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Chapter 589 what does Madame want to talk to me about?


When Xiaonian walked to Luo Qi and bowed his head.

"Sit down." Luo Qi continued to cut the flower branches. There was a pile of vases on the table in front of her. She turned her eyes and read it. She couldn't help saying, "you are relaxed."

She can't see regret in shixiaonian's face.

"Should I be nervous?"

Shi Xiaonian sat down and asked with a smile.

Luo Qi smiled and said, "it's good to have this bearing. As the future hostess of the palace, you can't do without some concentration."

"I don't know what my wife wants to talk to me about?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Three things, I hope you can be so relaxed." Luo Qi is sitting there, holding a pair of scissors to cut off a flower, with a beautiful voice.

Three things.

When Xiaonian sat quietly, waiting for her to follow.

"The first thing is that the wedding is to be held here. It's impossible for the palace family to play a big role in your identity, but all the clans that should be invited should be invited, and all the etiquette of the bank should be included." Luo Qi slowly said that the sun fell on her beautiful face, making her every move as beautiful as a picture.

When Xiaonian sat there and nodded, "OK, I'll take it."

She guessed that, too.

It's impossible for the palace family to admit that they have only received one certificate, but it's enough for her to do it in a big way.

In the aspect of etiquette, Xiao Nian shuddered at the thought of those courteous maids.

As Gong Ou's bride, I'm afraid she has to do more etiquette.

"The second thing is that your twins stay with us after you get married." Luo Qi said.


Hearing this, Xiao Nian's face turned white and stood up from his seat.

"Why, just boasting that you are a little temperamental now is not enough?" Luo Qi stares at the flowers in the vase attentively. "Gong Ou is not like a noble himself, and even more so when he is with you. I'm not sure about the children raised by you."

"Madam, I take it for granted that the children should be taken care of by their parents."

Shi Xiaonian said, I didn't expect Gong ou to come back. Luo Qi has to fight for children.

"The third thing." Luo Qi ignored her and continued, "you should also live here, adapt to the palace environment and be influenced by the noble culture until you get married. After marriage, you should stay here for at least four months a year. I don't think you can help Gong Ou until you wash away all the common people's breath. "


When Xiaonian looked at her stupidly, his lips moved, trying to argue but not knowing what to say.

Luo Qi said that it was reasonable. She was different from other people in the world. She didn't know that the nobles thought highly of themselves. But she couldn't do it if she wanted to stay in the palace all the time.

"What's the matter?" Luo Qi put down her scissors and looked up at her. "Do you think I will abuse you by this?"


"Don't worry, if I don't really see you, I won't agree to your marriage." With a faint smile, Luo Qi stood up from the table and walked to her. "Xi Xiaonian, do you know what the only match for Gong Ou is?"


Xiaonian looks at her in silence.

"I won't deny your sincerity to him for four years." Luo Qi stood in front of her and said, "to be honest, I occasionally wonder if there will be another woman who can pay for my son to this extent."

The best youth to waste is to find a person whose life and death are uncertain. Maybe many people can find him for four years. However, Xiaonian is looking for him without knowing the deadline. He has never given up. This is precious.

"But you don't think I'm a civilian or a plain person."

When small read to understand her ideas.

"In fact, up to now, I can't say that I dislike you or not. I just know that I can't let the common people's wind blow into my home, otherwise it will affect Gong ou and even the next generation." Luo Qi said, "you can rest assured that I don't need you to read so many lessons as before. After staying here for a long time, you will naturally receive the best edification."

When Xiaonian stood in the pavilion, he said, "madam, you want to assimilate me."

"I don't need you to have a noble background, but I can't let what you have affect the inheritance of generations of the palace." Luo Qi said.

So of course.

When Xiaonian understood, the condition for her to enter the palace was to make her a part of the aristocratic model, with high etiquette.

"Gong Ou won't let me stay here for long."

Shi Xiaonian said that she did not want to be separated from Gong ou. She thought that Gong Ou would not want to be separated from her.

"That was before." Luo Qi smiled and said, "Gong Ou used to be a dictator. I heard that he has changed a lot since he was cured, or you won't quarrel and break up, will you?"

Hearing this, Xiao Nian realized that the palace family knew more than she thought.

"Yes, Gong Ou is different now." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"So even gong'ou's father doesn't use the fast-moving way to him any more. Gong'ou has sharpened a little corner. We can get along well." Luo Qi said.

When small read nods, each word each sentence she has no way to refute.

Originally, the so-called peace did not come from the sky, but everyone saw through. They just lowered the bottom line a little bit, that is, to accommodate her to enter the door.

"If Gong Ou wants to, I will do what you want."

When small read light tunnel, if Gong Ou does not have her to accompany it does not matter, then she will make a palace of noble young grandma.

"It seems that your edges and corners have been smoothed out a lot." Luo Qi nodded contentedly, turned her eyes to the servant on the other side and said, "I've selected some maids for you to serve you, and I'm still choosing your housekeeper."

"I don't need to..." When Xiaonian blurted out.

Luo Qi glances at her and forces her words out.

"From now on, forget your original name, you are the future young grandma of the palace family, noble people should be carefully cared for, understand?" Luo Qi says, "OK, you go down first."

When small read purses a lip, low head, "yes, madam."

She turned to leave, followed by a group of mighty maids, what is pressure mountain, she now understand.

Fall in love with what kind of man, it will pay what kind of price.

When Xiaonian didn't even have time to meet the twins, she went into a hall. The maids came to her in turn to introduce themselves and tell her their division of labor.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and listened to them with a smile on her face, she didn't even remember the name.

"Miss Xi."

A standard Cockney voice came.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw an old man with brown hair coming to this side. He had a deep western outline. He was wearing a proper Butler's uniform, white gloves on his hands, and a pair of brown eyes with a proper smile.

"Miss Xi, long time no see."

He came up to her and bent over her.

"Butler Charles." When small read stood up, nodded to him, there is no smile on his face that meets again for a long time.

Butler Charles.

She always remembered that he had taken Gong Yao away, so that she had never been able to argue with Gong family about the child's ownership.

"Miss Xi, I'm sorry for that. People have to do whatever they are in. I will spare my life to protect Miss Xi in the future." Said Charles politely.


What is to give up your life to protect her?

"Madame told me that I would be Miss Xi's steward if there was no suitable steward, and miss Xi could send me anything." Charles put his hand on his chest and bowed down to her in a respectful manner.

"You are my steward?"

When Xiaonian breathed out a breath, smart as Luo Qi, so he arranged his butler who had been working for decades to her side, and it was obvious that the palace family wanted to control her.

Of course, they can't control Gong ou. It's a good idea to control her now.


Charles nodded.

When small read a wry smile, "OK, whatever."

anyway, it is not that Charles will have other people. When Xiao Nian looks at these maids in front of her, they are all the eyelids of the palace family. In such an environment, she does not know how much she can be influenced by aristocratic culture.

But she knew that her pressure would grow with the wedding.

When Gong Ou went back to his room, Xiao Nian was standing at the edge of the easel in front of the window, drawing on the paper with a sketch pen in his hand. At last, he put the pen back on the paper.

"What's the matter?"

Gong Ou murmured.

When Xiaonian turned to look at him, the depression on his face immediately disappeared. He put on a smile and walked towards him. Xiaoniao nestled close to him. "Nothing, I can't draw it. It's a little fidgety."

"Don't go out for a walk?"

Asked Gong ou.

The scenery of the palace is rare in the world.

"There's time. I'm not in a hurry." Xiaonian shrugs.

Gong Ou looked down at her, and Xiaonian said with a smile, "my wife asked me to stay and accept the influence of the palace atmosphere, until she turned me into an aristocratic little grandma who can take me out."

"Well, I guessed."

Gong Ou's jaw is light, no accident.

Seeing this, shixiaonian understood that it was also a very reasonable thing in Gong Ou's eyes. After all, he also walked out from here.

In this way, Xiaonian pushes Gong ou to the bed.

Gong Ou doesn't prevent her from falling down on the bed, and her black eyes sweep towards her. When Xiaonian sits on his legs directly, he reaches out his hands to hold his neck, and his black and white eyes stare at him straight.


Gong Ou's body suddenly tensed up, and her eyes stared at her. "What are you doing?"

"What does Gong Jue want you to do?" Asked shixiaonian.

"After a month, the royal family will make preparations for the wedding. It will only be announced in the patriarchal clan. It will not be exposed to the public for a while. We will wait a few years." Gong Ou said, looking down at her, pressing her hands on the bed, the man looked back, and Xiao Nian sat on him again.