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Chapter 302 last night left


Mona stood aside, looking at shixiaonian in surprise and disbelief. She didn't even know that shixiaonian had been rotated.

Is it necessary to be rotated by someone?

He is still not a man. This woman was cheated by others. He even wanted it.

Gong Ou stares fiercely at Xiaonian. His eyes are as fierce as the beasts in the forest. He wants to kill her. He holds her tightly in his hands.

She always knew that she had been lying to him.

So, she has been remembering the details of that night, all of which she has? She remembers the details of her defilement?

Damn it!

How could she remember those humiliating details!


Xiaonian's face turned red and she couldn't breathe.

For a moment, she thought, it's better to die in his hand. Maybe by the moment of her death, Gong Ou is no longer just a paranoid.

"Young master!" Feng de stood aside and was shocked. He shouted, "young master, Miss Shi is dying."

Gong Ou is so dazzled. When he stares, he reads and releases his hand quickly.

When Xiaonian was able to breathe, she held her neck and breathed hard.

She was almost killed by this pretentious man just now.

Gong Ou sits back in his chair, where people are sitting. A sense of impatience spreads rapidly in his heart. That kind of impatience is like countless insects biting him, which makes him unbearable.


Gong Ou suddenly raised his hand and swept the jewelry boxes beside him to the ground.

There was no sound in the living room.

It's so quiet that no one is with you. Everyone holds his breath. Only Gong Ou's breathing sounds are heavy.

He sat there like an enraged Beast, desperately suppressing his anger. His eyes turned red instantly, and he read when he stared.

When Xiaonian breathed smoothly, he reached out and pressed his neck, turned his eyes and looked at Fengde. "Manager Feng, is there any point? If not, I'll sign it. "

"OK." Feng de handed her a pen.

After signing the contract, we will arrange a press conference. Please attend together with the young master, and jointly issue a statement that you are breaking up peacefully


People like Gong Ou break up and play outside.

Of course, we can't let the outside world speculate at will, otherwise it will affect the image of Gong ou.

She knows.

When Xiaonian has no objection, she can't object. If she doesn't do it, she can't even get out of the gate.

She picked up her pen and signed her name on the last page. Then she handed the contract to Gong ou

She was provoking him.

Gong Ou's body is stiff, and his eyes stare at her. Then he signs his name on the contract and pushes it to her.

Exchange signatures.

The break-up contract comes into effect.

Shixiaonian asked, "are you going to the press conference now?"

"Tomorrow! I'm not in the mood today! " Gong Ou smashed the pen against the table again, then stood up and left.

"Mr. Gong."

Mona immediately followed.

When small read a person to sit quietly there, Feng de anxiously looked at her, pointed to her forehead, "when miss, go to the infirmary to get it."

When Feng De's words fell, the wound on Xiao Nian's forehead oozed blood, and the bright red blood trickled down, all the way into her eyes, and dyed her long eyelashes red.


Red her eyes.

When Xiaonian suddenly couldn't see anything clearly, she shook her head, "no, I'll go first."

This place is obviously no longer suitable for her to stay.

"No, Miss Shi." Feng de hurriedly stopped her. "Don't leave until after tomorrow's press conference. I want to make a statement that the press conference will be held. I'm afraid I can't find your man for a while."

When the young master gets angry again, none of them can stand it.


When small read can't refuse, can only nod.

At night, Xiaonian takes out her own painting and a notebook from her study. This is her only belongings. She turns around.

The tall silver body of R palace appeared in front of her, "master, I will take it for you."

When small read shakes his head, on the forehead pastes a band aid, she light tunnel, "no, I can."

When Xiaonian walked forward with the computer and the painting.

The voice of R palace rings behind her, "master, I have been improved. The radiation has been reduced a lot. It will not affect the baby in your stomach. It's completely safe to keep a meter or so with me. It doesn't matter if I'm a little closer."

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian looked at it with a little hesitation, "right? That's good. "

Gong Ou is a genius of science and technology. There is nothing he can't do. In this way, Mr series robots can play a new function - robots that can be used by pregnant women.

When Xiaonian walked forward with something in his arms, he revealed Gong Ou's bedroom.

The bedroom door is not closed and the light is on.

When Xiaonian glances at it, then she hears Mona's voice coming from inside. When Xiaonian's eyes are so dim that they don't have any color.

Gong Ou's bedroom has never entered a woman other than her.


It's a very private place, as unbreakable as the rules.

But the rules are just for breaking.

She's broken.

Then Mona broke.

When Xiaonian didn't overhear what they were talking about, he turned around and walked to a rest room, putting his notebook and painting on the tea table.

She went to the window and looked out at the moonlight.

Gong Ou proposed to her that night, she also stood at this window, the moon is as bright as that night.

It was her last night at Imperial castle.

Some things are always the same, some things become very fast.

She turned her eyes and looked at everything in the restroom. She remembered that night, she talked to the pillow and the light alone. She told everyone that she had a home.

In a flash.

Her dream woke up.

Wake up so fast, so touch not defend.

Where's her home? Why not.

What about her wedding? Why not.

Why does she think so naively that she can really be with Gong ou, and she can really be gong Ou's bride.

She's so stupid. She's so stupid.

Now, she finally felt the pain of falling.

In the huge bedroom, the night outside the landing window is beautiful. A grand piano is quietly there. Mona is standing beside the bed, wearing a sexy A-line long skirt, and her sea blue eyes are staring at the corner in amazement.

I saw Gong Ou sitting in the corner dressed in clothes, holding his legs and sleeping there.

Don n. e's president sat in the corner and fell asleep.

How can he do that.

Mona frowned. Sometimes she felt that there was no aristocracy in Gong ou, not gentlemanly, not gentle, sometimes swearing, not having the proper manners.

Maybe it's a long time with civilians like Shi Xiaonian. It'll be better in the future.

She'll make him better.

"Gong ou, Gong ou." Mona squatted down, patted his arm, eyes with love, voice softened, "don't sleep on the ground, go to bed."


Gong Ou sat motionless in the corner, a handsome face expressionless, eyes tightly closed, brows frowned.

Even sleeping with a little melancholy.

"Get up, Gong ou. Don't sleep on the ground."

Mona urged him several times, but he didn't wake up.

"When I read......"

Gong Ou sits there and suddenly whispers a name. His voice is deep, and his lips are full of the name to outline the infinite love.

His voice is deadly magnetic.


Mona squatted there, her eyes full of jealousy. She wanted to stretch out her hand to sew a zipper on Gong Ou's mouth.

Is there only a moment in his eyes?

Forget it.

Shixiaonian will go soon anyway. She has been around gongou for a long time. She doesn't believe that the big miss of Lancaster family won't get gongou's heart before shixiaonian gets involved.

"Come, Gong o, I'll help you to bed."

Mona reaches for Gong Ou's arm and helps him wake up.

With such a movement, Gong Ou's eyebrows frowned and slowly opened his eyes, which was to look at her coldly.

Mona stared at his handsome face and said with a smile, "Gong ou, get up and go to bed. It's not good to sleep on the ground."

Gong oding looks at her.

The smile on Mona's face deepened, and a pair of beautiful blue eyes met his eyes.

"Who allowed you in!"

Gong Ou suddenly roars, stands up abruptly, angrily pushes her, "get out of here! Get out of here now! "

Mona was pushed to fall to the ground and looked at Gong Ou in surprise. "What are you doing? I just want to help you back to bed. "

Good end of the sudden fire.

"Is this room yours to enter? Get out of here! Roll! "

Gong Ou roared angrily. He pointed to the door, and his eyes were extremely fierce.


Mona was shocked by his eyes, and her heart was too astringent to be here.

She is a psychiatrist. Of course, she knows that she can't face Gong Ou at this time, so she stands up and walks out. She's a bit gray.

Gong Ou stood there staring at the clean floor. The whole person was restless and immediately felt that everything was dirty.

The whole room is dirty.

Everything about him is dirty.

His whole body is full of a mania. He jumps from the ground to the bed, barefoot on the quilt, brows tight, takes out his cell phone to call, "Fengde! Come in now and clean the floor for me! Hurry up! Right away! "

"Yes, sir."

Replied Feng de hastily.

Mona steps out of gong'ou's bedroom and listens to gong'ou's roar. Her face is unhappy.

And wipe the floor immediately.

She just went into his bedroom. Need to be so excited?

When was the first lady of the Lancaster family swept out of the house? Gong Ou was too generous.

The more Mona wanted to get angry, she turned and walked on, passing by the door of the rest room, where Xiaonian stood at a glance.

Mona hooked her lips and went inside. "Shixiaonian, you're going to sleep here tonight?"

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