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Chapter 656, read carefully and come on.

Seeing his brother, Gong Yu smiled and said gently, "I thought you would not go."

"Go, why not?" Gong Ou gave him a cold squint. "I have no reason not to go when you are engaged."

"And Xiaonian?" Gong Yu asked, turning his eyes to look at the direction of the castle. When he didn't see it, he read, "she won't come?"

"She'll wait."

Gong Ou cold tunnel.

"Well, let's go first." Gong Yu said, pressing his hand on the door, "it's too late to go through the process to the manor."

"Are you in a hurry to marry that ugly woman?" Gong Ou glanced at him.

"He will be your sister-in-law in the future."

Gong Yu had no choice but to get into the car.

"You are the only one who can chew such an ugly woman."

Gong Ou soon followed him into the car and turned his eyes to look out of the window at the scenery. His brow was slightly frowned, his black eyes became deep, and his hands on his legs could not help clenching his fists.

When small read, come on.

It's up to you whether you can pass this level.


Time passed by little by little. When Xiaonian was walking around in Gong Ou's study, there was a little tension on a white and small face.

She took a deep breath, clenched her hand on her side, and said something in her mouth.


She can do it.

When Xiaonian turned around, she was about to leave. She stepped out and shrank back. She paced back and forth, with her teeth biting her lips. She never thought of playing such a big play in her life.

It can't be smashed. It can only be done once. Otherwise, the palace will be destroyed in her hands.

When Xiaonian kept breathing deeply, thinking over and over about what she would say for a while, she walked to the door step by step, opened the door, and heard the voice of a servant.

"And the lady's cloak? Come on, Madame, we're all in the car. "

Rocky's on the bus already?

When Xiaonian hears the words and rushes out of the castle before he can think more about it. She runs all the way out. She changes a long dress on her body, which trips badly. She has to run with it.

Luo Qi stood by the car waiting for her cape, a gorgeous violet long skirt, with a broad hat, a mesh half concealing the beauty of tolerance, grace and nobility, red lips gorgeous.

See when small read run over Luo Qi can't help but frown, "how in the palace so long, how to walk or the hair is manic?"

Not a bit of aristocratic habits.

"Come with me, mother."

When Xiaonian came forward, he grabbed Luo Qi's hand.

"What to do?" Luo Qi was shocked. "Gong Yu's engagement ceremony is about to start. Where are you going to pull me? Stop. "

"You'll know when you come. I've found something that you'll want to know."

When Xiaonian took her, she ran.

The servant and the bodyguard stood there looking at each other, wondering if they should stop them.

"What did you find?"

Luo Qi is pulled by Xiaonian and runs in. Her hat covers her eyes. She can only follow Xiaonian for a while.

"Come with me!" Shi Xiaonian's tone was eager to say that he took her to the castle. Luo Qi had no image because of her. He was helpless. "Xi Xiaonian, you can stop just now. Don't delay my engagement ceremony."

"Come with me."

When small read pull Luo Qi to go upstairs, Luo Qi pull but she, had to follow her up, eyebrows frown.

When Luo Qi is pulled into Gong Ou's study by Xiaonian, Luo Qi stops and says, "I know you and Gong ou don't want Gong Yu to get engaged to this marriage, but you think that stopping me can stop the ceremony?"

When Xiaonian ran a little breathless, she looked at Luo Qi, then picked up the log on the table and said, "mother, I see something from the log, so I want to apologize to you solemnly."


Luo Qi is stunned.

What did shixiaonian do? One after another.

"I said that day my father never loved you. I was wrong." Shi Xiaonian said earnestly.

Luo Qi hears the speech whole person a shock, the expression all condenses on the face, "what do you say?"

Luo Qi always pretends to be in harmony with her husband and wife in front of others, but in fact, she doesn't believe that Gong Jue has ever been in love with her more than Shi Xiaonian. When she hears about this, she is completely stunned.

When Xiaonian saw her so suddenly, he pretended to look dazed and asked, "what's the matter with you, mother?"

"What are you talking about? What do you see in the log? " Luo Qi is puzzled to ask, some excitedly snatch the log from the hand of small read, but can't see what clue.

She took the hat off her head, too.

"Doesn't mother know?" Shi Xiaonian said, "these two days, I have been reading the diary, only to find that my father is a person who doesn't like to say, but only acts."

"And then?"

Luo Qi asked earnestly.

If it wasn't for Luo Qi's split self-talk that night, Xiao Nian didn't know that Luo Qi actually cared about Gong Jue's view on her.

"The mother's diary is about my father's activities after he got married. I compared them before and after my father's activities and found that my father spent a lot more time at home after he got married than before."

When Xiaonian said, he was flipping through the log so fast that LUOQI could not catch it. He just looked at her, "that's it?"

"And the kind of flowers that bloom at night don't actually grow much brightly here." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"How can I, I always let the human race with this flower."

Luo Qi said.

Indeed, as Charles said, Luo Qi only picked flowers and didn't pay attention to the way of planting flowers. This kind of flowers are very rare, and few people understand them. He can't find any information on the Internet, which just opened the brain hole of Xiaonian.

"This kind of flower is called forgetting evil in Chinese. It's said that it's a kind of Buddha flower. It's hard to grow and it's not easy to blossom. So I also asked Gong ou to help me find out. The original soil here has been changed and a kind of potion has been dripped all the year round to make this kind of flower bloom. " Shi Xiaonian said seriously, "don't mother know?"

When Xiaonian repeatedly asked Luo Qi how confused he was. Luo Qi shook his head. "I don't know. I never care how much this flower is worth."

"That's the same as I guess. It was my father who let people do it. My father spent so much time just blooming for a kind of flower. I don't think men love flowers so much." When small read to look at Luo Qi said, trying to maintain their own calm.

Luo Qi looked at her and said, "I was the first one to like this flower. When I first saw him, there was such a fake flower nearby."

She always remembered how gorgeous the flower was, which made the man standing in front of it have a different temperament.

One glance is unforgettable.

Thinking about this, Luo Qi pushes aside Xiaonian, turns around and walks out. Xiaonian follows her out.

Luo Qi went all the way to the garden, bent down to grasp a handful of soil and put it in her hand. Looking at it, several old gardeners came to this side and bowed their heads respectfully. "What can I do for you, madam?"

"How do you usually manage this garden?"

Asked roach.

"Just take care of it as usual, water and fertilize it." Replied the old gardener.

"Nothing to add?" Luo Qi asked doubtfully. The old gardeners shook their heads. Luo Qi frowned and saw what was happening. When Xiao Nian hurriedly walked forward and asked, "where is the water, please?"

"The water in the garden is different from the drinking water, which is transported from the river in the east of the palace." Replied the old gardener.

30 minutes later, the river was taken into the infirmary for testing, and the material was different from other rivers.

This proves that the soil of the garden is different from others, so the flowers that bloom at night can bloom so beautifully.

Luo Qi suddenly collapsed. Her eyes turned red and she went out quickly.


When Xiaonian stood by quietly.

She uses her own caricature brain to open a story, portrays Gong Jue as a man with introverted emotions, and the rest is done by Gong Ou secretly for her in these two days, making the whole game perfect.

Even if in the future, Luo Qi felt that there was something wrong, she could not find any leakage.

When Xiaonian went out, Luo Qi stood outside the clinic, her hands covered her face, her eyes were red, almost crying.

When Xiaonian came to her and stood behind, he didn't speak.

"He said he also liked the flower with a cold look. I thought he didn't like it, just perfunctory." Luo Qi says, voice chokes badly.

Gong Jue is really a cold-blooded person. When he is cold-blooded, he cannot understand.

But she couldn't do it. She couldn't find a better way than cheating Luo Qi.

"Maybe he is just introverted and can't express himself. There are many such people in the world." Xiaonian stood there and said.

Smell speech, Luo Qi's tears fell down, sat down in the chair outside the infirmary.

When Xiaonian went to look at her anxiously and handed out the tissue.

Luo Qi looks up at her, her eyes are red, her beautiful face is shaking and sad. After a few seconds of hesitation, Luo Qi reaches out to take the paper towel and wipes it, and suddenly says, "when I met him, the palace family didn't have the prosperity now, and he looked out of place among those noble children, but I think he was different, because he had light in his eyes, and he was an ambitious man People, I'm attracted, I'm crazy to use the way I can get close to him, close to him. "

Luo Qi tried to control her choking, but her voice was still out of tune.

This is the first time for Luo Qi to take the initiative to talk about her and Gong Jue's past, not even her two sons.

When Xiaonian sat down opposite her and listened quietly.

"You're right. For decades, I didn't hate my husband."

Luo Qi said, "this marriage makes me like living on the thick ice. It's cold, but I can only stand and bear it.". At one time, I thought it was my retribution, because I was interested in his ambition and ambition to be a human being, so I put myself in front of him like a financial product. What else can I get besides being exploited? "

"Father is just not good at words." Shi Xiaonian said, "if the mother is really just a financial product for him, but he can have his own private life, but the father has no other than two sons with you, right?"