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Chapter 74 Your Excellency President


Ha ha, yes.

He turned his temper into a kiss to deal with her. Of course, he won't lose his temper.

"Gong ou, can you not kiss me in public in the future?" n. In the president's office, shixiaonian sat at his white desk and couldn't help but say to the man reading the document.


Gong Ou signed his name with a flourish on the document. His voice was so wild.


"I told you, and I'll do it my way. That's my way!" Gong Ou closes a document, turns her eyes to look at her, and a handsome face is full of exclusive expression, "I want to kiss you, I want you, I want you! You can't refuse! "


"No, but!" Gong Ou said, "I have a private appointment later. You can wait for me in the car with me."


When Xiaonian can't refuse, he is too lazy to refuse.

Gong Ou has to tie her around for 24 hours. She has no way to escape.

When small read low head, turning the pen in hand, ready to draw comics on paper, suddenly the phone vibrated.

She took out her mobile phone and saw it was a text message. It was one of Tang Yi's mobile phone numbers. She had called before and Tang Yi didn't answer it.

Xiao Nian's finger slipped across the screen and clicked on the SMS -

Xiao Nian, I'm Tang Yi. I was in a hurry last time. Do you have time to come out to talk about the past with the old classmates?

Reminiscence of the past?

When Xiao Nian sipped her lips and clenched her cell phone, to be honest, she didn't want to meet Tang Yi much.

When I saw them on the cruise ship, they were not as familiar as before. They were both strange in the cold and noise.

But at the thought of Tang Yi, Shi Di and Shi Nian, who were seen in that remote town, they couldn't bear their curiosity. How could everyone go to that town so idly that day?

"Gong ou, you have a private appointment. Can I have a chat with my old classmates?" Shi Xiaonian applied to President Gong.

Maybe she can ask something from Tang Yi.

"Come here."

Gong Ou closes a finished document with a low voice and a consistent command voice.

When Xiaonian had to stand up and walk towards him, Gong Ou pressed her on his leg, hugged her and chewed on her lips, kissed her deeply, touched her hand with a big hand, touched her slender ring finger, touched the ring on it

"Well Uh huh.

When Xiaonian was kissed, she couldn't breathe well.

Gong Ou timely released her for a while, then kissed her again, recklessly ravaged her lips and tongues, and the fiery tongues attacked her, until her body slowly softened in his arms, and people involuntarily fell on his chest, leaving him to do whatever he wanted.

After a sentimental kiss, Gong Ou just let her go. He looked down at her white face and said, "go."

"Well." When Xiaonian touched his swollen lips, his voice barely uttered an um word.

She has to go anywhere now with his approval.

He said that he was her family, and he was more like a guardian, or a guardian of tyranny and imprisonment.

"Next door to me." Gong Ou added another sentence.

“……” When I was young, I said nothing.

"No more than a kilometer from me."


He doesn't see her for a moment now, does he?

"Do you hear me?" Gong Ou bit her ear and was dissatisfied with her silence.

"I see. Mr. President, what are you talking about?"

When small read very helpless, she really did not see someone fall in love like Gong ou.

Don't say she doesn't like him. If she really likes him, she must be scared away by his airtight way.

"You know!"

Gong Ou is very satisfied with her cognitive status.

"Then I'll make an appointment with my old classmates." When Xiaonian returned to his desk to send a text message to Tang Yi and set a good time.


The place where Gong Ou meets people is a high-end private club. Gong Ou directly packs two adjacent rooms to let Shi Xiaonian go to one of them.

In this way, she won't be too far away from him.

He can see at any time.

The private club's private rooms are gorgeous and resplendent, with gold as the main tone, and the whole room is decorated like a palace. When Xiaonian goes in, he feels that he has entered a luxurious world.

Following Gong Ou's life, what she saw and heard was quite different from before.

When Xiaonian went to the wine cabinet and thought for a while, he took out a bottle of red wine with high alcohol concentration and sat down at the table.

The door was opened before the wine was opened.

Tang Yi, a pure white dress, stood at the door with a new Emma's bag in her hand, and a face full of literary temperament smiled at her apologetically, "excuse me, Xiaonian, I'm late."

"No, I just arrived." When Xiaonian smiled softly, "sit down."

"Good." Tang Yi put down his bag, sat down in front of the small round table, looked around the room, and could not help admiring, "I heard that this is not a private club that can be booked with money. Is it a private club with extremely high specifications, which Mr. Gong ordered for you?"

When Xiaonian stood at the table and smiled faintly. He didn't say anything more. He took the cork off the wine bottle and poured a glass for Tang Yi. "Long time no see. Have a drink."

Wine is the best tool for conversation.

Moreover, shixiaonian remembers that Tang Yi's liquor consumption is not good.

Tang Yi doesn't seem to want to jump over this topic. He touches her gently with his fingers holding the thin neck of the cup and says sensitively, "why do you want to pour me wine?"

"Yes, I want to intoxicate you and see if you are as drunk as the University."

When small read to smile to say, a word, will two people in the university time memory all hook up.

"I won't." Tang Yi put down his wine glass, rubbed his red fingernails along the edge of the glass, and looked at her curiously with black and white eyes. "By the way, I was in a hurry to say goodbye last time. Tell me what happened three years ago? Now what's the matter with you and Mr. Gong? "

"Don't you all know?"

When small read light tunnel, took a glass of wine gently tasted, the taste of red wine is a little bitter.

"I don't know much." Tang Yidao.

When Xiaonian held the glass and looked at her smilingly, "you seem to be very interested in what happened three years ago?"

Last time, this time.

She has a kind of intuition. Tang Yi seems to have some problems, but she can't say what the specific problems are.

"Let's talk about the past. Don't talk if you don't like it. " Tang Yi smiled, "how are you doing these years?"

As he said, Tang yiduan took a drink from his glass and habitually twisted his long hair. His movements were artistic, but they did not lose the charm of an adult woman.

Tang Yi is really different from before.

Before Tang art, there was no such charming taste.

"How else can I live? I draw comics. You know I liked comics very much when I was in University. Life is very simple and boring." When small read three words two rain to finish his old story, "you? You seem to have a good time. "

"Me?" Hearing this, Tang Yi's face darkened, and his wine was a little over his head. After a while, Tang Yi looked up at her and said, "do you want to hear the truth?"

When Xiaonian sat there and watched the bitterness in Tang Yi's eyes, it made her have the illusion of returning time.

In college, they are in a dormitory.

When Tang Yi worked hard for a living and worked part-time, they were bitter and stubborn. At that time, they were very good friends.

When Xiaonian didn't wait to speak, Tang Yi suddenly stood up from the table and pointed to the Emmas bag hanging aside. "I have famous clothes and bags now, but I'm not very well. In fact, I don't know what I want..."

She said she had a bad time and didn't know what to ask for.


When Xiaonian listened quietly.

"Before, my family was so poor that I didn't have others' money. I was so poor that I borrowed my tuition. I had to work part-time and part-time all the time. I didn't dare to go to the hospital when I was ill." Tang Yi stared at his bag and smiled bitterly. "I'm really afraid of poverty. I think I can get better after graduation."

When Xiaonian listened to her voice, she fell into the memory of her college days.

At that time, the two of them often leaned against the window of the dormitory, held two bottles of one dollar mineral water to clink glasses, and then encouraged each other, one said to cheer up and make money, the other said to strive to become the first sister of the girl cartoon industry.

"But I found that the poor are the poor. It's better to be so simple! No matter how hard I try, I can't keep up with others! " Tang Yi suddenly looked at him and said, "I know that when you see my boyfriend on the cruise, you will despise me in your heart."

When Xiaonian's eyelashes quivered gently, she looked at Tang Yi and said frankly, "No. I just think you can choose a more comfortable life. "

The Tang Yi she knew was a girl who worked hard to make progress. She was such a high cold goddess. She disappeared for several years, but she became a woman who was close to a powerful family.

The contrast surprised her.

"A more comfortable life? Oh, comfort also depends on material to pile up These days, no one cares about you without money. " Tang Yi said with a smile, picked up the red wine bottle and poured himself a full glass. He took it up and drank it. He said, "I know you look down on me, but I need life, I need money, I'm afraid of poverty! I don't want to live a half dead life without any return! "

At the end, Tang Yi cried out excitedly, with tears in her eyes.

When Xiaonian looked at her silently, he understood that Tang Yi had gone further and further, and was forced by life.

"You drink too much." When Xiaonian stood up, pressed her hand to raise her glass again, and said lightly, "the waiter will bring some cakes up in a moment, and don't drink any more."

Tang Yi can't drink any more.

"Let me drink." Tang Yi looked at her with a wry smile. "You don't know, I have enough of pretending to be a lady in front of those rich people. Women in the world fight for fame and have no friends at all. Don't I want to pretend to meet such an old classmate as you?"


When Xiaonian looks at her, her hands slowly withdraw back.

Tang Yi drinks a whole glass of red wine from the cup, frowns tightly, and has no ordinary artistic style.

When the waiter came in with all kinds of cakes, Tang Yi was so drunk that he stood on the table with high heels and shouted, "give me two bottles of mineral water. I want one yuan! One dollar! "


The waiter is stupid.