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Chapter 326 footsteps in the dark

Is she dying?

It's too hard.

There was a sound of footsteps outside. It seemed to be far and near. At that time, Xiaonian didn't even feel afraid. He was only suffering.

Suddenly, the footsteps stopped.

When Xiaonian falls on the sofa, the person has already fainted quickly, the thought has already been pulled away, even afraid to have no feeling.


The door was suddenly pushed open.

When Xiaonian falls there, his eyes close slowly.

"When I read it!" An excited voice rang in her ear.

When Xiaonian felt that she must be hallucinating, she even heard the voice of Gong Ou's man.

How could it be.

At this time, he and Mona will be together.


When I was young, I couldn't even speak.

"Don't be afraid, shixiaonian. I'll take you to the doctor right away. Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! " The voice sounded domineering in her ear.

His voice sounded with thunder. She couldn't hear whose voice it was.

She even felt like she was dreaming. Her body was soft and her head was in chaos.

When Xiaonian slowly opened his eyes, his eyelashes quivered. He saw only a vague figure in his eyes. He did not know whether it was her illusion or reality.

She really can't think about it anymore.

She had thought too much and got enough disappointment.

"Get up!"

So said the voice.

When Xiaonian was suddenly picked up by him, she was dizzy again. She couldn't control it. She directly opened her mouth and vomited out, "vomit -" she didn't know where she vomited.

She doesn't know anything.

The man didn't let her go, but he still held her tightly. Holding her, he went out and stepped on a thunder.

He's a bit wet.

There was no light in the corridor outside. It was all dark. When Xiaonian was held in his arms, her body kept bumping along with his steps, which made her vomit from time to time.

"I feel so bad..." When Xiaonian leaned in his arms and cried out painfully, "help me."

"OK, I'll help you. I'll be in the hospital right away. Don't be afraid!" There was a voice over her head, "you're going to be fine, I'm not going to let you be!"

The voice was heavy enough to hold her for a moment.

"Yes, I can't be busy." She also had a baby, when Xiaonian told herself, suddenly, tears came out of her eyes, she murmured, "but no one wants me, no one wants me I'm afraid No one helped me... "

In her nonsense.

The world in her head is reversed and repeated. In the past and now, she looks at a person's back, which is far away from her. She wants to catch it, but she can't catch it.

"Don't be afraid. If you have me here, don't be afraid of anything!"

The voice was loud and powerful.

"Who are you?" When Xiaonian was carried downstairs step by step by him, she wanted to see him clearly, but she couldn't see him clearly. She was dizzy in front of her.

"Who do you say I am?" The man asked.

"I don't know."

She doesn't know who will protect her. No one will.

Her ability to protect herself is so weak.

The man held her down to the next floor, breathing more and more heavily, but still holding her down, voice magnetic, word by word squeezed out from the lips and teeth, "the man you tortured to death! Why can't you save me dessert! "


When Xiaonian leans on his arms, his consciousness disappears a little bit, his head is crooked, and he passes out.

"When did you read it? Xiao Nian? Wake up! "

The man growled angrily, quickening his pace, and holding her firmly in a pair of strong arms to walk out of the building.

Outside the building, the pouring rain is falling.

A flash of lightning fell, splitting the dark night sky, and a strong light fell on them, illuminating miyou's handsome face.

When he held it, he read carefully. His face was heavy and his eyes were deep. His eyes were dark and staring at the woman in his arms. They were all nervous.

How can not let him save snacks, will not take care of themselves.

Gong Ou's shirt was stained with a large amount of vomit.

He didn't hesitate, holding Xiaonian, he strode forward, lowered his head, tried to block the heavy rain for her with his body, and then rushed to the car he had parked there.

In the floor, there are several black figures coming out from the corner, and their eyes are gloomy looking at the back of Xiaonian when Gong Ou holds him.

"What now?"

Asked a voice.

"I can't start now. Let's go and dive into the hospital first." A more dignified voice replied.


Full English.

The night is very dark, thunder and lightning, dark night is constantly split, rain is endless underground, doomed to be an uneasy night.


The hospital's higher wards are arranged like presidential suites, warm and luxurious, with clean floors and no dust.

The sun is eye-catching.

It's already sunny after the rain.

There is a string of wind bells hanging in the window. The wind bells are tinkling, crisp but not disturbing.


It's hard.

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed, covered with a gray quilt, her eyes slowly opened, still a little dizzy, blurred vision, she looked at the wind chime in the window.

It's a very pleasant voice. It's pleasant to hear.

"Miss Shi, you finally wake up." A voice came.

When Xiaonian slowly turned his head, he saw the familiar doctor Ye standing by her bed, wearing a white gown and looking at her with concern.

Back in her mind, she remembers yesterday when she suddenly had a high fever and a power failure. It was dark, lightning and thunder all around

"Dr Ye."

When Xiaonian immediately sat up from the bed, the person was still very weak and had no strength at all. Her eyes fell aside, and she saw that the transparent infusion tube was inputting liquid medicine into her body.

She got nervous. "Is my baby OK? I have taken care of myself as you asked me. I don't know why I have a fever all of a sudden. "

She really didn't know how to get a fever.

She thought it was OK. She thought she was getting better.

"Baby is OK. Don't be nervous." Doctor Ye stood beside the bed to appease her. "Fortunately, you came to the hospital to see a doctor in time, and the two babies were OK."

"Then this..."

When small read look to the infusion tube of one side, is not to say pregnant period had better not use medicine?

"You have to use some medicine when you have a high fever. You can rest assured that what I give you is a very good medicine, which will not cause harm to the baby." Doctor ye knew what she was worried about, he said gently.

When Xiaonian sat there, she felt a sigh of relief when she heard the words. As soon as she relaxed, she felt a heavy pain in her head.

Her head is several times heavier than usual.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed and pressed his temples, he suddenly remembered the vague figure of last night and asked, "Dr. ye, who sent me here?"

The man yesterday Is it Gong Ou?

How could he suddenly appear at her house.

"Didn't you report 120 first aid yourself?" Doctor ye put his hands in his pocket and looked at her and said, "when the first-aid people rushed into your house, you were in a coma on the sofa."

"No, I remember someone carrying me downstairs."

When small read strange tunnel, although she has been ignorant, but she remembered that she did not coma on the sofa.

"It was the first responder who picked you up." Doctor ye said, "besides, I didn't send you to the hospital at the beginning. It was your friend Xia Yu who called me, and I transferred you to the hospital."

"Is that so?"

When small read stunned to ask a way, diligently recalled last night's all, the head is more painful.

"Miss Shi, you are too tired. You'd better have a good rest." "You've been in a coma all night," said Dr. Ye. "Now that you have a fever, you need more rest."

"All right."

When Xiaonian sat on the bed and nodded.

"You have signs of miscarriage, so pay more attention to your own safety than ordinary pregnant women, including emotional aspects, and keep your mood calm." Standing at her bedside, Dr. ye said solemnly, stressing the emotional issues again and again.

The mood of shixiaonian is obviously not very good.

"Well, I see."

I nodded.

"Then you have a good rest. If you have something to call me, I will go first." Dr. ye said with a smile and turned away from the ward.


When Xiaonian was alone in the ward, thinking about everything last night.

Gong ou.

How can it be gong Ou? She is dreaming again. She imagines that Gong ou will come down from the sky when she is most vulnerable.

When Xiaonian, why are you so stupid? Why do you still have extravagant hopes for Gong Ou now? Why do you even dream that he will come to save her.

When small read, sober up, he will not.

Stop fooling yourself.

He's your past style. He won't show up again. Try to be a little more aggressive. Don't fantasize!

Shi Xiaonian told herself over and over that her head was getting more and more painful. She reached out to hold her head and sat on the bed, looking at the empty ward.


She's empty now.

She also thought of the scene of Gong Ou kissing Mona in the rain. She would always remember the moment when Gong Ou hurt her. She would never forgive!


In the imperial castle, Gong Ou comes out of the bathroom, reaches for the belt of the bathrobe, and takes a look at the clothes and pants that are thrown to the ground.

There is still vomit on it.

The mobile phone on the piano rings, Gong Ou's eyes are deep, and he immediately rushes to pick up the phone. His breath is unsteady. "How about it?"

"Mr. Gong, Miss Shi is awake. It's OK."

Doctor Ye is there to report to him.

Gong Ou stood by the piano, one hand pressed to the piano involuntarily, fingertips stroked, voice pretended calm, "are you sure there will be no more problems? She just had a cold before, and suddenly she had a fever! "

If he hadn't been monitoring her life, he wouldn't have known that she suddenly had a high fever.

It's all that damn rain.

She got caught in the rain.

"I'm sure as long as I take good care of it now, it will be OK." Doctor ye said, "Oh, by the way, Mr. Gong, I've said all the things you told me, and Miss Shi believed them."


Gong Ou's voice rose eight degrees at a time, which made him unhappy.