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Chapter 955. It's no different from being a family

A tall figure slowly walked to the end of her bed.

When Xiaonian didn't even lift his eyes, he just sat on the bed.

"Master, let's fall in love."

Electronic voice suddenly sounded in the quiet room, with a touch of unreal unreal.

When hearing this, Xiaonian's body slightly vibrated. She slowly raised her head and looked at the robot standing at the end of the bed. Then she slowly smiled, "OK."

A light floating sentence.

The next day, the kitchen was busy. Mu qianchu stood at the door of the kitchen and told the chef, "I haven't had an omelette for a long time, so I can make more ingredients, so that even if I only eat, I can get more nutrition."

"Yes, Mr. mu."

"That's too much." Lori walked in slowly, poured cold water directly to admire qianchu, sat down at the dinner table, "do you think Mrs. Gong will come down to eat? She didn't even drink water yesterday. "

Hearing this, mu qianchu slowly walked towards him, looking ahead with no focal length in his eyes, and some stubborn tunnel, "today, anyway, I will let her eat."

How can I stand without eating.

Two people are saying, a voice that they are more familiar with comes, "Mr palace, I haven't cooked for a long time, today I make some food."

The voice of small reading?

Luo lie looks at mu qianchu in shock, and mu qianchu's face is surprised.

Luo lie was shocked for a while and hurriedly looked out. He saw that Shi Xiaonian and Mr palace were walking towards here. Shi Xiaonian wore a loose protective clothing, which covered his stomach less obviously. His hair, which had always been scattered, was rarely tied up and made into a ball. His mental state was much better than that of yesterday.

"Doctor Luo, qianchu, early."

The R palace went in and greeted the two men lightly. The mood was not happy, but not lonely.


Lori got up from the table in a moment of fright, looked at her stupidly, and forgot to say hello.

Mu qianchu's reaction was relatively fast, and he returned to normal after being stunned. He said calmly, "Xiaonian, I asked the kitchen to make you an omelette. I'll be fine in a moment."

"No more." When Xiaonian refused directly, "I want to cook for Xiaokui and holy today."

Cooking in person?

Will she be in the mood to cook now? This is a sight that has never been seen since asylum.

Muqianchu lost his language. When he heard the voice, Xiaonian walked into the kitchen and politely said his request to the chefs. They all quit the kitchen.

"Mr palace, come in and help me."

He shouted.

In Lori's shocked eyes, Mr palace enters the kitchen, and Xiaonian pulls on the glass sliding door between the kitchen and the dining room to keep others outside.

When mu qianchu stood there, even if he could not see, he could hear Xiaonian busy cooking, cutting vegetables and talking with Mr palace. The atmosphere was very harmonious, and even there were a few laughs from her.

Mu qianchu turned to look at Luo lie, walked towards him slowly, frowned and asked, "you don't mean that her mood won't be better, and she won't care about anyone anymore?"

Luo lie was so dumb that he said, "I It's totally out of the reasonable range. You can see her yesterday. How can she be like an innocent person today, unless someone explains her! "

"There are so many people going in and out here. Who's the one to explain it?"

Mu qianchu asked.

Even Lori can't work out the mental state of Xiaonian. Who is so psychic?

"I How do I know. "

Lori innocently spread out his hand and listened to the two vague figures in the glass door. He felt extremely frustrated.

It seems that this is the end of his ability.

In the kitchen, when I haven't been cooking for a long time, Xiaonian picks up the kitchen knife again and cuts the vegetables. Mr palace stands beside her and looks at her. When Xiaonian goes down one knife at a time, his mouth says, "Mr palace, what do you like to eat?"


Before it answers, Shi Xiaonian reacts and says, "you are inheriting everything from Gong ou. You like what I do. Then I will do more today."


The R palace stood there in silence.

"Take the tomatoes for me. Four." When Xiaonian put the cut vegetables aside, he said to Mr palace.

The R palace did the same, and put four red tomatoes in front of her.

"Cut me into chunks." Said Shi Xiaonian.

R palace goes to the front of the Liuli platform, looks at the four tomatoes on the chopping board, slowly raises the kitchen knife with one hand, and does not fall down.

When I was a kid, he was carrying a kitchen knife. When she finished washing, he was still holding a kitchen knife.

"Have you run out of electricity?" When Xiaonian looked at it askew, Mr palace stood still, she had to stand on tiptoe to take the kitchen knife from it, "you'd better stand aside and watch me do it."

"I can help you."

The palace immediately said.

When small read looked at it, then lightly said, "no, since I said to cook, it's all inclusive, you stand to see."

"I want to do something for you." Mr palace chose a light and easy job.

"And can you sing?" When Xiaonian fired and asked, Mr Gong immediately asked, "what song do you want to listen to? I'll search and play it to you."

"I mean oratorio. Do you know how to oratorio?" Shi Xiaonian asked earnestly, "I heard Xiaokui sing a song recently. It's very nice. It's called pulling radish. Please sing it to me."

"Master, I'd better stand."

The R palace replied without hesitation.


When Xiaonian couldn't help laughing, she began to stir fry dishes. She quickly made dishes in her hands. They were full of color, fragrance and strong fragrance in the kitchen.

The R palace started to walk around behind Xiaonian, as if he could not stand without walking.

"Help me out with these dishes. Let Dr. Luo eat them first. Don't wait for me." When Xiaonian began to command it.

"Why give them food?"

The steps of the R palace suddenly stopped. It was electronic sound, but the unpleasant and depressed mood was so clear.

"They work so hard these days. What's the matter with their food?" When small read to pass a dish to it, "you are good, take dish out."

"Not for them!"

In the R palace, the dishes are put on the counter again.

When small read looked at it quiet for a few seconds, then said, "how, afraid to share your share? Don't worry, I'll keep it. When they finish eating, we'll eat it alone. "

"The two of us?"

"Right, aren't we in love? It takes a little personal space to fall in love. Besides, you are going to England in a few days. There is not much time left for us. " Xiaonian said with a smile, and brought the plate to it again like a child, "hurry up, it will be cold for a while, and all these dishes will be taken out."

"Just three dishes."

The R palace took the plate and went out.

I don't know how Mr palace and mu qianchu said. When Xiaonian came out of the kitchen, everyone else's breakfast was finished, and Gong Kui and Gong Yao had already started their classes.

There are only two people left in the restaurant, Xiao Nian and Mr palace.

The R palace sat down at the table according to Shi Xiaonian's instructions. There was a bowl of white rice and a pair of chopsticks in front of her. The breakfast on the table was rich and fragrant.

When Xiaonian sat down opposite him with a bowl, his black and white eyes gently looked at him, "eat, Mr palace."

"I'm a robot. I can't eat."

There are several differences in the electronic sound, Gong said.

I know you are not a normal person, but don't you want to have a sweet atmosphere when you are in love? You watch me eat. "


The house of R is silent.

"How about this scrambled tomato egg? It looks delicious. Try it." When Xiaonian scooped up a spoon of tomato scrambled eggs with coveted color, and handed them to Mr palace across the table.


"I know. I'll go through the motions. You don't have to eat. Watch me eat." Xiaonian said with a smile, took back her hand and held the spoon in her mouth. The bright red tomato juice stayed at the corner of her mouth, as if even the fragrance had stopped.


R palace sat upright and looked at her motionless.

"Mr palace, I've stewed the taro. It's very fragrant. You smell it."


"Do you like shrimp or not? It's delicious. The taste has been transferred out."


"This soup is the best. I put a lot of materials. It's good to drink and nutritious. It's a pity that you can't eat it."


Next, Shi Xiaonian passes every dish to Mr palace, like the intimacy between lovers. Then she eats the food again.

In the quiet dining room, there was a sound of metal collision.

When Xiaonian's tissue fell to the ground, she looked down and picked it up. She saw Mr Palace's hand under the table was clenched tightly.

All of a sudden, there was a small voice.

It's the belly that signals hunger.

When Xiaonian looked up at Mr palace, he was stunned. Mr palace sat motionless, and a voice came, "Mrs. Gong, this is the school evaluation report of two children."

She turned her head, did not know when a teacher stood there, she stood up and bowed her head, "please, hard."

"Then I'll go down first."

The teacher couldn't help looking at Mr palace before he left. It's really strange that the robot was eating at the table.

When Xiaonian took over the report, he sat down, turned over two pages, and smiled happily. "It's good that Xiaokui's performance has improved a lot, needless to say."

The R palace sat as stiff as if it had lost its power.

When I read the report together and looked at it, "are you full? Just clean up for dinner. "


It didn't eat a bite.

A pair of blue screen eyes of the R palace scan her position and suddenly ask, "master, this is the love you want? It's no different from being a family member. "

She always pretended that it could not eat.

When Xiaonian holds the review report and hears the words, her expression on her face stagnates for a second, and then a faint smile, "do you think I'm crazy and want to fall in love with a robot?"