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Chapter 853 primary school girls emerging out of thin air

Gong Kui ran all the way, a long soft hair was woven into a complex pattern, a little braid was thrown around, which made her lively and lovely.

"My letter?"

When small read stupefied next.

"Yes, yes. Grandpa just sorted out the letters. This is for you." Gong Kui took out a pile of thick letters and handed them to Xiao Nian, who was panting.

"Are you doing grandpa's little assistant?"

When small read to smile to ask a way, reached out to wipe the sweat on her face.

"Yes, am I doing well?" Gong Kui's face is flattering. Her eyes are wide, like a cute kitten.

"Great. I can help you. Of course it's great."

When Xiaonian praised her, put the cup aside, then took the letter, turned over several letters from her friend Xia Yu, fans and attendance notices to see if she had time.

Activity ah, she's so fat. It's better not to expose her face, or she'll get a few more chin shots.

When Xiaonian put the fan letter and the Activity Notice on both sides. He was going to read the fan letter carefully and then save it. One letter was separated. Suddenly, Xiaonian saw a very personalized letter.

The letter paper is gray, with a brilliant building looming in the background, a distinctive stamp and the English words of St. John's college.

Now people send bills by express delivery. This fan is very retro. It's still mail.

When I was young, I couldn't help but look at the words above with a smile. The Chinese handwriting was very stiff, just like the handwriting of a primary school student.

Then her smile froze in the corner of her lips.

Because it says that the recipient is Gong ou, not her.

It's Gong Ou's letter. Who else sent it to Gong Ou in such a retro way? When Xiaonian raised the letter in his hand, he said to Gong Kui, "little assistant, you have made a mistake. This is for you dad. Take it down to Grandpa."

Let Gong Ou tear it down.

Gong Kui stood aside and took several gulps of the cup Xiaonian had drunk while holding it. Hearing this, she opened her mouth exaggeratively, "ah, do you want to run? I'm so tired. "

"Who's going to be the assistant?"

He was teasing her.

"Well, mom, you can open it for Dad." Gong Kui pushes back the letter to Xiao Nian. She really doesn't want to run up and down again.

She has helped send letters many times. She sent letters from domestic servants and bodyguards.

"How can we do that? Letters can't be opened privately. It's the privacy of others."

When I was young, I wanted to teach Gong Kui the truth.

Gong Kui looks at her with a kind of pedantic eyes, grabs the letter from her hand and tears it up. He pretends to be mature and says, "Mom, you can't do this. Gong Ou is your husband. He can't have privacy in front of his wife. He will run away with others like you."

This tone


With a ripping sound, Xiao Nian watched Gong Kui tear the letter and said, "I have forbidden you to watch those TV dramas? Where did you learn these words? "

Two children, one is indifferent to pretend to be mature, the other is a person and a kid to pretend to be mature, how can't you just be a child.

"Is it still learning? We girls should all know. " Gong Kui took out the letter paper for her, clapped her with her small hands, and said in a long, focused voice, "Mom, I know all these things as a child. Why don't you understand them? You really need to study hard! "


When small read speechless ground looks at own daughter, looks at the letter which Gong kuishai comes over, has to open.

It's still a handwritten letter.

The sender is really retro.

When Xiaonian opened the letter and looked at it, the contents were written in English. Obviously, the sender was more proficient in English than in Chinese, and his lines were flowing.

But before Xiao Nian could appreciate this good word, the smile on his face was completely frozen.

If she was in a good mood, now her mood is terrible!

Mr. Gong ou:

hey, take the liberty to write to you. Do you remember me? I'm Li Qingyan, your sister of St. John's primary school. At that time, you said that I was the best looking Oriental in the school. I remember that for a long time.

Over the years, I've been quietly following your news. I'm very glad to know that you have achieved so much. Sometimes I wonder, is such an outstanding man really the senior who accompanied me to study everyday at that time? It's like a dream.

I have been floating abroad for so many years, and I have returned to China. Is it convenient for me to meet you in S City, senior? I kept all the books you borrowed. Although you may not want them, I still want to return them to you personally.

Xuemei: Li Qingyan.

In a short letter, Shi Xiaonian quickly grasped several key points.

She was praised by Gong Ou as a beautiful primary school girl.

Primary school sister who was accompanied by Gong ou to study together.

And the primary school sister who was sent books by Gong ou.

This primary school girl also signs all kinds of contact information below, such as phone, email, facebook There is everything. When Xiaonian stared at the letter, he felt sour and turned to the outside.

What's the situation.

Why does she think the letter is full of ambiguity? Praised by Gong ou, praised by Gong ou.

When small read to drum up the face, some indignant.

Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder, so there are some differences between his aesthetic and normal people. For example, for her, she actually looks good and doesn't have that kind of great beauty. But Gong Ou thinks that her beauty exists in the sky and on the earth. Sometimes she is embarrassed to hear him praise her.

Therefore, people who can be praised by Gong ou are not necessarily beautiful, but they must be special to Gong ou.

My adoptive father used to say that Gong Ou only praised her, saying that she was good at everything and everything. What happened to this primary school girl?

In this way, when I was young, I was even more sour. St. John, how could she not remember what St. John's College Gong Ou went to.

"Mom, what's the matter with you? You have a round face now. "

Gong Kui stood in front of her and stared at her round face.


At that time, Xiaonian was immediately mended with a knife, and was hit with a knowing blow. He looked at his daughter gloomily, and Gong Kui looked at her with concern. "What's the matter with you?"


When small read stuffy tunnel, palace Kui but ghost spirit to climb up, a face gossip to ask, "is my dad's privacy problem?"? Does he know a beautiful aunt outside

"Watch less TV!"

To his daughter, Xiao Nian had only one request.

When Xiaonian looked at her, her eyes were very severe.

"Oh, all right."

Palace anemone also frowzily answered.


Because of this letter from my younger martial sister, when I was reading that I was in a bad mood when I was making dinner, I put the dishes on the table sullenly. When I turned around and saw my round face reflected in the mirror, my mood was even worse.

"The young master is back."

From the voice of the gentleman of Fengde.

When Xiaonian stood in front of Liuli platform, wiped his hands, put the diamond ring on his hands, and was held by others before turning back. A familiar atmosphere enveloped her, domineering and powerful.

"I'm back. How do you miss me?"

Gong Ou hugs her from the back, lowers his head and buries it in her neck, sniffs it forcefully, opens his lips, bites and kisses her. The faint fragrance of her body spreads to the tip of his nose, which makes him very satisfied with his busy day. He is comfortable in body and mind. "I like the taste of you when I read it!"

As if he had been poisoned, he would not feel well if he didn't smell it for a day.


When Xiaonian was depressed and didn't speak, he was allowed to hold him.

"Kiss me."

Gong Ou reaches out and holds her chin, turning her face to herself.

When it was printed in Xiaonian's eyes, it was a magnified handsome face with distinct features and deep outline. Even if it was so close to her, she could not see any flaws on his face.

Compared with more and more plump she, Gong Ou is more and more handsome.

Gong Ou lowers his head and sucks at her lips. The hot tip of his tongue gently picks her lips. Then he eagerly invites her to dance with him. He kisses fiercely and authoritarianly. His breath gets heavier and heavier, and his long arms hug her even more.

But soon Gong Ou realized something was wrong with her. "How can I kiss like a piece of wood?"


When small read mouth light said, a pair of eyes can't help but stare at him grudgingly, so think of it, since know him, she didn't hear him boast except her other women.

I really can 't help but mind.

"What are your eyes?" Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows, turned her around, and let her touch the edge of liulitai platform. He put his hands on both sides of her and stared at her closely. "What's the matter? What's the matter today?"


When Xiaonian shook his head.

"Twins in trouble?"


"Are you pregnant again?"


"I don't think I can?"


When Xiaonian habitually shook her head, Gong Ou leaned over and bit her lips severely, saying, "what are you doing with shaking your head so fast? Nod! "


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless.

"Nod! Otherwise, we don't have to eat this dinner. Let's go back to our room and eat you! "

Gong Ou said to her lips, her voice is dumb and sexy. She raised one hand from the platform, and her long fingers grasped her arm to climb up vaguely.

"Gong ou, I have a few questions for you." When small read voice stuffy tunnel, reached out to push palace Europe's chest, pull the distance between the two.

She can't talk well when she's so close.

"You said."

Gong Ou sticks it up again, and her teeth bite her ear again.

"Don't all the palaces invite teachers to teach? You haven't been to one room school, have you? " Asked shixiaonian.

"Why do you ask this all of a sudden?"

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

"Just to ask."

Shi Xiaonian said, his eyes fixed on him without blinking, and Gong Ou said to her face, "that's right, but there have been courses to school, and my brother has been to Italy to study. Otherwise, how could I go to see my brother in school uniform?"