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Chapter 976 fulfillment of last wishes in advance

When I wrote Gong Ou's two words, Xiaonian's hand holding the pen paused. Looking at the two words, I could feel the same palpitation, but why they seemed so far away. It's not long since Miyo left.

Why did she forget how they got along the last time? However, she still clearly remembers the first time together. At that time, Gong Ou sticks to her every day and doesn't need private space for 24 hours

At that time, they could spend the whole day together.

At that time, she thought it was a special day just watching him eat.

But she hasn't lived like that for a long time. Maybe she won't have it again in her life. Xiaonian didn't hesitate to write ioveyou on it.

Gong ou, you must live well.

When Xiaonian put the paper into the fire-proof bag, and then don't go to his waist. Turning his eyes, he saw mu qianchu put the fire-proof bag on the tea table in front of him in silence. He didn't even take out the paper and pen inside.

"Can I help you write it?"

When Xiaonian thought he was blind and couldn't write.

Mu qianchu smiled faintly, and the expression on his face was as calm as before he fled. "I have nothing to write about."


When small read dumb.

Muqianchu stood up from the sofa and clapped his hands in front of the crowd. "Well, time is tight. Each group will start to study. No one among you is a bait. Life and death depend on your own ability. I hope everyone can try their best to survive! "

His voice is seldom powerful.

The little white f growled at his feet.

"Thank you, Mr. mu, Mrs. Gong and Mr. Xie Xie Luo!" All of them stood up straight, made a similar bow to them, and then left with their bags on their backs.

"I'll call twins." Lori said, turning away.

Mu qianchu said, "I will go too."

As he walked forward, Xiaonian got up from the sofa and followed his back with his eyes, "qianchu."


Mu qianchu stops and waits for her to follow.

When Xiaonian stood there, his lips moved but he couldn't speak. For a long time, only silence was left in the air. For a long time, mu qianchu turned to face her.

Two people stand face to face.

When Xiaonian's heart was like a heavy stone, I don't know how long it took, she finally reached out her hand to remove the stone, whispered, "qianchu, if we can all survive this time, let the past go completely."

Words fall, mu qianchu's face changes, like a puppet, "what do you say?"

He couldn't believe what she said.

"I said that I would let go of those things. Qianchu will always be the young man who accompanies me to fight in the snow." Said Shi Xiaonian.

She dare not say forgive, because those things are too heavy for her, heavy to not hate the boundary, but here to spend so long, she is willing to remove the stone in her heart.

She wants her heart to breathe, and her relationship with mu qianchu to breathe.

Then did muqianchu not understand what she said? He stood there stupidly, and suddenly he turned his head and covered his face with some rough hands.

In spite of this, Xiao Nian saw the tears in his eyes.


Shixiaonian looks at him.

Mu qianchu blinked hard, and smiled hard. "Look" at her position, showing her white teeth, and said with a smile, "don't worry, I will live, I will live."

He said again and again, eagerly reassuring her that he needed her share too much.

This is the only meaning of his life.

"Pull hook."

When Xiaonian reaches out to him and raises his little finger.


Muqianchu stayed again. It was all the same as when he was a child. He pulled the hook and hung it. He quickly reflected that he was eager to hook her fingers, but he never did. He just scratched around her fingers.

The movement looked a little sad.

When Xiaonian's nose was sour, she held out a hand to him, his hand shrank like an electric shock, and she quickly put up her little finger to hook him.

"At the beginning of the millennium, we will see each other again. We will not change in a hundred years." When Xiaonian firmly clasped his finger.

Mu qianchu seemed very dull, for a long time, he repeated her words, "do not change the hook hanging for 100 years."

At this moment, he thanked Gong ou.

He knew that now he could close his eyes even when he was dead. Maybe he understood his last wish in his heart and satisfied him in advance.

It took a lot of trouble to persuade Gong Yao and Gong Kui to leave with mu qianchu. Gong Kui was careless, but he became nervous under Gong Yao's sensitivity. When he said nothing, he would not leave.

But she can't really take them away.

The way she's going is too dangerous.

"Be brave, listen to Uncle Mu and uncle Luo. As long as you pass the test bravely, mom will buy you the most beautiful clothes, and then take you to the amusement park, will you?" When Xiao Nian almost knelt down on the ground, and arranged clothes for Gong Yao and Gong Kui.

Gong Kui looks at Gong Yao. Gong Yao's black eyes look at her. "I want to follow you."

"No, it's a test for your brother and sister."

Shi Xiaonian said with a smile, trying not to make them panic, but it seems that it is useless for Gong Yao. He is too sensitive and has an unexpected sense of events.

"If he's not here, I'm the only one left to protect you and Xiaokui. I can't lie." Gong Yao stood in front of her and said word by word.


When Xiaonian was stunned, he gradually understood the meaning of the child. Gong Yao's "he" might be gong ou, who asked a child to protect her.

Gong Ou always protects her hysterically.

"Xiaokui and I will follow you, or I will not go anywhere." Gong Yao's face was serious, and his voice was even cold.

"Me too."

Said the sunflower immediately, like a follower.

When the situation suddenly froze, shixiaonian knew that he could not take them away, which hurt them. She looked at Gong Yao and said, "holy, don't you have the courage to be tested? Must stick to mom? "

Gong Yao was said to look embarrassed. "I'm not like that!"

"I know you think a lot, but this time it's a test to see if you and Xiaokui can be brave, so I'll be relieved a lot." The tone of shixiaonian becomes more and more severe.


Gong Yao is not satisfied.

Luo lie stood by and watched the time on his watch. At last, Gong Yao, who was still young, was confused by her. He decided to accept the so-called escape test.

Shixiaonian arranges the clothes of the two children so that they can walk and run in the most comfortable way.

After that, she stood up to take the backpack in the hands of the bodyguard and carried it on her shoulder, then left without looking back.


Gong Yao and Gong Kui stood in front of a group of people and called her.

And murichchu and Lori stood there.

The childish voice was hard for shixiaonian to hear. She never thought that her family would go to such a fragmented level, and she could not see any future.

She clutched the straps of her backpack, turned around and looked at them with a smile, "don't let me down, be brave, I'll pick you up at the end."

Sorry, mom lied.

But if this can give you a little power, mom doesn't mind saying more.


Gong Yao stood there and looked at her suspiciously. Gong Kui had fully believed it. He made an effort and said, "I won't let mom down!"

When Xiaonian smiled at them, and then left, until she couldn't see them again, the smile on her face faded slowly, and she left without looking back.

When Xiaonian takes a group of bodyguards into the secret Road, the secret road is sealed. They can only move things and walk at the same time. They are very tired at the beginning.

When Xiaonian wanted to help, they stopped her. The bodyguards took good care of her.

"Mrs. Gong, I know our route is much more dangerous and has great responsibilities. We will protect you." In the dark, the bodyguard assured her.

When Xiaonian stood there and said, "I'm greedy. I need everyone alive."

The tone of the shallow suddenly relieved everyone, someone chuckled, and then went on.

There is no end to this road.

Maybe half way through, they'll meet Lancaster's elite.

When Xiaonian walked carefully behind them with his backpack on his back, the secret road was very narrow, and only one person could pass at the same time. It was very crowded for two people to walk side by side.

And there is no light, there is no light, they can only rely on flashlight.

When small read step by step forward, finally, the bodyguards have cleared all the blocked roads, everyone's speed is obviously much faster.

"I don't know how deep it is?"

In the narrow dark road, the voice seemed empty.

"It shouldn't be too long, it won't be more than two hours." Shi Xiaonian said that she still remembers that Gong Ou often appears around her as Mr Gong, which is not good for him to go back and forth for a long time.

"It's OK. You can't use your strength too fast."

We went on, not knowing what was going on in front of us, so there was a little change in the secret way. We were all very nervous. We were eager to take out our guns and put them on.

When Xiaonian followed everyone forward, he didn't know how to build the secret way, especially the circuitous way, and he would go up and down for a while, leaving people feeling the direction.

We walked longer and longer, but we didn't meet the enemy. We were ashamed to let go of our guard.

As long as there is no one to meet along the way, it means that the possibility of exposure of this dark road is very low, and their safety is higher.


Suddenly there was a sound similar to gunfire coming from afar. The wall of the darkway was slightly shaken, and everyone's heart was tense just after their relaxation.

Then there was a barrage of gunfire.