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Chapter 120 have you ever loved me

"I want to come down, but the rockery is too slippery, so I fall down." She said, trying to keep calm, the hand under the quilt had been holding the blanket tightly.

Word falls, the radian of Gong Ou lip angle is deeper.

He turned around and walked back until he came to the background wall of the TV. His back was sharp.

Suddenly, with a bang, Gong Ou raised his leg and turned over a glass vase with dried branches. The vase broke in response.

Gong Ou suddenly looked back at her, with a more furious look on his face, "shixiaonian! I come out step by step today. I'm not an idiot you want to be. I'm an idiot! "

She even wanted to lie to him.


When Xiaonian was surprised, he grasped the blanket harder.

"How can you fall out of the park if you want to come down?" Gong Ou pointed directly at the key points, a pair of black eyes staring at her gloomily, "don't tell me that the rain is too heavy, you can't even distinguish the two sides of the mountain!"

“……” When Xiaonian's face turned white, "I......"

"Don't lie to me again!" Gong Ou yelled at her, some hoarse, "I want to hear the truth!"

He couldn't stand her lying to him again and again.


When small read suddenly no voice.

"Let you not lie, and you will be speechless?" Gong Ou laughed angrily. "OK, I'll tell you for you."


"You want to give me that woman of Tang Yi, don't you?" Gong Ou asked, and her black eyes swept towards her.

When Xiaonian looked at him, she couldn't say a word. She opened her mouth and didn't know what to say.

It's only two days.

Tang Yicai has been in the port of heaven for two days. She thinks she and Tang Yi are following the order. It's not impatient, but in this way, he even feels it.

Gong ou, how terrible he is.

"When small read, you are not a stupid woman, you are not to see Tang Yi is interesting to me!" Gong Ou said, repressing a rage all over his body, raising his foot and kicking over a vase, shouting in a low voice, "you're just creating opportunities for her!"

At first, he didn't understand. He was still frowning for her dullness, asking her to be careful of her classmates.

Until the moment she fell out of the park, if he didn't understand, he would have lived for so many years.

She did it.

Where on earth to put him.

Shi Xiaonian opens his lips, "I......"

"You suggested that they live in, go on a picnic and play hide and seek in order to give her access to me!" Gong Ou stares at her, his voice is as gloomy as that of hissing from his throat! Because she can fall into a coma, good friends share men, right? Should I praise your friendship

"I didn't."

Staring at his terrible face, she could not help denying it.

The end of the denial is that Gong Ou kicks the end of the bed and the bed shakes severely. It's also a shock when Xiao Nian sits on the bed.

"Not yet? Can you tell me the truth with your mouth Gong Ou roars out angrily, "my Gong Ou takes out his heart and lungs to you, have you all thrown me in the rain?"

When Xiaonian sat there, his face was pale, and he gradually lowered his eyes, unable to argue.

For a long time, she asked, "don't men like to hug each other?"

"I don't need it!" Gong Ou said loudly, "I don't need you to find it for me."

It makes him feel in her heart that he is nothing.

"I'm going to ask you now, why do you want to find me a woman?" Gong Ou asked, staring at her pale face with black eyes.


When small read lips.

"Say it!" Gong ou will kick to the bed again. After thinking about it, his feet will come back.

The bed shake will hurt her.

He wants control.

When Xiaonian sat there with her head down and her hands almost twisted the blanket, she did not expect Gong ou to find out about it so soon.

All the plans It's all in a mess.

"Not really? OK, I'll give you another question! " Gong Ou stood at the end of the bed, a pair of black pupils staring at her, saying word for word from her thin lips, "I ask you, have you ever loved me?"

Have you ever loved me?

When he said this, Xiaonian shuddered.

It rained heavily outside, and the rain kept pounding on the window. In the bedroom, the atmosphere was worse than outside, which made people breathless.

He asked her that question.

"Say it!" Gong and Ou continue to press each other aggressively. "Is it difficult to answer this question?"

She didn't love him so much that there was no remedy for it. Even in the cartoon, he was painted.

Then why give her a chance to get close to him? Does she know what she is doing?

She's asking other women to share her man!


When Xiaonian lowered his head, his throat was dry and he couldn't say a word.

"What good did that woman give you to share with your man?" Gong Ou stares at her and asks, "what do you want I can't give you? Huh? Speak! "


I can't speak at all.

Gong Ouyue is impatient. It's like he's alone. She doesn't participate in it.

"All right!" Gong Ou lost his patience and shouted out, "Feng De, bring me that mother and son! Tie it up! "

Tang Yi mother and son?

When Xiaonian was surprised, what would he do?

She looked at Gong ou, only to see that Gong Ou was upset, and her black eyes were full of the grim look.

At this time, she believed that he could do anything.

Tang Yi doesn't care.

But Bob is still so small, just a child who knows nothing about the world, suffering from a whole body of illness, and is also his son.

"I said."

When small read open mouth.

Gong Ou slowly turns around, and black eyes sweep at her like hawks and falcons, mercilessly and coldly, "say!"

He would like to hear what she can say.

Shi Xiaonian stands up from the bed and stands on the soft quilt. Her face is pale, but her expression can't be more serious.

"It's not Tang Yi who gives me any benefits. I know she has admired you for a long time, so I pulled her in." When small read half true half false said.

"Why?" Gong Ou looks at her gloomily.

"Didn't you just ask me if I loved you?" Shi Xiaonian came down from the bed, hands down, feet naked on the floor, "I'll answer you now."




Gong Ou stood there, his tall body suddenly froze, like being sealed into a fossil, his face was sealed, and only his eyes were shocked.

"I didn't love you." Said Shi Xiaonian again.

She let go.

Anyway, there will be a showdown between her and Gong Ou sooner or later. When she doesn't want to plan to escape, he is desperately treating her well, so she will feel guilty.

"You lie!" Gong Ou suddenly roars out and screams.

"I don't have it. It's your own wishful thinking that I moved my heart to you, but I know clearly that I didn't." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What do you say?"

Gong Ou clenches his teeth and tries to suppress himself before he does anything to her.

Shixiaonian looks at his face.

Now that we've opened up, we'll open up to the end.

She continued methodically, "I didn't love you, so I always wanted to leave you. Tang Yi is very beautiful, very beautiful, similar to my type, so I think she is my opportunity. "


Gong Ou stares at her.

She wants him to take a fancy to Tang Yi, and then she leaves?

She still plays a good hand.

"These things are all my own thoughts. Please don't involve the innocent." Said Shi Xiaonian.

She's still thinking about the mother and the son?

Gong Ou strides to her, grabs her and pulls her to himself, stares at her with low eyes, and asks coldly, "are you still in the mood to think about them now, and don't think about the consequences for yourself?"

He put his hand on her back neck and pressed it hard.


When Xiaonian was pressed, his neck hurt.

"Do you think I can let you go when you say these words?" Asked Gong ou, in a cruel and cold voice.

He's not going to let her go, is he.

When Xiaonian was forced to look up at him, he could not help but smile bitterly, "you just asked me what I want, can't you give me?"

Gong Ou stares at her, his eyes bloodshot.

"Freedom, respect." When small reads a word to say, "these two kinds of you can't give me, can't you?"


"You treat me as your dog. I have to follow you wherever you go, never mind my wishes. You also want me to wear earphones all the time in England, and I can't take them off when I sleep, so as to avoid you calling me and I can't respond in the first time." When Shi Xiaonian said this, there was a trace of resentment in his tone.

"That's why you're leaving?"

"Not enough?" When small read wry smile, "I live so humble, careful, scared If you want more reasons, that is, I don't love you. "

"What am I not worthy of your love?"

Gong Ou asked.

He is the only one who can ask so bluntly.

As if, do not love him is not normal.

When Xiaonian was pressed in front of his chest and her neck hurt badly, she frowned and said softly, "I never wanted to love you."

She said it honestly.


Gong Ou stares at her. What's the answer.

"I want to love someone who, at least, is single." Said Shi Xiaonian.


"Are you?" When Xiaonian looked up at his gloomy face, he asked with a light smile. The smile was bitter. "You have so many women in that castle. You are the modern emperor. You have the same rain and dew. You still think that..."

"It's gone!"

Gong Ou interrupts her.


When small read stupefied next.

"Didn't Feng de tell you that if I let him go back to the castle, I would drive all the women away?" Gong Ou stared at her with a deep voice. "There is no one else but you. Are you satisfied?"


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

It turns out that this week, Feng de went back to the castle to drive away the women.

She didn't know.

Gong Ou stared at her stunned face, her chest as heavy as a stone.

His pride and conceit did not allow him to talk nonsense, but he once again found his way down the stairs in front of her.