voice was weak, and blood oozed out of his mouth.

When Xiaonian hurriedly lowered his head and attached his ears to the mouth of the flute. His eyes were touching the blood on the chest of the flute, which was shocking.

"He hid very well, but only one person, so I came out." "Don't tell him. I'm dead. Save him. No, he won't stay or stay."

When Xiaonian listened to her laborious voice, her eyes were red and her voice was hoarse

The bald head came up and looked at them in disbelief.

"I'm sorry, sister." When the flute grasps her hand, the voice contains in the blood water, "to you, I really know wrong, you believe me."

When Xiaonian nodded forcefully, "I believe, I believe, in fact, many times you are a child's arrogant and willful temper, I know, I know, and I know that you have suffered enough."

The year she was thrown by Gong ou to live in a poor country was a miserable one, she knew.

Smell speech, when the flute smiled happily, tears suddenly overflowed from the eyes, "elder sister, you are so kind. When I was a child, I asked you to help me with my back. In fact, you are the best to me."


When Xiaonian closed his eyes, tears ran down his cheeks.

"Don't, don't cry, sister." When the flute spits out a mouthful of blood, he grabs the hand of shixiaonian with all his strength and holds the last mouthful of airway, "I've had enough, I've had enough life. I'm so happy, I, I finally like you when, the same year, according to, take care of the four years of blindness, so, before he did not, do not let it

When small reads to stretch out the hand to when the flute lifts to hug into the bosom, firmly holds.

For the hug of shixiaonian, Shidi laughs more happily. She leans all over her face in her arms with blood. Her eyes are staring at her, and her eyes are more and more lifeless.

"I really want to go back to my childhood. You and you will let me play with you." When the flute said slowly closed the eyes, has been tightly holding when small read's hand falls down.

Xiaonian kneels on the ground and holds the flute tightly. She looks at it and drops it to the ground.

"Little flute?" When Xiaonian looked at Shidi's face with low eyes, she looked like she was asleep. "Xiaodi, Xiaodi, wake up."


When the flute lay in her arms and never opened again.


When the flute died.

"Xiaodi, my sister will take you to play. I will take you with me." When small read to hold when the flute murmurs to say, the tear continuously drips down.

No, it won't.

If they go back to childhood, they are really good sisters, they must be good sisters.

Shixiaonian holds Shidi tighter and tighter. Bareheaded, he comes to her and raises his gun to her. He says coldly, "she is the friend you want to take away? She is a man of great admiration. "

When Xiaonian knelt on the ground, looked up at the bareheaded muzzle of the gun, shook his head, and sobbed, "no, I'm not looking for her, but she's my sister, I don't know how she's here. If you know me, you should know some of the grudges between me and my sister and admirer? "

In addition to mourning, Xiao Nian still has a trace of reason.

He looked at her with his head bared in disbelief.

Someone probably looked up her information on the mobile phone and gave it to the bareheaded man. After a glance, he took the gun away. When he said, "it was her who hit the muzzle of the gun. What we are looking for is mu qianchu. She rushed up to die by herself."


When Xiaonian closed his eyes, tears could not be restrained.

"Are you sad?" Bareheaded asked, it seems that the sister's resentment is not as heavy as it is written on the Internet.

"Anyway, she's my sister." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What did you just say? Did she say where mu qianchu is? "

Asked again, bareheaded.

He can't understand Chinese.

When Xiaonian slowly put Shidi on the ground, stood up, with blood on her body. She shook her head, "no, she just recalled our childhood. You... Does Gong ou want you to deal with mu qianchu? "

Hearing her mention of Gong Ou's name, she bared her head and smiled, "how can Mr. Gong be associated with such a person as us? I only know that mu qianchu's loss has his share of credit. Mu qianchu also swallowed many places of us at the beginning. Now he is in a loss, and we have revenge."

Gong Ou is Gong ou. Whenever he wants to, he can make people desperate with a finger.

She was moved that he was trying to help her, but he didn't know that she didn't want to see such a scene.

"I see."

Xiaonian nodded.

"Well, I'm sorry." Bareheaded pointed to the ground with the gun when the flute said to Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian shook her head, she was helpless and could not be investigated.

Several people ran to bareheaded and whispered, "no one was found, and the informant only saw Shidi, the woman who went in and out of the coffee shop, as if he didn't see muqianchu."

"Didn't mu qianchu really come?" Bareheaded and confused.

When small read to see, slowly turn around, continue to walk in, heavy heart.

In a box, a young couple hugged each other and huddled in the corner. The man held the woman firmly and put his back at the muzzle of a man's gun.

"I found my friend."

Xiaonian raised his voice and went up to look at them. "Sally, David, my friend, that gentleman is willing to let us go together."

The couple looks at Xiaonian stupidly, not too confused. They stand up and follow Xiaonian away.

In the end, shixiaonian just left the cafe with a pair of strange lovers.

She sat all night in a shop diagonally opposite the cafe, waiting until the night, until the people left. When Xiaonian stood in front of the glass and looked, he did not see them take away mu qianchu.

As Shi Di said, she gave mu qianchu the best hiding place.



It was late at night.

The imperial castle is quiet, and the moonlight falls on a French window, shining into a large bedroom with bright lights.

On the super large bed, the gray quilt is bulging. A handsome man is sleeping on the bed. His forehead is covered with sweat. His eyes are closed tightly. The eyes under his eyelids move all the time. He sleeps very uneasily.

A chain drawn on the ground.

The bars of a cage wider than his arms held him.

On the wall was a piece of news. When Xiaonian left for Italy, he caught up with his father's funeral and then presided over his mother's funeral.

Let him out.

When he wants to see Xiaonian, when he wants to see Xiaonian!

He kicks the railings hard and screams hysterically. The chains are locked in his waist, and his waist is tortured to a bloody mess.

"Gong ou, when you are indifferent to the news, you will be cured." Mona walked past the cage.

"I'm not fucking cured! I want to see you! I want to see you now

He wanted to rush out and tear Mona's face.

"you must treat yourself, but at the beginning, I has the final say. I must cure you." Mona looked at him with her arms in her arms.

He glared at her with ferocious eyes and roared at the top of his voice, "let me out! I want to see you! "

He's going to see her!

Her parents are dead, she must be very uncomfortable, but also stay in Mu qianchu that man side, he will not allow!

When he wants it, he wants it!

"Dead heart, you are like this now. What's the use of going? What can you read for me? Do you think she'd really like a psychopath who's gone crazy? " Mona sneers and stimulates him, "don't dream. At this time, Murakami accompanies Xiaonian. I'm afraid she has been in bed countless times."

"Let me out! Let me out! "

He rushed forward, kicking the railing hard.

As soon as the light in the cage turned off and on, his eyes twinkled, making him more furious and crazy. He shook the chain desperately, and when he looked at the projection on the wall, he thought for a while, but not for a while.

Sweat ran down his forehead and wet his eyes.

Suddenly, the light was dim.

Nothing to see.

The cage is out of sight.

When reading I can't see it.

"Let me out!"

Gong Ou suddenly sits up from the bed and stares at the front with fierce eyes, ferocious expression and sweat in his eyes, which makes his vision blurred.

Have another nightmare.

Gong Ou put out his hand to wipe his face and sat on the bed gasping for breath.

Recently, he always dreamed of the initial stage of treatment and the suffering of thinking. Isn't he far away from going back?

Mona, you're not very good.

He just stopped taking medicine for a while, and there was a hint of a relapse.

Treatment, he spent four years, relapse unexpectedly so short?

Gong Ou's fingers are buried in his hair. His short hair is all wet. Damn it.

He opened the quilt and got out of bed. He was going to take a shower. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Gong Ou frowned and went to the door to open the door.

A servant stood at the door with a worried face.

"Do you know what time it is?"

Gong Ou looks at the servant coldly. He comes to disturb him in the middle of the night. Is he crazy?

"Young master, the Butler called back and said that Miss Xi might have an accident." Feng de looked at him and said.


Gong Ou stood there, fingering his sleeve. He was wearing pajamas without cufflinks.

His face was taut, and he said coldly, "nonsense."

How could something have happened to her.

Her parents died four years ago without any accident, and now there is nothing else.