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Chapter 903 Gong Ou kneels

It's like a piece of jade. It's placed there. The luster is light, not dazzling, but peaceful.


It's peace.

When small read very strange to think of this word, but mu qianchu to her feeling is like this.

Two people stand like this, a few meters apart.

Wind through the cemetery, mu qianchu silence, when small read also silence.

At that time, a group of bodyguards behind Xiaonian finally recognized the blind man who appeared in the cemetery, and rushed over with a scream, "it's mu qianchu! Mr. Gong said, who caught the heavy reward! "

"Nobody move."

When small read cold to open mouth, slowly turn around.

"Mrs. Gong!"

The bodyguards stood there in fright, not for anything else. It was when Xiaonian put his head on his neck, and his blade appeared cold under the night.

Mu qianchu stood there peacefully, he could not see and did not participate in any topic.

When Xiaonian knew that these bodyguards did not dare to move forward, she turned back to look at mu qianchu and said, "the farther you go, the better."

"Gong Aotian wants to see me."

Mu qianchu replied faintly, in a tone of no complaint, no hatred, indifferent.

"You don't have to worry about him. You go. Go now."

Shi Xiaonian said in an urgent tone.

She can't let mu qianchu fall into Gong Ou's hands.

Wen Yan, mu qianchu smiled and asked gently, "will he kill me?"

"I don't know, so I ask you to leave."

When small read tightly hold the head of the hand, looking at mu qianchu that thin face said.

Gong Ou has never been honest with her about his ultimate goal. It can be seen that no matter what he wants to do, he will do what she does not want to see.

Then, she guessed a little vaguely.

So she had to wait for qianchu to leave.

"You know I'll go." Mu qianchu led the dog rope, followed the big white dog step by step to her, smiled calmly, "the parents of the little flute are in his hands."

After so many years of gratitude and resentment, Shizhong's deeds are not worthy of anyone's forgiveness, but they are Shidi's parents, which is the reason why mu qianchu appears, so simple.

"For my sake, Gong Ou won't take them for granted. You are the key point of Gong ou."

When Xiaonian looked at him and said.

Hearing this, mu qianchu didn't have any fear either. He smiled lightly, as if he was talking about the weather with her casually, "right? That's right. I also want to talk to Gong ou. "


When small read frown.

At first hearing her call out his name, mu qianchu's smile froze for a second, and then he said, "let me do something for the flute."

"Even to die?"

When small read to ask a way, say the voice of the last word all a little quiver.

"Don't you also say not necessarily?" Mu qianchu said with a smile, "besides, what if it's death? When two choices are put in front of you, you will definitely choose the one that makes you happy, won't you? "

So, in his eyes, can he do something for the flute, even if he is happy to die?

He's really getting better.

"What if I don't agree?" "I'm stabbing myself with a knife now. I can make sure you leave safely," shixiaonian asked

"Xiaonian, don't do that. Please respect my decision." Muqianchu said calmly, "besides, this is between me and Gong ou. It has nothing to do with you. Let me talk to him."


If it really has nothing to do with her, she thought bitterly.

"Put the knife down and be careful not to hurt yourself." Muqianchu said, shaking the dog rope, "let's go."

Hearing the master's call, the dog named xiaof immediately shakes a few times and moves forward slowly. Mu qianchu follows him.

The bodyguards all stared at him nervously.

When small read slowly put down the first, throw aside, silently looking at his walking figure, such a decision will really make him happier?

Mu qianchu calmly sits in shixiaonian's car, comforts the dog to lie down and caresses its head with his hand.

When Xiaonian sat beside him, watching him want to say nothing, can only look at him in silence.

"I've asked someone to take care of Xiaodi's tomb all year round, but I'm afraid that person is lazy with the money. Can you help me stare at it?" In the small space, muqianchu opened the door first.

What is he, give me his last words?


Shixiaonian agrees.

"Don't quarrel with him about it. The children are so old. They should live happily too." Mu qianchu talks again.

This is Gong ou.

Mu qianchu persuades her and Gong ou to be good.

When Xiaonian suddenly found that they have changed, she has changed, Gong Ou has changed, even mu qianchu has changed.

"I'm afraid to face the future now."

She said in a low voice because she could not see the future.

"Someone will pave a way for you. Don't worry."

Said Mu qianchu calmly.


Make a path.

When Xiaonian looked at the ring on his ring finger with low eyes, it was cut into a heart-shaped shape, which was breathtaking. Is that what Gong Ou thought?

Like a flash of light from her mind, she smiled bitterly, "I don't think Gong ou will kill you."

Suddenly she understood.

It's all clear.

Mu qianchu stroked the dog at his feet, and smelled the words with a faint smile. "I think so, too."

"Here you are, Mrs. Gong."

The driver opened his mouth and the car stopped slowly. In front of him was a big hotel with bright lights and countless bodyguards.

Mu qianchu sat quietly, feeling that the car stopped, reached for the door and said, "I'll get off first."

"Qianchu" When Xiaonian looked at him, "can I ask you something?"


Mu qianchu turned his face.

"No matter what Gong Ou wants you to do, don't you agree, OK?" He asked.

Mu qianchu sat beside her, silent for a long time, then said, "I try my best."


What she wants is not to try, but to be sure.

When Xiaonian frowns at him, but muqianchu doesn't listen to her anymore. He reaches out to open the door, let his dog go down first, and then slowly walk down to the door of the hotel.

Moqian was surrounded by a large number of bodyguards as soon as he got out of the car.

When Xiaonian sat in the car, the driver asked doubtfully, "Mrs. Gong, don't you get off?"

"No more."

When Xiaonian shook her head, she got out of the car now, only to see Gong Ou humiliate her adoptive parents in front of the crowd, and humiliate him when he arrived at the first time.

After that, Gong Ou won't let her see more scenes.

"Then I'll drive you back? It's too late. "

Asked the driver.


When small read nods, the body leans back, the driver drives the car to drive forward, the street light outside swings through the window, falls on her body, reflecting her face has no joy.

"Mrs. Gong, you should be happy, so that the baby in your stomach will be happy."

The driver saw that she was in a bad mood and said.

"If someone is desperate for you, it should be a happy thing, right?" Xiaonian looked out of the window at the light and whispered.

"That's natural." The driver said, "it's like Mr. Gong's pain to your bones. How many women envy Mrs. Gong's blessing."

Cinderella's fairy tale ends when it comes to marriage and leads a so-called happy life. But everyone says that there will be a gap between Cinderella and the prince in reality. They go their separate ways, but Mr. Gong breaks the reality.

The servants of these palace families are all like watching a perfect fairy tale.

"He's good for me, too good for me."

So good that she can't bear it, so good that she's at a loss, so good that she's a little flustered.

Suddenly, her heart suddenly hurt, like something sharp in her chest, it hurt so much that she couldn't breathe.

When small read hurriedly put out his hand to cover his heart, subconsciously looking back to the direction of the hotel, the hotel has been far away from her.

Hotel, bright lights, dishes ordered.

In the hall of a certain floor, all the old streets are sitting together, but there is no reminiscence of the past. They are all sitting in embarrassment.

Originally, the atmosphere was good. When Shi Zhong and his wife came out, everyone was still clamorous. But since Gong Ou began to satirize them, the atmosphere was extremely embarrassing.

When Shizhong is humiliated to seek life and death, the atmosphere is embarrassed to break through the gas.

When mu qianchu was surrounded and walked in, the atmosphere was even more awkward, which made people unable to speak.

At the moment, Gong ou, mu qianchu and Shi Zhong are all gone, leaving a group of their old neighbors sitting here. They are neither walking nor eating. They have no idea what happened.


The reception hall didn't turn on the light. The light outside came in from the large French windows with a little light.

Mu qianchu stands in front of the floor to ceiling window, his eyes are not looking forward, his thin face is full of peace, no slightest tension and worry, no feeling that he has been imprisoned.

Behind him came the low and steady footsteps.

Mu Qian Chu turned his face slightly and listened to Gong Ou's indifferent voice. "Close the door, no one is allowed to come in."

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The door was closed.

Mu qianchu stands quietly and listens to Gong Ou's steps closely. Gong Ou looks at him coldly. It's not easy for him to be a blind man without any dust.

"It seems that you're good at being blind."

Gong Ou is cold, with a touch of irony.

"I'm here. Can I let go the parents of Xiaodi?" Mu qianchu turns to face Gong ou with a calm face, even though he can feel the incomparable aura of Gong ou.

"I heard that people who are blind can hear very well. I wonder if it is true?"

Gong Ou stood in front of him, not answering questions, in a cold voice.


Mu qianchu doesn't understand that Gong Ou suddenly asks what this means.

"I want to see if this is true?"

The moon falls on Gong Ou through the floor to ceiling window. He looks at the blind man in front of him without expression. His thin lips are tight and his eyes are deeper than the night.

For a long time, his slender legs bent, and his tall figure suddenly lowered.