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Chapter 1122 bang, PA, Ping Pong!

There are several rows of different surgical tools on the table.

Lori's knife work is absolutely perfect. It completely meets Gong Ou's critical requirements. He picks it down along the chicken's texture with a scalpel.

Take a knife and fall.

The wings, legs, head, neck and viscera were all in a row.

Gong Ou is satisfied with his jaw head.

Gong Yu stood aside and unconsciously touched his neck. "How do I feel that I saw a corpse splitting scene?"

When Xiaonian and Fengde nodded frequently.

Mingming's blood has been washed, but I still think that scalpel is terrible.

"Ready to cook."

Lori said, put the chicken on the side of the plate, cut the onion and other ingredients together and put them in. The raw materials of a dish are all in order.

"Thank you."

Gong Yu said, reaching for the plate and turning away.


Luo lie handed out a small box. Gong Yu took it and opened it. He took out a folded mask from inside and put it on.

Lori was in his pocket again.

Gong Yu said, "gloves are no longer needed, which will affect the performance."

Lori then stopped pulling out his scalpel and continued to wipe his scalpel. Gong Yu didn't have any more words and just focused on his own business.

A simple one, but there is an invisible tacit understanding.

When small read to see, think of the previous pieces of stake, lip angle slowly Yang.

When Lori cuts things, Xiaonian helps to set the dishes. She learns that Lori sets the ingredients of each dish in order to reduce the chance of Gong ou to make dark dishes.

"It must be your suggestion that you can let master Gong Er cook?"

Lori suddenly spoke to Shixiao.

No one can let Gong ou do this except for Shi Xiaonian.

"To be honest, I'm sorry for the proposal." When small read shrugged, one face is indescribable expression.

"I didn't expect that the second young master Gong would do such ordinary things."

There are so many cooks and servants in the palace that they don't need to take a fork. Gong Ou even has to cook.

"No, no, No." When I read your wrong expression, "our second young master can make all ordinary things special, special and extraordinary."

Gong Ou is studying the recipe. He doesn't look at them.

When I saw him, Luo lie, who always looked cold and proud, didn't stop laughing, and then said, "it's not bad, isn't it? At least you have a different life every day, so it's natural to have a conversation."

Unlike him, sometimes the man stood in front of himself and didn't know what to talk to.

When Xiaonian stood by Lori's side, smelling Yan and looking up at him, "doctor Luo, I don't know if I should ask?"


"There was almost an explosion at Lancaster manor. You and brother were tied together all the way. Did anything happen?" "I can feel that there seems to be some change between you," he said carefully

That's a good thing, isn't it?

Lori holds the scalpel's hand and raises her eyes to Gong Yu, who is consulting with Feng de for cooking skills. Her eyes are complicated.

"I just have some good things that happened that day, if you don't want to say, you can say nothing."

Hearing this, Lori looked down at her kind face and asked, "you've been thinking about that day."

"I just want to know what happened on that day. The less I know, the more worried I am."

Lori thought for a moment and said, "actually, there is nothing that can't tell you that day. It's just that everyone suffered a lot. You were seriously injured at that time. Everyone agreed not to talk to you for fear that you would have a psychological burden in order not to affect you."

"All right."

I nodded.

"But..." Lori said thoughtfully, "that day for me, I understood a lot of things and thought a lot."

"You and brother..."

"I used to think I was just an outsider, a burdensome burden, a double who didn't know where it was similar." Lori said with a low voice as he cut vegetables.

Generally speaking, there must be a turning point.


"Now he at least knows that I am Lori, a man who will be desperate for help, a man who will not call the wrong name when he is in a coma." At this point, Lori's eyes have a smile.

Lori said it very vaguely, but Xiao Nian always had a delicate mind, and still got something.

And these make shixiaonian feel happy.

She always hoped that Gong Yu would be free from the cage of self-restraint.

"Then can we hear the good news soon?"

He asked tentatively.

This time, Lori's hand movements did not stop, and his expression was quite relaxed. "In fact, not every relationship needs to be like a fairy tale, and only when they are always together can they be completed."

When Xiaonian put the onion on the plate, "but as a reader, I like to see the end."

"The protagonist of the story doesn't like it?"

"What does the hero like?"

"They like to let it go, to drink, to practice, to be more I'll give my life. "

Lori said with a low smile, as if he was satisfied with his current situation.

When Xiaonian looks at him, he doesn't speak.

Lori looked at her and smiled deeper. "Why, can't you understand? Is it like you and the second young master who are tired of being together every day? It's called home. It's called happy ending. Everyone has everyone's choice, but the protagonist is happy. I'm fine now. I'm at ease at any time. After all... I don't like two people bored together, like two kinds of food materials desperately mixed together, time will be sour to lose teeth

cold noodle doctor actually Tucao up her.

When Xiaonian stood there in shame and embarrassment, the adoptive father also said that many people watched her and Gong Ou experience happiness. Isn't the person in front of him good?

Seeing her like this, Lori laughed even more happily.

"I asked Gong ou to leave you in the sea," said Xiao Nian, very ashamed and angry

"I don't mind." Lori doesn't care. "I'll see another performance. It's not bad."

It's a real sight that the cold face doctor even talks and laughs.


When Xiaonian was about to speak, he heard the exclamation of Fengde. "Young master, don't let that go!"

Then there was a loud bang.

Then, the crowd gaped at the fact that the ceiling was full of vegetables.

Gong Ou is two meters away from the pot. His clothes are clean and tidy without any oil stains. It seems that He is not the one who fried the pot.

There was silence.

"You see, I said my second young master is extraordinary." When small read pain caress forehead, she after all why can mouth base to let Gong ou do birthday meal.


Luo lie's expression is only dull, which still has the usual half cold arrogant appearance.

When Xiaonian sighed and walked towards Gong ou, checking his clothes, "what did you add to fry the pot?"

"What is it to do with me?" Gong Ouli is straight and strong.

"It's going to explode itself?"

When Xiaonian was shocked, it was really thanks to his words.

"Of course, I'm sure there's nothing here that adds up to an explosive effect." When Gong Ou looked at the pot directly, he read it calmly and said loudly, "it should be the material structure of the pot itself. What's the matter, Feng de? "

Feng De, who was cleaning the ceiling, stopped at once, walked forward and bowed respectfully, saying, "it's my fault, young master, that I didn't do a good job in buying these pots and pans. Next time, I will pay attention to it, and it will never happen again."

To ask what is a housekeeper's self-cultivation, this is!

Feng De is a walking housekeeper textbook.


When Xiaonian was used to the picture of "collusion", he patted Gong Ou's clothes and said, "are you hurt? I'll check with you."

Let's go. Let's get out of this place.

Gong Yu is such a smart person. At this moment, he has figured out why Xiaonian blocked him. When he heard this, he immediately echoed, "yes, it's easy to get hurt when you are so close. Lori, go to your infirmary to check him."

Let's go. It's a small thing to blow up the kitchen. In case of blowing up the whole cruise ship, they will die.


Lori replied.

"No! I'm good at it. I didn't touch me at all! " Gong Ou refuses.

It's when you feel like it's going to explode that you get out of the way.

When Xiaonian thought to himself, seeing Gong Ou going to the pot again, he quickly hugged his arm. "No, I'm not sure if you don't check it. Let's go. Check it."

When Gong Ou was grinded by Xiaonian, he had no choice but to say, "OK, I'll make a soup to check it. When I come back, I can check how the soup is made."


When small read too late to stop Gong Ou has gone to the meteor.

Gong Ou looks for the nearest pot to Gong Yu, who silently walks away with the pot.

Gong Ou is immersed in his cooking.

It should be safe to cook a soup. When Xiao Nian taught Gong ou to put ingredients according to the steps, Gong ou still listened at the beginning, listening to it completely by feeling.

Later, the kitchen was very busy.



"Ping Pong!"

The symphonies of ingredients and spatula are endless. When Xiaonian didn't expect to cook a soup, he was so thrilled that Gong Yu had walked to the corner with the pot and quietly fried it

Deck, Luo Qi is enjoying the sea and sky, graceful graceful figure like painting.

Suddenly, Luo Qi pressed her eyes.

"What's the matter, madam?"

Asked the maid by the side.

"I don't know what happened. My eyelids have been jumping today." Luo Qi some uncomfortable tunnel, suddenly looked back, "is there an explosion?"

The maid said, "explosion? How could the ship explode? Madam, you've heard it wrong. It's just that the waves are a little loud. "

"Is it?"

But she clearly heard the explosion.

Luo Qi presses to own ear, thin eyebrow frowned.

It's not that I'm getting old, and I'm beginning to feel sick all over my body. I think I'll ask the doctor to check it for her.