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Chapter 982 understanding the occurrence of events

"We did our best." When several doctors were in the same direction, Xiaonian bent down to apologize and left her.

When Xiaonian stood there alone, the corridor was very long, like there was no end.

She was there, colder and colder, to despair.


Muqianchu was arranged in a special isolation ward, which was attended by doctors and nurses every day. Xiaonian could only stand outside the glass and watch, but could not enter.

Mu qianchu was lying there, his head was bandaged, his nose was filled with oxygen tubes, and there were all kinds of infusion bags around the hospital bed. The doctor came in every once in a while to check his condition.

Without those instruments, without those pipes, he looks like he's sleeping.

When Xiaonian suddenly thought of Mu qianchu's first craniotomy, she was with him at that time, but later she couldn't see him. When he saw you again, he had lost his memory.

This is the second time she accompanied mu qianchu to have craniotomy. This time, he did not lose his memory, but became a vegetable.

If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be like this, because of her

No, she can't think that.

The doctor said Mu qianchu showed a strong will to survive in the whole operation, and she knew why.

Qian Chu said that he should cheer up instead of blindly increasing negative emotions. He was afraid that she would last so long after being shot. His will to survive would be so strong that he didn't want to lose faith with her.

She can't break faith with him either.

When Xiaonian looks at the people inside through the glass and silently makes a vow, I will cheer up and please wake up.

No one of them should be dishonest.

Three days later, Mu's situation gradually stabilized, and he was transferred from the special ward to the intensive care ward. Before he could get in, Xiao Nian was stopped by several bodyguards.

She knew that Gong Ou's patience was limited.

She was taken away from the ward and returned to the imperial castle. Along the way, she saw many places clearing up the mess. Those places were bombed. The radio in the car reported the incident back and forth.

The panic brought by this event is unprecedented, but the safety protection of s city has never been improved.

When the car slowly entered the imperial castle, Xiaonian turned to look at the dense forest, and thought that he had been in it for so long.

The car stopped. In front of him, Feng de stood with a group of servants. Feng De's hair was white and his face was wrinkled. He came up and opened the door for her.

When Xiaonian got out of the car, she quietly looked at the old man in front of her. Her nose was very sour. She threw her nose into his arms, "adoptive father."

Long time no see.

The days in the forest were so closed that she forgot how she had lived before.

"Suffered." Feng de hugged her and patted her gently on her back, with deep feelings in her voice.

The two separated. Feng de looked down at her belly and said with a smile, "it's a lot bigger."

"Well." When small read nods, hand consciousness ground caresses to own abdomen.

"Let's go in and have a rest." Feng de took her to the castle and said, "I've arranged for you to go to the police station in the afternoon and take a confession. You know it's a big deal."


When Xiaonian understood, he looked forward and saw that the front of the castle had been cleaned up completely, and he could not see the shadow of the gun battle of the previous few days. Everything seemed so calm and grand.

There is no trace of blood beside the fountain. Those water flowers are still dancing in the music, so romantic.

Fengde leads Xiaonian to go in, goes upstairs, and goes to the bedroom. Xiaonian says, "father, I want to see the information first."

Feng de was stunned for a moment and said, "let's have a rest. You've spent enough time in the hospital these two days."

"The people who accompany me the most in this period are those who keep me. Now let me go to have a rest, and I'm not worried." When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, his eyes were black and white.

Gong Ou doesn't understand her useless idea. Will Feng de understand?

Feng de looks at her. The bruises on her face have never been treated. She scabs like that and looks weak.

He sighed. "Then you have to be prepared. If you are too excited, I will take you away at any time."


"Young master is not at home at this time. Let's go to the study." Said van der.

Two people went to Gong Ou's study. The whole castle was empty. There were fewer people than before. The house seemed bigger and bigger, as if they could not walk to the end.

Feng de opens the door of the study, and Xiao Nian goes in. She hasn't been here for a long time.

Sunlight came in through large French windows and fell on the fluffy carpet. She vaguely remembered the pictures of fighting and reading with Gong ou, which seemed to be the last thing in her life.

There is a large glass window in the corner. It is the wedding dress and dress she went to see before she was caught. There are four people in the family and two children in it.

They are placed there, beautiful, white to holy.

Beside the curved desk, an easel was placed there. When Xiaonian walked by, she saw that the picture on the easel was obviously her unfinished work, which was half of the wedding book.

When small read tightly clenches the lip, the orbit is suffused with red.

"The young master keeps this picture here all the time. He will stay here and watch when he doesn't go to the company. He misses you very much." Feng de stood behind her and said.

"He's suffering, isn't he?" Asked shixiaonian.

Feng de held a black folder in his hand, and smelled, "when you were away at first, he would drink too much, tie himself up and hide in the corner. I was afraid that the young master would come back."

Such a young master is so paranoid that he can even do things of self harm.


When Xiaonian listened, his eyes were more and more red.

"Later, young master is better, but people are getting thinner and thinner, and they are losing shape." Feng de said with a wry smile, "I also know that not long ago he went to see you, and I didn't even say it, for fear of divulging your news."


When Xiaonian bit her lips, her lips turned white. For a long time, she loosened her lips and asked naively, "Yifu, do you think it's worth doing this for me?"

She was unhappy in the forest, and he tortured himself out of the same way.

"I have to ask the young master, but I believe the answer is yes." As long as it's related to Xiaonian, the young master is the first, the world has to make way, and he has to make way himself.

"But my answer is no." Said Shi Xiaonian.


Feng de looked at her in dismay, wondering why she suddenly said such a thing, which was really scared by two consecutive events?

When Xiaonian raised her hand and slowly touched the unfinished wedding book. Her fingertips touched the upper edge, which was the big red festive border. The color was red to dazzling. She murmured, "my head has become more and more unable to wear the crown he gave."

"Xiaonian, a lot of things have happened to you during this period, haven't you?" Feng de can feel that small thoughts are heavy.


When small read silence.

Seeing that she looked like she didn't want to say more, Feng de put the black folder on the desk aside, opened it and pulled out several documents to spread out one by one.

When Xiaonian went over, he sat down in front of the desk, looked down at the documents on it, and the first thing that came into his eyes was the life and death of all the people in the forest.

The number of deaths: four, and a small F.

Number of people unaccounted for: 5.

Serious injury: 7

minor injury: 19.

When Xiaonian looked at the report stupidly, she was familiar with every name on it, and could see one or two pictures before her eyes.

Little f died. It brought down the crazy enemy and saved many of them.

The four people who died were all from her group. The first name was to let them enter the elevator and rush out to meet the enemy

They all wanted to protect her life. At that time, she wanted to report to Gong ou. She had to report.

"My adoptive father, tell me about the whole thing." "At least I can make it clear when I sweep their tombs," he asked in a low voice

Feng de stands there and looks at her. Xiao Nian has always been a man of great affection. It's certain to see so many people die, but she is calmer than he imagined.

"I didn't know about it at the beginning. The young master was very cautious, even I was on guard." "In fact, at the beginning, the master's plan was to press against Lancaster, and then go to England for another round of mopping up, but then he suddenly began to study robots and study Mr palace in secret," he said slowly

Study Mr?

When Xiaonian was stunned, Fengde looked at her and said, "young master later said to me that you found something wrong with Mr palace."


When Xiaonian was a little surprised, she and Gong Ou mentioned that Mr palace has independent consciousness. Because of this, Gong Ou began to study Mr palace, so from then on, he suspected Mr palace.

But he didn't mention anything to her.

"What did you find out?" Asked shixiaonian.

"All the data of Mr palace show that it has no problem, otherwise it will be checked out in the routine examination. Later, the young master found that some of the data of Mr palace were floating in the normal range, but there was a problem." Said van der.

"What does this mean?" Shi Xiaonian immediately asked why the data of Mr palace would be dark floating.

"There are two possibilities. One is that someone has changed the data, and the one who can make such changes without leaving a trace is definitely a technology expert. There is no such talent in N.E, and the world has never heard of such a person." "If you exclude the first possibility, the second possibility is the self upgrading of robots, which you call autonomous consciousness. If this is true, it will be a very terrible discovery," said Feng De

Robots upgrade themselves, which means that some of the science fiction movies will come true.

"Can't you find out which possibility it is?" Asked shixiaonian.