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Chapter 1013 staying with a teenager

Bit nodded without comment.

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian changed a pair of clean shoes, he went into the kitchen and began to make cakes. The middle bit didn't leave, so he sat in the dining room and waited. From time to time, he looked into her to see how she was doing.

The R palace is called to help by bit. When Xiaonian refuses in a cold voice, he is busy.

There is only one Mr palace in her. It's not the robot that has betrayed her, but respectfully called its master


There was a noise in the oven.

When Xiaonian put on insulating gloves, took out the baked cake, and then made some simple decorations on it. She must admit that she didn't make the cake as hard as before.

In the past, she was made for Gong ou to eat. Now, she just wants to know the truth and what kind of situation she is in.


When Xiaonian holds the cake and cuts it into small fan-shaped pieces with a knife, bith sits at the dinner table and sniffs it. There is a little satisfaction in his eyes, and his lips are even slightly raised.

It's a real kid.

When Xiaonian pulled out his chair and sat down, "master bith, can you tell me now, how did I get here?"

Bit took a small piece and put it into his mouth and bit it. It's sweet, but it's not too much. It's melted at the entrance. Several layers of taste spread on his tongue one by one. It's wonderful.

He took several bites and didn't even use the fork and spoon beside him. Xiaonian thought of gongkui when he gave way to each other. Gongkui didn't need any auxiliary tableware when he ate what he liked.

"Master bith?"

When Xiaonian urged him.

bit finished a piece of cake and wiped her mouth. Then she looked at her. "I saw you in the monitor, and you moved the time forward and found that you were pushed to the lake by a black man in a black suit. It was midnight at that time."

"Who is it?"

When small read to ask doubtfully, is that the person who attacks her in the underground water way?

"I don't know." Bit said, adding at the end, "believe it or not, I really don't know."

When Xiaonian looked at him, there was no need to make up a story to play with her. She lowered her eyes and said, "I believe it."

Bit's face showed a trace of accident, nothing said, bow to continue to eat cake.

This cake seems to be a special delicacy for him. After eating several pieces of cake, Xiaonian wondered if his hands were not meant to be paintings, but belong to the kitchen.

"Then Master Pitt, can you take me back? " Asked shixiaonian.

Since he didn't catch her and didn't mean to hurt her, could he send her away? Though, she knew the odds were slim.

"No." Bit replied quickly.


Sure enough.

When Xiaonian clenched his hand, "master bitt, I believe you didn't want to catch me and hurt me..."

"I said that you will be caught one kilometer out of here, and you will only die if you fall into Lancaster's hands." Bit picked up another piece of cake, looked at her carefully and said, "and the palace family wants my life very much. It's also my guarantee to keep you here."


At last, bit added, "don't worry, I won't hurt you. Just stay here."

When Xiaonian looked at the young man in front of him, he thought back to the man in the negotiation meeting, and suddenly he had the illusion that things are different from people.

"I haven't seen you for a while. You've matured a lot."

When Xiaonian honestly said that when he first met biter, he was also a son of Lancaster. He was excited by Gong ou and was full of shame in his eyes. He escaped from a young man who had not experienced the world, but now he can say so many reasonable and reasonable words.

He didn't hurt her, but he wanted to take her to protect himself. Such a smart way was from a 16-year-old boy.

Smell speech, bit is eating the cake's action to freeze, blue eyes pass a lonely, suddenly, he stands up, throw the cake in his hand, "you don't know anything."

With that, bithead left without turning back.

When Xiaonian was hung there, he was speechless. What did she say made him unhappy? Why is this so like Gong Ou? Are people with talent in science and technology such virtues?

Think of it as different.

At least Gong Ou won't waste food, only his stomach.

When Xiaonian got up from the dining table and looked around to see if he could find something like a phone, but he didn't find anything.

How to contact Gong Ou? She dare not venture to run now, even if she runs out, in case the person she meets is not from the palace, she will die.

Stay here, at least bit the teenager doesn't seem to hurt her at the moment.

How come there's no phone?

When Xiaonian walked around, a beautiful female voice suddenly came, "this lady, young master asked me to take you to the room to rest."

When Xiaonian was startled, he turned around and looked at it. It was a maid standing there with her hands folded in front of her. Her respectful gesture was almost humble.


Depending on others, Xiao Nian can only go one step at a time.

She was led to a room by a maid. It should be a maid's room. It's small and clean. The maid stood there a little scared and said, "madam, except for the rest of the furniture, we have changed it. It's definitely not used by servants. Please don't mind."

It's really polite. What can she do even if she gives her servants something to use?

"Thank you for me, master Pitt." Said Shi Xiaonian.


The maid lowered her head.

When Xiaonian looked at the layout of the bedroom and the maid in front of him, he asked, "you Do you know who I am? "

The maid was shocked by this question, her fingers were shaking. She looked up in fear and looked at shixiaonian. She looked frightened, and then nodded her head. Her face was white.

"It's terrible to know who I am. Now I'm afraid you're going to tell me, right?" Shi Xiaonian said that bith didn't mean to hurt her. Who knows these maids.

She's not 100% safe here.

Then, the young maid knelt down to the ground and begged her for mercy without dignity, "madam, Xiaoxue has been with the young master for many years, and I will never do what the young master won't let me do. Please, please don't doubt Xiaoxue."


Is it necessary to be so excited when Xiaonian looks at her in amazement?

"Ma'am, I will never talk about anything. I'm just a servant. I know my identity." The maid who claimed to be Xiaoxue would like to kowtow to her.

"You get up first." When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, she reached out to pull her, and then saw two scars on her back neck, similar to what was scratched.

She suddenly remembered the scene when she had just entered the door, and what she had heard before. It seems that this bit looked normal, but he was disgusted with the maid from the bottom of her heart. It is estimated that he also caused the injury. No wonder the maid was beaten with fear.

"Madam, please believe me. I dare not. I dare not."

Xiaoxue's voice was filled with tears and she stood up from the ground.

"I can trust you, but can you tell me something about this place, where it is and why the Lancaster family won't arrest me for the time being?" Asked shixiaonian.

Little snow shrunk and hung down her head, half a word afraid to say.

Well, it's impossible for a maid so afraid of her master to sell her.

When small read had to stop, "you go out to wash your face, don't cry."

"Thank you, ma'am."

Snow shrunk away.

After Xiaoxue left, Xiaonian stayed alone in the bedroom, frowning tightly. She had to find a way to leave here. She had to stay for another hour without knowing what kind of changes would be found outside.

Who on earth brought her to the lake? What for?

It's not about her life, it's not about threatening Gong ou. What's that for?

When I was young, I couldn't help thinking about it. I sat down on the bed beside me and stared at the strange room quietly. I didn't dare to think about Gong Ou's hurry.

In this way, Shi Xiaonian stayed in the farmyard for a day. He didn't find any communication equipment. He was under the monitoring of bits everywhere. Once he went a little farther, Mr palace would warn her and she could only go back.

At night, when Xiaonian returned to the lake where she was sent at first, she sat down in front of the big stone, looking at the lake under the night, and the light of Xingzi fell on her figure, which was very lonely in the distance.

Gong ou, does he know that she is here now? The funny thing is that she doesn't know where she is.

Don't you know if Gong Yu has gone back? The handwriting is Gong Yu's, which shows that Gong Yu is not knocked out like her. It should be safe.

"Pumpkin, what should we do now?"

When Xiaonian touched his bulging stomach, he asked weakly.

For a whole day, she really can't think of any way to leave. She just keeps her safety for a while and can't do anything.


An electronic voice sounded by the lake, and the wind suddenly became very cold.

When Xiaonian sat there, cold face without turning back, then a tall silver body bent down in front of her and put a plate of food in front of her.

"Master, you haven't had a meal for a day. Eat more or less." Mr palace advised her, as before.

In the afterglow of her, there was another shadow passing by.

It was bit, the blue eyed boy sat down beside her, legs together, a short brown hair lifted by the wind, and he looked at the night sky without a word.

"Since its loyalty has been modified, why not modify its main program?" Shixiaonian asked, "don't you have the ability?"

Any teenager can't be excited, even if it's a mature bit.

He looked at her and said angrily, "in its cognition, I am the first master of it, and you are the second. The reason why he didn't change it is that he has to send it as an undercover agent. No one doubts that a robot is an undercover, isn't it? "