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Chapter 1034. That's what I'sve been doing all my life

How can Xiaonian hear the voice they can't hear? She can't even hear the obvious gunshot.

Just fancy?

I miss you so much. She is still expecting you to come to see her, instead of closing the secret door of the stone wall coldly.

Feng de stood in front of the cold stone wall. Three minutes later, he did the second bold thing in his life. The first was to escape the island where he was born, and the second is now.

"Open the stone wall!"

Feng de pulled the woman out of the corner.

As soon as this speech came out, everyone was shocked and humane. "Housekeeper, there is a lot of fighting outside. Now we must die if we open the stone wall."

They are only a few here.

"Xiaonian hears that the young master is outside. Open the stone wall quickly. Hurry up!" Feng de said, regardless of the difference between men and women, she forced her to the secret door.

The design of the door is so complicated that they can't open it at all.

"Why didn't I hear anything but gunshots?"

"I didn't either."

The bodyguards said one after another that someone was trying to seal Germany. "Steward, is it Lancaster's plot to make a move on purpose to let us think that the palace people have come back to save us?"

The people of the palace can't come so soon.

"Just open the door!" Feng De is stubborn.

He wants to finish his wish in a small time, even if there are only traps outside, even if they are all going to be buried here, he also wants to open the door in a small time, to satisfy her deep subconscious imagination, even if she looks at the door and waits, she should also be happy.

The child is used to wronging himself from childhood to the most. At this stage, she clearly wants to be accompanied by the young master. She still wrongs herself.

The woman stood there, bowing her head, "once the door is opened, I'm not sure to send you to another safe place."

This is a dead end.

Hearing this, Feng de looked at the bodyguards behind her, with a solemn face. "Forgive me for my arrogance. As soon as the door is opened, if it's not the master, I will die in front of you."

With Gong ou for a long time, Feng de finds that he may also have some paranoid symptoms. At this moment, he would rather pay nearly 20 lives on the scene than fulfill the wish of Xiaonian.


The bodyguards stay there, suddenly they don't know what to say. They can come forward to control Fengde, but they can't do it for a while when they watch Fengde's dignified and determined look.

At Feng De's insistence, the woman picked up a stone and began to knock on the wall. According to a strange rule, the bodyguards stood together, took up a pistol and aimed it at the dark door of the stone chamber, ready for the final struggle.

Everything seemed so solemn.

Everyone's face is the face of death.

After the stone wall dark door was knocked, it moved slowly. Everyone held their breath. Bit and Feng de subconsciously stood in front of the white cloth, while the woman stood in front of them.

The thick stone wall was opened little by little, and the sound of the gun suddenly seemed so clear and harsh. The water dripping from the stone wall made people unable to hear the sound. There was a small pit on the ground, with blood in the water, splashed with moisture, and the smell of blood was more intense than in the stone room.

When Feng de looked out, he saw only the corpses on the ground and the holes filled with blood and water. The gunfight seemed to be far away, not next to them.

From this point of view, in the past, the whole underground waterway was empty, except for the smell of blood, which was like a feast of death. The devil enjoyed it very much.

The secret door was completely opened, and they could see nothing but the body.

But it sounds like there's been a gunfight deep down, and there's no sign of it stopping.

"Close the door. It's too loud. They'll soon move the battlefield." The woman stood there and said slowly, unlike the ugly scars on her face, her voice was very pleasant.

"It's our people." Feng de crossed her to the door, recognized a bodyguard's appearance from the body, and understood all the things. "Young master must be back, I'll go to him."

The two bodyguards immediately pulled him up. "Steward, you can't go. There's so much gunfire. You'll only die if you go up. The second young master doesn't have to come, even if you come..."

In the end, if the bodyguard doesn't go on, even if there is a huge disparity in the number of people, it will only be more or less bad.

And they also need someone on their side.

"Leave me alone!"

Feng de resolutely shook off their hands and was about to move on. Suddenly, the sound of the guns outside was quiet, and there was no sound.

When the ears are quiet, all you hear is the sound of the underground water.

When the bodyguards saw that the situation was not right, they returned to fengdera and said loudly, "close the door! Quick! "

It's too late to say this. There are footsteps in the open water. The scattered footsteps make the bodyguards pull up their guns again.

Soon, someone came into their sight.

It's not the Lancaster family, but a line of less than ten men walking towards them from afar with each other's arms. Some are limping, some are wailing, some are covered with blood, some are splashed with blood and can't see their facial features clearly.

It's the bodyguards of the palace family. The bodyguards who have been withdrawn are back.

Several men came to them, and then they threw down their guns, and looked at them with hard smiles. "We won."

They wiped out all the Lancaster family by a small margin, all of them.


The crowd looked at them in astonishment, unable to speak.

"Just a few of you are back?" Feng de ignored them and asked nervously, "what about the young master? Young master must have come too. What about others? "

Why are there only a few left? Why isn't the young master here.

"Isn't the second young master long ago? Don't you... " The chief bodyguard stood there tired, ready to speak.

"I knew it. I said it was dangerous ahead. Let him wait. The second young master can't wait. He will rush in alone!"

Feng de stood there stiffly, completely stunned, impossible, impossible.

Young master, he won't die. He can't.

Suddenly, there was movement.

Several wounded bodyguards turned their heads and saw a corpse on the ground being turned over.

As Feng de was about to go out, he saw a bloody hand on the secret door of the stone wall. His fingertips trembled and he pressed them hard.

Next second, Gong Ou's figure appears in everyone's eyes.

He stood there with his back bent badly, his head bowed, his short hair completely wet, his face haggard, his eyes bloodshot and scarlet.

A black shirt on his body was wet with blood, and his hand was firmly pressed on the dark door, so he didn't let himself fall down.

Gong Ou has been outside all the time, and none of them even noticed.

"Young master!"

Feng de exclaimed.

Gong Ou stood there laboriously and raised his head slowly. There were bloodstains on his face, blood flowed from the corners of his mouth, sweat seeped out, and his face was pale. He looked at Feng De, his eyes filled with anger, and he bit his teeth and shouted, "why don't you open the door? Do you know how long I've been shouting outside! "


Feng de stayed there, did the young master really shout to open the door?

Before he answers, Gong Ou pours out at him, grabs his collar with both hands, his eyes are gaping, and one bloodshot is almost breaking out of his eyes? Where is shixiaonian? "

Soon, Gong Ou saw the white cloth behind Fengde. His facial features were completely twisted. He pushed away Fengde, and the whole man walked forward laboriously. He stumbled in. The white cloth slipped away from his face, leaving a bloody mark.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou rushed to her and grabbed her hand with bloody hands. The whole man knelt on the ground, his back straight, almost hysterical and roared with all his strength.

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed quietly, she knew nothing about what happened. She closed her eyes and recalled her days with Gong OU on Borg island.

The sunrise and sunset over there are also beautiful.

She is happy to recall that some of the less beautiful voices came, when Xiaonian frowned, did not open her eyes, and continued to look at the sunset.

The sunset is yellow, reflecting countless rosy colors, so beautiful picture, there is always a voice quarreling with her.

"Shixiaonian, wake me up! How did you promise me! You dare to die in front of me. I hate you all my life! "

Anger to the extreme voice, full of hate.

When Xiaonian heard it hard, she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were distracted and blurred. Was she crazy? She not only heard Gong Ou's voice, but also saw Gong ou.

So happy.

When Xiaonian smiled, he slowly raised his other hand and stroked Gong Ou's face. As expected, it was fake. Obviously, he touched his face, but he could not touch the real touch.

Gong Ou kneels there, her eyes looking at her hand in fear, far away from her face, caressing it.

"Don't die!" Gong Ou grabs her hand to death and shouts out with thin lips against her hand, "you promised me! You promised me! Don't let me hate you! Do you hear me? "

He shouted to the top of his lungs.

When Xiaonian stroked his "face", his breath was very weak, "don't hate me, I didn't mean to."

She didn't want to break her promise, and she didn't want to leave him so early, but It's not something she can decide.

"I don't care. If you dare to die, I will hate you. I will hate you all my life!"

Gong Ou roared and said that there was no understanding at all.

When Xiaonian was lying there, her heart began to feel sad, and she said, "but it's useless for you to hate me. I can't do it."

She can't do it. Why let her leave with his hatred for her? He is always so autocratic and domineering. She is always too helpless for him. She doesn't know how to calm his mood.

Smell speech, Gong Ou kneels beside her and suddenly laughs. He laughs bitterly. He reaches out and grabs her virtual hand, grabs his face and says, "I'm joking with you. If you leave, I'll be like this all my life. How can I hate you?"