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Chapter 999 Gong Ou's personal technology show


When Xiaonian was shocked, he opened his eyes wide. Can he do the same? She was not worried about his task, he even came to question her!

A man with too much, it's his fault, isn't it?

Did he flirt with him or her? When Xiaonian was about to speak, he heard Gong Yu's teasing voice saying, "she is not blind. The harsh sound of scraping something just now is not from our side."


When small read big embarrassment.

Gong Ou in the box realized what the voice was. He couldn't help laughing. He was very happy. He said a lot less, "when I was reading, don't scratch your nails."


When Xiaonian wanted to dig a hole and bury himself.

Why does she want to follow me? Shixiaonian bumps into the computer. Before she bumps into it, she hears Gong Ou's voice again. "Brother, look at shixiaonian for me. She will bump into the computer."


At that time, when Xiaonian was excited, he immediately sat upright. Outside, Gong Yu and the staff laughed wildly, and heard Gong Ou's cold saying, "who dares to laugh?"

There was a moment of silence outside.

This man is really enough.

"Can we get down to business?" When I heard her voice, Gong Ou's voice became very joyful again. He spoiled the tunnel and said, "OK, listen to you. Now let's get down to business. I have observed that this woman is the social flower of the whole audience. This kind of woman knows more about the situation in the club than anyone else. I am not looking for it randomly. "

He's explaining.

So there was another muffled laugh in the room outside.

“……” When small read embarrassment red face, whispered, "I know."

Can you skip this topic? I really don't need to talk about it.

"I'll take a look in the basement now." Gong Ou no longer teases her. Her voice is calm. She reaches out and pushes the door open. Two bodyguards stop at the door.

Seeing Gong Ou coming out, the bodyguard bowed his head. "Don't worry, we know what to do."

If someone comes in, it's Gong Ou's resting. Gong Ou takes a social flower back to the box in full view. Everyone knows what to do. He won't be so unintelligent.

This has won Gong ou a lot of time, and the role of communication flower can be described as a lot.

In the bodyguard's monitoring picture, Gong Ou takes off his coat and reveals the lattice thin suit inside. It's very old style, and he wears it very straight. When Xiaonian accidentally finds that Gong Ou is wearing a gray scarf, which is the one she sent before.

It turned out that he was always with him.

When Xiaonian's lips were slightly raised, Gong Ou pressed his hat and walked out. Then, the pictures she saw were all taken by Gong Ou's badge.

The camera is very dizzy.

Gong Ou walked in the dead corner of nobody, or slipped away when no one was paying attention, or even slid directly from the pillar in the corner to the first floor. When I saw it, Xiao Nian was very nervous.

Is he performing stunts? I'm not careful.

Gong Ou walked safely to the first floor, looking for the entrance to the basement. It's not hard to find this. He stood at a corner to explore his family and observe. A gate was full of people, just like a bodyguard.

"It's not easy to get in."

Gong Yu said with some annoyance, it seems that the basement is well protected.

"I'll find another place." Gong Ou's deep tunnel quickly disappeared around the corner. He was exploring all corners of the first floor and was careful not to be found.

When Xiaonian watched the screen tension to the throat, the baby in her stomach kicked her in protest, she had to take a deep breath to ease her mood.

Gong Ou wasted a lot of time looking for the entrance, but he didn't waste it. He found another way to the basement. It was an old small goods elevator, which had been abandoned and stuck behind a pile of old things.

When Xiaonian watched Gong Ou remove the sundries, his hand in leather gloves touched the elevator, and then picked up the nearest tool to start repairing.

There was a flash of fire during the repair.

"Be careful." When small read can't help but way, Gong Ou low smile, way, "just a simple circuit problem."

He made her not nervous.

"The lift is so small that you can only curl up in it. If it comes down to the bottom and it's full of people, you can't hide." Gong Yu's voice sounded in the computer of shixiaonian, "it's better to let it go today and find another chance to go in."

"I don't like waiting for a chance."

Gong Ou's voice was cold and insistent. At last, he suddenly thought of Shi Xiaonian, explaining while repairing, "a scrapped goods elevator has a utility room on it, and it can never be a good place to waste manpower."

"Are you sure?" When Xiaonian asked softly, she thought of the scene she met in the basement of the palace. The elevator was full of people and guns.

"Ninety percent."

With this sentence, Gong Ou repairs the elevator, presses on it several times, and the man quickly bends into a group and shrinks in.

This elevator is very small and old-fashioned. It's still the iron bar type.

In the picture of Shi Xiaonian, she can see clearly the situation outside the iron fence. The elevator drops down little by little. When she sees that it is a room full of old machines, she is relieved at last.

Gong Ou comes out of the elevator smoothly and looks up at the abandoned room. He makes sure that there is no surveillance camera in the abandoned room. Then he looks down at these old machines and turns his hands on them, almost all of them are signs of N.E.

"That old man is really working hard on the technology of N.E." Gong Ou sneers.

"So we didn't find the wrong place." Gong Yu's voice also showed a few threads of excitement, "great, find out this technological genius, I see what trump card Lancaster still has."

When someone else's trump card is torn, Lancaster's last wall can be guarded.

"There are so many people at the door leading to the basement. The basement must be guarded to the top of the list. I'm afraid you will be surrounded if you don't find that talent." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Her worry is not unreasonable. Lancaster hides this technological genius to surprise again. The place to be protected must be strictly protected.

Her words fell, and everyone was silent.

Gong Ou looks around at the old machines. His eyes finally fall on the socket beside him. His thin lips make a curve. "I have a way."

When Xiaonian was confused, he saw Gong Ou lift up a machine, pick up a screen, plug in the plug, and start playing with the computer in a pile of things that looked like scrap iron.

The computer screen is full of code that she can't read or understand. To be precise, it's all garbled code for her.

She couldn't understand what Gong Ou was doing, only that time was passing by.

Upstairs, there is a waiter who has asked if he wants to add. He is blocked by the bodyguard. The waiter smiles and doesn't doubt anything.

But over time It's hard to say anything.

"Gong ou, what do you want to do?"

Gong Yu asks, he also doesn't understand what it means that Gong Ou suddenly stops to play computer.

"It's too hard to find it. Let this man show up automatically." Gong Ou said calmly that the slender ten fingers were pounding on the keyboard so fast that people were dazzled.

When Xiaonian sips her lips and constantly goes to see the time on the computer, she is very worried.

After nearly 20 minutes, Gong Ou began to look for all kinds of wires and tools in the waste metal of machines on the ground, and some sparks.

Suddenly, he said, "OK."

What's good?

When small read a face at a loss, see Gong Ou side in front of the computer crackle crackle clack keyboard side way, "I temporarily made a jammer, the signal here will be disturbed, they will soon be disordered."

"Then why is our surveillance screen OK?" Asked shixiaonian.

Signal interference, that is to say, if there is a monitoring picture, the picture will also be pasted out, right?

"If this technology can't be done, the bugging device will be detected as soon as it enters the club." Gong Yu answered instead of Gong ou, laughing and saying, "Gong ou, this is really something you have to do."

Who can make an jammer on the spot.

"Now I regret that I didn't continue to develop N.E.?" Gong Ou walks to the door and listens.

"Even if I had continued to develop it, I would not have achieved your achievement. I still have self-knowledge about this."

When Xiaonian listened to their conversation, the two people were still free to talk about this, and then it was the most important moment.

Gong Ou stands at the closed door and listens. Soon, when he is across the door, Xiao Nian hears a sound of disordered footsteps and tongue.

"What's the matter? The surveillance pictures in the basement are all gone. "

"It's signal interference. I don't know if it's a problem. There has never been such a thing in this area."

"Let's get to the head."

"The head already knew, let's not be nervous, get up our spirits, first go to see if there is anything on the young master's side, and what is needed."

"You should be able to find out what's interfering with the signal? Let's go, let's go. We'll all be killed if something happens here. "

There was a rush of footsteps, running in one direction.

"It seems that this young master has some abilities. Is he the technological genius?" Gong Yu wondered, "but who can be called master? I thought it was like Lori. "

Lancaster took care of the people who had magic power for their own use, but Lori didn't know that there was such a technological genius, and how could he call it the master? Isn't the title too honorable.

"Just go and have a look."

Gong Ou didn't have as many doubts as Gong Yu. He opened the door and walked out. He hurried to the place where the sound of footsteps disappeared. He couldn't make a sound.

In the picture, Shi Xiaonian can even see the bodyguards in front of him. As soon as he looks back, Gong ou will be exposed.

She held the mouse tightly and looked at the scene with deep breath. Her fingers moved. The picture cut out and became several pictures occupying the screen.

I hate it.

When Xiaonian frowned tightly, she was about to transfer out the picture of Gong Ou's badge. Her eyes flashed by unintentionally. She was stunned. It was the picture at the gate of the club monitored from outside.