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Chapter 127: Xiao Nian's desperate feelings

"No, that's not good. I can't separate from Bob. Xiaonian, I beg you. You must help me." Tang Yi is about to cry, with tears in her eyes and her hands tightly holding her right hand.


When Xiaonian looked at her, her eyes gradually became indifferent.

"Xiaonian, why don't you talk?" Tang Yi said excitedly, "it's ok if you don't help me enter the palace. Can I take Bob away? I beg you, Xiaonian. Help me. I can't be separated from Bob. "

Maybe, Tang Yi only has so little feelings towards Bob.

When small read quietly watched her mood gradually collapse, a long time before slowly saying, "but I can't find a reason to help you."


Tang Yi stays.

"Originally, this plan was mutually beneficial to you and me. I thought at least our goals were the same, but as Shi Di said, Tang Yi's heart seems to be very big." When small read to look at her coldly, a slowly said.

"What are you talking about?"

Tang Yi's face is too pure to understand.

"I went to the park and saw that besides the rockery, there are several places that can easily leave the park. One of them is in the area you hid before. You can't miss it." Said Shi Xiaonian.


Tang Yi looked at her in amazement. "I, I didn't see it."

"Listen to me." Shi Xiaonian continued, "besides, I went to the rockery and checked it carefully. It's very slippery behind the rockery. It's not because of rain, it's sunny, and it's bound to fall if you climb with your bare hands."

Fortunately, she didn't lose a single life.

"I don't know. I just saw the rockery leading out of the park." Tang Yi tried to explain, "can I harm you? What's the advantage of doing harm to you?"

When Xiaonian listened to her words, he couldn't help sneering, ignoring what she said, and then he said, "I guess that's what happened. You asked me to climb that mountain, and then it rained. You saw Gong Ou looking for me. You were afraid that I hadn't left yet, that I might be found, and deliberately sent a message."


Tang Yi's face is pale. She can't wash the matter of SMS.

"Fortunately it rained, and I was careful when I climbed down." Shi Xiaonian said, "in the daytime, if the weather is clear, in my previous posture in University, I would fall more severely, maybe half paralyzed, maybe Death. "


"If I fall down hard, I will be paralyzed if I don't die. In this way, Gong ou will surely gradually dislike me. Then you will take care of me in the name of my friend and accompany him for a long time." Shi Xiaonian said, "I said that, don't you deny it?"

This is a perfect game again. It's an accident of this game when it rains and she doesn't fall dead.

Tang Yi's heart is really too big.

No wonder, such as Shi Di, was blackmailed by Tang Yi for so many years.

Tang Yi was stunned. "I didn't, Xiao Nian, you believe me I just wanted to find another chance to get along with Mr. Gong. I didn't know it would hurt you to fall off the mountain. "

"Tang Yi, I only believe what I see. I won't believe you any more."

When Xiaonian looked at her indifferently and slowly took out her hand.


"Without this, I may help you to say a few words in front of Gong ou, but now, I only sympathize with Bob for having a mother like you." When small read said coldly, stand up from the table, turn to leave.

Seeing that she was leaving, Tang Yi was completely confused. He rushed to her and knelt down to her, holding her hand in both hands. "Xiao Nian, I really don't have it. Don't do it. You have to help me. I can't do without Bob."

This is the second time Tang Yi kneels to her.

For the first time, she admitted that she had moved compassion, but this time, she only felt hypocritical.

She looked coldly at Tang Yi with low eyes and looked at Tang Yi's bitter face.

"Xiaonian, you are adopted daughter, abandoned by your own parents. You have always been eager to have parents to love you, haven't you? You know better than anyone, don't you? " Tang Yi's tears became broken beads and kept falling. "You should understand that children can't live without their mothers. How can you bear to break up Bob and me?"

Child, of course, no mother.

When the eyes of small read dim.

Seeing this, Tang Yi thought there was a play, and hurriedly said, "I'm really not greedy. You misunderstood me. In this way, you let me take Bob with you. I promise I won't disturb you and Mr. Gong again. Xiaonian, please OK or not? You can see Bob's face. He's so small and he's not in good health... "

Shixiaonian looks at her.

Tang Yi, with tears in her eyes, knelt on the ground and looked at her expectantly.

Suddenly, when Xiaonian stretched out her inflexible left arm, her left hand slowly pushed away and held her hand.

“……” Tang Yi's hand was pushed away a little bit, and his eyes were slowly in despair.

When Xiaonian looked at her and said coldly, "why should I pity someone who almost killed me?"


"It's a good thing that Bob is not in your hands, at least he doesn't need to see all kinds of hypocrisy in his growth." When small read cold tunnel.

"Xiaonian, I'm wrong. I'm really wrong. Let Bob and I go, Xiaonian..." Tang Yi kneels on the ground and apologizes again and again.

When Xiaonian bent down, a face slowly approached her, and said coldly, "when you pointed to the direction of rockery and sent messages to make me fall down the mountain, didn't you think of today?"

"Xiaonian, I was wrong. I was confused for a while..."

In this sentence, Tang Yi admitted what he had done.

"Enough, Tang Yi. You almost killed me. I want your mother and son to separate." From now on, we will not owe each other

With that, Xiaonian turns and leaves.

Tang Yi rushes to grab her hand. When Xiaonian reaches out his right hand and pushes it away coldly, Tang Yi cries miserably.

In the car outside the wooden house, Gong Ou sat on the car and looked at Xiaonian on the computer screen. He walked out of the wooden house indifferently. A handsome face outlined a satisfied smile.

At last he didn't let down.

He was relieved that she didn't want to talk about leaving.

The last sentence that Tang Yi said was cruel and wonderful. He liked it.

"It's a woman of my palace."

Gong ou, with his lips hooked and his eyes full of pride, reached out and closed his notebook and handed it to Feng De.

Feng de looks at Gong ou.

Since the young master met Miss Shi, his mood has been almost all around her. Before that, he was so angry that he smashed the house. Now he laughs like a child.

If Miss Shi had not been so principled

Feng de sighed in secret.

When Xiaonian walked out of the wooden house, Tang Yi suddenly jumped out behind her, ran out excitedly and shouted, "Bob!"

Bob is being carried on his shoulder by a bodyguard. There is no expression on his beautiful little face. He is very dull.

Bob turned around when he heard the sound.

Tang Yi wants to rush over, and several bodyguards rush up to stop her. Tang Yi excitedly shouts, "let me go, I want my son, I want my son!"

She screamed at the top of her voice.

Bob sat on the shoulder of the bodyguard and looked at her with his eyes glazed over. Obviously, he didn't understand why Tang Yi was crying.

Gong Ou steps down from the car, looks coldly at the bodyguard carrying Bob, and orders, "take to the hospital."

"No --" Tang Yi shouted, "please, Mr. Gong, don't take my son, don't take him..."

When Xiaonian stood aside and looked at Tang Yi's tears, he felt uncomfortable.

But soon she dismissed the idea.

She really thinks that it's not a good thing for Bob to grow up beside Tang Yi, and it's easy to be taught bad.

Bob was held by the bodyguard and walked to the car. Suddenly, he felt something. Bob held out his small hand in the direction of Tang Yi, holding it with his small, fleshy hand. His mouth suddenly made a sound, "Mom..."

When Xiaonian was surprised.

This is the first time she heard Bob calling for her mother.

She looked at Bob's direction in a daze, and the little boy's face was full of ignorance.

At the beginning, when her parents abandoned her in the abandoned baby safety island, was she so ignorant?

It's like burying a thorn. Xiaonian is uncomfortable. She holds the skirt with her hand hanging on her side.

A tall figure stood in front of her, blocking the strong sunlight.

She raised her head and saw Gong Ou standing in front of her, staring at her with low eyes, a pair of dark eyes deep, "never doubt what you do is wrong."

Paranoid thinking.

When small read to hang down the MOU, bitterly smiled, "I am not in sympathizing with Tang Yi, I just think, do not know my parents abandoned me at the beginning of what is the reason."


It's a disease.

There are too many children. I really don't need another one.

Her hand holding the skirt was grasped by Gong ou. "Get in the car, go."

Gong Oula leads her away. Tang Yi is stopped by the bodyguards and is still shouting at the top of his voice. It's hard for those who listen to her.

Both she and Gong Ou choose indifference.

Sitting in the car, Gong Ou hugs Shi Xiaonian into his arms, with a deep voice. "Shall I check your life experience for you?"

When Xiaonian shook his head, "no need."

Whatever the reason, she was abandoned, which can't be changed.

Gong Ou lowers her head and kisses her on the forehead. "I said, my Gong Ou is your home."


He Gong ou can only give her the identity of a lover in the outer room.

When the eyes of small read dim, no argument, quietly against the chest of Gong ou, "where are we going now?"

"Hospital, paternity test."

Gong Ou Dao.


When Xiaonian is silent, Gong Ou hugs her and suddenly says, "can I deal with Tang Yi?"

In the beginning, he was always on his own.

Tang Yi almost hurt her to fall to the mountain and die. Just by this, he has the impulse to cut Tang Yi to pieces.

But listen to what she just said with Tang Yi, she seems to be ready to stop investigating.

Sure enough, Xiaonian shook his head. "No, that's it."

"You're still too soft, shixiaonian." Gong Ou said, "remember, a soft hearted person can't make a big deal."

"If she loves Bob, it's the biggest punishment for her, isn't it worse to leave her children than to die?"

When small read lightly said.

In her mind, she understood that.