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Chapter 90 mu qianchu helps her eavesdrop

When Xiaonian was confused by his action.

What's he doing with the door closed?

"Xiaonian, are you too naughty? What do you want to do? Come to this room and climb from the balcony to the next room to eavesdrop? Are you not afraid of falling to death? " Mu qianchu frowned and looked at her nervously with a reproach. "This is the eighth floor."

She thought it was a family affair and didn't take her life seriously.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, "you all know."

He did see her following.


Mu qianchu's breathing is a little unsteady. She looks at her deeply with one eye. She disappears from his sight for fear of not looking at one. Then she goes to climb the balcony on the 8th floor.

"What do you want?"

When Xiaonian stood back frustrated, drooped his eyes, and said, "yes, I'm following the flute. Are you going to call the police or prepare for something else?"


It's estimated that when Gong Ou goes to the police station to catch her, she will be furious. When Xiao Nian can imagine that picture, Gong ou will surely wring her ear and scold her while protecting her.

Hearing this, mu qianchu's face flashed a gloomy, wry smile, "how do you think I want to call the police?"

He can't hold her in her eyes.

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

Would he have let her go if he hadn't called the police?

"If I want to call the police, I'll knock on the door and do something. Just wait for you to climb over and grab a figure." The voice is a little bitter.

When he went out, he found that she was following Shidi's car, so he followed her closely.

He didn't know what she was going to do, but he was worried that something would happen to her.

Seeing that she was observing with a telescope and living in the room next to Shidi, he vaguely guessed what she would do. Before, she was as bold as a girl, climbing trees, windows and walls.

But this is the eighth floor. How dare he let her go.


When Xiaonian listened to him, he was shocked.

What if he doesn't take her? Don't you call the police and get her?

"May I sit down?" Asked mu qianchu.

When small read nods, "you sit."

Polite and alienated tone.

Mu qianchu sat down on the sofa, leaning forward slightly, reached out and pressed the forehead with some pain, and there was loneliness between the eyebrows.

Time passed by, both of them were silent.

When Xiaonian leaned against the wall and finally couldn't help breaking the dead silence, "don't you wonder why I followed Shidi?"

From his appearance to sitting here, he never asked her why.

Hearing this, mu qianchu sat up straight, looked at her face with narrow, long and soft eyes, and smiled lightly, "you always have your reasons for doing things. If you want to say that I will listen, you don't want to say that I won't press questions."

He never liked to be in charge of her. From his youth, he had enough support for what she wanted to do.

Except, of course, dangerous things.


When Xiaonian looked at him with astonishment, he was in a mood of confusion.

He's not even looking for the clock? She was following his wife.

"Why do you look at me like this?" Mu qianchu asked.

"You are really different."

She said.

Since he lost his memory, when did he listen to her carefully? Every word she said was wrong. Even when she asked him for help, he said coldly to collect her body

Now, he said she did it for a reason, not for the time flute.


Mu qianchu looks at her, her eyes are moving.

It's not different, it's that he's finally back to his old dream.

The words rolled twice to the mouth, and mu qianchu still didn't say them. He looked at her face, her eyebrows, her eyes, her nose, her lips, and looked deeply.

When Xiaonian was looked at uneasily, he didn't know what to say.

"They haven't left yet. Let's use a safe way to eavesdrop."

Vaguely guessing the purpose of her coming out today, mu qianchu said, with a gentle voice and a trace of unspeakable fatigue.

He will help her to do it before she leaves, or she will find a way to make fun of her safety.


When Xiaonian is completely stunned, he wants to help her eavesdrop?

Mu qianchu stood up and asked, "do you have the silver box that can be plugged into your mobile phone?"

Silver box?

When Xiaonian looked at him in astonishment, it took a few seconds before he finally understood.

It turned out that at Mu's house that day, the reason why she could easily get Shidi's mobile phone was that mu qianchu secretly helped each other. At that time, he suddenly took all the people away, leaving her alone.

She thought it was luck.

"That day, you helped me on purpose." She murmured.

Muqianchu did not deny it, but asked, "do you bring it?"


When Xiaonian went to one side, she opened her backpack and took out the silver shield from the inside. This silver box was always on her body, just in case.

"Give it to me." Mu qianchu took the silver shield from her hand and glanced at it lightly. "This is a senior thief. Listen to the device. If the mobile phone is turned off, it can still be stolen. Listen?

When small read stiff ground nodded, "can."

Gong Ou's virus program is so invincible that it can turn the mobile phone itself into a eavesdropper. If Tang Yi and Shi Di didn't come here with any communication tools, she wouldn't have to follow them, just eavesdrop at home.

"Well." Mu qianchu nodded, then walked out. "You wait for me here for a while."


At that time, Xiaonian watched him leave, confused.

What does he really want to do?

A few minutes later, Mu returned to the room, looked at her at the door and signaled her to go.

When Xiaonian was puzzled, mu qianchu opened the door open. A uniformed waiter stood there pushing the dining car and made a "OK" gesture towards mu qianchu.

When small read more confused.

"Come here, don't make a noise."

Mu qianchu pulls her, and Xiaonian is taken by him. He leans against the cold wall with him, and his shoulders are close to each other.

She was stunned, and suddenly heard the knocking outside and the sweet voice of the waiter, "Hello, hotel service, deliver your meal."

The waiter knocked at the door of the whistle next door.

Then the door opened in the next room.

When small read inexplicably some tension, cold fingers, suddenly a tight hand, she lowered her head, saw mu qianchu holding her hand, firmly hold.

Her eyes stopped, her heart stopped for a second.

Next second, she pulled out her hand and put it behind her.

Mu qianchu's back is against the wall. She feels her movements and her hands are hanging there stiffly. She doesn't say anything.

In the direction of the next room, when the flute was born with a baby voice, it said, "I didn't order a meal."

"It's a complimentary item from our hotel. Please accept it." The waiter said with a smile, taking something.

"No, take it." When the flute drives away people displeased.

"Well, please accept this bottle of red wine. Have a good stay, miss. "

After a few words, the door next door closed and the waiter pushed the dining car over.

Mu qianchu pulls the door of the big room. The waiter smiles and nods to Mu qianchu. In a soft voice, he says, "I have done what you asked me to do. Let me go first."

The head of the jaw.

With that, the waiter left.

When muqianchu closed the door, Xiaonian asked with a puzzled face, "what did she do?"

"Throw my cell phone in the next room." I admire the way of the beginning.

His cell phone Throw it in the next room?

"It's easy for my cell phone to make a sound, so I shut it down so that it's safe." "Mu qianchu said quietly," and on that mobile phone, I have implanted your eavesdropping program


When small read Zheng ground looks at him.

He implanted his cell phone with a virus, turned it into a bug, and then put it in the next room through the waiter.

That is to say, she just needs to go back and listen to it to know what Tang Yi and Shi Di said.

It's a sure way.

"Just go back and listen." "Then I'll go first," said Mu

Finish saying, mu qianchu will open the door to leave.

When Xiaonian looked at his back, his hand behind him was clenched tightly, and he couldn't help asking, "why do you want to help me?"

He did all this far beyond her expectation.

He's Shidi's husband, isn't he? Now he's helping her steal. Listen to Shidi's secret and don't ask why.

Mu qianchu's back stopped at the door, and the manual operation at the door moved.

He was silent.

"Why help me?" When Xiaonian asked again.

"Do you want to know the answer?"

Muqianchu didn't look back. His voice was clear and low, as if he had been struggling from his throat.

In the huge room, the air is still flowing.

The sun came through the balcony, shining under the dark wood grain floor.

When Xiaonian stood behind him and looked at his back in amazement, her heart filled with a feeling of Indescribability. For a long time, she heard her voice ringing in the quiet room, "of course I want to know the answer."

Why does his tone sound As if she should know the answer.

But she really didn't know.

What was he thinking?

Why on earth did he do all this to help her?

Mu Qianchu stood at the door for almost a minute, reached out to close the door, and then slowly turned around, looking straight at her with one eye.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he didn't understand the loneliness in his eyes.

All of a sudden, mu qianchu smiled faintly and walked to her step by step. He put one hand on the wall and scratched the lines on the wall with his fingertips.

At that moment, Xiaonian had a kind of illusion, as if he saw the young mu qianchu coming towards her.

When she was young, mu qianchu had no vision. She always walked slowly towards her by touching the wall with her fingers.

Looking at his movements, Xiaonian's face turned pale.

Reality and the past were confused before her eyes.

Mu qianchu came to her and looked down at her pale face. The loneliness of her eyes gradually disappeared.

She remembers, doesn't she.

She gave up on him, but she still remembered what they had done.

His face slowly showed a smile, moved his lips, was about to speak, a sharp pain hit his head, mu qianchu quickly reached out and held his head, people fell towards her.

When Xiaonian suddenly wakes up from the confused memory and quickly helps him, "are you ok?"