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Chapter 324 total disappointment

This action, like a sarcastic slap on her face again.

"Enough." Gong Ou's black eyes look at shixiaonian deeply. "I'll send you back!"

"Gong ou, it's also a kind of hurt to Xiaonian if you are so sloppy. Do you know that?" Mona is holding Gong Ou in one hand, holding a high umbrella for him in the other hand, smiling on a beautiful face. "You see, she now thinks that you are hard to tell. She thinks that the reason why you broke up is not so simple."

Gong Ou looks at Mona coldly.

The woman reminded him that he was not clean enough, and Gong Ou's eyes were more and more heavy.

How can he break clean? When Xiaonian's temptation to him is more attractive than he thought, he can't control himself.

This curtain falls in the eyes of shixiaonian, just like a deep gaze.

She suddenly found herself ridiculous.

What is she thinking about, thinking that Gong OUHUI's money has feelings for her? Think Gong Ou appears in the harbor of heaven is she still reluctant to give up?

It's a joke to be so affectionate to her.

In the rain, I came to ask for clarification, even offered to kiss, but now

"Xiaonian." Mona looked at Gong ou with her arm bent and said, "I hope you don't pester Gong Ou again. You are the former. Please put yourself in the right place and don't imagine whether Gong ou will still be unforgettable to you."


When Xiaonian stood there, his face was washed by the rain, and his eyes were empty looking at them.

Gong Ou said nothing, leaving Mona to be his spokesman.

Powerful as Gong ou, she also indulges the women around her to speak and accuse her wantonly.

Isn't the answer obvious enough?

Fantasy, of course, is her fantasy.

"Xiaonian, Gong ou and I are fine now." Mona said, eyes flash, suddenly stand on tiptoe to kiss the thin lips of Gong ou.

Gong Ou stood there, shoes back a step, clothes in front of her chest by Mona, Mona kissed his lips, a pair of sea blue eyes staring at her, eyes have deep meaning.

She is telling him that if he goes on like this, he will only be confused with shixiaonian, which is not what he wants.

Gong Ou stood and stared at Mona coldly with black eyes. Suddenly, his eyes showed his determination. He reached out and waved the umbrella in Mona's hand. The long hand held Mona in his arms and lowered his head to kiss her deeply.


Mona's eyes were startled, then moved, and her hands slowly climbed up his shoulders to meet his kiss.

This is Gong Ou's first kiss, or in front of Shi Xiaonian, Mona's heart beat very fast.

They kissed each other in the rain.


When Xiaonian stood not far away and looked at them like this, the whole person seemed to be suddenly empty, with inexplicable pain in his body, as if he had been beaten hard.

The rain fell on her and cooled into her bones.

Rain blurred her eyes, she looked at their affectionate kiss, like looking at another world, this scene, she thought, she will never forget.

After kissing, Gong Ou releases Mona, wipes his thin lips on his fingertips, and looks coldly at Shi Xiaonian. "Have you got the answer you want now? Can I die? "

He said understatement.

If the voice has power, then now she is slapped hard by him and her brain is completely awake.

When Xiaonian didn't know why he could stand, he could say clearly, "yes."

At last she was promised.

Mona stood beside Gong ou, with the pride of the winner on her face. She looked at Shi Xiaonian with a smile on her face and said softly, "Xiaonian, I hope you can bless us."


When Xiaonian looked at them, he suddenly smiled, and a warm stream flowed on his face. Fortunately, the rain washed her face, which could not be more embarrassed.

"What are you laughing at?"

Gong Ou embraces Mona and asks coldly with a smile beside Xiaonian's lips.

"I wish you all the best." When Xiaonian stood there, people step by step back, "I wish you will never be happy, I wish you a lifetime of different dreams!"


Mona's face suddenly became ugly, and she read when she stared angrily.

Is she a blessing? She is a curse.

Mona goes up to say, but is hugged by Gong ou and can't move forward. She can only stand there. Gong Ou looks coldly at Shi Xiaonian, but says to Mona, "don't worry about a pregnant woman."

This pregnant woman is pregnant with her baby.

He showed his love to another woman in front of her.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou's handsome face in the rain, she will remember it forever.

From now on, she treats this man Only hate.

Only hate.

The most determined hate.

When Xiaonian slowly turned his head in the rain, his eyes flashed over the two beautiful faces of Yijun and Yimei. He turned around and left step by step. Without an umbrella, he walked forward alone.

She walked step by step, with her broken self-esteem.

The heart is like pain, and it is like no pain.

She couldn't say that feeling.

She is going to get the answer, and finally she is going to get the answer, and finally she is completely dead. She will never think about anything, never.

Mona's body has been drenched. She leans against Gong ou and looks at Xiaonian's back.

Until then Xiaonian disappeared into their sight.


When Mona was sure that Xiaonian was gone, she cried out in pain. Her face was full of pain and she looked down at her waist.

Gong Ou seems to hold her waist. In fact, she is pinching her fiercely. Until now, Mona can't stand the pain. She immediately pushes away his hand. "Gong ou, what are you doing?"

It hurts.

She felt that the flesh on her waist was pinched off by him, and she could hardly stand in pain.

"Who allowed you to appear?" Gong Ou stares at her coldly, his eyes almost gloomy.

Mona looked at him with a little fear in her eyes. She put her hand on her waist and said, "if I didn't show up in time, would you just fall?"

She has been standing not far away looking at them.

Gong ou can't resist Shi Xiaonian's repeated questioning. If she didn't show up, Shi Xiaonian would continue to pester him because of money.

"Fall?" Gong Ou stood in the rain, repeated the two words, and then sneered, "ah."


If he is occupied, he doesn't have to suppress his feelings about time.

Gong Ou turned around and walked forward, stiff step by step, as if drunk. All he saw was the hatred on Xiaonian's face before he left.

She hates him.

She cursed him, should be, he is so bad, she cursed him not good death should be.

"Gong Ou!" Mona rubbed her waist, then immediately ran after him, and hugged his arm painfully. "You don't have to do this. If you have a relationship, it's OK. I'll be with you all the time."


Gong Ou pushes away her hand without saying a word, pushing hard.

Mona was pushed so that she almost fell, "Gong ou..."

"Get out of here!" Gong Ou glared at her fiercely, and then went on. The raindrops wet his clothes, reflecting his shirt in dark color, which made him look embarrassed.

He knew that she would never forgive him again.

"Gong ou, would you mind not doing this? If you let me treat you, you don't have to think about her all the time. " Mona ran after him again, grabbed his strong arm, and cried out in the rain.

"Go away!" Gong Ou flings her away and stares at her fiercely. "Mona, I tell you! Don't worry about me again! Don't follow me again! Roll! "

This woman is a nightmare.

"How can I ignore you?" Mona stood there, a long blonde hair wet by the rain. "You know I love you, Gong ou, I will always be by your side to watch you, until you love me, I will not let go!"

He is paranoid and she insists.

"Shut up! Roll! "

He couldn't hear every word she said. He strode on.

Mona looked at his back, eyes wet, reached out to wipe the water off his face, and shouted, "do you hate me now, think I've ruined your time with shixiaonian? Can't you argue with her? I don't know if she will be in danger. Are you sure you can look at her face everyday and be ok? Gong ou, don't lie to yourself. You can't do it! "


Gong Ou's tall body froze in the rain.

"I've seen it several times. Sometimes you can't face her like that." When she saw him standing still, Mona thought that she had hit the spot and choked, "why do you torture yourself like this and cure the disease? You don't have deep feelings for her. Isn't that good?"

Gong Ou turns around abruptly, stands in front of her, a pair of eyes glare at her maliciously, "have you said enough?"

"I just love you for tormenting yourself like this!"

Mona looked up at his face, a beautiful face full of sadness, "why not choose me more suitable for you? There is no obstacle between us, is there? "

Why do people like to climb obstacles.

Gong Ou stares at her, then looks at the wall next to her. Her thin lips lift slightly. "There's no obstacle between you and the wall. Go get married!"

As he said that, Gong Ou went over her and went to the cardboard box in the distance.


Mona stood there with red eyes.

Pride is like her. What she got here is only embarrassment and disgrace.

How can he be like this? Is her love so dismissive to him?

Mona turned around and saw Gong Ou pick up the wet cardboard box from the ground, and the whimper of the kitten came out.

Gong Ou passed Mona with the cardboard box in his arms. Two little kittens sat in the cardboard box, with their eyes glued to him. They didn't move. They just sat quietly, making a tiny meow, like little babies.

She said she wanted to raise it.

Then raise it. Imperial Castle doesn't lack a stammer. It's just He is short of food.

Robbing him of his food, he had to take them back to raise them.

In the rain, Gong Ou looks down at the two kittens.

Drenched in the rain, when Xiaonian went back, he became ill and his head was very confused.