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Chapter 117 rainstorm in Xiaonian Park

She must be pure and enchanted as she is bound.

He began to picture her tied up in his mind


When Xiaonian was shocked by his naked eyes.

For the smooth completion of the plan, Shi Xiaonian involved all the people including Feng de and Tang Yi's mother and son in the game.

When a ghost catches all the people in an hour, he will win, otherwise he will lose.

In the first two innings, Feng de and a bodyguard became ghosts.

When Xiaonian is tied together by Gong ou, she must follow him wherever he goes.

Two hours passed unconsciously. Bob was tired after playing. He rested in the car and was watched by a bodyguard.

The third set, is the palace Europe when the ghost.

When it's right, I think it's my mind.

Gong Ou stands in the center of the park. Everyone is scattered.

Everyone is looking for a place to hide.

When Xiaonian takes a look at Tangyi, Tangyi nods to her and says, "I will find a chance to get close to Mr. Gong."

"Well, I'll go out of the park first. I'll come back when you get the news."

When Xiaonian and she walk side by side.

She's going out of the park, so Gong ou can't find her and can give them enough time.

Tang Yi thinks about it and worries, "but in case Mr. Gong finds out, will he treat you..."

"Don't be yelled at again by him."

When Xiaonian is ready, anyway, the contract says that he can't hit her.

She also needs Gong ou to hate her so that she can get closer to freedom.

"Well, let's separate and be careful." Tang Yi said, "by the way, do you find a place to go out of the park? There are bodyguards at the entrance. "

"I'll find it again."

The park is surrounded by a high wall. The wall is smooth. She can't climb it. It's dangerous to climb and jump out.

"Just as I was hiding, I found a very high rockery over there." Tang Yi points to a place, "at that time, at school, you forget that the key always comes from the dormitory next door. You should be able to climb the rockery."

"Well, I'll see."

When small read nods, and Tang Yi parted ways.

She went to the deep alone. There were bodyguards at the entrance. She could only walk unusual.

The park is very large, with rockeries, green water, stone bridges and woods, and beautiful scenery.

When I was young, I didn't want to enjoy the scenery, so I went all the way.

When you go to the place of Tang art, you can see the high rockery.

When Xiaonian looked up, the rockery was a barrier on the edge of the park.

There are many caves on the rockery. It's not difficult to climb. As long as you cross half of the rockery, it's outside the park.

It's really a good place.

When Xiaonian moved his neck and twisted his arms, he began to climb the rockery after finishing the preparatory work and worked hard to climb up.

Gong Ou always asks her to wear a skirt, which has become the biggest obstacle for her to climb the mountain.

When Xiaonian pulled up her long skirt and tied a knot at the root of her thigh. Then she continued to climb up.

When climbing to a high place, Xiaonian retreats into a small cave to rest. People look down at it, which is at least two floors high.

Suddenly, a sound of footsteps came.

When Xiaonian hurriedly retracted his whole body into the rockery cave, he heard the voice of Fengde saying, "young master, you are so powerful. You will find me soon."

"It's not easy to find you."

Gong Ou snorts.

When small read shrink in cave, reached out to wipe sweat.

The park is unbelievably big. How did he find it so soon?

Gong Ou's IQ is terrible.

"Young master, Miss Shi should not be here. There are only mountains here." Feng De's voice came.

When small read silently nods.

That's right. Let's go. Let's go.

"What do you know." Gong Ou said coldly, "that woman likes to climb things, just like monkeys."


When I was reading the black line, did he want to know her so well.

"At that time, Miss Wen was also weak. How could she climb such a high mountain? It's just that hiding place is not climbing. There is a rockery group over there. It's not high. Maybe Miss Shi will be there. " Feng De is on the side of the plan.

Then there was silence.

I think it's reasonable for Feng De to say that the footsteps of the two men are gradually fading away.


Xiao Nian was relieved.

The housekeeper is really a magic assistant.

In order to prevent fraud, Xiaonian hid in the cave for a while, and was about to go out when the light suddenly dimmed.

The sky, which had just been shining brightly, became overcast.

When Xiaonian looked up, he saw that the dark clouds were pouring towards this side. In a short time, the big raindrops of beans fell down, and then the rain fell like a waterfall, frantically attacking the park.

The rainstorm broke out.

It was as gloomy as night.

When Xiaonian sat in the cave and was wet in her skirt, the rain outside was too heavy to go out.

"What to do?"

When Xiaonian reaches out to wipe the rain on his face, how can it suddenly rain?

Originally, I thought it was just a crazy rain, and it would stop soon. As a result, time passed for a long time, and there was no sign of stopping the rain.

The sky was dark and gray. The heavy rain was pouring wildly. The cave of the rockery couldn't avoid the rain at all. The heavy rain mixed with a little stone kept hitting her and hurt her.

It's really my own death this time.

When small read thought regretfully, decided to go down, here sooner or later by stone and heavy rain.

Just as she was about to leave the cave, she heard a running sound again, and she immediately retracted the cave.

Only to hear a bodyguard shouting across the rain, "hurry up! Are you wearing raincoats? When you find it, let her wear it. Don't let it rain. "

"I see."

"That Miss Tang is really brave. He accompanied Mr. Gong to find Miss Shi, but he fell heavily."

"I can see clearly just now. When the heavy rain came, Mr. Gong was almost hit by the talc. Miss Tang rushed to push him away before he fell down."

"All right, don't talk about it. Can we find someone? Miss Shi can't find it. Please wait for Mr. Gong to cut you to death. "

"Yes, yes, someone to look for."

"Miss Shi -- Miss Shi -- it's raining heavily. Mr. Gong asked you not to hide!"


A group of bodyguards shouted to leave the rockery.

When Xiaonian sat in the cave, a small stone fell on her, inexplicably painful.

Tang Yi is really an expert in this field. He can look for opportunities and pay the price of injury.

How can she disturb now.

What a chance. Maybe Gong ou will be moved.

When Xiaonian thought, she bounced open the pebbles on her body and resolutely climbed out of the cave. As soon as she got out of the cave, she was instantly wet. It was so hard for her wet face to stick to it.

The heavy rain washed her face and blurred her vision.

At that time, Xiao Nian could hardly see the situation in front of him, so he could only feel the rough stone wall point by point.

In the pouring rain, the stone wall became very slippery, and she slowed down even more.

She looked down, about two meters from the ground.

Closer and closer.

I'll be out of the park in a minute.


When Xiaonian clenched her teeth and continued to descend, suddenly, she stepped on a stone under her feet, and her hands could not hold the stone wall for a moment, so the whole person slid down

When "ah"

Xiaonian screamed, the whole person fell to the ground heavily, his head was dazed, and he passed out directly.

How long have you forgotten.

The cold rain drenched her severely.

When Xiaonian woke up in the cold rain water, her head hurt so much that she raised her hand and it hurt so much.

She slowly sat up on the grass, looked down at her hand, only her elbow was full of blood, mixed with rain to dye her skirt.

The pain in the bones and joints is outrageous.

It should be a fracture.

When Xiaonian clenched his teeth and resisted the pain, he wanted to stand up and hurt his legs.


It's so hard for her to be free when she leaves GONGO.

When Xiaonian sat in the rain, his long hair was wet like a sea bath, his face was a little pale, his arm was bleeding with blood, and it flowed down with the rain.

She took out her mobile phone and protected it with her body to prevent the rain from wetting it.

There are n missed calls on the mobile phone, all from Fengde.

Just as she was about to call, she found that Tang Yi had sent her a text message --

did you leave the park? Mr. Gong is by my side now. It's going well. Don't come out.

They're doing well. What about her? She's hurt.

Bodyguards will not come out of the park to look for him.

Gong ou and Tang Yi, who was injured for him, will not come to her. She can't ask for help, or she will fall short.

Her desire for freedom comes at a greater cost.

When Xiaonian looked up, he let the cold rain wash his face.

It doesn't matter.

She is used to being alone.

When Xiaonian sat on the wet ground for a while, he used all his strength to stand up slowly from the ground, and the pain from her legs was killing her

She forced herself to stand up from the ground in pain, let the heavy rain wash her way, and moved hard step by step.

"You can do it, shixiaonian. You can do it."

Shi Xiaonian tells himself.

She's used to saving herself, isn't she?

It doesn't matter.

She can, no matter how painful it is.

When Xiaonian pressed her arm with one hand and walked hard forward, step by step like stepping on a knife, it hurt so much that she couldn't cry.

"When I read it!"

A voice came down from the sky.


When Xiaonian looked up in shock, he saw a tall figure standing at the mountainside of the rockery, which was gong ou, across the majestic heavy rain.

His shirt and trousers were all wet, and he pressed the stone wall with one hand, as if he was looking down at her.

It's raining hard.

She couldn't even see his face.

Gong ou, how could he

He was with Tang Yi. How could he be there.

"I knew damn well that you must choose to climb. You knew how to climb!" Gong Ou stood there and shouted angrily at her, then asked, "is there any injury?"

Later, he roared louder than before.


When Xiaonian began to speak, he looked down and saw that the blood on his elbow was constantly washed by the rain, and her skirt was half red.

“shit!” Gong Ou seemed to see it and shouted, "stand there for me! I'll come down and help you! "

When hearing this, Xiao Nian immediately raised his head and shouted, "no, the stone wall is slippery. Don't come down."

She fell down, she fell down