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Chapter 204 reasons for the suspension of the meeting

Suddenly, her cell phone rings, and Xiaonian takes it out.

It's Xia's phone.

During this period, her cell phone was not in her cell phone. Xia Bian made a lot of calls. She hasn't called back yet.

When Xiaonian sat on the ground and picked up the phone, he said with a smile, "Hey, Xia Bian, don't rush me, I haven't finished the second volume."

"Draw your head! Do you finally know how to answer the phone? Where did you die in this period of time, I was in a hurry! " Xia Bian's excited voice rings in the phone, with a touch of weeping.

"Xia Bian? Don't cry. What's the matter? "

When small read to stay, sit straight on the ground.

"What's the matter? What's the matter with me? Do you know how anxious I am when there's such a big news? I can't contact you all the time! " Xia Bian's voice choked with emotion. "Where have you been? I'm so worried about you!"

When Xiaonian listened, she found another person who cared about her.

It turns out that not everyone in the world ignores you. There will always be so many people silently caring about you, no matter what you are spiteful on by the world.

"Xia Bian, do you believe me?"

He asked in a low voice.

In fact, she and Xia Bian are not very familiar, and they are usually only limited to the communication of drawing and drawing. I didn't expect that Xia Bian would worry about her voice choking.

"Isn't that bullshit? I don't believe who you believe in, your sister?" Xia Bian said in a choking voice.

"But they said it so clearly that everyone believed it." When Xiaonian sat on the ground, the whole person was bathed in the sunshine.

Hearing this, Xia Bian took a sniff and said, "to be honest, your adoptive father's family's story is really powerful. There are also Street kisses and photos. If I only knew you, I would believe it."


When small read silence.

"But I don't know what's going on. The man around you is Gong Ou!" Xia Bian was excited again when he said, "who would put Gong Ou away and run to be the third son of Prince mu! You put a multiple-choice question on the Internet, and the answer must be one side! "

Smell speech, when small read all don't know to be moved or sad, "originally you are because of this believe me."

She thought Xia Bian believed in her character.

"Haha." Xia Bian cried and laughed, "anyway, I still know something about you. Although I don't know your emotional entanglements, I know you won't hurt your sister's tire skating, and bully her since childhood. If you are a housemaid, I will serve you!"


It seems that this is not a good word.

When small read helplessly pulled to pull the lip Cape, "thank you, summer make up, my in the mind comfortable much."

When people all over the world don't believe you, there are so many people who firmly believe in her, she is very moved.

"Where are you now? Last time my husband said you left, where did you go?" "Are you ok?" Xia Yu asked on the other end of the phone

"I'm fine now. I've had the darkest time. I didn't leave. I was still by Gong Ou's side. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Fuck, you're in s city. Come out and meet me!"

Xia Bian said.

"Er..." After a moment of hesitation, shixiaonian said, "OK, I'll make an appointment with you later."


When Xiaonian hung up the phone and looked at his cell phone with his mouth bulging.

It should be easy for her to go out and ask Gong Ou about it now. Anyway, there is a qualitative leap in their relationship. She is his girlfriend to be and he is her boyfriend to be.


When small read to think, organize a sentence to think how to say with Gong ou, the door of the office is suddenly pushed open.

When Xiaonian was still sitting on the ground, he turned his head in amazement.

Just now, the Secretary stood at the door and bowed his head respectfully to her. "Miss Shi, the president asked you to go to the meeting room."

"Conference room? Me? "

Xiao Nian stood up from the ground in amazement.

"Yes, Miss Shi, the president asked you to go now." The Secretary nodded.

"What's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

What does Gong Ou ask her to do at the meeting.

"I don't know exactly." The secretary was also at a loss. "What should be the most important thing? At the middle of the meeting, the president suddenly stopped to let Miss Shi go."

"Oh, all right."

When small read to walk quickly past, the tooth bit bit lip, is what urgent matter?

She followed the secretary out of the president's office and walked all the way to the meeting room. The closed door of the meeting room was pushed open by the secretary. The Secretary lowered his head. "Miss Shi, please come in."

As soon as the door opened, there was a gush of cool air from the air conditioner.

When Xiaonian moved forward, he was stunned there. It was a huge meeting with clear windows. There were almost hundreds of people sitting on the round meeting table. It was very empty and each suit was straight.

At the moment, everyone looked at her in unison, with curious eyes.


When Xiaonian is seen to be numb, she subconsciously looks for Gong Ou's position.

I saw Gong Ou sitting on the throne furthest away from her. He raised his hand when she came in. "Come here."

His low voice came out of the microphone and rang in every corner of the conference room.

When Xiaonian had to walk to Gong Ou's side, bending down and whispering, "what can I do for you?"

"Sit down!"

Gong Ou glances at the chair beside him.

Sit down?

When Xiaonian looked at him incomprehensibly, Gong Oula passed by and he pressed her into the chair.

Everyone looked at her with more curiosity.

"All right, go ahead. Who was doing the report just now?" Gong Ou looks at the crowd and makes a cold voice.


There was a low-level uproar below. Everyone, look at me. I see you. The president suddenly stopped the meeting and called a woman in. It turned out that nothing special happened?

"What's the matter, not yet? My time is precious! "

Gong Ou looks at the people with a gloomy look.

"Yes, president." A man stood up from his seat, holding the information in his hand, and said, "this time, the preliminary advertisement about mrwho robot has already aroused people's appetite. Now the whole world is paying attention to what kind of technology products we are going to put into N.E..."

Gong Ou sat there listening, suddenly picked up a package of biscuits from the plate in front of him, tore the package open, took a piece of biscuits and turned to feed it into Xiao Nian's mouth.

When Xiaonian was sitting like a puppet, suddenly he came here for a while, even more stunned.

What does he do?

Gong Ou looked at her deeply and whispered, "just now that I think this biscuit is very good, I'll ask you to come in and eat it."

His voice was very low, but there was a microphone on his collar. Therefore, no matter how low it was, everyone could hear it clearly.

The voice of the man who was making the report stopped abruptly.

All of them were shocked. The president suddenly stopped the meeting and called a non group woman to come in, that is, to eat biscuits.


When Xiaonian sat there, she could feel that her face was being brushed three times by everyone. She was embarrassed and embarrassed to hold the biscuit. She whispered, "you call me in to eat biscuits?"

He's not mistaken.

Gong Ou took a look at her and suddenly picked up a strawberry from the plate in front of her and handed it to her. "You can also eat strawberries."


The point is not here, OK.

When Xiaonian was completely speechless to Gong ou, he simply sat there and didn't speak any more and bit the biscuit silently.

Next second, Gong Ou grabs her hand. He plays with her hand and coldly throws a look at the person standing there. His voice sinks down and he is angry. "Why don't you say it again? Want to waste my time? "

"Oh, oh." The man reflected, even hurriedly said, "well, my department feels that we can hold an mrwho pre announcement conference to the outside world, so that the whole world can have a rough understanding and attract everyone's attention again."

"Notice the press conference."

Gong Ou repeated these five words in a low voice and said for a while, "I personally presided over them."

Hearing this, the scene was even more uproarious, and they all looked at Gong Ou in shock.

It's heavy news.

n. E. since its establishment, it has developed many leading technology products and software systems, but only n. e system can let Gong Ou personally host the product conference.

At that time, N.E has not been brilliant. In recent years, Gong Ou has not personally presided over the product release conference.

This shows that Gong Ou attaches great importance to mrwho robot.

When Xiaonian sat there, he was also surprised to see Gong ou.

One meeting ended more than an hour later. When we left, we didn't wake up from the shock. This meeting gave us two big bombs --

first, the president suddenly stopped the meeting and called in a woman to give her biscuits.

Second, the president actually presided over the robot preview conference in person.

It's so hot.

The crowd dispersed slowly. At last, there were only two people left in the open conference room, Xiao Nian and Gong ou. Gong ou still played with her hands while sitting there.

"Why did you call me in all of a sudden?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"The biscuits are delicious."

"Just because you think the biscuits are delicious, call me in?" When Xiaonian looks at him strangely, is this a meeting?

She doesn't know how big N.E's internal meeting specifications are anymore.

He just called her up for a biscuit?

"Can't you?" Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.


At that time, Xiaonian didn't know what to say. Can she say no? This conference room is his. Whoever he wants to let in, let him in. What else can she do.

Looking at her like this, Gong Ou reaches out his hand and holds her soft face. His black eyes stare at her deeply. "It's not like this, actually."


"The fact is that I was just halfway through the meeting when I suddenly missed you. I suddenly wanted to see you!" Gong Ou said, his voice magnetic and wild, "so I'll let you in."


"I find that I can't see you for a while." Gong Ou pinches her face again and says, "Shi Xiaonian, do you think you have poisoned me? Otherwise, why can't I leave you so much?"