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Chapter 945 here comes Mr Palace

There was a lot of light in the big room.

Then, everyone saw that from the foot of the piano, there was a tangled thread. A glass paper crane on the line was shaking gently, while Xiaonian sat on the bed with his body back.

A silver figure kneels in front of her bed, her eyes covered with a layer of blue light, kneeling quietly, like a guard.


Mu qianchu stood there and said, "what's the matter?"

Lori stood there with a big sigh of relief. When he heard the call for help, he was sweating all over his body. He reached out and pushed his gold rimmed glasses, saying, "it's a robot under N.E."

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, he could see clearly the appearance of the "invader," Mr palace

It was like kneeling in front of her bed and kissing her fingers in her first half dream and half true morning.

For a moment, I didn't understand whether it was a dream or a fantasy.

How could it be here?

Mu qianchu is the first to respond, "here comes the robot? I thought it was going to be a while. "

"Do you know Mr palace is coming?"

When Lori asked, he was puzzled by Xiaonian.

"The function of Mr palace is the most intelligent and sound. Gong Ou told me to cancel some similar positioning functions of Mr palace, so as to ensure that it will not reveal any secrets here and protect your safety." Said Mu qianchu calmly.

When Xiaonian looked at Mr palace kneeling there motionless, silently looking at the blue eyes.

Lori understood, "that is to say, it's just a single robot now?"

"So to speak." Mu qianchu looks at the direction of the bed, but he can't see anything. "But I didn't expect Mr palace would come in this way, and even completely evaded the sight of all bodyguards. Gong Ou doesn't have any contact with us, and I didn't worry about it, which makes you surprised. "

His tone was apologetic.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed and looked at mu qianchu, her guilt made her uneasy. She slowly reached out to remove the fine thread on her finger and whispered, "I'm sorry, I'm so surprised that I've made you run for nothing."

In fact, she doesn't know how hard it is for qianchu to maintain the current security situation, and how much harder and harder he has to work than normal people.

The two apologized to each other, and the atmosphere became more eerie.

Lori pressed his forehead with a headache. It seemed that when he got here, he became more and more like a busybody.

"As long as people are OK, it's just a misunderstanding." Lori looked down at the time on his watch. "It's late. It's time to go to bed. It's time to watch. Don't disturb Mrs. Gong."


The bodyguards are leaving.

Mu qianchu looks at the direction of the bed in silence, but does not accurately capture Xiaonian's face, so he stands quietly for a while before turning away.

Lori shook his head toward Xiao Nian, followed him out and closed the door.

There's only time left in the room for Xiaonian and a robot.

When Xiaonian wiped her face, there was sweat on her face. She looked at Mr palace, who was still kneeling on the ground, and could not help complaining, "you just come to the bright, why do you break in at midnight?"

Do you know how nervous and scared she is?


The R palace knelt on the ground.

For a long time, Mr palace suddenly stood up. The tall silver body slowly bent down in front of her, lifted her hand gracefully, lowered its head and printed a kiss. It was very gentlemanly, like comforting, like other feelings.

When Xiaonian sat there staring at it, he was shocked.

Is it Mr's self-consciousness that makes it do this?

How far has it evolved?

The R palace slowly put down her hand, stood straight in front of her bed, and slowly said, "master, what can I do for you?"

When Xiaonian looks down at his hand, the temperature on it is cool.

The hand of R palace is very cold. It's the temperature of refined steel. Has this been changed? That's not as good as before.

"Pour me a glass of water?"

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Just a moment, master."

The R palace leader turns around and pours water, pours a cup and hands it to her. When Xiaonian takes the cup, he asks, "you are the same person who broke in in the middle of the night the other day, aren't you? Why do you do that? "

Xiaonian took a drink from the cup.

"Master, I just want to see you."

So said the R palace.

Hearing this, Xiaonian frowned and looked up at it. "Do you know how much autonomy you have?"

"I don't understand the master."

The palace replied.

"I know you've had autonomy a long time ago, because you didn't act too aggressively, so I didn't talk to anyone." "Shi Xiaonian said," I also know that you care about me, maybe more than the set ones, but I don't want this kind of thing to happen again. "

It wants to express its concern for her, so it's easy to break in in this way.

"I see, master."

The R palace responds to the voice.


When Xiaonian put the cup on the bedside table aside, he didn't pay any attention to the robot. He just sat there quietly and looked at the room. There was no expression on his face.

Time is ticking by.

"Master, don't you have a rest?" Asked Mr.

"I can't sleep." When Xiaonian suddenly thought of the function of Mr palace, he said, "let's play some music."

The piano music of R palace was played in a long time. The simple and happy tune made people feel happy.

Can be in the inappropriate time to listen, will only feel upset.

When Xiaonian looked into his eyes, the name of the tune jumped out on the blue screen above. The sound came from his head, "isn't the sound in your abdomen?"

The music on the head doesn't sound very effective.

"I've been treated and adjusted some parts."

The electronic sound of the R palace rang in her ear.

"Is it? It seems that you have been greatly changed. Many functions have been lost. " Shi Xiaonian said, reaching out and pressing his eyebrow, "turn off the music, I don't want to listen."

"Yes, master."

The R palace turned off the music and stood quietly by her bed like a guard. She didn't speak any more, just guarded her silently.

When Xiaonian leaned back and pulled the quilt to cover him.

When R palace stands there, its feet still touch those lines on the ground, and the glass paper crane makes a rustling sound.

When Xiaonian listened, he asked in a low voice for a long time, "Mr palace."

"Master, I am here."

"You come from Gong ou, where How are you? "

When small read to ask a way, the voice is a little pale.

In fact, what's the use of her asking? She can't help anything, as long as she doesn't help.

R palace stood there silent for a while, as if searching for something, and finally said, "master, I don't remember."

Smell speech, when small read bitterly smile, "he also deleted your memory function."

She could not get any information from the outside world.

Gong Ou doesn't think it's meaningful to tell her about her, does it?

"Master, have a rest earlier. I'll be here with you." The electronic sound of Mr becomes a little tender.


When Xiaonian lies down on the bed and turns off the light, there is only a ray of leaked moonlight left in the room, and the blue eyes of Mr palace.

The R palace has not guarded her for a long time.

At that time, when I broke up with Gong ou, Mr Gong accompanied her day by day. Now, it's coming again.

That's good.

Maybe when she is with Mr palace, she can be the most real herself.

"Thank you, Mr." When Xiaonian slowly closed his eyes, his voice was as low as if he had only told himself, "you must not know that I have reached the edge."


"You're here. I don't have to tie any more."

Shi Xiaonian said, slowly into sleep.

This night, with the guard of Mr palace, Shi Xiaonian rarely had a good and steady sleep. She opened her eyes, and the early morning sun came in from the window, soft.

A tall silver body stood in front of the floor window, very handsome.

Probably too much according to the proportion of palace and Europe to customize, a shake God, when small read to see the figure, think that is the person standing in front of the window.

It took her a long time to get out of bed.

Hearing the sound, Mr palace turned to look at her, "master, are you awake?"

"Well, good morning."

When small read a light smile, open the quilt to get out of bed, a cup of steaming milk suddenly came into her sight, she looked up at Mr palace with some consternation, "how do you know when I will wake up?"

Even the milk is ready, it's still hot.

"That's what I should do."

R Palace Road.

"Thank you."

Shi Xiaonian's smile became more sincere this time. He reached for the cup and took a sip of milk. It was just the right temperature for the entrance.

"Master, I'm running out of electricity. I need to recharge." Mr Palace said.

"All right, you go."

When small read nods to let go.

"Because I have been treated, my charging time is longer. I must be fully charged to serve the owner. Please forgive me." Mr Gong bowed to her and said respectfully.

When Xiaonian holds the milk cup, "how long will it take?"

"8 to 12 hours."

"That's all day?" When Xiaonian was a little shocked, although the charging time of the robot was long, it did not grow to this extent.

In order not to disclose the secret, Gong Ou took great pains in Mr palace.

Why did he spend so much energy on her? Did she not let him worry so much?

When Xiaonian looked at the MR palace in front of him, he said nothing more, just, "then go, I'll see you in the evening."

"Yes, master."

R palace nods, turns around and walks out step by step, suddenly, it looks back at her again, the electronic sound starts, "master, you are very lovely."

After that, Mr Gong head did not go back.


When Xiaonian sat beside the bed with an ignorant face, blinked inexplicably, then put half a cup of milk aside, stood up and walked towards the bathroom.