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Chapter 993 it's gone

"..." When Xiaonian's heart beat hard with this sentence, her eyes got wet involuntarily. She pulled down his neck and kissed him recklessly, "Gong ou, you are a pervert!"

He is always like this. In front of him, her love for him never seems as much as he gives.

"Yes, I'm a pervert. Perverts will fall in love with you. When I was young, I thought about it!" Gong Ou bites her lips. "Pervert gave you time to escape. If you don't, you deserve it!"


When small read still did not escape, but firmly hold him, in his back under a trace.

No one can control the passion after the reunion. The ice cream in the bucket goes down little by little, and becomes more and more shapeless.

The curtain covers the whole floor to ceiling window. Xiaonian sits up from the white carpet and arranges his clothes. His face is a little hot.


A bad voice came.

She looked down at the man with a grumbling look. Gong Ou was lying on the blanket like this. He was thin and had a clear collarbone. A white shirt was placed on his waist. It was indescribable sexy. There were some scratches on his chest.

That's her masterpiece.

When Xiaonian's cheek was even hotter, "I grabbed it more heavily."

Two of them were bleeding.

Smell speech, Gong Ou single hand props up body, hand props up own face, black eye is burning ground to stare at her, the vision is deep, thin lip draws up the radian of evil spirit, "grasps me quite comfortably, or you again two?"


When small read embarrassedly throws the shirt on his face, "puts on the clothes quickly."

The white shirt slipped slowly from the top of his brow, revealing a handsome face. He picked up his eyebrow, "no more, just stay here."

Stay until the end of the world.

"Not to England?" Xiaonian sat on the blanket and asked.

Gong Oula put one hand in the palm of her hand to play. From time to time, she put it on her lips and kissed softly. Her voice was dumb and said, "just because I want to go, because I will be very busy next, so I have to hurry up all the time Do you. "

His eyes wandered around her in a bad way, and his thin lips kissed her hands with profound expression.


When Xiaonian involuntarily pulled the tight clothes, he felt that he was grabbed by Gong ou and rolled on the blanket again. This man is really I feel sick when I'm free.

She drew her hand back, stood up and walked to the desk. The air above the desk was still floating with data for a long time. When Xiaonian saw a model of a robot in it, she frowned and felt sad.

Gong Ou is very dissatisfied with shixiaonian's departure, so he has to sit up from the blanket, put his shirt on him and look up. Shixiaonian is standing there. Her pregnant figure is not as extreme as s, but in his eyes, her body curve is beautiful. Every inch of beauty is like a custom-made one for his hobbies.

Thinking of the time just now, Gong Ou's throat suddenly tightens again, and her black eyes look at her deeply, but they can't see enough.

Now think of it, how did he survive the days when she was locked up?

Standing in front of the floating blue data, Shi Xiaonian has a sad face. She raises one hand and touches the robot's model with her fingertips.

R house.

Mr palace, which once lived with her, has become a traitor.

"It's gone."

Gong Ou walks behind Xiaonian and rings her body from the back. A long hand just presses on her stomach.

"Disappear?" "What do you mean?" he said

Gong Ou lowers his head, pastes her face, breathes evenly, and has a low voice. "After the 910 explosion, I sent someone to the forest to clean up the mess, and found that Mr palace has disappeared."

"Its power supply was removed at that time, so it can't move autonomously." Shixiaonian leaned back against his chest and said, "did someone save it? Why? "

"It's clear that the value of MR is not fully developed." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, unhappy.

Different from other robots in Mr series, R palace is the most perfect work in his development, which is unique. The space that Mr palace can develop is infinite.

"In other words, Mr palace will help Lancaster." When small read's vision is bleak, "why does it go to help Lancaster? Gong ou, it's our Mr palace. Why should we help the enemy? "

R palace is not only carrying some of N.E's secret technology, but also discovering many things about them. It should have been their most trusted, but now

She really doesn't understand.


Feeling that her arm is a little cold, Gong Ou tightens her even more and encloses her in her arms.

"Do you think it really has self-awareness?" When small read to ask, "it no longer recognizes me as the master, it wants to fight, it wants to break free."

"I've been studying in this field for so long, it's too hard for me to believe that machines have a self-awareness." Gong Ou held her and said in a cold voice.

"But aren't smart machines going to upgrade themselves?" Asked shixiaonian.

"No matter how smart it is, it's just a machine. Self upgrading is also controllable by people. I don't believe in the so-called machine threat theory. It's ridiculous." Gong Ou said firmly.

Listening to Gong Ou's firm words, Xiao Nian was confused. "Isn't it true that looking at the world now, no one can control the machine under your eyelids?"

"If there can be one Gong Ou in the world, can't there be another?" Gong Ou holds her and says.


When small read to turn to look at him.

Gong Ou looked down at her pupils, and her thin lips printed on her face gently. He said in a low voice, "I think there might be a technological genius in Lancaster. The first step for us to break up the Lancaster family is to find this man. We can't destroy him for my use."

When Xiaonian looked at him in a dazed way, she was the last one to know his arrangement every time. Gong Ou rarely took the initiative to talk about his plan with her. She was flattered.

"Why do you look at me like this?" Gong Ou stared at her and said, "I know I'm good-looking, forget it, let you take advantage."

He is not a mean person.


Please, who takes advantage.

When Xiaonian hit him in the face with his head and said, "if you can control this technological genius, Mr palace will come back?"

"What can't be returned is just to modify a bunch of program data." Gong Ou said that he didn't have the same feelings for Mr Gong.

In the eyes of Shi Xiaonian, Mr palace is more like a family, and she also suffered from betrayal from her family.

"If only Mr could come back."

Shi Xiaonian said that a pair of black and white eyes looked at the robot model in front, and she asked the MR palace to accompany her all the way back.


If Mr palace is artificially modified, then why does it inadvertently reveal its feelings to her? Is it Lancaster who can continue to control the MR palace in order to make them believe that the MR palace has self-consciousness, so as to protect the technological genius?

Is that it?

When Xiaonian was thinking, Gong Ou let go of her. Instead, she took her hand and went to the desk to sit down. Black eyes stared at her and said, "I have another thing to discuss with you before I go to England."


The ineffable Gong Ou actually uses the word "discuss", and Xiaonian looks at him in a flattered way again.

"You look at me like that again. Why, it wasn't enough just now?" Gong Ou decisively began to unbutton his shirt. "Come on, keep going. You must be satisfied."

Otherwise, he is not a man.

"Don't do that." When Xiaonian stood there ashamed and embarrassed, he reached out his hand to stop him from unbuttoning. Gong Ou raised his eyebrow, "do you want to do it yourself?"

Gong Ou immediately put down his hands and looked like he was being butchered.

When small read full head black line, buckle to him energetically, "can you say serious matter?"

What's on his mind?

I don't know where the evil has gone.

"My woman's needs are the most serious thing for me." Gong Ou said solemnly.

"I don't need it!" I was angry and embarrassed.

"Are you cold?" Gong Ou picks up his eyebrows, turns his head to look at the white blanket on the ground, and cuts his fingertips on his thin lips. It seems that he is thinking about something, saying, "your performance just now is not like..."

It's very friendly.

“……” When Xiaonian wanted to pick up the computer on the table and hit him on the head.

Seeing that her face was red with anger, Gong Ou didn't tease her any more. He sat down with her in his arms and turned to the topic, "it's about two children."

When small read sits on his leg, the body is tight all of a sudden, looks at him nervously, "how?"

What about holly and okra?

"Do they want to go to England with us?" Gong Ou said solemnly, "there are only two ways in front of them. One is to be protected in a closed way, and the other is to follow them to the UK. But you are all around me. You have a big goal. No matter how well you do your safety work, I can't guarantee 100% safety."

Before, because of this security risk, he recklessly set up the Bureau, which made Lancaster dead the heart of Xiaonian when he was entangled.

Two times of failure, generally speaking, as long as the time and small thoughts are protected tightly, the normal people will not easily try to catch the third time.

Now, the plan has changed.

When small read low Mou, original palace Europe is to say this with her.

"In fact, I have thought about it." Shi Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's black eyes carefully and said softly, "my opinion is to respect them."

Respect two children.

Gong Ou seems to hear the incredible words, "they are just children, let them think about the future?"

Is it too early.

"After these two events, Xiaokui and holy have grown up a lot, especially holy. He is very sensitive and blocks him in the name of protection. I don't think it's good for him." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What do you think they can understand the truth?"

Asked Gong ou.