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Chapter 335 growing resentment against Gong ou

"I have no appetite."

When small read said coldly, face to sit on the side of the big bed.

"Miss Shi, this is based on the doctor's nutrition formula and your physical condition. Madam has told you to follow the doctor's method." Charles said the voice line was as gentle as that of Feng De.

When Xiaonian watched him set up a small retro table and put the afternoon tea on it. He was gentle and gentle.

His words sounded like caring for her, but she knew that in their eyes and Luo Qi's, she was a walking uterus.

Give birth to the little life of the palace family, and then you can go away.

"I don't want to eat it. I'll go down for a walk," said Xiao Nian, who was sitting by the bed, looking at Charles's short brown curly hair

She got up from her bed and walked out.


Charles looked at the refreshments on the table, frowned, and made another white preparation.

He kept up with Shi Xiaonian and said patiently, "Miss Shi, why can't you live with yourself? Your baby is yours, and you want him to grow up healthily, don't you?"

When Xiaonian stood at the door of the elevator, he sniffed and sneered, "yes, my baby is mine. Why do you want to rob again?"

"When the lady cares about the baby and is willing to recognize the baby, she should be happy for this. Many noble men have illegitimate children. To ensure the reputation of the noble, they will choose to keep their children out of the world and never give them fame."

Said Charles.

"So I'd like to thank the palace family for that?" When Xiaonian thought it funny.

It's all bandit logic.

"Miss Shi is too extreme to her. She still likes you very much. She called today and asked you how you are." Charles followed Xiaonian into the elevator and said to her.

His responsibility is to look after Xiaonian, try to make her happy, and give birth to the children of the palace quietly.

"Then you remember to tell Madame Gong that she and her son are just robbers, and they think it's right to destroy other people's lives." "When small read coldly said," if my child grows up in the palace, it is a tragedy

In the future, there will only be a dignified Luo Qi, or a pretentious Gong ou.


Charles stood one or two steps back on her side and looked at her in astonishment. He could not find a reply for a while.

For the first time, he heard someone scold the palace family.

If this is heard by the master, I'm afraid miss will have a bad time.

When the elevator door opened in front of them, Xiao Nian walked out of the tower. Below was a group of foreign bodyguards. She walked forward in flat shoes and stepped on the rocks.

She sat down on a polished stone, and looked down at the sea below, beating the stone wall ceaselessly, splashing a cool.

The waves were bigger than each other, and there was no peace.

Looking at the sea water rushing towards the stone wall, Xiao Nian had an illusion that if people fall down, they will be swallowed up soon, and no trace of life can be found.

"Miss Shi, it's cool on the stone. Take a mat."

Charles quickly brought a soft cushion and said gently to her.

"I don't need it." "I need paper and pen," said shixiaonian coldly

"Yes, Miss Shi, please take the mat."

Said Charles.


When small read raised Mou to look at him one eye, did not hold to what again, reach out to take the cushion on his hand.

After a while, Charles brought a stack of paper and pens. The paper was clipped on the drawing board. He probably knew that she was a caricaturist. Even the paper was ready.

When Xiaonian didn't want to draw, she wrote down a row of big traditional characters on the drawing paper -

Gong ou, I hate you!

As he spoke, Xiaonian folded the paper, made it into a boat, and threw it down.

The ship didn't sail forward. It was directly hit by the sea water on the stone wall, and then fell into the water. There was no trace of the paper boat.

"Miss Shi, this method of asking for help is stupid. Don't say that the water here is turbulent, that is, the paper boat has rowed out. According to the direction of the current, it will all return here."

Charles reminded her.


When small read lips, eyes, her mind was guessed by Charles.

She also knows that this method is stupid, but what else can she do? There is no one here willing to manage her. There is no smoke on the unknown sea, and even an animal can't pass by.

How can a pregnant woman escape from this towering tower and find a way to ask for help?

When small read some despair, did not stop the action in hand, continue to write on the paper the resentment of the palace family, and then fold into a paper boat to throw down.

She kept writing, folding and throwing.

"Miss Shi, I can read traditional Chinese characters." Charles squatted down beside her, awkwardly reminding her.

She wrote in front of his palace housekeeper a line of resentment towards the palace, which made him feel embarrassed.

When Xiaonian sat there with the same look, without any embarrassment of being broken, she continued to fold the paper boat in her hand, and then threw it down.

She looked at the sea and said, "I know there are also sea gods in the West. Do you think the sea gods will see my resentment and help me?"

How desperate is one to believe in the existence of gods.

Charles squatted beside her speechless, looked at her and wrote, frowning, "Miss Shi, do you really hate the palace family?"

"They break into my life like bandits, and I can't resist them. Now, they want to destroy my future and my children's future." When small read a word a word said, turn to look at Charles face, "if it's you, you don't hate it?"

"It's a honor for a child to grow up in the aristocracy."

Charles reminded her.

"I'm sorry, that glory is nothing to me." When small read folding paper boat continue to drop rocks, eyes bleak empty looking at the sea water instantly engulfed paper boat.


Charles crouches beside her in silence. Everyone in the world has different positions and views different worlds.

It's just that Miss Shi resents the palace family so much. How can she keep the baby in peace.

I'm afraid she will come up with many ways to escape or ask for help.

It's a real headache.

When Xiaonian sat there, the sea breeze came, and the strong wind almost dispersed her long hair.

She had a paper boat in her hand.

As soon as the wind blows, the paper boat will be blown down, and with her strong hatred, it will go far away.


In a beautiful city in England, there is a noble dinner party in an ancient castle.

The whole castle is shrouded in the night. In the castle, people are dressed in beautiful clothes and dancing together.

There was a band playing a dance on the spot.

Mature men get together to talk about the area of the winery and the area of the island. Women sit on a long table and enjoy the delicious food. They are all dressed up and jewelry is rare.

The essence of human beings may be the same, so that the noble women get together to show off their husbands, their sons and daughters, their new pets

this is exactly the same in Pyramid.

Luo Qi sat in the middle of the room, handed a gorgeous hat to the maid behind her, reached for a glass of red wine and tasted it.

Her Oriental looks stand out among a group of blonde women, and she is more like the spotlight of the whole show.

It all depends on her husband and son. Her husband has got a new winery and is preparing to make the wine bigger than the Lancaster family. Her son is the focus of attention all over the world. Recently, a number of robots have been sold in limited quantity, which is gaining momentum.

"My husband let everyone in the company stare at the computer, and then he got an entry ticket and bought a robot." A noble woman said to Luo Qi, "men are technology fever fans. When my husband got the robot, he was happier than a new island."

"The limit is too small. My little son didn't buy it, so he was depressed for several days. Madame Gong, can you tell me something? I'd like to double the price. " The other followed.

Luo Qi stood there and listened to the compliments from the table full of people. She put down her glass gracefully and said, "I don't know much about N.E., but I will ask for you."

"Madame Gong has opened her mouth. There must be no problem."

"Nowadays, young people rely on their father's shadow. There are few young people who can break into their own world like master Gong. Madam Gong is really happy."

"No, it's not. Young master Gong has been praised by the queen personally. He is the light and pride of the country. What a honor."


Luo Qi was very happy to hear it. She sat there and said, "you are over praised."

"By the way, I also heard that the palace family intended to marry the Lancaster family. The media also took photos of master Gong and miss Mona, and they were going to be strong and United? It's a big thing that's going to make a splash in Europe. " Asked a lady.

Luo Qi smiles. "Let the young people go about their own business. I'm very happy to see it come true."

It sounds modest, but when it comes out, it confirms the answer.

All the ladies on the dining table were in a uproar. For a while, their eyes were colorful, envious, envious and unwilling.

But in the end, everyone turned into the same congratulations.

Who makes this table no longer strong family over the palace, everyone in addition to the praise is not easy to say.

This side said noisily, suddenly listening to the music in the distance stopped, and the dance stopped.

The ladies at the table turned their heads.

All the young people stopped dancing and looked towards the gate.

The light is flowing, and a golden light is sprinkled.

There was a low cry of surprise in the castle.

Luo Qi sat there, looked at the gate along the eyes of the young people, and saw Gong Ou standing there.

Gong ou.

Here he is.

Gong Ou is dressed in a gray vertical pattern suit. He is tall and handsome. His handsome face looks cool and resolute under the light. He has a deep outline. His thin lips are tight. He has no radian. His nose is high and not inferior to that of foreigners. He looks around with black eyes, looking for something.