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Chapter 1058 extreme love

"Madam, when you do these things Ouch. "

In the middle of the conversation, Gong Ou pulls Xiaonian to the washing table and presses the tap to wash her wound.

Can you let her finish her speech well.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou helplessly, then looks at the two people outside the door and says, "madam, have you ever thought about bit? He's your son, no matter how many years he has been, and how hard it is for his mother and son to get together. You're going to let him taste the separation of yin and Yang again? "

Enid's expression was invisible. She was lying on the ground with blood on one hand. The color was dazzling.

And bit is standing in front of his mother, with confusion, fear and fear in his eyes.

"What about gauze? Anyone, bring the gauze! "

Gong Ou cried out from Xiaonian's wound when he was washing it.

Sure enough, when Xiaonian saw his little wound wrapped in zongzi, fortunately Gong Ou made progress and no longer tied as tightly as before, which would not let her blood flow through.

While Gong Ou is searching the Internet for quick recovery methods, Xiao Nian sneaks into the backyard and pushes Enid's room away.

Enid has been put on the bed, her wrists are bound with gauze, and she is receiving infusion. A disfigured face is not so pleasant, but the pallor and hole in her eyes are hard to see.

Bit sat by the bed with his head down.

He was only 16 years old, and he didn't understand what happened when he saw many things. He was just an ignorant child, but he was carrying the heaviest shackles in the world.

It seems that Enid chose not to make trouble.

When Xiaonian stepped forward, patted bit on the shoulder, and said softly, "I asked someone to cook some food, to eat some, and I'll talk to your mother."

Bit looked up at her, his eyes were blank again. After a while, he seemed to understand that Xiaonian was going to support him, so he nodded and stood up to leave.

There are only two people left in the room, Xiaonian and Enid.

Enid lay there, with no intention of talking to shixiaonian. Her eyes were as empty as if they were soulless, just staring at the ceiling.

When small read low Mou to gaze at her scarred face, long time just way, "I really did not expect you will love that man to this extent."

Smell speech, Enid had reaction, eyelash is violent quiver.

"In fact, I really don't know what's good about him. He's high above the others. He's respected by thousands of people, but he's a husband with a wife." When small read lightly said, "bit is your flesh and blood, you are his only warm relatives, he just recognized you, but you for such a man to leave bit again."


Enid lay silent.

"Bit is really cute and smart. How can you give up on him again and again. If I had known that, I would not have advised him to recognize you. " Shixiaonian asked. She really loves bith.

It's been a bad decade for bit.

When she heard this, Enid closed her eyes. Tears came from the corners of her eyes.

There was a silence in the room.

When Xiaonian thought that Enid was not ready to speak when she was killed, Enid closed her eyes and asked, "if one day, you have to give up raising your own children to make your husband better, what would you do?"

When small read stupefied for a while, in the mind delimited many recollections fragment.

She now finds that many memories are so far away.

Shi Xiaonian sat down beside the bed and looked at an antique floor lamp in the room and said, "I've never met such a situation, but Gong Ou is different from George. He may not know how to express it, but I know that he is a father who can protect his children with his own life."


Enid's eyes shed more tears.

"You don't have to compare you with us, because he can't compare with Gong Ou in any way." Shi Xiaonian said she admitted that she didn't like George, especially when it comes to biting abuse.

Hearing this, Enid smiled bitterly. "You don't understand. Do you know how much he has done for me? Do you know how painful it is for me to betray him like this? "

"He treats you well, and you won't be like this."

Shixiaonian refutes her.

Enid closed her eyes, and tears ran down the corner of her eyes again. The original cold voice became very sad. "That year, I was sent to serve George, who was only a young master at that time..."

Enid told a very long story to shixiaonian. When she grew up, Xiaonian was immersed in the story and couldn't come out.

When I left the room, Xiaonian was still in a trance.

When Enid was watched by someone, Xiaonian went back to the main house alone, looking around and sighing. She had just experienced another era, another strange life.

Feng de stood not far away, smiled at her, and leaned towards the open door to signal her to pass.

When Xiaonian walked past, her mind was still a variety of pictures of another life. She stepped out of the door, the yard in the high wall was full of flowers, and the fragrance was fragrant. Looking out from the branches, the sky was as clear as washed.

On one side, Gong Ou is sitting on the step beside the baby's crib. The little pumpkin occasionally makes a babbling sound. Gong Ou holds the flower of moonlight in his long hand. His black eyes sweep to his son in the crib. "Hey, when does it bloom? Feng de said that children like you can be psychic. "


This is the answer for pumpkin.

"Cut." Gong Ou turned the flowerpot disdainfully. "I knew that old men like Feng de couldn't believe it."


Little pumpkin chatted with him very well.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked at the scene, her mind was filled with the stories that Enid had told. All of them intertwined into a light smile on her lips, some bitter, but full of heart.

She went to Gong ou and took the flowerpot from his hand. "Be careful not to damage the moonlight flower."

"Done talking?" Gong Ou looks up at her with a disgruntled look. "How many chatty are you with an ugly monster?"

When Xiaonian carefully put the moonlight flower aside, and then sat down on the next step of Gong Ou's steps. The whole person almost sat in his arms and leaned on his thigh.

Gong Ou finds something wrong with her and frowns, "what's the matter?"

"Gong ou, do you think there is a kind of love in the world that can be so extreme that people are afraid?" Said Xiao Nian softly.

Gong Ou pulls the hair off her cheek and admires her face, "you say."

If she wants to talk, he lets her talk.

"It turns out that Enid was his maid before George got married. She was very smart. With George's help, she learned a lot. Even George needed her to work behind the scenes to make suggestions, which made her stand out from his brothers step by step."

When Xiaonian lies on Gong Ou's leg and narrates the story, "in this process, two people have experienced a lot. George must be her, but he was arranged to get married soon. George took her to escape marriage because he was dizzy. After she woke up, she sent George back. He took the initiative to go to George's mother's side. For her safety, George could only accept the marriage."

"Oh, he is so affectionate?"

Gong Ou sneers and makes a complete mockery.

"George always wanted to be with Enid, but Enid felt that she was just a poor land, unable to nourish such a tree, so her love for George was to make him grow up in the Lancaster family." "Did you know that the children George and his wife had were all from Enid's own medicine?" she whispered

"A madwoman."

Gong Ou's evaluation is sharp and direct.

"I feel very ironic. Unlike the rumor, I'm afraid the only time George was sober was when he had a child with Enid." "No matter what Enid did, George would not give up on her. A lot of things happened in the middle of it. Every time George was defused by her because her position was in danger, but her way of doing it made George suffer endlessly."

"One useless man."

Gong Ou continues to comment.


Little pumpkin is lying in the shaker and commenting.

When Xiaonian looked up at Gong ou, Gong Ou shrugged, reached out and pinched her face, "OK, you go on, I listen."

"Maybe it's just because he's been begging for something. George is becoming more and more crazy about her. He's even morbid. Without her, he won't do anything or manage the family. He's getting worse." When Xiaonian went on, "Enid finally found that the tree was getting further and further away from her expectations, so she compromised, and there would be bits."

"Oh, it's still junior."

Gong Ou Dao.


Little pumpkin followed the comments.


When small read helplessly, she sighed extremely, can let her well tell a story, what mood all have no.

looked up at her in the arms of the palace and stared at him. "What do you think of others?"

He said that he was a junior.

Gong Ou pursed his lips. "I've changed my mind for a long time. I'm right now."

It can't be corrected any more.

"Is it? Three views of believing that children can be psychic? " Xiaonian glanced at him with a little provocation.

I even asked the little pumpkin when the moonlight flower would open such a stupid question.

Gong Ou's face can't hang. He pinches her earlobes, reaches out and brings her in his arms. He lets her stick closer to him and says, "you can't tell a story. Besides, I won't listen to you, so you can hold it."

This woman really likes to tear his face.


No, she needs to talk.

When Xiaonian was about to go on, he suddenly found that he couldn't catch the film. "Where did I talk about?"

"They went to bed and had illegitimate children."

Gong Ou is simple and direct.