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Chapter 648. This is the butterfly effect

Gong Yu fell to the ground and turned to look at the crowd, smiled and said in a loud voice, "I'm sorry, I didn't sit still. After that, Gong Yu looks at Gong ou, who has a calm face, smiles and reaches out to him. "Don't you pull me up yet?"

Gong Ou stares at him coldly. After sinking for several seconds in front of the public, he bends down and stretches out his hand to pull Gong Yu up. Gong Yu doesn't fully stand up. Gong Ou lowers his head to approach his ear, almost biting his teeth. "Give up this position, don't make me rob you. You can't rob me!"

"When you rob it, you become a palace civil disturbance, and then you will force your mother to death." Gong Yu stared at her deeply, with a serious face and a low voice. "You have no choice but to let me or to kill your mother."


Gong Ou is stiff and clenches his teeth. He is speechless. He pulls Gong Yu up.

Gong Yu patted him on the shoulder and looked at the crowd with a smile. Everyone thought it was just a small episode. They all turned around and continued dancing and chatting.

When Xiaonian left them very close, she stood there, pale, turned around and walked step by step toward the direction of the castle.

I fell under my feet, and Xiao Nian almost fell down.

She mentions the skirt and moves forward. She finally knows where Gong Ou's fault is. Gong Ou is in a dilemma because of her selfish decision.

In his opinion, it's settled. It's either to force Gong Yu, who can't bear the burden, or Luo Qi, who has been possessed by the devil. But it's her, the woman who belongs to him, who can't stop it.

Gong Ou is a conceited man. He is used to doing everything in his own way. No matter what other people say, but now she can't move him forward or backward.

When Xiaonian walked back, he saw Gong Yao sitting on the steps of the door and reading a book in his hand. His face was expressionless, the area of gauze on his face was smaller and smaller, and the injury was much better.

"How can I sit here?"

When small read to walk to sit down beside him, ask softly.

"The teacher said there was a dance at home. Let's play."

Gong Yao's face was cold, and he sat there and said to her.

The relationship between Gong Yao and Shi Xiaonian is much closer than at the beginning. Now when Gong Yao sees her, he will not immediately stand up and do etiquette.

"Then you don't play?" Asked shixiaonian.

"Don't want to play."

Gong Yao has such a personality.

"All right."

When small read also didn't let him go to play, she didn't go, quietly sat beside him, not a word, silently looking at the ground in front.

Gong Yao looked at the book for a while, turned his eyes to her, and there was a doubt in a pair of big black eyes. He pursed his small mouth and asked, "what's the matter with you?"

"Ah?" When small read stupefied next, low Mou looks toward him, "am I sitting here to disturb you to read?"? I'll go now. "

As he spoke, Xiaonian was about to stand up. Gong Yao blinked a few times and held her skirt in his small hand.


When small read low eyes don't understand to see to his small hand.

"Aren't you happy?"

Gong Yao asked, looking up at her.

When Xiaonian looked at his small face, he suddenly understood that Gong Yao was caring about himself, and her heart could not help flowing a warm current. She sat down on the steps again and said, "I have met something recently."

"What is it?"

Gong Yao asked.

"I made a choice. I don't know whether it's right or wrong. I'm tired." When small read to say frankly, low Mou sees to Gong Yao, "I'm sorry, shouldn't say these with you."

"You don't know if it's right or wrong?"

Gong Yao asked her.

"Yes, I'm confused. I think I've accomplished others, but I don't seem to." When Xiaonian confided to his young son, "I'm thinking about how to choose again. I really don't know."

"Is it because of this?" Gong Yao asked. His voice was tender, but it was full of old age.

"You are so clever." When small read reluctantly smile, reached out to rub his small head.

"Then are you going out to play?" Gong Yao asked.


"When Xiaokui is not happy, she always says it's good to go out and have fun." Gong Yao said solemnly, while Xiaonian put his hand on his shoulder, "is that right? It's a good idea. "

Just, how could she be in the mood to play at this time.

"Then you go out and play, Xiao Kui, I will take care of you." Gong Yao said seriously, thinking and saying, "do you want me to accompany you?"

When Xiaonian looked at him and stared deeply, "holy, is it my illusion? I feel that you are close to me a lot."

Hearing this, Gong Yao's face was taut, as if he had been exposed. He stood up with a book in his hand and turned away.

When I was young, I wanted to see him.

After two steps, Gong Yaoku turned around and looked at her, with dark eyes. "I know you're not easy here. When I grow up, I'll take care of you when I grow up, so I don't need to look at who's face. Go play now."

After that, Gong Yao turned around and left. He ran very fast and almost fell down.

Gong yaocongying thinks that she was bullied by Gong ou and her family. She can't be persuaded to leave, but to play.

When Xiaonian looked at his figure, he felt warm and said softly, "thank you, holy."

Her little iceberg is actually a little warm man, who always asks her to wait for him to grow up.

Go to play, can't say play, but perhaps leave first, is a good way, at least not let Gong Ou face her so hard.

When Xiaonian went inside, she saw Julie coming out with a suitcase. She was Gong Yu's assistant. Julie was very competent in an ol suit, but her face was not a little competent. She had no makeup, and her face was pale and gaunt.

"Miss Xi."

When I saw Xiaonian, Julie looked down at her, her eyes dodging.

"Where are you going?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Smell speech, Julie's footsteps suddenly stop, raise eyes to see when small read, when small read this just found that her eyes are red, like just cry.

Before Xiao Nian asked, Julie said, "Miss Xi, I'm leaving."


"I've put the resignation letter on the sir's desk. Please let me know." Said Julie.

"Resign? Why, is something wrong? " Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"I don't care. Mr. Zhang has assistants in many countries, including Laura, Eugene and Linda. Now when I get back to the palace, I'm asking for a housekeeper, so I won't have any problem leaving." Said Julie.

"You don't speak to my brother in person?"

Why only put the resignation letter on Gong Yu's desk.

Julie shook her head. "No, he will surely give me a severance payment if he resigns face to face. If he leaves, I can still imagine that maybe he will watch my resignation

With that, Julie's voice choked.

When Xiaonian looked at her, she was surprised. At this moment, she understood something, "you..."

"I like sir." Julie did not give her time to ask directly said, looking at her hard smile, "I am single Acacia."


When Xiaonian looked at her stupidly.

"I've been following my husband around the world these years, and I know he has an impossible person in his mind. I don't want to fight for anything, just think of his single day, I will accompany him for one day, thinking that it will be good to accompany him for a lifetime. " Julie said, "now that he's getting married, I'm going to disappear. I'm afraid I can't afford to stay."

As she said this, Julie looked out of the door. It was clear that the music on the grass was far away from here, but she still heard the joy.

The music was played for Gong Yu and his marriage partner, like a sharp blade stabbing her heart.

"Said you, there is an impossible man in his heart?"

Who is it?

"Miss Xi also knows, doesn't she?" Julie said, "otherwise, my husband will not give you so many gifts. It's a little empathic to buy so many paintings."


"Mister has been looking at that person secretly, waiting for that person, waiting for him to grow up, waiting for that person to have enough mature thought to identify his feelings, rather than a child's brain fever, but this fate is finally missed."

She wanted to accompany her husband all her life, but now she doesn't need it.


When Xiaonian felt that her whole body had been severely thumped. Everyone was empty. She couldn't say a word when she saw Julie.

Therefore, Gong Yu's story with her is reserved. He describes himself as an absolutely selfish person just to make her feel better.

Yes, Gong Yu is so addicted to painting. She has never heard Gong Ou say that he likes painting. That's because of Xi Yu.

In the story of Gong Yu and Xi Yu, one is waiting for the other to see him, the other is waiting for the other to mature.

They couldn't wait.

This is the real end.

"I'm gone, Miss Xi. I wish you happiness."

Julie bowed to her, red eyes dragging the suitcase out.

This sentence "I wish you happiness" is particularly harsh in the ears of shixiaonian at the moment.

When Xiaonian stood there, her face turned pale for a moment. She watched Julie's back disappear in the sun, listening to the music coming from afar.

When Xiaonian, how many people's tracks are affected by your decision.

You are for Gong ou, but Gong Ou is still unhappy. Now he is about to let go of N.E's business.

Just like the butterfly effect, an invisible one decides to affect too many people, and she suddenly feels unstable standing there.

"Xiaonian?" Gong Yu came in from the outside, smiling politely, holding his marriage partner, Miss York, and they came in.


The blonde found that she was not young and had a strong make-up. When she smiled, her false eyelashes would fall off. She looked at Xiaonian with a touch of contempt.


When small read face pale ground gives a voice.

"Xiaonian, we are going to be engaged at the beginning of next month." Gong Yu holds her marriage partner and says with a smile.