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Chapter 1003: Xiaonian works again

"It's better to go to the house where the roof tiles are exposed. The world knows the acid, and I'm comfortable!" Gong Ou pinched her chin and said with a deep smile.


When Xiaonian looked at him with black lines on her face, he was really not a normal person. She put the chopsticks in his hand, "OK, hurry to eat."

"Well." Gong Ou takes the chopsticks and picks up a piece of fish and puts it into his mouth.

When Xiaonian was gentle, he didn't add any flavor to the dish, which was consistent with his appetite as always. Gong Ou held the fish and hooked his lips, turned his eyes to look at her, continued to eat, and wiped out the delicious dishes on the table one by one.

It's finally sunny after the rain.

When Xiaonian wants to go to the house and get rid of tile, he really doesn't know what he can do. This woman is crazy and terrible. She dares to climb anything.

Half an hour later, Gong Ou was having a good time, when Xiaonian looked at him with his chin on his hand, "you really didn't look at that social flower? I didn't see anything? Nothing's going on? "

I can't help thinking


It's not over.

Gong Ou's throat is stuck by a fishbone, his facial features are tangled together, and his black eyes sweep at her, making a hoarse voice, "no, women all over the world are in a long line of nudity, I won't even have a look, OK?"


When xiaonianmo reached out to pat him on the back and shut up.


The atmosphere of the palace castle is a little listless, and the action fails, which makes people nervous. Gong Yu and Gong Ou stay together for a meeting every day, so busy that sometimes they forget to eat.

Under the sun, the hospital is heavily guarded, not too far from the castle. In the corridor, doctors and nurses come in and out, and each door needs to be fingerprinted to enter.

In a spacious ward, when Xiaonian put the flowers on her hands where the sun was shining, she turned to look at the person on the bed.

From China to the UK, after days of tossing and turning, mu qianchu's condition gradually stabilized. The gauze on his face was removed bit by bit. He was lying on a white bed. He was very clean. His hair was short. His eyebrows were very handsome. With his eyes closed, his nose was a little carved.

He seems to have been sleeping soundly, nobody can disturb him.

"After discussing with your mother, she also agreed that you should have an operation here. When you get better, she will come to pick you up in person. Now there is some confusion here, I will decide not to let her come. Don't you blame me?"

Xiaonian walked to the hospital bed and said softly, pulling out a chair and sitting down.


Muqianchu lay on the bed unresponsive and did not know whether he could hear her in the vegetative state.

"In fact, this operation is still very risky. When the doctor told me, I once backed away from you. You have been so hard." When Xiaonian looked at his peaceful sleep and smiled bitterly, "later, Gong Ou said, this matter should be decided by yourself."


Mu qianchu lies quietly.

"I think, yes, if you decide, you won't be willing to lie in bed all your life. At that time, you hate being blind so much and are willing to pay all the price for the light." Shi Xiaonian said, "so, with your mother's consent, the doctors have started to prepare for the operation after you get better health."


Mu qianchu seems to have returned to her childhood and is her best listener. He never interrupts her, but listens to her quietly.

"How about the environment here? The new nurse is also very good. She is a beautiful girl Xiaonian said with a smile, turning her eyes to look at the window sunshine, "I may not come for a few days after I came today."

The curtains of the window floated gently, as if silently asking her why.

"Because I want to spend more time with Gong ou." Shi Xiaonian said, "last time the club failed, although their brothers have been fighting against Lancaster, and Lancaster is now at the end of the road, but because of the failure of the action, the final result is likely to be Lancaster and N.E perish together, both of them are injured."


Mu qianchu listens quietly, and the curtain floating is the only response to Xiaonian.

"Although he doesn't say anything now, everyone knows that N.E is his most expensive effort. If N.E is gone, I don't want to imagine what Gong ou will look like." I still remember a few years ago when N.E. was hit hard, Gong Ou was forced to get sick, people became crazy and paranoid, and finally even chose the hardest way

This is just the case with heavy damage. If Lancaster destroys N.E from the technical level, Gong ou can't imagine how to stand up again.


When Xiaonian looked at mu qianchu on the bed, picked up the information piled on the bedside table and said with a smile, "do you think I'm tired of saying this? No way. I dare not say it in front of Gong ou. I'm afraid that caring will turn into a sharp knife, so I have to say it here. If you don't like me, get up and interrupt me. "

The ward was quiet.

Mu qianchu naturally didn't get up to interrupt her. He was lying quietly all the time, with a little ruddy complexion.

"Sleep well and play some light music for you. I can see things."

Shi Xiaonian said to turn on the sound and press the low volume to let the soothing and soft music ring in the ward.

After that, Xiao Nian opened the information, which was the screenshot of the monitoring screen when listening to the club's action. Gong Ou asked people to call out a lot, and Gong Yu and them would watch it several times a day, trying to find out something.

She can't do anything else. It's good to help to see, even if nothing can be found.

When Xiaonian turned over the pictures one by one, she thought of the thrilling day. Gong Ou almost lost her life there. She turned down to the picture of the social flower.


At the sight of this woman, Xiao Nian's sour feelings came up. Looking at the hands close to the social flower in the picture, she reached out and punched the paper severely.

Shameless! Shame on you!

"You're not down yet? Do you want me to catch this woman for you and let you poke holes in her directly to let out the fire? " A low magnetic voice came.

When Xiaonian turned his head in amazement, he saw Gong Ou standing at the door of the ward with his arms in his arms, and his black eyes were smiling at her.

"Why are you here?"

Shi Xiaonian was shocked. Didn't he say he wanted to talk to Gong Yu about things?

"Why, I can't come?" Gong Ou picked up his eyebrows and went inside. "I'm here from the first sentence you said. You can talk with a vegetable for such a long time."

Is there so much to talk about? Fortunately, he didn't hear anything uncomfortable. After all, he was the one she talked with moqianchu the most.

"You watch me?" When small read discontentedly purses the lip.

"I'm here. You didn't see it. Blame me?" Gong Ou rubbed her head, looked down at the thick stack of monitoring picture data in her hand, and frowned, "what are you doing? Don't you feel tired?"

"Just look around and I know I can't help."

Said Xiao Nian in a low voice.

Gong Ou stares at her deeply. Since she has been closed twice, she always speaks with self-confidence and never dare to speak absolutely.

Looking at her like this, Gong Ou's heart is very uncomfortable. He stares at her and says, "who can help if you can't help?"? Last time, if it hadn't been for you, I would have died at the club. "

"It just happened." Xiaonian smiled and said, "I'll get you a chair."

"Why bother." Gong Ou said and lifted her up. He sat on the chair and let her sit on her leg. He held her in his hands. "It's more comfortable to sit like this."

"Don't do that."

When small read to stand up embarrassed.

"Don't move. I'm tired of working at home. It's hard to come out. Let me have a rest." Gong Ou opens her mouth wearily, leans his head on her back, and closes his eyes to sleep.

This reason can't be denied by Xiaonian when it's fair.

When Xiaonian looked at muqianchu lying on the hospital bed, although muqianchu was sleeping, she was still embarrassed. She sat forward slightly and sat on the corner of the chair without leaving Gong ou.

"Don't move." Gong Ou is more close to her.

When Xiaonian's body leans forward to maintain this difficult sitting position, and continues to look at the information in his hand.

The back of the stack of data pictures are all those of the science and technology genius. In the lens, the science and technology genius known as "young master" has never been exposed from the beginning to the end, and has always been facing the camera from the back. Occasionally, in the process of running away, there is a lens that faces from the side, and the picture is blurred.

The blurred image is repaired repeatedly, but it still can't reach the most clear state.

When Xiaonian turned over the information one by one, and kept staring at the back, the paper became a dynamic and played repeatedly in front of her eyes.

"Is it really him?"

I murmured in a low voice.

"Who is it?" Leaning against her, Gong Ou suddenly straightened up, hugged her and asked, with his chin on her shoulder, holding the heavy stack of materials for her.

"Nothing. It's just my imagination." When Xiaonian was not sure of his idea, he was afraid that Gong Ou would take a detour.

"Just say it."


"When Xiaonian, I lost your confidence, and I will find it back!" Gong Ou said in a determined and domineering voice, "say what you think."

Now that she had said this, Xiao Nian couldn't stand back. She turned her eyes to look at Gong Ou's face and asked, "do you remember the young man of Lancaster family? He who came to negotiate with us on behalf of his family wanted to humiliate us, but you humiliated him. "

"No impression." Gong Ou doesn't remember the character at all. He takes a piece of paper from her data and looks at the figure above and asks, "what do you want to explain?"

"I think that technological genius might be him."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"You say a child is a genius?" Gong Ou smiles scornfully. "Are you wrong? You've only met that man once, how can you remember him? "

Besides, it's just a back image.