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Chapter 683 I remember, Gong ou

"Open up!"

Gong Ou sits there with one leg bent up and his hands on his knees at will.

"Come down first. Be careful." When small read nervous to see gong'ou, gong'ou ignore her, only stare at Feng De, want to answer.

"Feng De, no one answered my phone call to Gong ou and Xiao Nian. What's the matter?" Gong Yu asked at that end.

Feng de immediately replied respectfully, "young master and Xiao Nian have something to do, you say, they are all here now."

Just then, Xiaonian was busy looking for Gong ou, and didn't care who called.

"Good." Gong Yu's voice was mature and steady, with a thick broadcast cavity, and said, "Xiao Nian, Gong ou, I just called that Miss Rossi. She didn't want to say more, but insisted that she was on the boat. Later, under my inquisition, she and I video said a lot. "

"Say the point!"

Gong Ou said loudly, his face unswerving.

What's the point?

Gong Yu seems to have put the emphasis on it, but Gong Ou obviously can't accept it. Be clear.

"Yes, Rossi and Xi Yu are very good friends. At that time, Xi Yu knew that she would go to the cruise feast, so she asked her to give up the invitation and go by herself." Gong Yu said.

"Why does Xi Yu have to go?"

"It's not logical," roared Gong.

Gong Yu paused there, sighed and said, "Rossi said that at that time, Xi Yu suspected that I was not dead. He thought you might know something as my brother, so he wanted to see you and find me through you. But you are always in secret. It's not easy to make an appointment. Xi Yu doesn't have so much time to wait for you, so when he hears that you will be at the cruise feast, he flies by. "


Everything makes sense.

Therefore, the moon goddess that Ling always saw was Xi Yu, who pretended to be her best friend and boarded the boat, and picked up her lost red hairpin.

When Xiaonian stood there stupidly, it turned out that she and her brother Xi Yu appeared in an environment seven years ago, but they did not meet each other.

She and Xi Yuming are the most intimate brothers and sisters in the world, but they haven't met each other from the beginning to the end.

Gong Ou sat on the balcony and listened to Gong Yu's voice.

It's true that the younger brother of Xiaonian boarded the cruise ship and went to see him specially. It's impossible to come here so far from Italy without seeing him, but he never met Xi Yu from beginning to end.

Something must have happened in the middle.

Most likely, Xi Yu came to him and left.

At the thought of some kind of possibility, Gong Ou was sitting there with a tumbling nausea, and immediately jumped down from the balcony and rushed in, "Ouch!"

"Gong Ou?" When small read hurriedly catch up, "you don't think much, things may not be what you think."

Gong Ou runs into the bathroom and gags at the sink. His handsome face turns white.

When Xiaonian ran after him, she couldn't help but feel hurt when she saw him. She reached out and patted him on the back and looked at him anxiously. "Gong ou, are you better?"


Gong ou retouches again. He can't accept it. He presses his hands on the washing table.

"Gong ou, don't do that. I'm a little flustered."

When Xiaonian was worried, he asked Fengde to pour a glass of water to wash his mouth.

When I heard Xiaonian's voice, Gong Ou stabbed her in the chest. She felt some heartache. She put her fingers on the corners of her lips and turned her eyes to look at her. As soon as her eyes touched her face, a crazy disgust rushed up again.

"Ouch -" Gong Ou vomited again.


How is it now? Can you vomit when you see her face.

When Xiaonian was helpless, he didn't know how to comfort him. He patted his back again and again. "I think we must think more about it. My brother just dressed up as a girl and looked like a boy again. Even if you were so fascinated that people couldn't recognize you at that time, you wouldn't be separated from men and women."

"What do you mean?"

Asked Gong ou.

"Me." I don't know how to say it. I can only whisper, "men and women always feel different, right?"

"Right what right! I haven't touched a man again, how do I know! "

Gong Ou growls, but Xiaonian is right when he thinks about it. He is not stupid enough to be a man and a woman.

Gong Ou pressed the tap and threw cold water on his face.

Gong Kui didn't know where he came from. He squatted there, holding his face in a pair of small hands. He looked at Gong Ou lovingly and innocently, and said happily, "Dad and mom have babies. They are wonderful. Alisha said vomiting is precious!"


Gong Ou was going to slow down. Hearing this, he was not angry at all. He gnashed his teeth and said, "what is it now? Do you think I'm not a man? I'm just not a man now, am I? "

He said he had a baby.

Gong Kui doesn't care about him. He stands up and tiptoes in the air and touches Gong Ou's stomach. He says happily, "I'm so happy. Xiao Kui is going to have a younger sister and younger brother."


Gong Ou spits at the sink again, turns around and pushes Gong Kui and Shi Xiaonian out, "go! Let me go! "

Don't stay here to stimulate him, shit!

"Gong ou, listen to me..."


The door closes heavily in front of shixiaonian and gongkui. Shixiaonian looks down at gongkui. Gongkui is obviously frightened. But soon, she spreads her hands like a little adult and sighs, "Hey, are people with babies so easily angry?"

So scare the baby in the belly.

It's a headache.

When small Nianfu forehead, squat down, asked, "Xiao Kui, who told you that men can have babies?"

Smell speech, palace anemone this just once absences, "ah" one, "yes, only mother can have a baby, I forgot!"


It's a good time you forgot. What a mess.

When Xiaonian hugged her and smiled reluctantly, "OK, my baby daughter, you'd better go to study, and then I'll punish you for skipping class."

This time to run out is definitely stolen.

"All right, all right." Gong Kui blinked his eyes twice, turned around and left, then suddenly turned back, "Mom, when do you vomit?"


Shi Xiaonian got up from the ground and knocked on the door. "Gong ou, would you please open the door first? I've let Xiao Kui go."

In response to her was a loud "retch".

It's so disgusting.

When Xiaonian stood there by the door, she was weak. Gong Ou was doubting life, but she couldn't help anything.

What's going on.

Xi Yu went to find Gong Ou specially. Gong Ou obviously didn't see him.

What's the matter with that hairpin? At first, she thought it was Tang Yi who picked it up, but now it seems that it should be Xi Yu who picked it up.

Xi Yu found the hairpin, shouldn't she go back?

Then why didn't she see Xi Yu? Otherwise, their brothers and sisters knew each other more than seven years ago.

Also, Xi Yu didn't know her at that time. How could she give it back? Of course, it was put in the lost and found place.

Lost and found?

When Xiaonian's eyes suddenly brightened, he immediately knocked on the door, "Gong ou, you come out quickly, I remember why I lost that hairpin in my memory and never lost it."


Gong Ou is retching.

When Xiaonian had to knock harder at the door and say loudly, "Gong ou, did you hear me? I remember. I lost that hairpin, but I found it later. Do you know what I mean? If the hairpin finally appears in whose hand, who is the one who appears in your room, it must not be Xi Yu. "


The door was opened in an instant.

Gong Ou's face is full of water stains. He holds her shoulder with both hands and stares at her with black eyes. "What do you say? Say it again! "

"I said, I found the hairpin later." "I remember that when I lost my hairpin, I soon found it at the lost and found area at the bar," he said


Gong Ou stares at her.

That is to say, when Ling Feng saw Xi Yu, it was an hour before the incident. Xi Yu returned the hairpin to the lost and found office early.

So, the man who lost the hairpin in his room must not be Xi Yu.


When Xiaonian nodded, she didn't lie.

"Then what are you playing with me, amnesia!"

He almost vomited all his organs.

"What is amnesia?" When small read innocently said, "let you remember seven years ago one day, have dropped a pen, you can remember?"

It would be nice if she could remember now. If she hadn't thought of the lost and found office, she couldn't remember how to find the hairpin.

"Then don't you remember?"

Gong Ou stares at her.

"Are you blaming me now?"

When small read also angrily stare at him.

Four eyes are opposite, when Xiaonian stares round his eyes, turns around and is about to leave. Gong Ou takes it back and looks at her with low eyes. His voice is magnetic and his lips are slightly hooked. "When Xiaonian is angry? Don't be angry. "

"Whose fire is bigger?"

On angry creatures, he is the second, and cannibals all over the world dare not be the first.

"You don't know how depressed I was just now?" Gong Ou holds her and says, "he's your brother, he's my brother's He's still a man! If all this is true, I...... "

"How are you?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"I will withdraw all the men in the palace. N.E will only accept female employees from now on! I don't want to see a man in my life! "


Is this a man who has been hit out of the shadows.

When Xiaonian looks at him, his thinking mode is invincible.

Gong Ou walks into the bathroom again, rinses his mouth and asks, "then why do you suddenly think of this?"

"All of a sudden, I wondered how my brother would give it back to me if he found it." Shi Xiaonian said, suddenly there was a picture in his mind, and his face turned white. "I remember it."


Gong Ou looks at her.

"That day, in fact, I met Xi Yu." Shi Xiaonian said, his voice was a little low, and his eyes turned red when he said this.

Smell speech, Gong Ou stands straight body, put down the cup in the hand, black Mou sweeps toward her, low ground asks, "how to return a responsibility?"