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Chapter 1001 Gong Ou's way of delaying time

"Damn it, I haven't even seen the front face. Can you break the secret door?" Gong Yu said, "even if it can't be broken, destroy all the data."

Gong Ou stands in front of the wall and touches the wall to check where the mechanism is. When Xiaonian takes a look at the time in the lower right corner, he narrows the picture one by one.

The 3-D playing card at the gate of the Bally club has been shining blue, and the quiet color makes her have no bottom.

After thinking for a few seconds, she couldn't help but say, "Gong ou, don't you mind?"

Go back.

The movement of Gong Ou's inspection mechanism stopped. Gong Yu said, "nothing is abnormal. Even if this young master informs us, Gong ou can cope with the number of bodyguards he saw all the way. It's not easy to get to this step. Now it's all in vain. "

Indeed, all preparation and adventure are wasted when we turn around at this time.

But her uncomfortable feeling was always there, which made her want to grab Gong Ou out of the screen at once.

She is not qualified to let so many people's hard work into a bubble, when small read eyes down, no longer insist, lips have been tightly pursed.

In the picture, Gong Ou is still checking the mechanism, and his hand has touched the mechanism. With his ability, he will be able to crack it for a certain time.

Gong Ou's leather gloved hand held the switch and it didn't move.

"Don't waste any more time, Miyo."

Gong Yu is also nervous. Now the time is in seconds. Gong Ou stops.

"Shixiaonian, do you really want me to withdraw?" Asked Gong oding there.

Outside came Gong Yu's voice of rushing to clap the table. He couldn't understand Gong Ou's meaning of asking Xiao Nian at this time. Can we keep such flirting words until they come out!

When Xiaonian's heart was hit hard, she looked at Gong Ou's motionless hand in the picture. Now he really listened to her.

But at this time, he realized that it was not easy to make a choice. People with their own ideas may not be so easy. There are too many things to consider. They can't be willful or hesitant.

When Xiaonian gradually understood the difficulty when Gong Ou closed her, she slowly tightened her hand on the mouse, and her eyes fell on the red and blue flash, and whispered, "I hope you can withdraw now."


Gong Yu stops her, but it's too late. Without thinking about it, Gong Ou leaves the switch, turns around and goes out. When his body passes a computer full of data, his steps are paused, and then he goes on.

At this stage, Gong Ou chose to listen to what Xiao Nian said.

When Xiaonian sat there, pale, her heart throbbing, but afraid that she had done wrong.

"Xiaonian." Gong Yu rushed into the room where she stayed from the outside, frowning tightly, and her usual noble grace was gone, and she became extremely anxious. "Xiaonian, do you know how much effort I spent in such a game like cloth today, because you are afraid of losing all your achievements? He's my brother. If there's a risk, I won't let him take it! "

But to withdraw now is to destroy the Great Wall.

In the picture, Gong Ou is retreating according to the original route. Xiaonian sits there and is silent for a few seconds in the face of Gong Yu's accusation. Then he says, "the red and blue flash has always been of warning significance in my impression, and they have no large-scale action after the signal interference. I think it's very strange."

Even if it's a surprise to arrange scientific and technological talents to study here, it's Lancaster's trump card after all, and the protection work should be done in a special way.

"It's just a neon light, Xiaonian. All bars are like this." Gong Yu put out his hand. "You know my brother treats you as a treasure of his life. You let him leave. How many difficult roads will he have to walk in the future?"

When Xiaonian was accused of being speechless, Bei teeth clenched his lips tightly. Gong Yu sighed when she saw her, "well, you are also nervous Gong ou. Come again, Gong Ou is not afraid of what I am afraid of."

As soon as Gong Ou retreats to be a beauty, it's useless for him to get angry again.

"That's enough. Why don't you accuse my woman again?" Gong Ou has quickly returned to the original road, along the corner to the second floor, voice cold tunnel.

"Gong ou, I'm on the point..."

"I like to listen to her. It's none of your business!"

Gong Ou directly interrupts his words, which makes Gong Yu speechless for a long time. He is stupid there.

Suddenly, there was a sound of neat footsteps in the computer. When Xiaonian hurriedly looked at the computer, Gong Ou also flashed into a corner, raised his arm slightly, peeped out, observed with his cufflinks, and whispered, "what do you see?"

Gong Yuhe and Shi Xiaonian stared at the screen, only to see that the whole hall was sealed up. People were dozens of times more than before, holding guns in their hands, listening to the orders silently, breaking into several lines and rushing inside.

"How could this happen?" Gong Yu stood beside shixiaonian and bent down in shock. "I've been monitoring outside. How can I suddenly pour in so many people?"

"What are you monitoring?" Gong Ou said in a low voice, the man was clinging to the wall, watching a group of gunmen running away from the far post. They were very fast, obviously well-trained.

And those people ran out of the basement. There weren't so many bodyguards just now.

If he withdraws later, he will be beaten to a honeycomb.

"It's impossible!" Gong Yu said excitedly, reaching back to the small screen, staring at the door of the Bally club, saying, "the club has been very peaceful all around, there is no one at all. After your signal interferes, no one can send a message. Why are so many people suddenly? "

"Do you want to tell me that these people came from the sky? "Soldiers and generals?" Gong Ou ridicules the tunnel and climbs up to the second floor with his skill. No one finds out.

And those bodyguards are also rushing to the second floor. When they see people, they control them.

Gong Yu suddenly understood, looked down and said, "is that blue light really a warning?"

Was Xiaonian right?

Gong Ou hurried to his room with a little gasp. "If I guess right, Lancaster has raised a group of people in the neighborhood to protect this technological genius. They are afraid of being suspected when they are not in the club. Once the club is in danger and gives out a light warning, they rush into the basement from the underground passage. First, they will Time to protect those scientific talents. "

"In that case, why don't they carry some machines down the underpass?" Gong Yu asked, still some unwilling to admit their own misjudgment.

"How big is that door? How big do you see the machines?" Gong Ou walks back to his box smoothly before the bodyguards rush up.

The bodyguard nodded at him, and the socialite was still asleep.

Gong Yu remembered that all the machines he saw were large and hard to dismantle. They couldn't pass through that door, which could barely pass a single adult.

No wonder.

"Damn it, Lancaster is a cunning old man." Gong Yu angrily thought of such a way to protect the technological genius.

Even if someone sneaks in, he can easily catch people. If it wasn't for Xiaonian to be too sensitive, who would pay attention to the flash of a neon light

"I'm sorry, Xiaonian. I made a mistake." Gong Yu stood there and confessed to her directly.

"Don't be like this, brother. I'm also in trouble."

When small read light tunnel, God knows how afraid she just had to judge mistakes.

"You saved my brother's life and the whole palace." Gong Yu patted her on the shoulder and said thoughtfully, "it seems that sometimes women's thinking is really needed."

As soon as Gong Ou was evacuated, the basement was full of people. If he didn't leave, it would be useless to put on his bulletproof clothes.

When Xiaonian looked at the position where the socialite lay in the picture, he said nervously, "but now the club has been surrounded, how can I leave?"

Gong Ou goes to the window, lifts the curtain and looks forward. All the people are under it, surrounded closely.

They were surrounded.

"It's up to us now." Gong Yu said, and said to the computer, "Gong ou, you can use Henry's identity to delay for a little longer. We will come soon!"

When small read see form hurriedly stand up, "elder brother, careful."

"Don't worry." Gong Yu gave her a reassuring look. "I will bring your husband back completely."

Gong Gu left with a large number of people.

When Xiaonian sat back in front of the computer, he heard a loud knock on the door. "Mr. Henry, something's wrong with the club. Let's check it. Please open the door!"

Say "please", but with the way of smashing the door, it is clear that it is hard to break.

"When they see people, they ask questions. They have to put them on. Are your wigs and moustaches fixed? Can I help you? " He asked nervously.

It will be a while before Gong Yu's men and horses can say that Gong Ou's beard is now falling, which is the result of being caught and killed immediately.

"Don't worry, I have a way."

Gong Ou comforts her, holds the scarf and shakes it in front of the badge, then takes a bottle and sprinkles it everywhere, even on him and the socialite.

"BAM bam!"

The door was smashed harder and harder.

"Mr. Henry, please cooperate! We're coming in! " The outside voice shouted very hard, and the door slammed even louder. It soon became a kick.

When Xiaonian was worried about what Gong Ou would do to avoid, he watched Gong Ou go to the comatose socialized flower and felt the collar of socialized flower with his leather gloved hand.

The next second, he tore his big hand and listened to the "hiss" sound. The low breasted skirt of socialite flower turned to pieces

There are many jades in the box full of alcohol.

The bodyguards rushed in.


When Xiaonian sat in front of the computer, his original worry turned into a black line.


After a battle, Gong Yu brought people to rescue Gong ou. This action was a failure. He did not see the face of the technological genius or destroy the data.

But at least, Miyo's life is saved.

When returning to the palace castle, Xiaonian stood in front of the liulitai table and cut tomatoes. The more he cut, the more he hated, the harder he cut.

She chopped the tomato into ketchup.