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Chapter 944 do you want to come to implicate Gong Ou?

"I won't tear it down."

Xiaonian stubbornly shrinks his hand behind him.

"Gong Ou wants me to take good care of you. I have to do it if I promise. You take off the line and sleep well. I will consider the safety aspect. You don't have to worry about it." Muqianchu said to grab her arm and pull her hand out of her back.

When Xiaonian fiercely resisted and refused to take the line apart, but he could not resist the power of admiring qianchu.

They couldn't argue.

Seeing that the paper is about to be removed by mu qianchu, Xiao Nian said excitedly, "I don't want you to mind, mu qianchu! If my mistake delays everyone's time to save me, if I am captured, if Gong Ou is threatened by Lancaster, can you bear the responsibility? "

"I 'll take it!"

Mu qianchu said without hesitation, and continued to grasp her hand to untie the thread.

"You can't afford it! What kind of ending did my most important person get involved in by you? You know in your heart that you still want to involve Gong Ou? " He said excitedly.

Words fall, mu qianchu's face is pale, and his hands are stiff there.

When Xiaonian took the opportunity to shrink his hand back, firmly protect himself, refused to take the line off his fingers.

In the brightly lit room, there was silence, and even a pin fell to the ground.

The atmosphere became eerie.

When Xiaonian looked at the mojichu sitting in front of him, he realized what he had said, put his hands on his forehead, and lowered his head powerlessly. The lines tied on his fingers were so clear that they drew a thin trace.

Lori stood aside, observing the delicacy between the two, and couldn't help saying, "it's OK. Let's go back to sleep and let Mrs. Gong have a good rest."

"Check it out, I'm sure someone must have infiltrated my room." When small read to say immediately, there is tension in the eye.

"It's a forest maze outside. It's hard to get in and out easily. If someone sneaks into your room, it's more likely to be a traitor." Mu qianchu sat beside the bed and said faintly that the pallor on his face had not faded, and he had recovered his calmness.


When small read stunned.

"I'll check this. You sleep."

Mu qianchu said calmly, standing up from the bedside and turning to walk outside. This time, he didn't touch the wall, and his long legs almost fell down in a hurry.

Lori reached for a hand.

Mu qianchu pushes his hand open, stubbornly goes out alone and closes the door.

When there was only one person left in the room, Xiaonian looked at the seat where mu qianchu had just sat, and her head began to ache.

What's going on? She lives more and more like a hedgehog.

Obviously, I have no ability, but I can always stab others.

When Xiaonian leaned back and looked at the room which was calm again, she came down from the bed and looked down at the ground to find out some traces of the room that had been intruded.

Unfortunately not.

There was nothing but the fallen glass crane, as if no one had come in.

It must have been someone who came in. It must have been someone from Lancaster who found her, or arranged for the traitor to lurk all the time. Originally, she was going to threaten her, but she had a nightmare and woke up the man who had to flee in a hurry.

It must be.

It seems that she should be more careful.

When Xiaonian looked down at the thread on her finger, it was not firmly tied. She must be more firm to wake up at the first time.


After a few days, the man didn't move any more.

Muqianchu didn't find anything there, as if all that night was just a nightmare for Lori.

At night, when Xiaonian is holding Xiaokui to play with toys, Gong Yao sits alone at the door and meditates. His back is straight and his bow and arrow are beside him.

As expected by Luo lie, Gong Yao's shadow was not exposed and was buried deep in his heart. From the small details of the arrow, we can see his nervous tension.

But this, at present, is not a problem. We can only give him more love naturally.

"Mrs. Gong is still playing with Xiaokui?"

After bathing, Lori, wearing a dark bathrobe and wiping her hair, came to them.

"Dr lo."

When small read light smile, palace Kui stands straight from her bosom, laughing to call a person, "Uncle Luo."

"Darling, you keep playing."

Lori pushes his glasses, sits down on a single sofa beside him, watching his mother and daughter fiddle with digital toys. Gong Kui's addition and subtraction method is fast, and Xiaonian smiles happily all the time.

After a long time, Lori thought for a moment and said, "it's not early, Xiaokui. Should you take a bath?"

When Xiaonian looked at him with some consternation, he immediately understood his meaning, then looked down at his daughter in his arms, "Xiaokui, let Alisha take a bath for you first."


Gong Kui nodded cleverly and left her arms.

When small read a person quietly tidy up the toys, a face on the eyebrows and eyes are very light, in the daughter left that moment even smile lost.

"What does Dr. law want to say to me?" When Xiaonian was cleaning up, he asked.

"In fact, I'm the last one to meddle, but it's better for all of you to take refuge together, if you're on the same boat, or to work together." "As a blind man, Mr. Mu has done a lot of things beyond his ability. He just needs to change the guard three times a day and doesn't follow the rules. It's a very tiring thing," said Lori

It's a point to point.

When small read tidy up the toy, understand his meaning, raise the eyes to look at Luo lie that pair of arrogant eyes, "is he in a bad mood these days?"

The past is like a tumor in their heart, which will worsen in a moment.

"You don't agree?" Lori could not ask more directly.

"A lot of things don't just go through with one sentence." When Xiaonian tired the toys together, he looked at Lori and said, "talk to him, let him not work so hard."

"I thought it would work better."

Said Lori.

"But I can't say." When small read also very direct.

Lori was stunned for a moment, then nodded, "I see, who let me be a doctor, I really went to a place where strange diseases gather, I will solve it."

Said Luo lie to stand up from the sofa to leave, walked two steps, he stopped again, turned his eyes to see when small read, lips moved, want to talk and stop.

When Xiaonian met his eyes, he asked clearly, "have you ever contacted brother?"

A word poked at Lori's weakest spot.

Lori embarrassed to cover up with a smile, looked at her and said, "I'm another person after making a fake identity. Besides, it's just a common friend. What's the connection?"

When Xiaonian packed all the toys, he also stood up from the sofa and said softly, "brother is very good. After that, the injury recovered quickly. Now he should help Gong Ou deal with Lancaster's affairs."

She knew that Lori wanted to know Gong Yu's injury most.

It seems that Lori can't bear to say this only after he has been here for so long.

"Is it? That's good. " Lori nodded. "They are more dangerous to work outside than we are here, and they don't know when they will end it."

When Xiaonian lowered his eyes, he said, "Gong Ou won't let the people he cares about get hurt. You can rest assured."

Gong Ou attaches great importance to her brother, which she knows better.

Gong Ou is so smart. He will arrange everything. He will arrange everyone.

And others He can never be arranged or controlled.

"Why, is my worry so superficial?" Lori wryly smiled, "well, you should go to bed earlier. Don't tie that thread anymore. Mr. Mu has strengthened his guard."

And Luo lie respectively, when small read a person to go upstairs, mu qianchu from upstairs slowly down, hand on the handrail, then he stopped, a pair of eyes accurately "see" to the direction of small read.

They didn't say a word after the little storm that night.

Silence continued in the stairwell.

When small read dundun footsteps, nothing said to continue to walk upstairs, with him passing by.


Mu qianchu slightly turned his face, smelled a trace of fragrance on her nose, and he opened his mouth to say something, when Xiaonian had passed by him.

His face darkened.

If it wasn't for Gong Ou's idea, shixiaonian would never accept the protection from him, which he knows better than anyone else.

Mu Qichu's smile was bitter. He went downstairs step by step. One of them was staggering. He sat down on the stairs for a long time without standing up.

When Xiaonian went upstairs, he made sure that Gong Kui and Gong Yao had taken a bath and were ready to go to bed. Then he went back to his room and closed the door tightly.

When I drew the curtain, Xiaonian picked up a coil of wire and began to wire in the room. Bude was more exaggerated than the beginning. From the piano foot to the bedside table, each piece of wire was wearing a glass paper crane.

The lines all over the ground look like mechanisms.

She has done this from the last few days to the evening. She is always right to be cautious if she can't catch the intruder.

After all this, Xiaonian crawled to bed. His hands naturally crossed by. He had forgotten how many days it was. The bed here is always cold.


When Xiaonian throws another pillow on the bedside table inside, then lies down and turns off the light to sleep.

The moon is dim.

A moonlight curtain that never closed leaked in and landed on the quilt.

The person on the bed fell asleep motionless, breathing evenly.

The thread with the fingers suddenly moved, and the glass paper crane made a rustling sound.

When Xiaonian was lying there, her ears moved sharply, and she suddenly opened her eyes. Then she saw a dark figure squatting in front of her bed. Her eyes were very big, giving out a faint light in the dark.

She screamed, "come on! Help! "

At last she caught her.

She screamed, and the man did not seal her mouth, and still crouched there.


The door was hit hard from the outside. Mu qianchu and Luo lie rushed in for the first time again, and the bodyguards also ran in.