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Chapter 94 he wants me to have a baby

"You think I'm ruthless, don't you?" Mu qianchu understands what she thinks now.

If she knew the truth of everything, she would not think so.


When small read silence.

Mu qianchu pulled the chair, sat down in front of her, looked at her gently with one eye, and smiled bitterly from the corner of his lips, "do you know when I really hate you?"

How to mention this all of a sudden.

When I was small, I read silence.

"When I first lost my memory, I didn't hate you so much." "Three years ago, I knew you were in a mess. Shidi said that he had seen you and the old man of Qin Dong at home. At that time, I believed in Shidi very much," he said


When Xiaonian listened stupidly.

It turned out that her good sister had made such a rumor.

"From then on, I hated you very much. Every time I see you pestering me, I can think of your famous big mistake in the University and feel that you are particularly hypocritical." "Mu qianchu suddenly laughed at himself," now I think of it, I'm the kind of idiot with soft ears, and I'll be sure if I don't prove anything

Over the years, she has been misunderstood like this.


In the quiet study, mu qianchu is returning her innocence little by little.

When small read to listen, think of these years her bitter entanglement, think of every time mu qianchu faces her indifference.

The truth was finally revealed.

She was not happy at all. She felt choked up and her eyes were sore, but she could not shed tears.

"I think that's why Shidi played that game three years ago. She wanted me to hate you completely." Said Mu qianchu.


My eyes are sour.

Over the years, she has been pestering qianchu to restore his memory Angered her sister, when the flute gave her such a deep set, she pulled to the abyss.

And it took her three years to see who the hand that pushed her was.

Mu qianchu lowered his head and slowly took off the ring on his ring finger. There was a bit of irony in his eyes. "I didn't think that over the years, I believed the wrong person all the time."

When Xiaonian calmed down slowly, her hands and feet recovered a little warmth, she looked at the ring on mu qianchu's hand, and her voice was no longer as excited as before, "I know you are not feeling well now, you What are you going to do next? Do you really want to help me? "

She was wronged.

But he is also not easy to suffer. Shidi secretly killed the children and did those things three years ago. All kinds of intentions are not like that of the sweet and generous Shidi

People who have loved each other for many years have another face. No one can accept it.

"Of course I will help you."

Muqianchu is firm, without hesitation.

"In the end, Shi Di only does these things because he loves you." Shi Xiaonian said seriously, "I don't need your help, you just don't have to interfere."

She can solve it herself.

"You think it's better that I'm ruthless. I'll take care of it. I have my own ideas. One day, you will know. " Mu qianchu smiled bitterly and put the ring back in his pocket. "So far, we have to do nothing."


Somehow, they stood in a line.


When small read how all did not expect, one day, she will and the amnesia mu qianchu stand on the same line.

"By the way." Mu qianchu said again, "I just heard that. I can understand the relationship between you and Gong ou. Since it's a misunderstanding, can you explain it to him and leave?"

Smell speech, when the face of small read sluggish, shake head, low voice way, "I'm afraid not."

"You want to stay with him?"

Mu qianchu's tone suddenly sank.

"No." When Xiaonian shakes his head and grabs his clothes with his fingers, "Gong Ou has his own way of thinking. He doesn't care who gave the medicine three years ago. He wants to..."

She couldn't go on.

That's too embarrassing.

"What do you want?" The pupils of Mu qianchu are tight.

When I was young, I could not speak for a long time.

"Xiaonian." Mu qianchu leaned towards her, staring at her pale face deeply with one eye, pressing one hand on the edge of the chair behind her shoulder, and almost surrounded her whole body in his arms, "let me help you."


For many years, mu qianchu has not been so close to her.

But now she just felt uncomfortable. She wanted to keep her eyes open and said, "Xiaonian, we are all trapped in the situation of Shidi. We need to jump out together."

He gazed at her tenderly.

He is bewitching her.

She was bewitched to jump out of the current situation and the abyss.

"Xiaonian, tell me, what does Gong ou want? How can he let you go? " Asked mu qianchu.

When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes like a magnet, deeply absorbed her, absorbed all her hopes.

There is a voice crying in her heart, jump out, be sure to jump out of this situation and live her own life. Isn't that what she has always wanted?

"He wants me to have a baby."

When Xiaonian heard her voice, she said something.


Mu qianchu's body suddenly froze, and his eyes fixed on her, but his face was not better than hers.

Have a baby.

Gong Ou wants to have a baby for him. That's to keep her in prison for the rest of her life.

"He will not succeed." Mu qianchu gazed at her and said, "I will take you out of this bureau. No one can pull you down."

Because, she is his.

“……” When small read Zheng ground to look at him, "really can jump out?"

She doesn't know how to get rid of her current life. She doesn't know how to get rid of Gong ou. Gong Ou is like a net, which makes her dense and solid. There is no escape.

"Of course. We all have to go back to our old lives. "

Mu qianchu stared at her and said word by word.

Go back to your old life These words are very attractive to me.


When Xiaonian nodded, just trying to move his body, he suddenly found that it was two chairs sitting face-to-face, but almost the whole person fell into mu qianchu's arms. Her eyes were opposite, and she saw a face of herself in his deep pupil.

The study is quiet, so quiet that it reveals some ambiguity.

Muqianchu didn't mean to go back and sit well. He stared at her quietly, and suddenly raised his hand to lean on her face.

When Xiaonian was surprised, he quickly got up from the chair.

Mu qianchu's hand is frozen in the air, his fingers are touching his face, and his face is white.

When Xiaonian looks at him awkwardly and doesn't know what to say, his cell phone suddenly vibrates, like a life-saving ring tone, breaking a room of embarrassment.

She rushed to her desk, picked up her cell phone and answered, "hello?"

"I thought you wanted to die. Where did you dare to shut down? Do you know how many calls I made to you! Next time you dare to go out, I'll tell you, don't even think about it! Don't leave my sight for another two meters! "

Gong Ou's roar frantically screams at her ears, hoping to tear up her eardrum.

This man, can't speak calmly.

When Xiaonian was roared by his ears, he couldn't help but take the mobile phone away, and then put it back to his ears after his ears adapted to make his voice as soft as possible, "I didn't mean to, I didn't notice that there was no electricity."

"This kind of thing must be noticed when I am separated from you! I told you only yesterday! "

Gong Ou roars at her angrily. With the wind, it seems that she just got off the plane.

Did you tell her yesterday?

When Xiaonian thought about it, didn't he take her to bed all the time yesterday? How could she notice what he was talking about at that time.

"Have you arrived in England?"

I want to change the topic.

"Just arrived!" Gong Ou doesn't allow her to change the topic, and continues to shout angrily, "you wait for me at home and come back to see if I don't clean you up properly!"

If there is punctuation, she believes that Gong Ou's exclamation mark is behind every sentence, a big exclamation mark.

"Oh." When small read to answer.

There is a voice from the mobile phone asking Gong ou to answer the phone in English. Is he so busy when he gets off the plane?

"Go away!" Gong Ou scolded the people over there, and then said to the phone, "listen to me. Don't turn off your cell phone. I'll call you later."

"Again?" When small read stupefied, "but this is almost midnight in China."

Call in the middle of the night?

"I'll call you and you'll have to pick it up when you're asleep. That's it! " Gong Ou finished his command and hung up the phone.


When Xiaonian put down his mobile phone, he sighed helplessly. Gong Ou was always despotic.

She turned around and saw mu qianchu still sitting on the chair, looking at her. There was no expression on a soft face, and her eyes were bright and gray.

When I think of that scene, Xiaonian's fingers can't help but curl up.

Just now, mu qianchu clearly wanted to touch her face

Muqianchu got up from the chair and walked to her step by step.

When small read conditionally to step aside, the meaning of evasion is no more obvious.

Mu qianchu said with a wry smile, "I'm not used to you. You've never evaded me before."

He was hiding from her.

Now she's hiding from him.

Fate is a real teaser.

When small read silence, drooping eyes, a word did not say.

"It's too late. You have a rest earlier. I'll go first." Mu qianchu stood still and smiled at her with a faint smile.


Xiaonian was relieved to hear that he was going. When

sent Mu Qianchu to the door, Xiao Nian was about to close the door. She turned over to her head, and looked at her like a glass like pupil. Her voice was clean. "Yes, last time I said that a perfume was very suitable for you. I'll bring it to you next time."

Next time?


at the same time, he was still in the mood to say perfume. He was showing her good manners. She was so close to her in the study just now.

When small read is no longer sensitive, also feel.

She shrank to the door, then looked at mu qianchu carefully, and said with a straight face, "Mu qianchu, there's something wrong between you and Shi Di, but it's your business. I didn't want to step on it."