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Chapter 771 romance of Gong ou

"It's nothing. Take a boat, blow the wind, and I'll just think about it."

Said Lori, with a cold face.

Later, they got on the yacht with a robot. The yacht rowed across the calm lake and brushed white waves. Xiaonian stood on the deck and Mr palace stood behind her, silently guarding her.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Lori sitting in the corner and looking at the distance, with a look of contemplation on his face.

She did not disturb him, but followed his line of sight, which was a turret.

Another turret.

A turret with jingling bells.

Maybe it's also a kind of unspeakable sorrow. In Lori's memory, the turret is his and Gong Yu, while in Gong Yu's memory, the bells, wind and water outside the turret are all Xi Yu's shadow.

When Xiaonian takes back his eyes and looks back at Mr palace, one of Mr Palace's eyes also scans her position.


When Xiaonian looked at Mr palace, he didn't speak.

"Master, are you cold?" Asked Mr.

"Not cold." When Xiaonian shook his head, turned around and stood in front of Mr palace, reached out and scratched some marks on his body, "this time I really want to treat you. I can't always bring the injury."

"I don't mind. I just want to stay behind my master forever."

The palace immediately said.

When Xiaonian smiled and said nothing, he took out his cell phone and called Gong ou, but didn't answer.

Accompanied by a smell of flowers, Xiao Nian heard Mr palace say, "master, we are here."

Here we are?

It's not far.

When Xiaonian turned around and looked at a rose field, the stone steps on the shore were covered with bright red roses, without a thorn, and the bright colors made people feel comfortable.

When he saw the roses, Xiao Nian laughed. It was arranged by Gong ou.


The R palace reached out to her.

When Xiaonian walked up the stone steps with the help of Mr palace and stepped on the rose step by step, he was a little impatient. When he got up, he saw the heart-shaped rose circles on the ground.

It's like footprints pointing the way to the distance.

"It seems that I have a little extra escort."

Lori came up and found that it was just a surprise from Gong ou.

When small read cannot disguise the happiness on the face, smile a way, "don't know what he wants to do again, his pattern is always many."

As he spoke, Xiaonian walked along the heart-shaped rose ring without thinking. Some rose rings contained a beautiful gift box.

She stooped to pick it up, opened it, and a shining jewel lay in the box, piercing her eyes.

"Big romance."

Lori said.


When Xiaonian smiled and shook his head, he gave the box to Mr palace and went on, then picked up a famous brand bag, a famous brand watch and a set of valuable jewelry in the rose ring.

Is this going to kill her with money?

When Xiaonian reluctantly handed the gifts to Mr palace one by one, and went on, then the gifts in front of her were obviously sent to her heart.

There are delicate bottles.

There are baby clothes.

There's a pram.

There's a baby hat.

"How lovely."

When Xiaonian picked up a small pacifier, her eyes were completely attracted by it. She didn't even see Gong Yao bite the pacifier. It was a pity that he had been in the palace at that time.

It's getting dark.

Lori looked up at the sky. "It looks like it's going to rain. It's dark in the West."

Hearing this, Xiao Nian followed him and saw that the sky in the West was pressing towards this side. He saw that a heavy rain was coming from the sky.

She immediately looked at the rose circle in front of her nervously, and she could not help frowning, because she had not reached the end, one by one. "Mr palace, let's hurry up, or the gifts will be wet."

"Yes, master."

The R palace is holding something in its arms and following Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian walked forward while picking up the gift, he also held a full hand. Lori helped to take things, looked at the smile on her face and said, "it seems that Mr. Gong knows what you like, and he wants to coax you. It's a matter of minutes."

"No, he always coaxes curiously."

It's funny and irritating. At

, Xiao said with a smile, "keep on picking up the gifts. The moment of speaking, the days of the day are completely black. They are exactly the same as in the evening. She hastily picked up the gifts.

"I'll turn on the flashlight of my mobile phone. Slow down and be careful."

Lori said that he took out his mobile phone and was about to turn on the flashlight. Suddenly, in the dark, there was a strong light in the sky, one by one, one by one, like stars blooming one by one.

When Xiaonian held several baby clothes and raised his head in some consternation, he saw that there were countless stars in the air rotating in a large circle anticlockwise.

It's a Ferris wheel.

As soon as she got to little Chinatown, she wanted to take the ferris wheel with Gong ou.

In the dark sky, there is only the light of the ferris wheel. That kind of visual feeling is too shocking.


When Xiaonian's clothes fell to the ground.

The flashlight light on Lori's mobile phone is on, which is insignificant compared with the light generated by the rotation of the ferris wheel. Standing there, he looks at the ferris wheel in astonishment, which is more bright than the stars.

Let alone women, he was shocked.

Low EQ? How can Gong Ou call his EQ low? It's not low at all.

When Xiaonian stood there stupidly, only a little starlight was getting closer and closer to her, and the starlight was getting bigger and bigger, like a star falling towards her, so beautiful that she could not bear to step back.

The ferris wheel stopped slowly, and a hatch was near them.

The door was opened.

Under the light, a tall figure stands on his back, with an uninhibited gesture, like a silhouette.

Who else is not Gong Ou.

When Xiaonian walked forward, she could see Gong Ou's features clearly. Today, he was dressed very handsome, and the eyebrows grew back more sharply than before. A pair of black eyes stared at her deeply. Their eyes were as deep as the sea, and they were as attractive as magnets. They were tall and straight under the bridge of nose, with thin lips curled up, and a proud gesture, they just wrote a few words on their faces: look, I I know you will be so happy. How can a stupid human resist the romance of President Gong Da.

"Aren't you saying it's not safe to ride the ferris wheel?"

Xiaonian asked with a smile.

There are so many things to do with a Ferris wheel.

"Mind it! I will let you die behind me in case of an accident! " Gong Ou raised his eyebrows, his voice was sinister and sexy. He reached out to her and said, "haven't you come in yet?"


When Xiaonian nods, holds Gong Ou's hand and steps on it, throws it into Gong Ou's arms. Gong Ou reaches for her and closes the door.

Outside the ferris wheel, Lori stood there and watched the ferris wheel start to move slowly. The customers inside were only Xiao Nian and Gong ou.

Under the light, the smile that two people look at each other is very happy.

"Is your master happy now?" Asked Lori.


The R palace replied that the electronic tone could not hear any mood fluctuation. It had already felt the joy and happiness from Xiaonian's bracelet.

"It will be a beautiful memory."

Luo lie said, looking at the spinning Ferris wheel, Gong Ou is the one who can do what he wants. He never seems to hesitate.

"Yes, it's also a beautiful memory for Mr. Gong."

The R palace replied very intelligently.

Smell speech, Luo lie can't help but say, "if Mrs. Gong doesn't like it, is it a good memory for Mr. Gong?"

R palace stood in the dark sky, turned his head and scanned Lori's face. "People who have memories are happier than those who have no memories, no matter whether they are good or bad."

Hearing this, Lori was surprised and said, "Mr series robots are the most intelligent robots in the world, and you are one of the best products, and that's true."

It's not easy to be able to talk with people and say such appropriate and philosophical words.

"Of course I am the best."

The r-house also has the madness that other robots don't have, because its character comes from Gong ou.

Lori nodded, then looked into the gloomy sky and asked, "Mr palace, are you so smart and waterproof?"


The R palace hasn't answered yet. The pouring rain came down from the sky and hit them hard.

In an instant, both of them became drowned in soup.


When the heavy rain fell down, the people and machines outside were in a mess. Xiaonian didn't get any raindrops when she sat on the ferris wheel. She shook her legs and looked at the roses on the ground at her feet. "How can you even shop roses here? What a waste of money."

This rose can only be seen once.

"I have money."

Gong Ou doesn't care. He sits down beside her, his thin lips close to her ears, and his voice is low and dumb

Of course I do.

For the first time since their honeymoon, she was a little excited about what they had really played.

When Xiaonian nodded, suddenly saw Gong Ou's ear with a headset on it, and said, "why don't you pick up my phone with your mobile phone?"

"I have the weather informed! Of course I can't answer your phone! "

Gong Ou presses his earphone.

"Weather conditions?"

When Xiaonian was stunned, she was called by Mr palace. She didn't look at the surrounding environment all the way to pick up the gift. Then it was dark, and the ferris wheel was on, and Gong Ou was in front of her.

All the time is just right.

The bright, dark and bright visual effects around her made a great impact on her. "So, you deliberately calculated the time to take me to ride the ferris wheel in the rain?"

Do you want to calculate it like this.


Gong ouleng hum, for when the day is dark, how much he has calculated in this time, including the gift and the rose circle shop, is calculated by himself bit by bit.

"Why take me to the ferris wheel in the rain?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"Have you ever sat on a Ferris wheel in the rain?"