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Chapter 230 have I ever loved you

Too ruthless.

When Xiaonian looked at him incredulously, he suddenly turned around and ran out.

Gong Ou stood in the same place, annoyed on his face, with a strong grudge in his eyes.

In his thinking, she fell in love with him, should not have any emotion to other opposite sex, otherwise, she just does not love him! She has a ghost in her heart!

He is jealous.

Crazy jealousy.

For a while, Gong Ou bit his teeth and ran out.

When Xiaonian was running to the fountain pool, the water reflected her face. Gong Ou caught up with her and held her hand. "Don't go! You are not allowed to leave! "

"Let go."

Xiaonian struggles desperately.

"Where do you want to go? I'm not afraid to tell you, mu qianchu is sitting on that plane. Something happened to him! If you chase him, he's just a piece of meat! " Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and growled, "why can't your wife stay with me flat?"

"Who doesn't want his wife to be ordinary?"

When I was young, I didn't know how Gong ou could be so upright and vigorous. It seemed that it was right for me to yearn for an accident. "You let go, Gong ou, you bastard, let me go!"

She struggled so hard that she pushed him recklessly.

"When I read it!" Gong Ou is pushed back by her and stares at her. "Have you ever loved me? You haven't forgotten to admire qianchu at all! "

He bellowed hysterically.

He's doubting her again.

His paranoia is terrible and can happen anytime, anywhere.

When small read eyes full of tears, she looked at Gong ou, lips slightly quiver, "have I ever loved you?"


"Gong ou, is your EQ really so low? You've killed me and I'm still stuck. I don't love you. I know you have the responsibility of marriage and I'm still with you. I don't love you. I know I don't deserve you and I'm trying to improve myself. I don't love you. Yes, Gong ou, I don't love you at all. Are you satisfied with the answer? "

When small read voice shudders to finish saying, the vision is sad to the extreme.


Gong Ouding stares at her and holds her in a strong hand.

His eyes flickered and he suddenly remembered how hard she had worked with him at the event this morning.

He almost forgot.

He was carried away by envy.

She stared at her, tears fell on her face, despair in her eyes, and once again she struggled with her life, "I won't forgive you for doing this, you let go! Let go! "

Gong Ou stared at her. Her tears hurt him.

He put her in his arms and hugged her tightly. "OK, I shouldn't doubt you. Don't cry."

He cried hard on the chest.

"You let go of me! Gong ou, you bastard! You murderer! "

When small read to shout aloud, finger desperately grasps his hand between waist, fingernail cuts a mark on the back of his hand.

Gong Ou frowns painfully, but his hands are not relaxed. He still holds her tightly and roars, "I'm not a murderer! I haven't touched my hands or feet! "

Smell speech, when small read's eye a stagnant, "impossible, then how do you know he takes this plane?"

She doubted, but the movement on her hand slowed down and stopped struggling.

"Mu qianchu sent you a message saying that he wanted to see you before going to France. I didn't want you to see him, so he deleted all the messages." Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

When Xiaonian was held by him and looked at him stupidly, I didn't know whether to believe or not.

Did he just delete the text?

"Don't you believe me?" Gong Ou stares at her dead, "I said, if I want to start, I will not let you know, let alone do something like air crash! Now don't say it's you. I guess all the media suspect it's me. "


When Xiaonian calmed down slowly in his arms, in fact, she didn't need to calm down.

Subconsciously, she is more inclined to believe in Gong ou.

Her eyelashes vibrated, her pink lips moved. "Then you just said no directly."

She thought it was really his move.

She was very desperate, at that moment, she suddenly did not know who she could trust again, and what reason to live.

"I can't control it. I can't stand it when you care so much about Mu qianchu! I don't know who you love! " Gong Ou looks ugly.

"Are you still in the mood for this?" Shixiaonian didn't know what to say to this man. "If you really kill someone, I will never forgive you if I love you again."

It has nothing to do with who she loves.

His mind is always so wonderful.

Gong Ou also knew that he was just out of control. He stood there and didn't speak. His face was very smelly.

He couldn't control the jealousy and suspicion. He didn't want to see the expression that cared about any other person on her face.


When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou like this, he also understands that he may be ill again.

One of the most obvious symptoms of paranoia is that you don't trust your partner's loyalty.

She let go of his hand. Gong Ou grabbed her wrist and stared at her. "Do you want to go?"

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Gong Ou staring at her. There was a trace of fear in his black eyes. His hand tightly grasped her wrist.

When small read blinked, will tear meaning pan down, looking at Gong Ou soft voice way, "if you really just delete the message, I won't blame you."

"Then you go out?" Hearing this, the fear in Gong Ou's eyes immediately disappeared.

"Then I'm going to see what's going on. Maybe it wasn't the plane that got on in the first thousand years. Maybe it was just the same surname." Shi Xiaonian said that she held his hand and looked at him with tears washed eyes. "You go with me."

She believed that nothing would happen to Mu qianchu.

He will not have an accident.

Gong Ou was not stubborn any more, but was led out by her. For a while, he said in a deep voice, "can you call him by name and surname? Don't call him qianchu any more!"

He's tired of listening!


He still cares about this with her now.

At that time, Xiaonian didn't say anything. She was suffering a lot. Her eyes were dim. She only hoped that muqianchu would be OK, nothing happened, and live there well.

But when you go out, you get all the bad news.

Gong Ou sent people to find out from Mu's group that mu qianchu was indeed on this flight.

After the plane crash, everything seems to be in a mess. I have the right to be as powerful as Gong ou, and I didn't receive much information in the first time.

Wait until the next morning.

There's still not much news coming.

The search and rescue team is making every effort to search and rescue, but because the plane is falling in the sea, let alone the body, even the parts of the plane are not necessarily retrieved.

The police set up a special operation team.

While Xiaonian was sitting in the lounge next to the action team. Two bodyguards stood at the door. She sat on the sofa and stayed up all night.

She didn't feel sleepy at all, and she had a terrible time waiting for news.

"Any news? The housekeeper. "

From time to time, Xiao Nian looks up to ask Feng de who is standing by.

Feng de held on to his sleepiness and shook his head. "It's a mess now. I'm sure there are only three passengers who haven't boarded the plane. I'm not sure if there's Muqian in it Master mu. "

"Did you find out where he was?"

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he put his hands on his knees and twisted them together.

"No, the Mu family is looking for mu young master everywhere. There is no whereabouts."


"Young master."

Feng De's voice sounded.

Gong Ou came in from the outside, a little tired on his handsome face.

Seeing him come in, Xiaonian immediately stood up and asked nervously, "how about that? Did you find anything? Is there a thousand I'm looking forward to the news. "

Seeing her so nervous, Gong Ou's chest was filled with strong jealousy again.

He stared at her haggard face, forcing his jealousy down.

Gong Ou went to her with a cold face and said, "no, they just analyzed the cause of the accident. The captain found out that he was suffering from terminal illness a while ago. He should be the one who dragged the whole machine to bury him."

"How could there be such a person."

When small read shocked, then slumped back to the sofa, teeth tightly bite lips.

Among the passengers who didn't board the plane, was there any admiration for qianchu? If not, she didn't dare to go down

When Xiaonian lowered his head, he was very sad.

It suddenly occurred to her that at three twenty yesterday afternoon, her sudden suffocation was like an induction.


Gong ouqiang repressed his emotions and poured a glass of water to her. There was no good-looking look on a handsome face.

He didn't sleep all night for the sake of his rival's life and death. He had to inquire about the news.

He really wanted to drag the woman back.

"Thank you."

When small read took the water cup but did not have the meaning of drinking, hands tightly hold the cup, eyes a gray, "Gong ou, I regret now."

"Regret what?"

Gong Ou sat down beside her.

The quality of the sofa in the police station is so poor that it makes him uncomfortable to sit on.

"That day, I rushed to Huazuo overpass to find you. I didn't have a good talk with qianchu. He cut his wrists and escaped from Mu's house for me, but I didn't even send him a message later." When small reads to stare at the cup to say, there is guilt in the voice.

At that time, she thought that she was right to do so. She should let mu qianchu calm down so that he can start again.

But she didn't think it would happen today.


Gong Ou sat aside with a calm face, not happy or unhappy.

He was not happy to hear her mouth saying "mojichu", but when he heard her saying that in order to find him, she didn't care about mojichu who cut her wrist, his heart was shocked again.

Anyway, in her mind, his position was still higher than that of the admirer.

"Qianchu actually had a hard time. He was blind. At that time, medicine was not prosperous and he could not operate. He didn't have a high position in the Mu family. When he first came to the family, he was silent, thirsty and didn't call for water, so he sat there all the time, very stubborn... " When Xiaonian stared at the water in the cup, he said, with unspeakable guilt in his heart.

Now I want to come, mu qianchu is such a stubborn person, but he only respects her. No matter what she does, he agrees, and he lets her go, never using his own thinking to control her.

"Hello! You look at the water I pour and think about that man? " Gong Ou doesn't like the tunnel.