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Chapter 937 the truth of the matter

"What do you want to know?"

Finally heard her voice, mu qianchu calmed down, eyes motionless looking forward, reached out to touch, touched the chair and sat down beside her bed.

His breath was as peaceful as ever, just like a pure Buddhist sitting beside her.

"All of them, from when you see Gong Ou again."

When Xiaonian lies on the bed and says, looking out from the floor to ceiling window, this room imitates again, but the scenery outside the window is different after all.

There is no vast world, no distant forest.


Only a few paper cranes are shaking gently.

Mu qianchu sat there, listening to the light noise of the glass paper cranes, his eyes slightly lowered, and he said gently, "in fact, you have guessed it out in your heart, haven't you?"

Some things are not that one does not want to be clear, but that one does not want to be so clear.


When small read silence.

"Well, I said." Muqianchu said, "in fact, Gong Ou's design didn't find me because it was jealous or trying to teach me a lesson. He came to discuss with me that Lancaster and his war were on the verge of breaking out. You were the inevitable victim, so he asked me to protect you. "

It's a discussion, but the truth is that Gong Ou is begging him.

Mu qianchu still thinks it's inconceivable that Gong ou, such a proud man, will kneel down to him and ask a man who once hated deeply to protect his woman.

The only explanation is that Gong Ou's consciousness has reached the point where there is no way to go.

He knows how powerful Lancaster is. He once cooperated with Mona. One Mona is scheming and powerful, not to mention the whole Lancaster family.


When Xiaonian was lying there listening quietly, when he heard the last sentence, his face showed a smile of self mockery and hoarse voice, "I guessed it, but he didn't admit it."

She detected Gong Ou's abnormality again and again, but he denied it. He said that he would not leave her, and that he would always be by her side.

Mu qianchu sits aside, silent.

"In fact, I told him that I would like to leave him and not do his burden, but he still denied it." Shi Xiaonian said, his hoarse voice with some sorrow that he only understood now, "he had other plans."

"This is a dangerous move of his. Judging from a series of recent retaliations against you by Lancaster, they have long had this idea to uproot the palace family, and they must have buried a lot of deployment secretly, which is beyond people's reach."

Muqianchu said, "it is Lancaster's most infallible move to deal with you, and its strength must be the biggest and the sharpest. If you are only protected, it is difficult to pre control the invisible moves of dark chess."

By now, it's no surprise that shixiaonian heard these statements. She followed his words and said, "what can be controlled in advance is to let Lancaster do it first."

The mantis catches cicadas, and the Yellow finch is behind.

This is Gong Ou's chess game. He not only wants to protect their mother and son perfectly, but also uses them as bait to clear Lancaster's hidden power.

Mu qianchu sat on the chair, frowned, and said, "in fact, everything is in the plan. Lancaster has never dealt with you. One is that the time is not coming, the other is that the place is not right. Gong Ou speculated that they are going to do something to you in s city. If so, it means that their hidden power is already great."


When Xiaonian listened quietly and didn't interrupt.

"From then on, Gong Ou was thinking about how to deal with these forces until you went back to your hometown and he thought about the plan." Mu qianchu decides to finish everything quickly, which is a great torture compared with Xiaonian, who was injured. "Humiliating Shizhong couple in public is also a flaw that Gong Ou deliberately put on Lancaster. Lancaster has investigated the interpersonal relationship between you two too clearly from childhood to most and is making full use of it."


"It's true that Mona's father was cleverly mistaken for cleverness. He used his loyal husband and wife, and I kept staring at them secretly." "Later, I found them secretly. I didn't deny that you and Gong Ou killed flute when they inquired about me."

No wonder, her adoptive parents hate her so much. It turns out that there are thousands of evidences to prove it.

When small read silently close eyes, long eyelashes stained with a little tears.

"At that time, even Shizhong and his wife didn't know that the hill tribe was Lancaster's base camp in s city. I just told them the reason why the rabbit died and the dog cooked. I promised to save them for a while." Mu qianchu said, "Shi Zhong and his wife think that you and I are enemies, so they believe me very much, so they always take the small positioning equipment on their bodies, and those people in Lancaster will not search their bodies."

Of course, Shi Zhong and his wife hate her deeply. It's about the loss of their daughter. Lancaster can't think that they are the pieces of the chess if they are cheated.


Next things do not need to be explained by mu qianchu when Xiao Nian also knows, and then mu qianchu takes people to take hill tribe by position.

"In fact, everything is under control. The hill tribe is the base camp, but I think they should have a retreat route. I decided to pull up their retreat route together." When muqianchu said this, he paused. "But I didn't expect that you and Gong Yao would fight against each other. I also recorded blood along the way. I used Gong Ou's method to deliver messages to you, making you feel at ease and wait for rescue."

When he heard this, Xiaonian laughed at himself once again, tears overflowing his eyes, "that's our stupidity, we misunderstood the meaning of the news."

It's stupid.

It's stupid.

Hearing this, mu qianchu frowned, "you are in the Bureau, but you don't know the whole plan. It's not strange that I'm neglecting it."

"Without you, we don't even have a chance to live." Said Shi Xiaonian.

They found themselves injured.

To live is to admire qianchu and Gong ou.

"The plan is forced by helplessness. At least this time, we should have broken all the hidden forces of Lancaster in s city." Mu qianchu sighed, "I just didn't expect that you would be hurt so badly."


When Xiaonian was lying there, he didn't speak.

Muqianchu slowly reached for a letter and handed it to her, whispering gently, "this is what he gave you. Can you read it?"


When Xiaonian's eyes stagnated, he reached out his hand wrapped in white gauze and took the envelope, then struggled to sit up from the bed.

Mu qianchu's brow slightly frowned, "do you need help?"


She said so, her face turned white, and she sat up half supported, and leaned on the head of the bed, panting for a while.

Mu qianchu sat quietly. His eyes were out of sight, but his hearing became very sharp.

The rhythm of Xiaonian's breathing is in his ears, either fast or slow.

When Xiaonian half sat there, her hands were too strong, and only a few fingers were left to move. She opened the envelope little by little and took out a white A4 paper from inside.

Turn over the folded paper. The pen on it is so powerful that she can feel the familiar handwriting with her hand.

When you can't cheat, you still need to cheat. I'm sorry.

That's the line.

No lingering, no parting, only such an explanation and an apology.

This is what Gong Ou told her.

He has to lie to her. She can't know the whole plan, or the play won't be true.

"Xiaonian, are you ok?" Mu qianchu asked, he can understand the thought of shixiaonian at the moment, he said lightly, "you and your child are the generals who are taken to lure the enemy on the chessboard, and the generals that Gong ou will finally swear to defend."

When you die, you lose.

You can't see the other side's moves. It's more dangerous.

This is a desperate move.

When small read smile, smile eyes covered with a layer of water light, turn eyes to look at the face of Xiangmu qianchu.

Mu qianchu can speak for Gong ou.

Gong Ou even used her as bait.

When did it start, everything didn't look like what she had imagined.

When Xiaonian sat at the head of the bed and looked at mu qianchu and said, "do you think I'm going to blame Gong Ou? No, his plans are all right. You see, I'm so stupid that I step into the trap of my adoptive mother, which is also expected by Gong ou, isn't it? "


A thousand admirers frown.

"I'm so stupid to tell me all my plans, and I'll destroy them." When Xiaonian said with a smile, the more water in his eyes, the more he could not stop. "I'm really a burden of Gong ou. I can't see the trap. I misunderstood the news you gave. I've made so many scars. I have no right to blame anyone."

She's stupid. Stupid people don't have medicine.

It's good if someone is willing to save her. What else can she do? Nothing can be done.

"It's not like that, Xiaonian. Don't be a liar. It's Gong Ou who has been creating the illusion of peace in front of you. He needs to let you down. He needs you to think that the situation in front of you is not so sad. " "Because of this, you will step into the loop cover," said Mu

If everyone told her that the current situation has reached the point where you die and I die, she would not step in.


So, this is what Gong Ou said. When you can't cheat, you have to cheat.

Take good care of yourself.

It's really hard work.

"Xiaonian, did you cry?" Mu qianchu heard, "are you still sad that he used you as bait?"

"No, really not. You plan so well for our ultimate safety. Why should I be sad?" When Xiaonian repeatedly denied, her lips trembled badly.

"He really wants to protect you. He has no choice."

Mu qianchu sat there and pressed one hand to the bedside.

"You said a lot for Gong Ou today, which I never thought about." When Xiaonian said with a smile, she did not know why she wanted to laugh.

Maybe smile, tears will not fall down.