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Chapter 796: Gong Yu finally put it all down

In this way, Gong Yu Ran crazy ahead regardless of the wound on his body. His clothes were flying in the wind. Even though he was wearing a mask, the wind was still pouring in, which made him cough several times.

He rushed all the way out of the hospital gate and looked around. There was no one but the palace's bodyguard.

The parking lot in front is also empty. There is a black car turning to go out.


Gong Yu opened his eyes in shock, rushed to the car recklessly, and clapped his hand on the window, "Lori! Lowe! "

The window was lowered slowly.

There is only a palace driver in it. The driver bowed his head respectfully to him. "Big young master, second young master asked me to go back and prepare some clothes for you. What's the matter?"

It's not Lori.

Gong Yu was stunned. He stepped back and shook his head. His eyes were gray. "No, you can go."

"Yes, sir."

The driver drove away.

Gong Yu stood there and looked around the empty space, which reflected what he was doing, so he rushed out without even thinking about it.

Lori should have gone.

No farewell.

Maybe he hated him in his heart. Naturally, he should hate him. In the face of Lori, he said everything. Obviously, he didn't think so in his heart, but said so in his mouth.

Gong Yu hates himself. He holds his fist tightly. He really hates himself.

Luo lie is right. He never wants to admit his true feelings. He only likes to escape. The burden of the family is too heavy. If he doesn't say it, he pretends to die to escape. If he loves Xi Yu, he still doesn't say it until he escapes. If he doesn't look down on Luo lie, he just Even the ugly words came out.

Gong Yu, is it interesting for you to live like this?

It's not interesting.

It's really boring.

"Gong Yu?"

A voice of doubt rang not far away from him.

Gong Gu turned around in shock and looked at it incredibly. On the green lawn, Lori stood there with his suitcase. Behind him, there was a forest surrounded by trees.

The sun is falling on every blade of grass.

Lori looked at him and frowned. "Why did you come out like this? Do you know how hurt you are this time? "


Gong Yu stood there, his gray eyes staring at him. At that moment, Gong Yu suddenly felt relieved, and all guilt and heaviness suddenly came down.

He didn't know why he put it down.

"You're not going back?"

Lori asked, coming towards him with reproach.

"I didn't look down on you." Gong Yu said so, looking at Lori's face in the sun with one eye, and said quickly, "I have always regarded you as a good friend, good brother! I cherish your friend very much, so I chose to pretend to be stupid. I took those words as your drunken words! "


Lori stood there, stopped abruptly and looked at him in amazement.

Gong Yu stepped up to the lawn step by step, stood in front of Luo lie, with serious eyes, "I'm honest, Luo lie! Thank you! "


Lori looked at him and couldn't say a word.

Gong Yu also looked at him. There was a bird call coming from the woods. Suddenly, Gong Yu smiled, put his hands in the pocket of the dark coat, and said with a smile, "it's such a feeling to tell the truth, the whole person is relaxed."

Over the years, he never knew what it would be like to admit the most straightforward feelings. It would be so easy.

It took him more than thirty years to understand.

Luo lie looked at him with astonishment. There was a clear smile in his eyes, which was never seen by Luo lie for so many years.

A few seconds later, Lori also smiled. His face was completely covered with a smile. He turned around and looked at a big tree not far away. He said, "you are willing to tell the truth, yes, very good!"

"What about your truth?"

Gong Yu looked at him and asked.

Luo lie stood there, did not look back at Gong Yu, but continued to say to the tree, "Gong Yu, what are you? Why do you look down on me? Are you born into a noble family, with a higher grade? It's not your own struggle. What can you drag? "

Hearing this, Gong Yu also smiled and said to Dashu like him, "I will give birth, and I have the ability. If you have the ability, you can join the palace."

"And the truth?"

Lori took a look at him.

“ok。” Gong Yu smiled and shook his head, then went to the tree, stared at the tree in front of him, and said, "actually, I hate being born in the palace. Why am I the eldest son? Why should I do something I don't like? Why do those have to be my responsibilities? Who wants this title! I don't care about anything. I don't care! "

Lori looked at him and the two smiled at each other.

It seems that he finally found a outlet. Gong Yu said more and more. Luo lie accompanied him to tell the truth to the tree, "Gong Yu, you son of a bitch! Dare to play dumb with me, do you know how embarrassed I am? Before I change, I'll give you a needle every minute, so that you don't know how to die. "

Unlike mature adults, they are like teenagers, enjoying themselves in front of a big tree.

Two people talk to each other about their most honest feelings.

Gong Yu said all the depression of these years. At the moment of saying it, he found that he began to put it down. It seems that he didn't care about the identity of the eldest son at the beginning, and all the heaviness was slowly disappearing.

It's a good phenomenon, he thought.

"Ha ha."


As if this scene should be a meeting, the two finally confessed to each other. Lori stood there laughing out of breath, looked at Gong Yu, and then said to the tree, "Gong Yu! I'm really bothering you! Every time when I thought I would never see you again, you appear; every time when I thought there was a future, you are far away from me again! It's really annoying! I really want to give you a shot! "


"But don't worry, I'm proud of myself. I can't learn Mr. Gong's recklessness after all. I can't do it." Lori said with a smile, reassuring him and killing himself.

This is the only thing Lori can do now.

Gong Yu, a body without soul, can't walk in.

Hearing this, Gong Yu's eyes darkened, and he raised his hand to the tree with a pinhole on the back of his hand.

Lori looked at him.

Gong Yu looked at the tree in front of him, and his eyes grew dimmer. He moved his lips and said, "Xi Yu, I really miss you. I want you to come back. Now I will come back."

He really put it down, the only thing that can't be put down is Xi Yu, but from this moment on, Xi Yu is no longer a heavy memory, but a yearning.

The birds in the woods are gone.

It was quiet.

Lori stood beside him, his smile cooling.

Maybe what Gong Ou said is not right. Gong Yu doesn't have no soul, but there is a soul named "Xi Yu" in his body. He lives too full, so no one can enter.

After a while, Lori laughed again, reached for the tree, and said, "that's enough. Although I can put it down, I'll give me some time."

"Didn't you let me confess my feelings?"

Gong Yu is a little innocent.

"No need to sprinkle salt on my wound!" Lori said fiercely, laughing casually. "I'll spill it after a while, maybe it won't hurt then."

Hearing this, Gong Yu's breath stagnated, saying that it's not painful.

Gong Yu looks at him, frowns, and slowly withdraws his hand from the tree. Luo lie looks at the suitcase he has placed in the distance and says, "OK, your brother has prepared the plane ticket for me. I'm going to catch the plane. I can't keep it anymore."

"Thank you, Lori, and I'm really sorry."

Gong Yu looked at him and said, his voice was full of guilt, unable to make up for it.

Lori likes to laugh very much today. He smiles all the time. He gently beats miyao's chest with a smile and says, "since you feel so sorry for me, please give me a request."

"Go up to the sword mountain and down to the sea of fire, but at your command."

Gong Yu said, with no hesitation in his eyes.

Go up to Dao mountain and down to the sea of fire.

What if it's Xi Yu? That's more terrible than the fire.

"Please put it down..." Lori watched him and said slowly.

Gong Yu's eyes tightened and his fist was clenched. Lori smiled and said, "please put down the mask and take it off for me to see."


Gong Yu's eyes were stunned.

Put down the mask. What kind of request is that.

"I've never seen your real and complete face since I realized it. I'm curious." Lori said with a smile.

"That's it?" Lori just needs to take off his mask. It's so simple.

"That's it."

Lori nodded solemnly.


For Gong Yu, this was not a difficult thing. He didn't even remember that he always pretended to be himself in front of Lori.

With that, Gong Yu raised his hand and slowly took off the medical mask on his face.

Lori stood there quietly watching.

The mask left slowly to reveal Gong Yu's true face. Most of the gauze on his face was removed, but some bruises were still there. Even so, it still didn't hinder his handsome appearance. The facial features with mixed blood sense were three-dimensional, with deep contour, deep eyebrows and grey eyes, high bridge of nose, and a pair of thin and thick lips below. With a cut on his lips, his whole face was sexy.

Like him, Gong Yu's grace emanates from every place, including his five senses.

The mask was completely removed by Gong Yu.

Lori finally saw Gong Yu's complete face, which was almost the same as what he imagined. He was very handsome, handsome and mature.

Finally, my wish is fulfilled.

It's really time to go.

Lori nodded and said with a smile, "OK, I see. Then I'll go."

Without any extra words, Lori turned away with a smile and stretched out his hand to pick up the suitcase. The smile on his lips was stiff.

Gong Yu catches up, "Lori, are you still friends?"

Lori smiled back and thought, "it's like a beautiful thing to be friends with the Grand Master of the palace. I can't rely on Lancaster. Please take care of me later!"