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Chapter 206 taxi driver Gong ou

"Besides, what kind of person is Mr. Gong? His marriage is very popular. Xiaonian, I'm not saying that you're not good, but how can the palace family announce to marry someone who draws a girl's cartoon, and this person is still negative. " Xia Yu said, "you see, although the prince of England marries civilians, the princess has more knowledge than ordinary people. There is no bad news."


I listened in silence.

Xia Yu looks at her carefully. "Xiaonian, do you like to hear these words?"

Friends are like this. They say something you don't like to hear occasionally, but they are alerting you.

"In fact, I also know that this is unlikely to happen." When small read bitterly smile.

"Then you..."

"I can't control myself, Xia Bian. I really love him. His kindness to me makes me want to forget all external factors." Xiaonian's smile was astringent.

"You want to be Mr. Gong's outer room? Lover? " Summer rain asked, eyes no contempt, only sympathy.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "I gave us a month. If he can't give up the marriage, we will separate. I know the ending is almost doomed, but I think that I have at least one month, right? "

Xia Yu looked at her in a dazed way. "You thought this month was your last."

Summer rain understood.

When small read is not do not understand, she is better than anyone to understand her and the gap between Gong ou, but still fell in love with him.

"Everyone is always preaching equality, but in this world, how can everyone really be equal?" When small read wry smile, "can't stand up to the truth, I understand."


"I'm ok. I'm very happy that I can survive today. What will become in the future? I don't want to think about it. I just want to cherish the present." When Xiaonian raises the water cup in his hand.

"Cherish the present."

Summer rain also raised the cup and clinked it with her, a little wet in her eyes.

How does she feel? Xiaonian is living in despair.


Coming out of hotpot City, brother Li waited outside, and Xia Yu got on the bus with a smell of hotpot.

The night is as cold as water.

When Xiaonian stood on the side of the road and waved to them to see them leave.

In fact, she envies Xia Yu's and brother Li's feelings. They are light and steady. She doesn't need to think about who is worthy of whom or who is not.

Want husband to answer, Xia Yu a phone call, brother Li immediately arrived, without hesitation at all.

When Xiaonian put on his sunglasses, he stood on the street and waited.

It was the busiest time of the night when there was no taxi.

She had to walk on and wait for a taxi.

When Xiaonian looked down at the high-heeled shoes on his feet and frowned, he knew that he would not wear high-heeled shoes for a long time and walked too tired.

She went on, still sprawled under her feet, looked around, and there was no taxi.

Is it because she has lived in a house for too long? She remembers that there should be a taxi on this road.


When Xiaonian saw his legs, reached out and rubbed his ankles, then took out his mobile phone from his bag. There was no missed call or text message on his mobile phone.

They are trying to fall in love anyway. Gong Ou is such a despotic and sticky man that he doesn't even have a text message.

He suddenly became so generous to give her space, and she didn't seem particularly happy.

Shi Xiaonian scolds his contradiction in his heart, then opens the mobile phone map to check the surrounding routes, as if a new subway station is nearby.

When Xiaonian limped along the road.

Suddenly, a light hit her, she did not pay attention, but also looked down at the mobile phone, until the light flashed on her, she turned to look.

Her eyes were dazzling, only vaguely saw that it was a taxi.


Don't limp to the subway station.

When Xiaonian waved, the taxi stopped beside her. She pulled the door of the back seat and sat in, "driver, please trouble the suburb Anping Road Empire castle."

After reporting the address, Xiao Nian sat in his seat and fiddled with his mobile phone.

Do you want to call Gong Ou?

Although he didn't call her, it was estimated that he would be scratching his heart and lungs at home because of his character. However, he would not bear it until she asked him to change his character.

Give me a call.

When small read think, then dial the Gong Ou's phone, put the mobile phone to the ear.

Suddenly a familiar cell phone ring rings in the quiet car, from the driver's position.


When Xiaonian was stunned, she raised her eyes and looked forward, and saw a figure that she could not be more familiar with. She covered her lips with her hands in astonishment, and her eyes widened unbelievably.

"Miss, please give me the address again."

A low magnetic voice sounded, the driver slowly turned his head to look at her, with neat short hair, handsome face, deep eyes under the eyebrows, straight nose, thin lips with a sexy arc, staring at her with a smile.

Who is not Gong Ou.


When small read to stare at him in astonishment, hand covered lip.

Gong Ou sits in the driver's seat and looks at her deeply. Her eyes are as deep as to suck her soul away.

"Why are you here?"

For a long time, Xiaonian asked her surprise.

"Some people don't want me to wait, and they don't want me to pick them up. They just want to take a taxi back. Then I'll let you take a taxi!" Gong Ou put his hand on the steering wheel with a handsome voice. "Is this car satisfied?"

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

Because she casually said that he would take a taxi to take her back?

"Are you very moved?" Gong Ou asked proudly, putting on a very handsome driving posture.

"Sure enough, the local tyrants are very special." When I was young, I wanted to tell the truth.

"I am a local tyrant?"

Gong Ou's face suddenly darkened, and he stared at her displeased. "I condescend to be your taxi driver. Do you think I'm a local tyrant?"

There is not a touch of emotion.

When small read looked at his face, lips pursed pursed purses, then one face earnestly said, "I am very moved."

"Hum. It's no use saying it's late! " Gong Ou snorts, "get out of the car! Get out of the car! "

President Gong is upset.

When I saw this, I leaned forward. "You can't refuse to take it. I can complain about it!"

"Am I not a local tyrant? I bought the taxi company. No one will deal with me if you vote! " Gong Ou gives full play to the characteristics of a local tyrant and stares at her discontentedly, "get out of the car!"

He took the trouble to be her exclusive driver. She was so kind that she even commented on the local tyrant.

"No, driver, can I give you more money?" Of course, shixiaonian refused to get out of the car and play role-playing with him.

"I'm a local tyrant. I don't lack money."

"What do you want?"

"I don't want anything. Get out of the car! Get out of the car! "

Gong Ou is holding the steering wheel with one hand, smelling.

"I don't know if you need a woman's kiss, driver?" Xiaonian asked with a smile.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes suddenly brightened, deep and deep, and his throat tightened. He turned his head slowly and looked at her half doubtfully. "Really?"

"Then can you take me back?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"You know what you're doing, sit tight!"

Gong Ou Road, pull the handbrake, release the clutch and drive forward.

When Xiaonian sat in the back seat and rubbed her aching ankle, suddenly, she felt something and looked back.

There are only a few world-class luxury cars behind them. It's Gong Ou's car.


The rich world is like this. The president drives a taxi to take her, followed by several luxury cars worth tens of millions.

"The leg sprains badly?"

Gong Ou glanced at her in the rearview mirror and asked in a low voice, with a touch of heartache in her eyes.

"Well, a little bit, a little swollen."

Said Shi Xiaonian, gently rubbing his ankle.

"I deserve it. Who told you not to wait and run?" Gong Ou said coldly. If he didn't try the taxi, she would run so long and sprain her foot.

When Xiaonian sat in the back, "then how do I know you will come to pick me up?"

She's not a god operator.

"Nonsense! Can I let you go home alone in a strange car? Who knows if the driver is male or female, gay or heterosexual! Is it a pervert or a female maniac Gong said bluntly, how could he let her go home in this way.


"You're exaggerating. As you say, all women should not go out." He said, rubbing his feet.

"I don't care what she is! I'll take care of you! "

Gong Ou Dao.


"Remember when I read you, don't walk around alone, just wait in place, I will come to pick you up." Gong Ou said in a domineering tone.

Smell speech, when small read eyes have a touch of moving face, "no matter where you are, you all come to pick me up?"


Gong Ou replied with a heavy voice.


When Xiaonian listened to his words, her heart warmed. She reached for her sunglasses and masks on her face, and finally took a comfortable breath.

She sat in the exclusive taxi of Gong ou and looked back slightly. She looked out sideways with a face. The light along the road flashed through her eyes and gathered a little bit of starlight in her eyes.

"The night outside is beautiful." Said Xiao Nian softly.


Gong Ou takes a look at her in the rearview mirror, and then continues to drive, looking attentive.

"Gong ou, I'm really touched today. Thank you for coming to pick me up." She didn't expect that Gong Ou would come to pick her up. It's really good to have a boyfriend to pick her up after parting with her friend.

Even if he finally said that he could not give up marriage, and had this period of time, she was satisfied.

Gong Ou looks at her again. "You said something!"

Human language.

When Xiaonian looked at the scene outside the window, he couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, have you really taken me as a dog?"

Otherwise, how could he once say that she was a dog, and the most serious one asked her to wear a dog collar.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's hand on the steering wheel is tight, and his black eyes are fixed on the road ahead. His lips are thin, and for a long time, a faint light passes through his eyes, which makes him open in a low voice, "yes!"