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Chapter 1047 I want to go back to s City

She couldn't find a flaw to break the woman's words. Listen to her, Gong Ou laughs and looks at her with the eyes of a childish child, with a deep voice. "Only carefully fabricated lies in this world can be perfect in the smallest details, even the real truth."

On the tablet in his hand is the room where the women stay. He has been staring at them talking.

When small read Leng in there, "is it?"

Bit's mother Deceiving her? What for?

"You don't believe it?"

Asked Gong ou.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "no, I just can't figure out why she lied to me. I feel her mood fluctuates when she says a lot of things. That should be true."

Does she really know how to read people? I can't see the disfigured woman at all.

"The perfect lie will hold the truth." Gong Ou said in a low voice, "it's not surprising that you can't see it."


When Xiaonian is silent, he goes up to his back and pushes him forward.

Gong Ou presses the slow forward button to let her just set up her hands, not too tired. When he looks over his face, he reads her white hands. He doesn't need to look at her face and knows that she is struggling.

"Which part of her is true, then?" When small read to push him to go forward, softly asked.

Gong Ou sits on the wheelchair, looks slightly deep, and slowly says, "the contrast part."

"The rest is fake?"

Shi Xiaonian is stunned again, so only the part of the mother who wants to save and transform her son is true, and the rest is all false.

But the woman said a complete story, which she could not refute.


Gong Ou's voice hit Shi Xiaonian hard again.

When small read some lost to low eyes, dim eyes, pushing Gong ou to the balcony, the sun shines down warm, but also with a little wet fog.

She stood there, with her hands behind her back, a little annoyed and said, "I thought I could help you solve the problem, but I only got a false story, and nothing can help you."

"What do you want to help me?"

Gong Ou looks up at her with deep black eyes.

When Xiaonian smiled bitterly, "if I'm right, you know that this negotiation can't easily grasp George. Of course, if you can't grasp better, you can use this special identity of mother and son to end the entanglement with Lancaster peacefully."

"End of peace?" Gong Ou quipped, "am I a peace loving person?"

"Maybe not before, but this time after I was born prematurely, I feel that you have changed a lot and you are not as extreme as before." When small read low eyes stare at him, "I guess wrong again?"

When she saw him staring at the pictures of the victims, when she saw his interaction with pumpkin, she knew that Gong Ou had changed a lot

Gong Ou turns around the wheelchair and faces the sunshine outside. His face is angular and his black pupils are very deep.

In a moment, Gong Ou opened his mouth, "I want to end all this."

His tone was a little low, so low that people could not hear Lingli at ordinary times, as if all the edges and corners of a person had been polished off.


When Xiaonian looked at his face with low eyes, she saw Gong ou for the first time. She suddenly found that the impact of her premature birth on Gong Ou was far greater than she imagined.

"I want to go back to s city."

Gong said in a wheelchair.

I want to go back to s city.

This light sentence echoed in the ear of shixiaonian. He said that he wanted to go back, which shocked her even more than he said that he was tired.

The wind blows gently.

The sun is so warm.

Gong Ou's expressionless side face is deeply engraved into the eyes of shixiaonian, which makes her almost blurt out a sentence. Let's go back and leave everything alone.

"I'm going back to work. I'm going to take you to the company." Gong Ou looks up at her, but there is not much expression on her face. Her black eyes are as deep as a bottomless pit. "Of course, I allow you to take the children with you. It's easy to solve who quarrels and who punches."

Speaking of this, Gong Ou has a little light in his eyes.

When Xiaonian listened and laughed, he didn't like it. "You're so fierce, how dare I take the baby?"

"It's better for you to accompany me alone!"

"What if I don't want my children?"

"I'm a paranoid. Whoever gets in my way, I'll solve who's paranoid." Gong Ou stares at her. "Are you sure you want to give up your child?"


"I think you'd better not give up on me. It's good for everyone." Gong Ou said word by word, full of threat.

What else can she say about this? Only surrender.

"Well, when I get back, I'll listen to you and accompany you to the company every day." When Xiaonian smiled a little, his eyes dimmed at the thought of the current situation. "But I didn't give you any useful information. Bith was not liked by Georgie, and his mother couldn't make any impact on George. I'm afraid you can't make use of this mother and son's special identity."

"That's what she wants us to know, not what I want to know." "I'm very interested in the part of her lies," Gong said

When small read to look up at him, "but, she doesn't want to say that we also have no way, I think her that disposition is afraid to go to jail all useless."

"How can I know if I haven't tried?" Gong Ou stared at her.

"Are you really going to put her to death?" When Xiaonian was surprised, "she is just a woman."

Gong Ou looks at her silently, and suddenly smiles. He pulls her into his arms and sits down. His black eyes stare at her deeply. He raises his hand to touch her face and gently touches her lips. "If I want to go back, I must take you and the child back."

He has become more and more reluctant to stay here.

He has become more and more disgusted with all this.

When Xiaonian saw in the deep of his eyes, she suddenly couldn't say anything if she wanted to object. She also wanted to go back with him.


Since then, Gong Ou has given the woman a "big punishment", and Xiaonian acquiesced without stopping.

The death penalty is not torture, but the same way that she was asked to hand over her children. It is the polygraph chair with endless mental torture, repeated questioning and imprisoned freedom that make the trial person collapse.

So far, shixiaonian has seen some psychological shadows in the polygraph chair, but she knows that this is a rather relaxed way.

Otherwise, in the way that Gong Ou used to do things, I'm afraid that he would directly open the door to bith and let a mother comply, but he didn't.

It's the third day, and this kind of interrogation doesn't make the woman open her mouth.

"I'm telling the truth. I'm telling the truth."

A slightly uncomfortable voice came from the upstairs room.

"You lied. The lie detector confirms your lies. Tell the truth quickly. Why did George come to you secretly? What secret do you have? "

Asked the bodyguard fiercely.

When Xiaonian stood at the stairway and listened, he thought of his original self. He couldn't help but reach out and hug himself. His whole body was speechless and cold.

"Fengde, take out the lie detector and throw it away."

Gong Ou's cold voice came.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Gong Ou sitting not far away from her, his eyes fixed on him, and Feng de nodded away to do things.

"In fact, I have nothing to do with it. It's much more gentle than pure torture." "I also told her that as long as she told the truth, we would treat her with the above courtesy, and she should know how to choose," she said with a smile

"You still think about that time?" Gong Ou doesn't listen to the second half of her words at all, only noticing the look in her heart.


When Xiaonian shook his head.

"Lie!" Gong Ou glared at her. "I'll change my way!"

She can't take it.

"No more." When small read hurriedly say, this already was very gentle interrogate way, change again can be more tormented.

"It's none of your business."

Gong Ou stands up from the wheelchair, holds his hands on his waist and walks downstairs.

"Gong ou..." When Xiaonian followed, Gong Ou turned his head, and a cold voice interrupted her mind, "I'm hungry. Go and cook something for me."

"I......" When Xiaonian wants to say something, Gong Ou stares back with his fierce eyes. He has to shut up and say, "OK, I'll cook."

Gong's jaw head, step by step, went downstairs. He pressed his waist with one hand, and his back was slightly bent. It was extremely difficult for him to straighten up.

When Xiaonian watched his back, he was worried about his body and how he would change his way.

Gong Ou went downstairs, walked directly to a closed door and kicked it open.

This is a clean bedroom. Bith, who is sitting on the bed with a tablet in his arms, is shocked. He looks at the tall man standing at the door and asks strangely, "don't you knock?"

How can there be people who don't even perform this etiquette?

Gong Ou stood a little tired. He leaned towards the door frame beside him, glanced contemptuously at him, and opened his thin lips slightly. "Come out, talk to you!"

Bit sat on the bed, subconsciously hugging the computer in his hand. "I have nothing to say."

He's just relying on others. If not for a moment, he's more like a captive. He doesn't understand what they can talk about.

"Give you a minute!" Gong Ou said coldly, "if you don't want to be thrown out by my bodyguard."


Bit stayed there completely. How could this man not be like a nobleman.

With that, Gong Ou turned and left, walked out, and walked to the backyard. His waist was slightly affected. He frowned, pressed his hand on the tree, and sat down on the stone bench under the tree. His face was slightly white.

In less than a minute, bit stood in front of him.

He is a boy of understanding.

Gong Ou sneers, and bit stands there uneasily, feeling the same pressure as in the family. He asks, "what do you want to talk to me about?"

"To persuade your mother to tell the truth!" Gong Ou's tone is almost imperative, and there is no room for negotiation.